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Homemade shop lights. Cost about 2 euro each. 50w 220v ac driverless chips and some alumiuiniuim. You're welcome.

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I might cut up some hdpe milk jugs. Don't know if I'll bother though. They're high enough where they're not always in my peripheral vision.

I have 3 x 50w cree leds for that. Getting on average 1.5g per watt.

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Pic related. 2 red spectrum and one blue. These aren't the driverless chips but I don't see why you couldn't use them, some piece on yt have anyway.

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I'd spelled it aluminium (Ireland) but I'd get shit for that too. Can't please everyone.

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I'm thinking hdpe milk jug but don't known if I'll bother.

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I've had these two 50w chips on this for about two years with no issues. The plate is only warm to the touch.
There's thermal paste on the back of all of these btw

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I am trying to help my son with aquaponics for a science fair project. I've never done this before, and he is doing it small scale in a 25 gallon tank.

We put the first water in on 9/26. It is now 10/19 and we are having huge Nitrite and Nitrate numbers. I did a water change last night of 2/3 of the tank, and we are still hitting 40-80ppm Nitrate and 1ppm Nitrite. This was after letting it sit over night.

We have Fluval soil top layer, vermacompost bottom layer, and we have only 5 plants in there right now, that are aquarium plants. We want to put his edible plants in a garden tower we made, but we were told to wait for the cycle before doing this, and add fish (no fish in tank yet).

Ammonia is holding steady at .25 but was about .5 last night before change.

At what point do the numbers go down? When can we expect to put fish in if the nitrate and nitrites are going down? Should we just add more plants now?

I am getting mixed info on it all.

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Gotcha. I think he wants tetras and a beta. Then I was recommended before to get some cichlids, mollies, or guppies pending on the beta's temperament. I personally wanted to put in some shrimp, too, just because I like shrimp. But neither of us have decided on fish yet because we are still figuring out the water settings. pH seems to be holding at 7.4-7.8.

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Was recommended the tetras, ciclids, mollies, and guppies to buy them in groups of 5-7 to help them school and avoid getting picked on by the beta. I've read mixed results on this working so I'll probably give it a shot and hope for the best.

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be wary of fish like guppies which are livebearers. you can easily end up with 50 of them for just 7. they are worse than rabbits
the mollies would help if you have a few in there to eat the fry, but they are also livebearers so can overbreed themselves
ciclids are very territorial and will kill each if they dont have enough space
tetras are great and very pretty
betas need their own tank, I would never mix a beta in with anything other than shrimp because they are just too violent to anything (unless you have a tank separator)
I would stick to the tetras and some smaller algae eaters like loaches (really any algae eater that isnt a pleco) and some mollies

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if he really has his heart set on a beta then you want shrimp and algae eaters (anything that will stay on the bottom of the tank and as far away from the beta as possible). betas are stunning fish but I really cant undersell just how violent they are to anything else thats in their space.
cherry shrimp are great because they are low bio-load and good breeders encase the other fish get hungry for shrimp. amano shrimp are the kings of cleaning your tank for you and very hearty, but you cant breed them in fresh water.

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Cool, thanks again. I'll scratch the beta for now, then.

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I have been doing carpentry for 10 years, or so, using only hand tools, no power tools, and my dream is to get so precise with my cuts that I dont need nails or screws or glue to hold a piece together. Trouble is that it never quite works out that way. I keep asking myself, Is it because I am working with pine only? is it the tools or the techniques I am using? I can cut straight. My measurments always work out, but somehow I just cant get that extra precision I am looking for. Should I take some classes with a master carpenter? They are expensive but I am a dedicated hobbyist. Is there anywhere online that can teach me about getting that extra something my carpentry needs?

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I can't remember the name for it but the Japanese do some amazing stuff as you described. Lots of really interesting YouTube vids I've watched. Recommended

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Yes there is, the point is craft mastery and it's an honorable as fuck thing to try and do. Keep at it op

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its not precise or it dosnt fit or it doesn't hold together . . .your question is imprecise.

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OP can't into pine.

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don't opine.

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Hey guys, not very /diy/-savvy here, so bear with me. Having just moved in to a new apartment, there's a large, blank wall that I want to put a quote on in very large text (ie letters in the 4-8" range). What would be the best way to do this? I'm not worried about losing my security deposit or getting in trouble with the apartment complex, so my first instinct is to just get some paint and write it myself. Wanted to check with you guys first, though, in case there was a less retarded way to do it. I'm fine with a budget of $40-60 dollars.

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can't help you out with the execution of this thread, just here to call you a rebbit faggot. writing gay ass words on your wall is super fucking gay. words written by a jew none the less.

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I'm sorry I've offended you. I find the quote inspiring, and I want to remind myself of its sentiment every day. Maybe if you focused more on the things that inspire you you'd be less hostile and angry.

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i have a samsung curved 144hz monitor, all works fine except it started to do this at every boot, it stops after 10 seconds into windows, i took a screenshot from the gpu and image isnt glitched so i think its the monitor, could it be the external power supply?

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Try a different cable/input if possible.

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Hey, I have plenty of Webastos laying around my house. I want to make as many of them as possible working again. I know some electronics. But I have no idea what parts are missing. And what are required to run them again.
All I know is that I need some kind of controller (which I have many), diesel pump (which I also have a few) and power it with 24V.
I want at least one to use in my garage in winter.

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the best miter saw?
under $1000 is preferable

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here you go... I've had one for about 3 years now.. amazingly accurate and comfortable saw... perfect for everything from interior miters to full on framing..

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very helpful, thanks!

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Getting into woodworking to make stuff for myself and to sell. I never did any woodworking at all. I watched a shit ton of videos on YouTube about it. I'm starting out small also live in an apartment. I got a tool list of what I would like to buy which I will list after this post. A general list of stuff that I would like to make are Japanese Lanterns, small storage chest, small boxes and crates, and desk drawer and desktop organizers.

What other small stuff that can I make to sell? One thing I know I can make to sell is wine boxes due to a boom in wineries in this town and near by.

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What projects did you go in APT? Fellow nohouse here

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I just hope you realise that 2/3 of woodworking involves generating a fucktonne of sawdust and the other 1/3 involves getting glue, paint and varnish everywhere. Your apartment is going to become a complete mess - I would personally never even dream of doing any woodworking inside a living space.

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None in this small ass town

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This. Unless you use hand tools only. My pole barn is bigger than your apartment and gets absolutely covered in sawdust, urethane and paint with any moderate sized project.

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>2/3 of woodworking involves generating a fucktonne of sawdust
Yea, if I'm cutting a shit ton of wood. Sawdust can be managed

>1/3 involves getting glue, paint and varnish everywhere
Manageable if your not careless or a slob

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How do i make a machine that is able to create this structure using paper? Please help.

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It's simple.
Creates many parallel glue lines on paper.
Put the next paper on top.
Make the next lines, shifted 50%.
Next layer of paper.
repeat 20 times.

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My main problem is the sides. How did they do it? It seems like they glued the sides separately right? And then cut them.

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How did they glue these sides? It has a clean cut. And they look thicker than the glued parts inside.

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Theyre folds on the outside edges, and they have a line of glue on the inside of the fold. Buy one of these and tear it apart to reveal its secrets.

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Getting into woodworking to make stuff for myself and to sell. I never did any woodworking at all. I watched a shit ton of videos on YouTube about it. I'm starting out small also live in an apartment. I got a tool list of what I would like to buy which I will list after this post. A general list of stuff that I would like to make are Japanese Lanterns, small storage chest, small boxes and crates, and desk drawer and desktop organizers.

What other small stuff that can I make to sell? One thing I know I can make to sell is wine boxes due to a boom in wineries in this town and near by.

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they ain't

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Fuck off

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I need help for a project, I need to figure out how to make microplastics (similar to the microplastics in the ocean), and if I'd be able to mix it with agar. Links appreciated.

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make? just go buy a shitload of the cheapest 'exfoliant' body scrub crap. The exfoliant is micro plastics.

>> No.1701561

Good idea, but I'm trying to replicate microplastics similar to those in the ocean

>> No.1701563

But it'll probably work

>> No.1701570

yeh true. Not sure how long bottles take to break down into microplastics, or if they're constant shedding them. Another source may be the synthetic active wear women love release heaps of micro-plastics when washed. Get a cheap pair of leggings and wash them non-stop for a week haha.

>> No.1701778

Good idea, thanks

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Am I right? They sure as hell arent sales people. A little showings and lame marketing and BAM, a realtor.

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I had a century 21 contracted agent through Zillow and she only charged something like 2.75 because it was a Zillow special. She was fucking astoundingly stupid, took awful pictures, couldn't figure out the square footage of my house, wrote a description that sounded like a kindergartener. Yet it sold quick.

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Shit I should

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It's not for everyone. My mom is pretty good at it, but I also know bartenders with real estate licenses. It's a feast or famine lifestyle. You can go 3 months without a paycheck in some areas, but a paycheck can be really fucking big.

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This answer goes both ways depending on what market you are in. If you are in a really hot sellers market like DC, San Fran, etc you could easily pay to list in the MLS and sell yourself for what a realtor would probably do. This assuming you paid for a pro photographer and got the house looking fantastic OR you price it at deal levels.

If you are somewhere where it's buyers market or a harder/weird sell then their connections/effort goes a long way as they could have agents they know with buyers who want your property.

However, there is a risk/time/cost thing to content with. Your agent does 99% of the the work and wants to sell your house at max dollra if they are good. They also make sure you don't break any laws or get fucked by some legal bullshit. They are also supposed to keep other agents honest otherwise they get fined.

In a nutshell, if you could sell a house for 600k with a relator vs 500k without one then you will still be ahead even paying their commission.

>> No.1702305

Forgot to add. If your agent sucks get a new one too. Otherwise, agents also works when you are a buyer. My guy spent weeks tracking down some old middle eastern people that owned this land I wanted. Made it possible to get it for 30% less than the neighbor paid for their land at no cost to me.

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I'm trying to figure out some fun / profitable projects to work on over the winter. What would DIY do with a shop full of tools?

>> No.1701546

Buy vintage tools, fix them up, and sell them. Or, if they are better than what I got, keep them and sell what they replaced.

>> No.1701551

What kind of tools?

>> No.1701574

This is important. Do you have metal working capacity? wood working? welding? what? you've given us nothing to work with here.

>> No.1701593

Guns. Big guns, small guns, machine guns, ammo for guns, etc etc etc

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What's it like being a carpenter?

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t. never been on a site

>> No.1702121

Here we call them tarpenters,
Because all they do is hang hoarding

>> No.1702124

Carpenters do any job they get offered. I've seen them rough in dwv, lay concrete slabs, install chain link fence. I can't speak for union guys but I've even saw carpenters fitting gas pipe. They have their specializations but a lot of them are handy men outside of that.

>> No.1702230

This is bullshit.

Protip, someone with 20-80 years of experience will always hang that over your head. You will make Walmart wages and watch the elders either do the only work that requires any thinking or hopelessly fail at it.

>> No.1702232

Remodeling is like 50/man hour in the poor and stupid states. Only rich pricks will pay this to established companies. This is despite the fact that the same dumb $12-18 / hour monkeys will be doing all the installing.

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I have this leather couch which is like 10 years old. It as some scuffed or scratched areas as you can see in the example. It's a three piece set so the marks vary but are generally similar. There is no peeling or flaking as you'd see on bonded leather.

Majority of the wear is on the welts but is hard to see in the picture.

Is it okay to just use regular color matched leather dye? Seems like all of the leather repair kits are PVC shot for bonded leather repair.


>> No.1702095

Marks like that are often desired. Its called a patina. However in cheap/china bob's discount furniture is an indication to trash and buy again.

I have a $2.5k leather recliner made by Stickley and after 10 years it's still the most comfy in the house. Leather still nice, but does have some wear and tear.

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This is a covert operation. A neighbor has declared war upon me without provocation. I have tolerated his ridiculous backyard forestry long enough.

My intention is to use Tordon and reduce his idiot tree-line to a barren desert. I have been learning that I can use a "hack & squirt" method by creating a small cut to the bark and applying Tordon, a latter-day Agent Orange.

But it has to be quiet, so no hacking. I would like to know what is best knife to quietly score some trees.

I assume a simple hunting knife should be enough. But I thought I would consult the wisdom of the internet first.

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>> No.1701598

What kind of area are you living in? Will removing a wood lot/tree line have any consequences for you in terms of wind, snow, erosion? It's pretty common for a city boy to move to the country, take down the tree line, and have his nice private backyard turn into a windblown siberian steppe.

>> No.1701610

Girdling.. quiet but takes time. You'll get caught regardless

>> No.1701669

>without provocation
You type like you have autism, so it's no wonder you haven't seen the signs.

>> No.1702255

Go take your trespassing and vandalism requests to /b/. Better yet, wait until you are 18 to post here.

>> No.1702281

pack this tordon in the tail end of an air rifle pellet, freeze the pellets, shoot the trees.

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Whats the best RJ-style crimper out there? I know knipex makes one, but it doesn't look significantly better than homeless despot shit

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>don't cheap out
cheap out and buy used
shit you posted is probably 300$ new but used maybe 60-100

>> No.1702415

Don't do what this anon says, the "straight-through" style RJ-45 connectors are retarded and their users should be euthanised,

Crimping force isn't really that critical because you'll end up crushing the plastic if you use too much, I find it's just best to get the cable properly aligned and cut before trying to insert it into the connector, that way, even the cheap chinky crimpers work.

>> No.1702482

Experienced crimper reporting. I've made 1000s of cables by hand.

The crimper doesn't matter once you get used to it, just practice. Get one where all force transfer between the die and your hand is metal, but other than that it doesn't matter.

The keys to crimp are:
1- Strip
2- pull each wire out individually and lay them in a row in the correct order. While you do this, bend it back and forth a little so the twist goes out of it.
3- Now bend the whole row back and forth a little so they are nice and neat
4- Cut the flat row of wires with the straight razor blade cutter thing in your crimpers so it's really nice and ever. Shitty crimpers have these, nice ones don't. I prefer shitty crimpers because they have these flat cutters.
5- insert the wires into the connector nice and hard, look at the end to make sure the wires are touching the end of the plastic. Push more if some aren't
6- crimp it.

After step 2, never lose your grip on the wires so they don't get out of order.

>> No.1702483

They use these so nobody can make wrong crimps. It's like the smart engineers building expensive and super foolproof shit and charging $$$ so retards can do the work.

>> No.1702505

I'd add trimming the conductors as short as practicable. I like to have the cable jacket slightly inside the connector.

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Picked up a Protek p6000 power supply - shows 60V on my multimeter regardless of value on LED. Can't find service manual online. What du?

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>> No.1702550

those are thermostats

>> No.1702553

>KDS301 90
Normally closed
Opens at 90° C

>> No.1702558

would they be duplicates of each other?

>> No.1702560

>would they be duplicates of each other?
Are the numbers the same on both?
If the numbers are different, the specs are different.

Also: it's KSD not KDS

>> No.1702561

I can't read the numbers on the second one

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A render of a switchblade I made in Fusion 360. Anyone know of a good mechanism to pull the blade back in once the blade has beene released? Can provide the stl/obj/etc. files!

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There's this cool new thing they invented
You should try it

>> No.1701498

Wow, I as an engineer in training, have NEVER heard of such a device! Ever designed anything in CAD?

>> No.1701766

no, and neither have you

>> No.1701822

look at microtech knives

>> No.1701869

>- No weapons. That goes to /k/ - Weapons. The workmanship and techniques involved in creating objects which could be used as weapons or the portion of a weapons project that involves them (e.g., forging steel for a blade, machining for gunsmithing, what epoxy can I use to fix my bow) may be discussed in /diy/, but discussing weapon-specific techniques/designs or the actual use of weapons is disallowed. Things such as fixed blade knives or axes are considered tools

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