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you don't need a lab supply. an ATX power supply would be perfect if you were using 12V relays
>you can short them
oh, you can, you just might not like the consequences

close, they're actually resistance *values*, as distinct from physical sizes or voltage ratings
can't help with the book tho

not that exciting if they used 16500s or something smol. there is also an energy limit for batteries carried onto airplanes, which is an important laptop use case

you can't charge them completely with a simple constant current without damaging them or worse. use a TP4056 or other application-designed charger instead, and then use a switcher on the output to get the voltages you're interested in for that project. don't connect Li+ batteries in series unless each one has under/overvoltage protection (can be provided by a single BMS board for all, or individual protectors per cell)

>opaque PLA
print cavities in simple shapes, line with foil tape, let the bezel do the segment shaping for you
you could also print clear PETG light pipes for the segments, and pretend it's glass if anyone asks
neon bulbs don't generate much heat
I would strongly suggest looking into other modes of program control that won't be as power- or component-intensive. I'm only half-joking when I suggest using punched paper tape as a microcode ROM. since in that case you can't jump as easily, you should probably make every instruction conditional like ARM and make the decoder VLIW-thin
instead of breakout boards, try picrel, only $2 per set. note these are also 2 Form C
there are ladder logic simulators. mostly marketed for industrial control, which I'd suggest using to plan and verify your design before construction

that's one way to clean and test your fuel injectors

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