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>6 or 12dB cutoff at 20kHz wouldn't affect much, would it?
"air" starts above 10kHz. cymbals, plucked strings, percussion attacks, that mosquito ring tone meme, things like that
cutoff is the 3dB frequency. how bad it would sound depends on the material. you could certainly tune the stages of your filter differently. half-power at 20kHz isn't terrible, plenty of worse consumer gear exists, but I can still hear when it is switched in or out. it's subtle but noticeable when it's missing. older people will hear it even less
>Not sure whether to go for strategically placed solder jumper pads to wire them up, or just give some perfboard
I like the former. or pic. someday I'm going to design the perfect SMT breadboard
>I won't have any other option than a thermocouple
that is true sometimes. not sure you'd want to do it on a board that might be dissipating quite a bit of power and causing a lot of CJ drift, and is it going to be more of a PITA compensating it than it's worth

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