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Look at me and laugh. I bought a furnace that only just barely turns precious metals to liquid, thinking that I could do a good lost wax casting with it.

Look at me and laugh. I tried to cast a brass ring with a plaster of paris mold that had only been baked in my oven, and not kiln fired.

I am a retard. Mock me.

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What kind of cases are these? What are some good cases for stuff like this?

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Have an exterior brick foundation wall that is highly visible because of slope of the lot. Past owners painted it. Can I just go over it with a stone veneer. Are these practical in outside heavy use area.how is it installed?

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the plastic/fiberglass panels? there's all kinds of products, including actual stones. How do you "use" a wall?

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I have a 1991 Dodge Spirit that was kept in good condition but the speakers got blown out. I want to replace the blown out speakers (just the speakers, keeping the original radio) but can't figure out how to wire it when the old speaker has a plug with 4 wires, pic related. I'm new to working on cars, so I have a feeling I'm missing something obvious. Any help?

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>green/red is left
>black/grey is right
you lost me

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usually the speakers have two leads.

If you look at the plug (that red stuff in the middle) it looks like it's a pair of speakers.

The way you're holding the plug makes it look like the left side might be red and green and the right side might be black and grey.

Again, just a guess.

I guess they could ground each speaker to the chassis and run one lead, but that's not common.

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thanks anon, I appreciate the advice. Gonna try wiring it up tomorrow when it's light out. here's a pic of the back of the plug and speaker

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looks like the multimeter gives a reading for red as - and grey as + which confuses me further. Gonna hit the sack but if the threads still up I'll post again tomorrow. Thanks again

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Each speaker has an amplifier on it.
The audio signal is all you need

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I have a genius idea to make my own lighter combining zippo and clipper. I have a few basic household tools and a battery powered drill. Can anybody give me some tips when it comes to DIY lighters

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Are you going to call it a clippo or a zipper, that's the first thing you need to decide.

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Well i take the characteristics of both lighters and i combine it in something to my taste

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>Are you going to call it a clippo or a zipper, that's the first thing you need to decide.
Well ziper is kinda taken to probably clippo will be engraved, but lets first make it. The name will come naturally

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Ive seen mini clippers, probably be your best bet. Regularly ones won't fit inside the zippo lid

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zippo makes butane inserts now

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What would be a good adhesive for attaching this mirror (the thing with the oval) to plastic?
The repair manual says something like using a bonding agent of e2 and c1 at 7:3 but I cant find what e2 and c1 are

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what is it?

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it's a camera (petri 7s)

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any non-runny adhesive that lets you fuck about with the positioning and stays flexible after curing.
so no superglues, no epoxies, no contact cements. neutral cure silicone and some types of instant gasket will work, but tend to come in giant tubes. colophony or tar would also work if the widget never gets too hot or cold.
if you don't have anything on the shelf buy some b7000 because it comes in a tiny tube, thus no big loss when the leftovers harden up before you get to use it again.

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The correct answer is flex glue.

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I used a clear silicone caulking. Maybe it will come off, but at least the residue would be easier to remove if I ever have to reglue it.

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I found an old oxy-acetelyne welding set for free, but I don't know when or if I'll need to buy more gas. How expensive is oxygen and acetylene, and where can I buy it?
Would I be better off just buying a cheap stick welder?

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Tanks are expensive, gas is a consumable.
Stick is cheap, but higher skill requirement then wire feed machines, limited utility on thin material but on the thick end of the scale is much more capable.
You need 220 for any real stick machine though.

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Oxy acetylene welding is supposed to be the easiest to start with apparently and it's also a lot more versatile a tool than a stick welder. I've been shopping for a good kit for a little while now and haven't decided on one.

For gas prices call your nearest AirGas

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call up your local "airgas" you can also use propane, that might save you some bucks.

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I need a standalone kitchen filter like picture related. However it's stupid expensive for what it is (180 bux) and weak AF (200m3/h). Would just rigging one myself with strong PC fans be viable? It's just three sheets of metal, fans, filter and a bunch of screws.

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>It's just three sheets of metal, fans, filter and a bunch of screws.

So what are you asking for, go make one.

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Consider me fucking retarded if you want to, because I probably am, but how do I get this thing inside a wooden frame? There's no way you're supposed to hammer it in there, right? But you can't use a screwdriver either.

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dont say the r word.
these people are known for being unable to measure their force, just bee cool and let him pass the board as soon as possible

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/diy/ - special people with special needs.

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Then use a small nail to make a pilot hole.

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So THAT's what those are for.

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The scary part is that this very well could be a legitimate post, not someone shitposting.

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So I'm getting some business cards made for my fabrication business and I'm trying to get a ruler on the back cos itd be cool. I'm trying to find and crop pics of rulers and fit them on to the card (85mm).

I can't find any measurements on a white background and the best I've gotten is pic related. As you can see, it looks shit. I want it to just look like they're printed directly to the card, without the cream background.

Can someone help me?


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if you have any american customers, you'll need it to look like this.


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rent free

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brilliant post.

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Anyone here have any experience botting on stubhub? I’m wondering if its still lucrative and worth the time investment. I’m guessing if you write a scraper/bot you have to be super careful about it getting banned. Or they may have even implemented captchas by now and it will be near impossible to do. If someone has experience please let me know if it would be worth the time investment. I posted this to /g/ and /biz/ already but everyone there is just retarded.

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People write bots to quickly buy tickets that are listed way under market value and sometimes to buy up all the tickets to control the market. People have made some pretty good money, but I’m guessing its too late to get into the market.

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Probably more trouble than it is worth if you need to start from scratch. The original guys who fucked the ticket market relied on the fact that TicketMaster only used like 20 different captchas.

Also fuck you and fuck the middle men who make it cost $500 to see any big act.

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A lot of places just immediately sell tickets to resell sites and cut a deal where they get a cut of the mark up prices.

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Is my Stanley Stanley thermos rusting? I have apple cider vinegar in there, already tried some baking powder. I thought these were stainless steel

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It was stored after washing. Didn't let it completely dry before capping it

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That is absolutely rust. It almost looks like a chrome coating is on there which is failing as well, probably not but it looks like it.

Any way the solution to your woes is to grit blast it. Oh what's that you say, you don't have one? That's ok. Fill it one quarter full of abrasive blast media,sand might work buts its not very sharp. Coal slag is the best.

Now fill it with water and put an electric beater in a drill and get it clean with swirling the water around.

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Electric egg beater

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What specific brand is that? I've abused used stainless steel thermoses for 40 years and I've never witnessed anything like that... not even close.

Something else to be worried about, chinese knock-off thermoses leaching chrome oxides (or whatever metal the plated that with) into your drink.

enjoy your chelation therapy.

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This Anon knows what's up. I'm salty enough that I can rust non-stainless steel that I'm working just by looking at it hard for about 5 seconds. Stainless? I've had spots show up on stainless rifle barrels (416) in a couple of months after installed them.

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How do i make this? What material is that? What improvements would you make?

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Any other scavengers on here? Have you noticed that people aren't throwing away much these days? I hit 25 bins a night and often come home with nothing. Over the last two years it's really gotten slim pickings. I never see computers, suitcases, copper pipe, wood, food, etc anymore when previously they used to be abundant.

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Most people are putting their shit on ebay to turn a profit from nostalgia fags.
If you want tech you'll have to sneak onto a college campus or slip behind an office building and raid their dumpsters.
You'll have to visit the large scrap-dumpsters found in housing construction areas, if you're looking for wood, pipe, and wire.

One minute in, it said he got lazy and stopped caring about what he was shoving in his mouth. Food that isn't fully sealed and has clear signs of it being rotten shouldn't be ingested. Only a retard of his caliber would eat expired meat and uncooked fish.
For people that still insist on dumpster diving to obtain meals, they should also check that the food hasn't been put on recall.

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I live by a block of stores we call 'The block of Stores' that always has a new mom & pop biz going out of business and then the store is immediately gutted and turned into a new store. I dumpster dive and pull out perfectly good fixtures and shit all the time.

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they read on the internet copper was expensive, so they cut the cord, spend 20 minutes removing the pvc jacket, spend $10 on gas to get to the metal recycle place, get their $0.10 and then drive home.

TLDR: retarded, that's why.

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I hate scrappers so damn much, principally just on how fantastically moronic they are.

I my area 10 years ago, people would put all sorts of things to the kerb, like washers and dryers and mowers, a lot of the times these machines still worked, it's just people got new ones and put the old one to the kerb.

Used to be a pretty easy way that maybe worked, or maybe needed some TLC, then a lot of times that appliance or mower could be flipped for like $20-$50

Then scrappers started prowling, loading up their beat down trucks with 20 appliances, all roped and corded together, all so they can take good usable or fixable machines and get $0.10 a pound at the metal yard.

I once tried to explain this to a scrapper I've seen around... my advice on how he could make more money couldn't penetrate the meth in his brain

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Dumpster dive ALL the things.

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Yes my dig beaters are fat and odly enough, so is the rest of me.

0 fucks given.

Long story short we bough a 75 year old fucking shithole because it had "amazing wood features and a built in display case." Fucking house has a bunch of rotten and warped pine dark stained and 2x12 as "trim." The "display" case is basically the same but with glass and wood that is so warped if it was a dude he'd have to wear a rubber while he unwillingly fucked himself...

Anyway, got a bunch of beyond horse shit bulbs an just blew #10 of 12 by being such a retarded faggot i decided to... flip a light switch.

Took a bunch if pics in shitty light and discovered some text stamped around the base.


i am pretty sure i understand that these faggot fucking lights are freedomland 120v and cuck candlestick 40 watt but the China and/or h60 got me. I cant find shit.

Please help me order 20 bulbs before my wife makes me hang some sort of commie libcuck bullshit save the earth chandelier made out of used car tires and aquafina bottles...

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looks like a light for an oven

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Yup... candelabra base bulbs. Get some led ones and be done with em for a long time.

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Potty mouth!

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Bath salts are a hell of a drug.

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Work have got me renewing a bathroom next week but I know the old tiles are straight onto plaster board, I'm a shit plasterer and they've allocated no time for it. How can I remove them without destroying the board?

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Im no expert but I don't think you can

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dude, the illegals at home depot manage to do drywall without issue. you'll be fine.

just go in knowing what needs to be done, so have a few sheets of drywall ready, a tub of pre-mixed jointing compound, tape, some drywall spatulas.

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>some drywall spatulas.

mud knives you fucking phony

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>home depot

its a uk plug

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Need to replace this. Is this an intermediate switch.

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use a beginner switch instead

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Hey there /diy/
I've been making iron oxide using bleach and pieces of steel to make thermite for bootleg welding. The issue is that after 2 days the liquid in the jar that I've filtered out doesn't smell like bleach at all and more like very very very slightly chlorinated water to the point I'm not scared of drinking it from the smell. Should I change out the liquid for new bleach or is it still gonna process the steel "effectively".
Thanks in advance :)))

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Is it viable to seal a crack in my exhaust manifold using thermite?

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go to some old ass industrial park and find some shit that is rusted to fuck and bust it up with a hammer. I was working on a dock last year scrapping it with a sledge hammer, didnt even need the torch.

>> No.1757514

Not unless you can figure out some way to stop it from burning all the way through. Just a tip to anyone who wants to try this: DO NOT attempt to stop it with water. Molten steel will splatter everywhere in the most violent manner you will ever see.

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My wife says to rub some baking soda and vinegar on it

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Depends on whether you want the molten iron to become the plug in your exhaust, or if you want the heat itself to melt the two sides together. Either way it's inferior to an oxyacetylene torch. AFAIK thermite welding is only done to unweldable alloys, or in other fringe circumstances. Look it up.

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Has anyone here ever done any vanlife builds? I have an economic situation that might force me to be living out of my car for the next few months.

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Even if you don't *have to* everyone should try it. One day you might be thrown into a situation where you don't have time to practice and work out and problems

>> No.1757078

I did.

It took me six times longer to build than I expected mainly due to buying materials as I needed them instead of just buying outright and not having a shop to work out of.

I also ”wasted” a lot of time trying to get things perfect when they didn't have to be.

Don't get a small van. You will outgrow it quick.

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I have that car. Piece of shit

>> No.1757249

>economic situation might force me to be living out of my car
Sounds terrible. Is your country having an economic collapse?

>> No.1757627

>Sounds terrible. Is your country having an economic collapse?
no just some shit luck family wise

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What would be a good material to use to make a weather tight enclosure? I'm thinking wood (birdhouse) or a small plastic barrel upside down on a pole. I'm a welder by trade but I don't want to make a Faraday cage type box.

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Containers fuck with cell reception but if you're near a window, problem mostly solved.
Look over Andrew Camaratta's container castle on youtube and tincancabin.com for practical examples. Everything not practical and proven is shit to be ignored.
I like containers but only for their best uses, exemplified by industrial and military space. Art projects pollute container discussions. The Sea Box site is worth a look.
A house is a response to a specific situation. The material should never be a goal. What it DOES for you should dictate your build. Containers are really fucking easy to work with if you can weld and fab. Their floors are nice for machine tools because they're strong enough to ship those tools globally. Forget every tiny house and hobbyfag meme and only copy industrial and military success. The hobbyfag world only exists because not everyone can afford industrial solutions but you can afford some of them.
Buy "one trip" containers, not shitboxes which are beaten to death. Learn container grades. This saves you much labor and expense. High Cubes rule for their extra internal height. A 40' one trip High Cube with doors on both ends made by Danish wypipo ran me a bit over five grand delivered. It's now my ride-through motorcycle garage/shop. My welding/machine shop is two 40' High Cubes with standard doors welded side by side. Neither look interesting from outside because I dislike windows and attracting thieves. I camo'ed the street side of my containers and they nearly vanish behind vegetation. Leaving them ugly invites curiosity. I painted the roofs white.
If you want to build a house, you really need a workshop no matter what house you build so place a 40' High Cube on railroad ties (containers are supported by the corner fittings, they need no slab foundation), add a man door and have at it. I had my power pole placed first so I'd have immediate power, then ran a subpanel inside my shoptainer at leisure. I added the second box later.

>> No.1757036

Building your shop helps you learn how to cope with your climate. Newer containers are important because they have good door gaskets and are straight. My bro installed a basic split HVAC setup in his and insulated on the inside with a thin layer mounted on furring strips. We helped build each others container machine shops and his is nicer but mine is twice the size. Mine aren't insulated yet but I'll likely go with insulated metal panels on the outside if I bother (wood is for furniture and bonfires).
A 40' HC has enough room for a pretty good home shop and if my house burned tonight I'd hang my hammock in my shop and press on.

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Do you live in a shitty urban area or a shitty rural area?

>> No.1757207

jam it in a nema 3 enclosure and run some liquidtite

>> No.1757354

get one with detachable antennas, put electronics part inside and the antennas outside, also get a better antenna than the tiny shits that come with

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