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>Interesting thought, but high-power
I'll try and see if I run into problems and if I can solve them and how. Worst case scenario replace them with E10 LEDs in like 5 minutes. I think somehow wouldn't feel too guilty about it because they're not actually influencing any relay logic, they're just emitting light, although I would prefer to keep it without LEDs, if I can help it.
>and difficult to get the desired shapes.
Not sure what you mean about shapes. I only need seven segment displays, and I can print whatever shape I want, pic related. You must buy really opaque PLA though with enough pigment and print thicker walls otherwise light will bleed through walls.
Heat might be another problem, might soften PLA, fans may be a solution.
>Considered VFDs? Or even nixies?
Wanted to keep everything as primitive as possible.
Relays, light bulbs, wires, batteries were invented before 1850, VFDs and nixies came over a century later.

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What slicing settings do you recommend for this print, guys? This is the midde section of a seven-segment display. The thickness of all the walls and foundation is 4mm (should I make it more? less?). The holes are where E10 lamp holders will go, 11mm each.
I don't care how much material it will take, I only want less time to build it (can't sleep while it's on unless haven't slept all previous night or on xanax) and to be reliable (not to collapse onto itsef or something).

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