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>What are they going to do if you don't, kick you out?
No but they will drop your coverage, and when you go to apply for new insurance coverage with a different company, they will definitely ask "have you ever been dropped as an insured for any reason" and you won't get shit from them either.
There is a section in every policy that basically gives them the right to inspect the exterior of the property, and based on that, require an interior inspection if required as often as they want. It also stipulates that they can demand modifications and or repairs and the timeframe in which they are done as a prerequisite for continued insurance coverage. Also it states that they can drop you anytime, for any reason or no reason at all. If you're lucky, in court they'll try to make things quick by using the "no reason at all' defense, and your lawyer should be able to present evidence of their demands and your inability to meet them because of hardship etc... and they'll settle, allowing you to extinguish the policy thereby being able to claim 'never been dropped' again, removing the taint from your record, and obtaining new coverage with a different insurer.
has a point though, the only 'free' option (other than your time), is to not fix the driveway, but obtain coverage elsewhere before you get dropped. If it were me, I'd spend the next month getting quotes on new coverage, and if they come in high, or you cant get it or w/e, then eat crow and spend the second month fixing the driveway. Also FYI, free asphalt millings mixed with kerosene as a tar 're-activator' make a great DIY pavement, especially when fresh for photo shoots like your proof required deal.

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