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find me more baseder guy



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He used to live in the house, it's his parents', but there was a video where he was showing a bed and all inside one of the containers, so I assume he lives there now.

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maybe he just crashes there sometimes

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I wanna go wheeling with him

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>oh shit my crane is too small
>buys a bigger one with 4x4
>oh shit i need to cut fucktons of metal
>buys about 1k worth of drills and saws
>oh shit another crane for a good price?
>buys it
>buys so many old jet skis and boats i lost count
>buys 6k skid steer attachments without batting an eye

Shit, how much money does this guy make?

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He preordered the $60k Cybertruck on a whim, too. I'm surprised he didn't just get a bandsaw to cut all the steel, but I guess he's too lazy to load it all into a stationary machine and the portable ones cut too slow.

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/diy/ I need some help.

I'm trying to take apart a super old bedframe. I have one side left to do. There's these screws in it that have a weird shaped thing at the other end. I don't know what they're called because I don't tend to work with this stuff. Do you know what pic related is called? Or how I can get them off so that I can take this pos apart and junk it for my new bed frame? I think you're supposed to be able to just screw them off with your fingers, but they're practically embedded in the wood and I can't get a grip on them.

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I went to go find one I knew I had in the garage, sorry.

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that's some kind of blind nut. they are usually supposed to stay in whatever they are embedded in.

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specifically it may be a weld nut that someone used in wood.

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Ah. Thank you. Ultimately, my roomie just woke up and I asked if he could lend me a hand and he got it out in like... Two minutes.

Thank you, I'm definitely going to remember the name of these in the future.

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How to fix my key hold thing? Some wire and hot glue?

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This looks like a bicycle lock key...
I have one of those.
We usually do just drill a new hole.
They are for our work bicycles.

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this but use a vice to hold the key or it'll spin out and maybe fuck your hand up. Almost happened to me for the exact same shit. If you don't have a drill try sugru

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Ok then faggot.

Cut a new key yourself out of a blank cast from brass scraps in a forge you made, or better yet find some iron ore and smelt some of it, add some carbon to make a proper steel, and then forge that into a key blank. File the teeth on by hand and drill a hole in the head for your key-ring. Feel free to omit the faggoty plastic bit on the end like a real man would.

Or go to the local ace hardware and have one cut for you for $1.99. Choice is yours.

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Cut off the pointy bits near the break. Drill a new hole. Stick your tiny dick in the hole and fuck it like it's your boyfriend's asshole

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He's right though. Having a one piece solid metal key will be better than anything they're going to do to fix that plastic bullshit.

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I want to get a pair of chinchillas but don't have anywhere to put an AC except getting a portable one for summer. where I live ACs aren't required and it doesn't get that hot except for heatwaves. also my house is almost always around 20-22 degrees celsius due to central heating. so I want to make an automated cage cooling system instead that will keep the chinnies at a constant 18-19 degrees celcius no matter what the rest of the house temperature is.

I made the following rudimentary diagram based off of my knowledge of how a fridge works and I am not exactly technologically oriented. the cage will have about 3-4 separate levels that have fleece dividers.

so the idea is coolant flows through a copper pipe that goes around the cage and alongside it is another copper pipe that gently blows cool air through small holes to keep the cage the right temperature. the coolant cools the air pipe which is on each level, and the air is supplied via a small computer fan which has speed control. the holes are facing up so the air doesn't blow directly onto the chinchillas - it creates air circulation in each level due to the dividers. an electric thermometer measures the temperature and humidity and adjusts the fan speed to raise or lower the temp. the thermometer also makes an alarm if the temp goes above 21 degrees celcius and humidity above 50%. it also sends a notification to my phone and email.

of course, if I realise there is going to be a bad heatwave then I will get a portable ac but this system is more for all year use and to keep costs lower. my questions are:

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Aw man I really thought I was on to something :/ thought that if air passed over cold water then the air would be cooled and would then cool the chins, like how if water passed through cold air then the water would be cold. I'm planning to keep them in a corner of a big room so a portable AC would still be problematic e.g. the exhaust pipe won't be long enough. Maybe a combination of water cooling kit + piped air + automatic fan + peltier modules underneath bottom floor of cage to keep the water cold (when passing underneath cage) would work? Sorry for my autistic obsession
So if I put the peltier modules on/under the bottom floor of the cage then I can keep that floor cool while also cooling the water and air even more as their pipes will pass over the modules? The pipes + modules will then be covered with hard material + fleece. And the heat can escape through the bottom of the cage? I will ask on /ohm/ too thanks

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Awesome drawing haha that helps to visualise what I was starting to understand, that cool side faces up and hot side lets heat escape downwards. Would doing what I said in >>1769362
work? Seeing as I can't put the modules on higher floors as they would burn the chinchillas' heads.

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yes, if you keep the water in your system being constantly cooled by the peltier cells then it would probably work.

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though you would need to move the water through the circuit
you can use either a water pump or move it naturally by the thermosiphon effect, which requires the design of the circuit is done right.

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Nice! Water pump sounds a lot more easier desu. Thank you for your great advice :)

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I found this homemade tool / device in my adult sons room and I need to know what it is use for. He won't tell me.

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Whatever it is, it seems like it would work

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Making ropes.

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here's your answer OP

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To grab onto and pull neighbor's under wears off of their clothes-line

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It's clearly made to grab something from somewhere you can't reach it with your hand. What that something and somewhere are could literally be anything.

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For some reason I think this is the best place to ask:
How do I use this pump? I bought a house, this is directly above a full rainwater tank. I know I need to pour water into it, which I did, but I didn't get anything out of it. Do I need to pump it a lot longer? What is the little spout on the tube for?
Please help. My carnivorous plants need rainwater and the tubing that goes indoor from the rainwater tank is also leaking air somewhere so the electric pump isn't working either. I ain't gonna buy RO water when I've got 2000 gallons right here...

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The previous owner has a pipe going indoors, I put a pump on it, but it's pulling air somewhere too...

You are under 18, and tried to be "funny" after reading my first line, just fuck off with your samefagging, no one cares.
>diy used to be a lot better

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>pulling air
put the pump in the tank

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OP needs to check the the rod to make sure its is connected to the piston. And check piston seals and the valve. If they are worn and allow air to pass, then the pump will never work.
Use google to learn out to take it apart and inspect the seals.

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Sorry, I wasn't clear, it's a regular pump, not a submersible.
I am indeed gonna have to get a submersible to empty the tank, clean it out, and check the tube that is going inside. I really hope it's just a broken return valve or something at the end of the feed, because if it's not, the problem is somewhere in the wall/floor...

I'm afraid that is indeed the next step. Full disassembly and maintenance.

Thanks y'all!

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>pump won't pump
1: check to see if it needs primed. Prime it.
2: check to see if there's water to pump.
3: check line for holes.
4: open pump and check gaskets and mechanism for cracks and damage, replace as needed

That's about it. Fix your leaks.

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Can anyone help me come up with an idea for displaying a human skull?

I was thinking of buying one of those medical human skull specimens to make one with but i cant come up with a solid idea, the only things i can think of are either some kind of lamp or terrarium in a glass cloche but i cant think of how to make them look good, any ideas?

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Make it look like an ancient colossal giant's skull that has been overtaken by nature with eye sockets for caves with miniature bats or trolls in them, miniature adventurers walking up to the eyesockets on dirt paths on the cheekbones leading up to the "caves".
A waterfall through the nose, moss for grass around the top of the skull, and an old miniature castle complete with a miniature fountain in a miniature courtyard.

You would of course need to get an unrealistic skull with bigger cheekbones and a broader proportions in general. And you would have to make reeeeaaaly small miniatures. You would might have to carve. Its my first time posting here. Is it ok to be a little over the top?

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Damn. I mess up the words when im in my bubble.

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Or if you want something simple you could put two small horns on the sides and a jewel embedded into the forehead for a mythical setting.

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Never mind. Just jam a carrot into the nose hole and call it snowman.

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stick a candle on top of it and put in on a book case like it's some arcane shit
btw it would be cheaper to kill a bum and cut his head off

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Where can I buy a kW power range/ MHz switching range laser, and just how many paychecks will it cost me?

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Hey /diy/, my shitty harbor freight welding helmet finally gave out after 2 years of service (got me through trade school and into a job), the fucking thing that allows the helmet to stay up and not fall broke and now I can barely see without using 1 hand to hold it up.

I'm looking online for welding helmets, and just want opinions, i'm looking for good/the best welding helmets that are in the price range of 100 dollars (more or less), obviously i'm not looking for a fucking 500 dollar experimental helmet that lets me stare at the sun directly, i'm just looking for something that'll last, and that's good.

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what kind of welding work do you do?

I like pancake helmets

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Seconding this. Good quality, low enough price to not worry too much about abuse at work. I use a Jackson 46131 at work. It's actually more comfortable than the Viking I use at home, though the view isn't quite as nice.

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Just get a cheap one from China. They're just as good.

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buy a new one, it looks expensive so you probably aren't poor.

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Ignore it. If someone asks, feign ignorance. Maybe offer a "guess" that the door hit the dishwasher rack and it dented it.

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Every stainless refrigerator I've ever seen has been magnetic. And being in the residential remodeling business I have seen a lot of them.

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Try this.

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If you try to fix it you're just going to make it worse. You dun goofed anon.

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Does anyone have any experience with renting large workshop spaces?

I'm looking to build a boat, a 38' catamaran. It's built in a bunch of pieces and can be assembled in the boat yard at the time of launch, which is nice, but I still need a work area that's something like 50' x 25', plus a bit space for tools and storing materials.

It's easy to find industrial properties that are big enough but they are prohibitively expensive. I would be pretty much doubling the cost of this build if I were to rent an enclosed industrial space.

So I'm not sure where to go from here. Where do I find large workable spaces that aren't priced to suit a business? I would be okay-ish with working outside if I was allowed to erect some kind of temporary-ish shelter to keep the sun and elements off. It's likely going to be a 3 year project though so I doubt anyone is going to offer up a huge slice of their backyard to do this in (since I live in suburbia).

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are you looking to build a wharram by chance?

>> No.1769101

Have you tried asking the harbourmaster of the marina you intend to berth at?

>> No.1769226

build it on your own land.
don't have any?
might as well buy a finished boat.

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Yes. A tiki 38. Seems a good mix of size and build time. I can do it in about 3 years if I work hard at it. The main appeal is really about the transportability before launch. Trying to build a solid cat and then move it to the water would be an easy ten thousand dollars in trucking and road blocking fees.

I haven't chosen a marina. I live close (close enough) to at least 5 marinas with travel lifts that could handle the boat. Ideally I'd like to build somewhere close to at least one of them to keep final transport costs as low as possible. It's a good idea though, I'll go and shake some hands and see if anyone has any suggestions.

Fair jab. If I were to rent an industrial property then the total build cost would be about the same as buying one, except a lot more work.

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Trying to decide between custom shower pan and pre fab shower plan. The surround is going to be tile no matter what.

Prefab seems cleaner and nicer looking because a shower base is similar to a basin (sink or toilet bowl) so it seems fitting to have something that is one piece and completely permeable and one color. Like you wouldnt tile the inside of a porcelain sink or toilet bowl.

Also i like the standardization of the prefab so that it can be adjusted (i will be moving the drain line for either)

Although mortar basin seems to be more "homey" or "upscale" but im not so sure it looks better and im not sure if there is any functionality benefit to it.

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I did prefab in my house for ease and cleanliness.. I will say that mildew is a pain in the ass to remove. The pvc gets discolored and most of it can be removed with scrubbing etc but it's not easy. It's not like an enamel tub. So be warned. If I was you, do the tile/mortar

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Go all out, go for the wedi system.

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I'm looking to grow a nice privacy screen. Looking for pros and cons of Japanese Arrow Bamboo vs Golden rod.

Also what's the best way to transplant some? I know a few patches off the top of my head. Unless the crazy price they want for 1 plant online is worth it, I think I'll be digging up the ones I need.

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This, some dude planted some at his house in the town over from me back in the 90s. That shit is all over the town now

>> No.1769093

don't plant bamboo if it's not native to your area. That shit will take over everything.

Just plant leyland cypress.

>> No.1769576

Bamboo privacy fences aren't an instant thing; even a vigorous spreader in a subtropical climate can take years to thicken up to the desired appearance and if you're in a cold climate it can take the better part of a decade. At any rate, the species you're going to be looking at will be determined by the dimensions of the screen you need - basically any foliage-rich clumping bamboo will be suitable if you only need about one story's worth of cover but if you need two stories worth you're going to need something relatively tall and if you want a clumping bamboo that limits you a bit. Clumping cold-hardy bamboos found in cultivation include many species of Fargesia, Chusquea, Thamnocalus and Borinda, clumping cold-sensitive bamboos include some species of the above plus some Bambusas and as far as running bamboos are concerned there are too many to mention. I will, however, mention Phyllostachys because they're so popular: almost all of them grow fast and spread almost as quickly in most areas, many of them can get fucking massive and the warmer your climate the faster all of this happens. You've been warned.

>I’m gonna be asking how to kill them on /diy/ when they shoot under my fence.
Your best option is to prevent that by sinking a barrier (18" deep would probably do the trick} at the fence and mitigation by hand of any rhizomes that sneak through anyway. Even if you cut a mature culm and paint it with herbicide you probably won't kill the whole plant if it's as big as you say. However, if if the culms have a decent diameter I would say give them a potion of the garden and eat the shoots as they appear. No bamboo nigging up your yard and a seasonal treat to boot.

>> No.1769585

See: >>>/out/1694552 or >>>/an/plant

>> No.1769593


Thanks I'm pretty set on pseudosasa japonica, a running type. It doesn't look to grow too tall (maybe 15ft max) and the foliage seems more dense than what phyllostachys tends to be in my area from what I've seen.

I've had a good chance this winter to really see a good bit of both in my area. I am in zone 7A.

For containment I was planning on trenching around where I want it to grow.

How much of a problem can bamboo become growing near a foundation or septic system?

leyland cypress grows too tall and slow for what I want it to do. It's also too susceptible to disease

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hi, i need a bit of help to start my patreon, i want to create a videogame but i need help for it. it can be every kind of help like: 3d models, textures etc...(or just money) i only need to start it before opening a "real" patreon page

the game will be an action rpg mmo (sao style).


ty <3

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Fuck ypu nigger.

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Why is this post still up. Mods are idiots.

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A friend of mine is getting 9 donkeys given to him amd wants to get rid of some. I've been thinking about taking a couple because i have land for it, but don't want a huge expense in it. Currently have chickens and 3 dogs with a fenced in 6 acres.
>I'm wondering if hiring a farrier every 8 weeks is a necessity or if trimming the donkeys hooves is a skill easily learned that I could do myself. Youtube videos make it look kind of easy but everywhere online recommends hiring a ferrier and I'm wondering if it's one of those scam trades like A/C repairmen where they refuse to recommend doing things yourself or share information to unlicensed people

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My uncle has a donkey he keeps in open pasture with his horses, they treat it like shit.

>> No.1769335

>not putting saddlebags on your donkey and walking him into town to do the shopping

pathetic and undonkeypilled

>> No.1769607

I fucking hate horses and the cunts that ride them

>> No.1769623

this reads like a setup for a math problem.

>> No.1769629

So you're the guy from 1st grade math class

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How do i into Paulk style torsion box without pocket holes?
Bottom and sides would be just butt jointed together, but how to attach the top without screwheads in the work surface?

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Something like this as >>1769038 said

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>> No.1769290

FML, pocket holes are starting to look better by the minute

>> No.1769299


Dowels/glue? Realistically, that's probably going to be the easiest option.

>> No.1769351


lap joint


deck screws and wood filler

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My cousin wants a halloween costume and asked me if I could make her wings. I thought of wire and artificial feathers but I'd like to have more ideas.

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if you're actually serious, get some Styrofoam and wrap it in a SINGLE layer of tape (you choose) then stick some feathers into it in a layering pattern, you should start from the bottom, do it right and it will look REALLY fukin good.

p.s. the sticking of the feathers is going to be time consuming so probably get a few extra hands.

>> No.1769563

in case it wasn't implied, you have to shape the Styrofoam

>> No.1769636

>My cousin wants a halloween costume

>> No.1769638

Use foam as a skeleton and muscle frame then stick feathers in it.
Big or small they'll look better than fake feathers and wire.

>> No.1769640


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My car makes a squealing noise when I turn it on and it gets faster with acceleration.
For some background, I just had my alternator fixed about 2 weeks ago and this started a couple of days after. I was wondering if there were any things I could do to see what it might be at home before going to a mechanic so I can try to price it out beforehand because I haven't had much work in the past 2 months and I'm living off of my savings.

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>check serpentine belt condition and tension yourself: free
>belt is improperly tensioned, car has manually adjustable tensioner: free
>belt is knackered (glazed/heat damage, cracks, damaged ribbing, fraying etc): ~$20-30 for a new one
>belt is fine but tensioned out of spec, automatic tensioner pulley instead of manual adjustment: $10-20 for new one
>belt and pulley are both knackered: do the math

Serpentine belt is the most likely culprit (slipping causes squealing, poor condition or undertensioned causes slipping) and diagnosing plus either/both of the aforementioned remedies will cost you about an hour of your time and maybe $50 total using basic hand tools.

>car has original belt
>14 years old, 65k miles

Yeah time for a new belt.

>you can ignore it

I mean you CAN but if the belt is slipping from wear or improper tension it will prematurely wear out the belt while also stressing the systems it powers and can result in the belt snapping while driving, resulting in loss of power steering and getting pieces of the belt mashed up where they don't belong. Checking and fixing this is so simple and cheap that you'd have to be retarded to NOT fix it since it really isn't just about the noise. Hell I had intermittent power steering and air conditioning issues with a squealing belt that all went away by simply adjusting the belt tension into proper spec; it had been too loose after I'd replaced a pulley (kind of like OP's alternator situation) which resulted in slipping under load from the steering pump and aircon.

>> No.1768856

Check the idler pulley. Very easy to overlook and even easier to replace that's what it was on mine

>> No.1768858

I read this and sprayed some oil on my belt to see if it did anything to do the squealing out of curiosity and it really toned it down with a squeak just here and there. Guess I'll be taking this in to get fixed. Thanks a lot.

>> No.1768912

If you want to save a few bucks, Youtube it and see if you’re comfortable doing it yourself. V6 Mustang probably is super easy with lots of room to work, one wrench and 10min job with a $20 part.

>> No.1769245

Honestly just sounds like the belt tightener needs to be adjusted desu.

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Does this thing do what it looks like it would? Two breakers in one slot? Why come I've never seen it before?

>> No.1768617

It's just a tandem breaker. It's for cases where the existing panel has no more spaces but isn't necessarily overloaded. As with any breaker, you have to get the proper one for your panel.

>> No.1769151

looks like a vape take a haul off of it

>> No.1769311

Cheater breaker

>> No.1769316

because youre a noob? totally common

>> No.1769322

Cuz I'm not a fagtrician.

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So /diy/. I'm graduating college in few months now, and I'm looking to get myself a house. Because my budget has limitations, I'll most likely try to find myself a 'fixer-upper'of some sorts.
But i'll need some actual good recources to prepare myself for the buying and renovating said future house.
I can probably fo to the library next door to borrow some books on the subject, but I was sondering if there were any good stuff in video format
I know youtube is full of reno-shit but I'm pretty wary of entering that world because I don't want to learn shitty disciplines to make learning proper ones harder.
Any recommendations bros? I know you actually learn this stuff by doing but I like to read books and gather info beforehand.

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>I'm graduating college in few months now, and I'm looking to get myself a house.
haha um what

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Benjamin Sahlstrom (electrical)
Odell Complete Concrete (concrete)
Got2Learn (plumbing)
Larry Haun (framing)
THISisCarpentry (framing, fine, etc)
MattBangswood (framing)

Renovation by Tauton Press

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You can get a damn good deal on a first apartment/house loan here. You save up to 10% deposit and then you can get state-backed loan with great terms.
Seems like a good list. Thanks, fren.
Yeah I don't want to get suckered in to buying a house with a skin-deep reno job and bunch of structural problems. That's why I want to get educated so I don't get screwed over money that's not even technically mine.

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It's not just structure. In fact I think many framing errors are visible in the end product (walls and such out of plumb, rooms out of square, things that should be symmetrical or in line aren't, poor rafter kicking, squeaky floors, etc).

For example I live in a rental where basically everything needs attention. There may be 16 fuses on the panel, but the entire house only runs off of two. So if you kick on a microwave and the furnace starts then it will likely trip. Plumbing additions or modifications might not drain well. A tree hit one of the sewer lines and that had to be diverted. I can't count high enough to determine how many new layers of shingles are on top of each other. The plaster and lathe was cracking so they did a drop ceiling office style that's now failing. The siding and gutters need attention so course the basement gets tons of water.

Even new houses can be missing drip edges on windows and gutters. There's no telling how well they Tyveked, so hopefully they used zipboard. Builders that punch out several cookie cutter homes will have a system of cutting corners. Anytime there's a corner cut, it's a possibility it will become an issue the homeowner will have to address with time.

If you're not going to venture at least part time into a trade, maybe take an inspector course. I also don't think you're going to learn shitty disciplines if you take the time to follow the directions of the products you install. Most tradies I work with won't read the install instructions.

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I'm a Realtor. I'll give you the best advice on buying a home you'll ever get. Get one off the market without a Realtor. Send "looking for a home" cards to the area where you want to buy and save yourself the commission. In reality the buyer is mortgaging that 6% standard Realtor commission.

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