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This is /diy/ retard asshole.

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I've got an arcade PCB that the previous owner cut a 12v trace on for a mod he didn't finish, that I want to revert. What would be the best way to restore this trace? Given the size, could some flux do it, or would I want a conductor pen that can apply silver?

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To be clear, the cut trace is 6, next to the SNK logo on the connector.

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Best thread may be here: >>1698538 good luck!

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Thanks, I'll try there.

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What are you working on right now?

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i am thinking about making a miniature 4 rotor. i would use the os mini rotary engines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdZHK2z1Jbc
they are expensive and i dont think that writing off 4 of them is somewhat of a waste. how difficult would it be to buy one for 400 euros and reverse engineering it to the point where i could manufacture them my self? i am in my 3. semester of mech engineering.

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Do you have access and ability to operate precision machinery? If you do, then you probably wouldn't be asking in 4channel :)

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Waterproof mailbox. How do I? Pic related. I was thinking about some weatherstripping to the mail slot opening. Any suggestions?

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Get a caulking gun and fill every gap with silicone and you'll get that sucker completely waterproof. That or weld every seam and opening

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make sure you put silicone around the opening lid too to fuck with the mailman

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So I'm a student and I live in a dormitory. It's ok i quess but we have really simple shower. Picrel.

Do you have any idea how to improve it without making holes in the walls? I mean something like rain shower or hydromassage if it is possible.

I don't pay for water so it doesn't need to be economical.

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also how can I make use (profit?) of free water and electricity in general?

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>free electricity
cryptocurrency mining

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Replace the hand piece. Search for something like "5F hand shower"

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You could also replace mixed with a thermostat one. If so much better you're gonna love taking showers.
Pic related just took it while taking a dump.

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Sup guys, I plan to move in 20 sq meter ~ 215 sq feet studio (1 bathroom, hall and a common space) and thinking about the ideas on how to save and maximize space. I wast thinking about buying Murphy bed and moving kitchen to the hall, so the common room has more space. Would appreciate all your hints.

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Agree, but we've been together for a while and I actually plan to marry her soon.

But let's go back to the topic.

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>I agree
>But I'll continue to dishonor God and both our families while living in an apartment barely larger than a parking space.

Just put shelves everywhere and hang junk from your walls and ceiling.

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As someone who lived in one
Id advise strongly against it
Its horrible.
The limited space fucks your mind, pisses you off. Dont do it

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Just curious; how much did you pay per month for your cage?

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If rental storage units are a thing in your country, get one.

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any landlords on /diy/? Im a renter and my washer busted and dumped water all over the kitchen floor. I didnt notice any actual damage until we were walking on the tiles and they cracked, so we pulled up the loose tiles and noticed all the damage underneath. Me and my roommate are broke college students, I don't have money to replace the washer let alone pay to replace all the flooring (40-50? sq ft area). Am I liable to pay for this, or would this fall under the landlords homeowner's insurance? It happened last week and we haven't told the landlord yet.

I went over the lease and there's not anything clear about who's liable if a tenants appliance causes damage.

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It is just tile adhesive. The damaged wood is only a small part and easily fixed very cheaply.

The cracked tiles are your biggest problem.

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So if I were to do it myself should I just cut out an outline of the subfloor along the tile, throw some extra framing against the joists and put plywood down? The subfloor is my biggest concern, I know how to lay tile and the city I live in has a lot of tile places, I'm sure I could find a close match

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Who put tile on plywood? This is beyond Mexican.

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Sounds like you're making extra work for yourself. Don't bother to fix it right it wasn't done right to begin with which is why it cracked so easily. Whether or not you fix it dude is going to try and keep your security deposit.

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Tile isn't to be installed over plywood, everyone knows this. His work is shit, and his washer had been leaking and his shit work failed for exactly the reason you aren't supposed to do that. It's not your problem. He needs to fix it.

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Why are you guys even buying tools anymore?


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>look for tool specs
>drill doesn't even have a torque spec
Even fucking Lidl provides a torque spec for their shitdrill. If for some reason you both need bad tools and extreme compactness, and don't mind paying a lot for it, then it's just the thing for you. But you can buy the same tools from Makita for the same money and they're not going to suck shit.

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Bet not a single one of the tools works very well. Also kickstater is full of scams.

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Look at those 1ah batteries. HAHAHA. I wouldn't even get this shit for my 1 year old daughter.

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I meant wife's son

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But if I order now do I get a second DOER toolbox free?

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What can I put between the gas bottle and the elbow in order to have a valve between the two. I don't know what thread or fittings to use.

The argon gas bottle doesn't seem to have any indications as to what connection to put on it.

inb4 someone says just put a valve in

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So, I'm soon going to be brazing a bunch of saddle valves onto quarter inch copper tubing, HVAC R-410A application.
Is this a decent setup?

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Valves in question.
I have a bunch of packaged AC units for a cooling tower that aren't cooling or heating very well. Could be low on refridgant, could be the TXV, could be a clogged dryer, could be a lot of things, but they're not serviceable, so I'm trying to make them serviceable to figure out what needs to be done.

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is flex tape a meme or is it actually worth looking into?

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>look guys! Am I fitting in yet?!

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i tried some on my gutters. it worked so poorly that it forced me to replace the whole gutter.

so i guess it kind of worked in that the leak stopped.

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Tried some on the bathtub. It works to an extent, but duct tape works better. Not worth it.

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>even works in...!
>instantly stops...!
>super strong!
yeah OP ... never believe any item or person who tries this cheap salesmen shit

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>American wire gauge (AWG), also known as the Brown & Sharpe wire gauge, is a logarithmic stepped standardized wire gauge system used since 1857, predominantly in North America, for the diameters of round, solid, nonferrous, electrically conducting wire. Dimensions of the wires are given in ASTM standard B 258.[1] The cross-sectional area of each gauge is an important factor for determining its current-carrying ampacity.

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I know its vastly superior in every way when it starts with "American"

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>0 is big
>00 is bigger
>not twice as big though....

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Are there good reasons for this retardation, or is it just one of those things that we're not going bother to unlearn?

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You're not an electrician or remotely skilled in the electrical trades so why do you care?

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Stop being retarded. America doesn't just use the AWG system, we use kcmil as well and mcm. I don't understand why people shitpost their obsession with america.
As for the 0 system the people realized it was retarded when they got to four aught so they devised the kcmil system. All of this is standard in the industry so stop arguing about shit you don't know anything about. Fuck off white-collar LARPers you retards can't even get a CAD drawing right
t. leaf sparky

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How about "I have no money and I must diy" thread? All of your your orkish technologies and improvements that you were ashamed of posting in other threads - post them here.

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I did it because I wanted a drawing table but they're expensive as fuck so I just found some wardrobe door on the street, saw it to half and that's it.

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Cute cows. How much do you get for one?

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My wife wanted a big ass sewing table.
She wanted solid oak wood planks.
I rolled my eyes
She say the cost at HD. I laughed.

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Went and got outlet flooring instead

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We've since found a lumber yard, but this was a cheap alternative.

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Cats have scratched up drywall jumping into a window - not too deep but it's a sizeable area. I was going to spackle it and match paint, but I hear that is next to impossible. Advice, /diy/?

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smooth out
smooth out
this thread feels like deja vu

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This to both.

Matching paint is a bitch, that's why you keep some extra on hand from when it was painted. That's just the tint. Modern paints don't yellow like the old kinds, you can put latex over a spot and in a few weeks you'd never even know. Old oil based you'd see til the room was repainted. Better just to repair the drywall, do your best to make it look good and then get ready to redo the room in a few years.

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With radioshack out where can I get a simple small bulb like the one pictured? Amazon and ebay sell them in packs while I only need the one.

Here's the link to what I need, it's for my truck's airbag light

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>truck's airbag light
Have you tried the auto parts stores?

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that would have been too easy. most people who come to /diy/ want everyone to hand feed them everything and give them all the answers without them doing any basic searching.

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just use a LED and a resistor

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Yeah have fun with that shipping cost

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Pack of what 10 for 3$ or something?
You realise 99% of that cost is shipping it from China right? Buying 1 will cost exactly the same.
Craft/hobby shops sell rice grain bulbs like this for dolls house miniature lighting, it's the same shit 12 filament bulb, have a look there but I'm telling you, you wont save money.

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Hey boys, I'm making a set of speakers. I'm great with the design aspect but fail hard on the aesethics portion of projects. I thought I was gonna be happy with semi gloss hwhite but it turns out the boxes are kinda plain. They look nice but I wanna break up the monotony a but. I bought some dry erase markers to mock shit up in the meantime, any ideas?

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I thought of that but doing red or blue.
I use a high quality dac/soundcard, a multimeter and loopback cable for calibration, and the ARTA/STEPS software. Caution has to be taken with the soundcard input but asides from that it's easy. As for the speakers, I'm not gonna sell these but I know what you mean which is why I'm asking. Most of my googling has returned a lot of matt black boxes or the 70's classic cheap veneer boxes with black speaker grills, which is boring and overdone. I was thinking vertical red/black stripes like this bike.

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Yeah that looks good and has its own style.

If you could inlay the design, it would be great. There's a lot more curve to that bike where as you have hard lines. Adding deco feet is an easy touch.

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but those lines are horizontal inless your poppin sik wheeleez breh

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the design is the aesthetic portion. theyre fine. leave them alone.

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Can't do inlays, have no machines to work this stuff so I'm stuck with paint sadly. Having 3 pine inlay stripes and staining them red and black would be pretty neat. Get color but also texture to break things up.
Fuckin word.
IDK man, I thought I would dig it but they look too plain. All the crap I bought is removable with soap and water and the boxes are coated in a semi gloss kitchen paint so I can go nuts and clean it off later.

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What line of work in your trade houses the most hacks?

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Plumbers and Electricians.

>> No.1702032

asphalt sealcoating

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Everyone. They all look like your pic.

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Residential plumbers.

Get it done as fast and as cheap as possible.
" codes " are more like guidelines.
Cutting corners everywhere.
Garbage tier tradesmen

>> No.1702080


In the electrical field from worst to most prestigous

Underground / Traffic
Deck Work

Then service work, which is fixing up shit (old construction)

Then new construction
Commercial, usually EMT and Flex

Then all into itself would be industrial: motors, controls, stainless steel, rigid

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My front door doesn't have this rectangular recessed area, and I want to install a new knob of the style that needs the recessed area. Do I dremel it out?

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tape the plate that came with the doorknob where you want, then smash it a few times with a sledgehammer. makes a perfect fit

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Just looked up the Peter sellers video on knifewalls, I think I get it now.

>Mark rectangle with pencil
>Use utility knife to strike knifewalls a couple mm deep
>Use chisel to chop some wood out against the knifewalls
>Chisel out the rest of the waste wood

Thanks dudes, I'd never woodworked before, but I feel confident on this one now.

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Thank you. Thank you so much.

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it's a chisel when you don't have a chisel and all you need to do is make a 1/8" recess in a cheap pine door.

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Homemade shop lights. Cost about 2 euro each. 50w 220v ac driverless chips and some alumiuiniuim. You're welcome.

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I might cut up some hdpe milk jugs. Don't know if I'll bother though. They're high enough where they're not always in my peripheral vision.

I have 3 x 50w cree leds for that. Getting on average 1.5g per watt.

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Pic related. 2 red spectrum and one blue. These aren't the driverless chips but I don't see why you couldn't use them, some piece on yt have anyway.

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I'd spelled it aluminium (Ireland) but I'd get shit for that too. Can't please everyone.

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I'm thinking hdpe milk jug but don't known if I'll bother.

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I've had these two 50w chips on this for about two years with no issues. The plate is only warm to the touch.
There's thermal paste on the back of all of these btw

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