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Hi /diy/,
I want to install a folding door for a shower, but I have a problem: the two walls where the door is supposed to be are not parallel; in fact, only one wall is perpendicular to the pavement, while the other one is crooked in two dimensions (pic related).
Now the company where I ordered the door proposed me to buy an aluminium profile for 60€ (a technician came to my house and took measurements for free to ensure I would buy the correctly dimensioned door), but this profile is supposed to correct only the "front" slope, not the "top" one (pic related). This means that basically the profile would have to be annoyingly adjusted in order to make it parallel to the other wall (company's technician's words). The guy who proposed the profile told me stuff like "put some bolts behind it as spacers in order to make it parallel", even thought this would leave some awkward spaces between the profile and the wall.
Point is, I'd like to make a corrective "slab" of marble myself, by buying some marble from the local equivalent of craigslist, cutting it with the right angle (I'll use a circular saw with a diamond blade) and fixing it on my wall.
My question is: what am I supposed to use to "glue" some pieces of marble to a tiled wall? Keeping in mind that it has to be water resistant since it's a shower. I never did these kind of jobs, I see there's a lot of "grouts", "mortars" but this is all new to me and it's the kind of job that doesn't really allow mistakes.
This is what I was watching as of now:

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>Be me 18
>Have sexi time with girlfriend
>In middle of coming when she stops and says
*Anon i really love and appreciate you and i want to spend my life with you*
>Stop having sexi time and cuddle for hours until we fall asleep
idc if im still a virgin i love her so much bros

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Wrong board. Also:
>A thread died for this shit

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I understand your need to LARP, because you are, and have nothing else in your life.
but at least make it believable Christ sake.
what he said >>1668713

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So I'll assume you came here to diy an engagement ring
>but gold
>but nickel
>look how to make a furnace on YouTube
>also look up how to do an engagement ring
Do it in the open so the toxic gas won't kill you. Have a happy wedding!

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Hey /diy/
How do I change the water filter in my tap?
It's one piece with the filter up inside, and nowhere to twist it out.
Do i need a tool with a lot of ''pins'' or what am I missing?

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The back.

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That's an aerator, also known as a water saver. Mixes water with air to make is appear as if more water is flowing.
Normally there's two indents where you can jam something and twist, but I can't see nothing behind all that lime. I suggest you put a plastic bag filled with vinegar around it and leave it overnight, it will get rid of the lime.

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Hydrogen peroxide will also clean that out

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Thank you! I will try vinegar first, and try to look for the dents to screw it out.

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It has teeth at the edge under the goo.
The faucet came with a plastic "wrench", usually blue or yellow, a combination of a thumbscrew and a pipe with teeth. If the person who installed didn't leave it behind under the sink or in a drawer, usually small needle nose pliers work.
Yours doesn't look like a delta faucet, but the aerator and wrench look like pic

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Alright /diy/ I just bought some nice piece of land in a small village so I can just fuck off from the city, the question is where can I learn the essentials to building a house (i.e. sewage control, fences, foundation, roof, insulation, etc.)
I have no clue what I'm doing but highly motivated to fuck off from the city.
P.S. No cucksheds pls, I'm not living in commiefornia.

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also without using complex or expensive machinery.
doesn't have to be tiny just has to work.

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so i guess the closest thing i would be able to make myself is an incandescent light bulb

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Yes, though a cold-cathode neon or other gas tube may be easier than messing with tungsten to make a delicate filament.
As I said earlier it might be more reasonable to make an electroluminescent light source of some sort. Not sure what phosphors will work, but since your electrodes just consist of a piece of foil and a fine wire mesh it's pretty easy to test if you have a signal generator. Could also make a simple resonant transistor circuit to drive one with an inductor at a sensible frequency in order to ensure you're putting energy into the phosphor.

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get a chunk of silicon carbide, attach negative to silicon carbide and positive to a needle. Move the needle around on the SiC until you get a glowing spot.
you didn't specify that it had to be bright. I suppose it would be more practical to make perovskite based LEDs, but you're gonna whine about having to obtain ITO and a handful of toxic chemicals

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solid-state physics

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I make and research perovskite LEDs.

You might like OLEDs too.

First you need a transparent conductive substrate like ITO on glass. Then dissolve lead bromide in DMSO solvent at a 0.3 molar concentration. Then dissolve cesium bromide with the lead bromide solution at 0.3 molar concentration. Once it is all dissolved, you can spincoat on the ito glass substrate at 2000rpm for 1 min. Put it on a hot plate at 70C for 2 mins. Then apply indium gallium eutectic liquid metal on top of the CsPbBr3 as the second electrode. Apply positive 2.5V to the ITO and ground to InGa. Tada you have a bright green led or lec.

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If I buy 20 meters of LED strips (they are sold 5 meters with remote control and power), can I use 1 remote control and power for all of them?

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1 remote will probably work for all of them.

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Save yourself the over priced inconvenience of store bought kits.
What are you trying to do, I have a lot of experience with led setups.

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If they're all the same brand/units, yes one remote typically works for all receivers. But you won't be able to connect them all to one power unit if that's what you meant. Check the output of the power unit before connecting more than 1 in series.

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I'd like to set them up on my ceiling in my room.

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Someone have a 3d blueprint of this lamp?

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yes they do.

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>go to e621
>learn how to hexagon
>use it to make a prism
>hit print on the 3d printer

Epic responce

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A blueprint is traditionally 2D
A 3D version would be a model?

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Are you shitting me?
It's a fucking extruded hexagon with a pixel RGB led strip in it. You can make that in 5 minutes

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So I have this business idea and I wanna know what you guys think. I made this dnd screen a few years ago and Iv gotten alot of compliments how how it looks how it functions. Would this be something worth selling? It took me about 2 weeks to make but thats with a lot of trial and error. I believe if i made it again it would only take 2-3 days. What is everyone's opinion?

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dont doxx yourself like Wayne did

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Dungeon master screen

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not really unfortunately. if you search for dice boxes there's a good chance one of my bestseller listings will show up. I can live with that much plausible deniability

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No worries I appreciate your help, I will take some new images and post them on etsy and see the response. I was also thinking of doing a Kickstarter and seeing what extra funds i can get that arent out of pocket.

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Sell them on etsy. You might not be rolling in the money, make a few extra bucks for other things.

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What is the most effective way of getting dried paint out of carpet? I'm tired of looking at this and all the mommy-blog tips were useless.

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he said it looks like, and hes not the one that owns the carpet.

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Such a faggot..

You are why we can't have nice things.

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>"cover it with different paint"
bleaching it is not coloring it you turbonigger

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Forget it, once it's dried, game over.

If you saw it spill and went "whatevs, deal with it later" that finished you. You needed to instantly go full metal jacket with a wet-dri vac and gallons of water and soap and going to town with scrub brushes.

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Use acetone

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Making a Bluetooth speaker from bookshelf speaker.

female barrel jack
2s battery from laptop

Now I don't know how I'm gonna wire the charging circuit to charge the battery and power the speaker at the same time. Maybe I'll use a diode or something. I'll talk to my old retired electrical engineer pal and see what he thinks.

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Need advice. What do? install curtains up to the ceiling and all the way to the kitchen sink (Obviously ignoring the oven) or just over the door-windows?

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You mean heater, right? The oven is where you cook your food.

I thought the West was moving away from stored hot water, I guess it'll take time.

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why do you have white ball just chillin in your living room

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>remove the oven
>to install a curtain
Excuse me, but what the fuck?

>> No.1669121

> The oven is where you cook your food.
Not only food.

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One pair of curtains over the sliding doors, one pair over the window proper.

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I'm sitting in a room that's almost empty. I have a table, a bed and a wardrobe. My cousin stays in the room and the wall separating them is thin. I need to soundproof my room, every noise sounds so loud. If I drop a coin, the whole house will hear it, I can't do shit without anyone knowing. I was thinking about using some suction cups and hanging some sheets/towels on the walls.
What do you think about it? Do you have any advice? (My budget is...10$)
Also, I don't know where to look for the suction cups, I need some suction cups with some holes, so I can tie some string to them.

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Or maybe some thick blankets

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I will try to do something like that, thanks

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RIP out your ears with a fucking ice pick dumb prick

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>Do you have any advice?
A half decent soundproofing job costs $1-3 k for a small room.

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I’m trying to fix a broken VCR which should be simple, as all it needs is a blown capacitor to be replaced. To replace it I obviously need to take out the circuit board so I can access the solder side. I have removed the loading mechanism and the circuit board mounting screws, but the circuit board is still held in at the back where the outputs are. I can’t just lift the board or slide it in any direction as the case is in the way. It shouldn’t be a difficult problem. Any help is appreciated if you have experience with this kind of thing. Thanks

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Just got back. Had no luck just lifting it up. I’ll have another look with this pic as reference. I really appreciate the help by the way.

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Thank you very much! So simple I shouldn’t have needed to start a thread. I would’ve been stuck a while there. Now I can change the capacitor. Thanks again.

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Nice. Well done, Anon.

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Give the mode switch a spray of crc wile its accessible.

>round switch on pcb rear right.

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cheapest possible way to find my main line?
bought this house and the previous boomer that owned it was retarded enough to cover up the cleanout with rocks (arizona)
i tried calling him but his number is out of service and doesnt work anymore
the thing is, i know the fucker used to use the floor drain in the kitchen to drop oil and flush it out, but what i believe was years of doing this has cligged my sewage to a point where it takes 6 flushes to flush down a single pepple of shit and every 2 minutes into a shower it turns into a little lake
i just need to know where my.main is so i can at the very least install a new 2 way clean out

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Snake a toilet/shower/floor drain out to the street and sound it out

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Or use Caustic soda an boiling water ,if no good I bet theres a buried inspection chamber on the run with a blocked u bend , you need to trace likely route an lift cover an rod .

>> No.1668588

rented a snake from home depot and went at it
left it on automatic and ran outside
was hearing a feint rattle and the rocks were shaking in a nasty pattern
followed it and i just realised that the previous cleanout was right next to an oak tree that had engulfed the cap
i dont want to remove the tree but this shit is going to be a pain in the ass for the main line in the future so im going to pull this shit out tomorrow and get my arborist buddy to help replant it for some shekels
thanks for the help boys

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Or just go to your backyard dig a hole to poop in instead

>> No.1669101

You can rent a sewer camera with a sonde locator for probably 250. Try to follow it all the way out.
The plumber

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fatti inculare

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What’s the best way to clean and restore the colour on leather watch straps? I have this set of leather straps that came with my watch that originally had a light cognac colour, but have significantly darkened due to sweat and every day use. Is there any way to wash and lighten the colour? What’s the best method?

Pic related, my straps

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>> No.1668350

Some saddle soap followed by conditioner might help them gain some shine. You will probably never get the original color back though, since sweat tends to get into the pores of the leather and turn dark.

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but it has a pattern of scratches on it. i was wondering as to the methodology pertaining to cover up said scraches...how would i go about spray painting or otherwise...

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If it’s painted, go to a automotive auto body supply store and get it color matched.

If that’s the color of the plastic well just let it be.

>> No.1668602

Paint is the last option you want to use. To remove scratches, you'll need to sand the surface with higher & higher grits, compound, then polish & finally wax. This is of course for a glossy finish.

>> No.1668612

Thanks for all the tips

>> No.1668639

these ones arent glossy, theyre like a sand blasated finish

>> No.1669055

sand it, some kind of filler, sand some more and paint it gloss black that silver is gayer than your father

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Is it possible to create a DIY ion beam i'm planning to use it as a side project for mutation breeding as it's much more damaging to the germplasm than other mutation breeding methods and has some extremely drastic and interesting changes

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If such a thing has been made then i'm sure it's possible to make it.

>> No.1668232

Honestly, just get an xray tube, DIY ion beams are kinda hard to build, especially only as a side project.

>> No.1668652

xray's are already available for me it's just that we're currently not using any ion treatments i'm however independently interested in them after talking to some people from japan about it

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I wont some POE cameras and a DVR thing. I'm going to set it up in a storage room, and run the ethernet to cameras on eitherside ( outside ) of house. I'm not sure how good this DVR thing is - I'd always planned to run it off of a PC - but this just fell into my lap.

I'm aware of the possible need for power / signal boosters. Do I need a separate secured router or anything?

Any tips or obvious shit I might be missing? I'll be using CAT6 cable, and borrowing a clamp for the ethernet plugs - I ran internet through my house, so I'm capable of that part at least.

Here is the extra DIY part - I have a 360 panoramic dome. I'm thinking of putting it at the top of my chimney and... Having it hidden, but being able to raise and lower. why? because I dont want to seem like a total fucking crazy guy with a camera on his chimney, but basically that is what I am.

We never use the chimney so that isn't an issue. I figure the chimney is 6 or 8 inches - which might be too small for the panoramic camera.

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thanks man, very much what I was looking for. I have an i5 box I picked up from liquidation that I was gonna use before I came across the exacqvision box.

I'm not sure I get what you are saying about the POE and line speed. right now I've got ethernet out from the box, and in to the camera cluster. you are saying this is a better set up b/c the power and data are on same line.

If I move to my own server though, what hardware would I need - a POE switch/router - does that handle the power needs too?

how do you do remote access / monitoring - blue iris? I'm fine paying $60 for software ( or more if needed ) I just don't want to fall down the well of $5000 licenses for corporate security shite.

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File: 50 KB, 1001x1001, 1x-300CM-Remote-temperature-sensor-line-For-EPEVER-Tracer-A-MPPT-Solar-Charge-Controller-Charge-Controller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yep here we go: 1x 300CM Remote temperature sensor line For Tracer A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Charge Controller Tracer A Series PJW

looks like this... now if I could just sort out the difference between a 7 and $70 dollar one...

>> No.1668690

so would this be called "RJ45 male to 3 pin terminal block" or something?

>> No.1668894

>>Just buy a kit and wire it up
>so which is it? I bought a kit, and I'm wiring it up. you have any real advice to offer here?

Its both. Especially if it's going to be installed with non standard shit. But it's how you determine if it's the right fit for you before purchase.

> you use what we call "negative attention"
This board uses "trolling". It's all over this thread. You must be new here.
>you must be hell to work with lol.
Its how I earn an average wage. But then, I don't fail either.

>He doesn't lol he just wants to show off his big boy knowledge to compensate for either his atrocious looking dick or atrocious looking wirework. 90% of the stuff he said in his temper tantrum rant is moot for a small project like this, but correct to consider for a college campus size install with hundreds of cams on a network.

I'm not the one suggesting POE boosters not knowing the voltages, big boy. Nor do I have a penis or a workmanship complex as you obviously do and feel the need to advertise. Your assumptions about what I do are hilariously misplaced, as alot your knowledge and job planning seems to be. Like the motion thing. You don't actually have or own one of these DVR units do ya? It sure don't sound like it the more I read your drivel. Besides, it was your incompetent (yet polite) rants that made me reply. 2/10 internetz for you.

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low SNR post

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So i have recently purchased a 12v mini water pump, and I was going to use a solar panel to power it, but when I was doing my research, I have realized that I know nothing about using solar panels. Seems like I will need switches/regulators etc... Could you help me out? What should I buy to run my pump efficiently? Here is some info about the pump:

Rated voltage: DC12V
Service voltage: DC5V~DC12V
Working current: 1050Ma±10%

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Why the fuck would he need a battery? The only reason a battery is needed is for continuous operation, and it's a water pump. Just use a 12v 100w panel and a 12v charge controller, and the output goes to the pump.

It will only run when the panel has enough output to power it.

>> No.1668237

>It will only run when the panel has enough output to power it.

That's why you need a battery. The battery runs the pump and the panel charges the battery when it's in sunlight. After all, what are you going to do on a cloudy day or at night?

The problem, as always, is it's a terribly convoluted setup and rather expensive.

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Buy a solar powered fountain pump.
Made in china 50$. Save time and momeys

>> No.1668241

Buy a solar powered fountain pump.
Made in china 50$. Save time and moneys

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Bump for about 100 foot long 20 foot head discharge. What the shit do i meed to pump w wa ter 24/7 in north Oklahoma

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