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I just bought the Makita systainers, I own the extra large box and can't fit my recip. saw into it. Does anyone have a workaround to this?

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Did you remove the blade or leave it on there like a mong?

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What have you guys been working on?
I've been prepping my yard for the spring. Cut back everything, got rid of the leaves and cleaned up the beds. Next I'm cutting back the two crepe myrtles in the back. Got one thinned and trimmed today, hitting the other one tomorrow then going for the tops
Pic rel because I let someone borrow my chainsaw

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Killing moles, cutting 6 inch diameter poison ivy vines with a chainsaw, building birdhouses and mulching.

I had the electric service dump 20 cubic meters of wood chips, I'm expecting another load tomorrow. I put 40lbs of fertilizer on it and it was melting the snow from last week. It steams when I turn it. Every day I get 30 to 100lbs of coffee grounds from Starbucks to add to the pile.

We cleared all the bushes and smaller hardwoods, built a fence, and planted 20 evergreens since new year. I'll rent a truck or trailer in March and buy 50 to a hundred shrubs and trees. My wife also wants 4 raised beds.

I've been spreading the wood chips across the yard in low spots and will till it all with my cultivator in April and plant grass.

My tree and grass yesterday.

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Wood chips on the dirt.

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Not if you mulch them in by the middle of November or so with your mower. No patches here. Enjoy paying for fertilizer instead of basically cutting your grass one more time for the year.

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Don't need it. Good soil here

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Not with that attitude.

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Sup /diy/,

Anyone familiar with the Amprobe 6030 wire tracer? Would this be suitable for 450VAC general wire tracing on a military ship?

I've spent many days hand-over-handing cables and dealing with shitty diagrams. I think this could be a great time saver.

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>Amprobe 6030 wire tracer
it will work fine, they make tracers you can hook strait up to the wire while HOT.

this kind of tracer doesn't get a lot of range as compared to a direct connection de-energized. that is the signal bleeds.

the claw clamps around the wire and creates a signal by magnetism.

you can also trace with a multi-meter but it is a little more manual and requires some mental mapping.

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thanks m8. yeah the usual method is hooking one end to ground and testing for continuity. but thats limited in practice.

This model has a direct hookup with hot/cold wires. the signal clamp is an additional option.

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what is call sign of ship and location

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not today ISIS

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If I don't have a probe can I connect up my scope like pic related to test the channels? I don't need to worry about any grounds right? sorry about the square

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yeah that's fine

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You dont connect the ground anyways to the cal port.
The scope is already grounded to itself

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Thank you guys!!!!!!!!

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So I am attempting to remake the Venom cannister from the Venom, but I need advice on what materials to use to make sure the finish product lasts.

I have a reference picture from the PumaXBait crossover where they have the collectors edition shoes in a similar cannister. I am hoping to use a glass Voss bottle as the base so I'll just need to add some embellishments to the lids and find a way to remove the logo from the bottle. Any advice is appreciated!

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>Child hands wrote this post.
Don't waste your time, buy a lava lamp, after a year you will throw it in the trash anyway.

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Hopefully you gain some ideas from this

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Been asked at work to do some SJW/primary school like competition to drees up an Egg as a character.

Any ideas?

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sexual her-ass-meant panda

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>studying electricity at trade school
>tool workshop class, second day, first time in actual workshop.
>teacher talk about hand saws like pic related
> he says
'' all handsaw either cut on the push stroke or on the pull stroke. None cut on both''
>raise my hand and tell him its not true in a respectful manner.
>another student agree
>boomer teacher call us dumb and to ''google it'' if we are that smart and we'll see we are wrong.

im just home, should i write an essay showing him how many handsaws if not most commonly used saws are double action ? or is that too autistic and boomer might hate me for teaching him ?

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just show him a screenshot, why write an essay

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i think ill print something and show it around in class. lets see how that turn out.

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Look closer
Cutting teeth have a clearance angle and rake angle.
They may cut on the backstroke, but with inefficient geometry.

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>most commonly used saws are double action
Double action saws are far from common and are largely extinct. Buck saw blades are the only remotely common saw which cuts on both push and pull. In almost all saws the return stroke is used for clearing dust and you need tall teeth with rakers for anything approaching decent performance if the saw cuts on both strokes. Buck saws and other green wood saws can get away with tall and very aggressive teeth since quality of cut does not matter, so they can sacrifice every second or third tooth as a raker and the softness of green wood means those tall aggressive teeth will still have decent life.

You do occasionally see them in cheap saws and they are occasionally attempted to be brought back so manufacturer can exploit the marketing gimmick of "cuts on both strokes so twice as efficient!" but that is only true on very narrow stock since they can not clear the dust and the saw stops cutting and possibly binds on anything much thicker than your thumb.

Rough cut cross cut saws of the european tradition are the one exception, they often use equilateral teeth which do cut on both the push and the pull, but they are not common saws since they leave a very rough cut and tear out badly. These are meant for rough cutting very rough sawn but dried wood to length before surfacing, so the tear out is not an issue. Not many people have use for such saws anymore and wood rough enough to make them useful is not common, even right from the mill since modern mills give a pretty damn good cut.

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Will add before some pedantic 4chan autist tries to prove me wrong with examples of saws which cut on both strokes. Yes, there are some specialty saws which do cut both ways, but these are purpose design saws and not common, most people have little use for something like a veneer saw.

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Invent a toilet that doesn't give the user a heart attack

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WTF does that kid have growing in between his eyes???

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He has an infection under the skin caused by Staphylococcus. Without antibiotics there is a small chance he will die.
It is very common for cats that fight other cats to get boils like that.

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Where'd he shit for that year?

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The normal designated open defecating places, anywhere as long as it is not a spooky dirty toilet.

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My cat died a few days ago. He's buried now but he was such a good cat that I want to make a decent tombstone for him. I have carved things into stones before with a hammer and nail but that takes forever and the nail gets blunt and digs into my fingers. This time I'd like to get the proper tools for it and use a 100lbs sandstone slab from a creek somewhere. I don't want to do epic calligraphic fonts or designs because it's sandstone, that will just erode in 50 years.

What tools would I need to carve stuff onto a sandstone slab?
Are there tools for chipping the sides of this slab off to make it have a better shape?
Has anyone else here done stuff like this before?

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Get an air hammer.

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Let me google that for you, oh no, looks like nobody has done it before.

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Google “stone mason chisel set” its straight forward, if it isn’t somehow then check YouTube for videos.

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I was actually thinking about something like this recently, my old cat is getting pretty frail and I literally dont know what I should do when he passes.
Post progress pics

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I love that man.

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Is it possible I only think window walls look good because of how incredibly expensive they are to own? The temperature control is outrageous

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how does your family feel about living in a refrigerator during the winter?

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I like a nice, toasty house in the winter time. It's the only time I can actually enjoy warmer temperatures thanks to low humidity.

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They feel cold.

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They feel just fine about it. My lady and I spent a few years in a yurt and a few in cabins while we saved up to buy so she is more or less of the same mind on things as I am. Also, it is somewhat difficult to view 50f as cold after spending the winter of 14' (polar vortex winter) in a yurt, we did not break -20f for over 3 months.

Nah, they all have sweaters as well.

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I bought a Nintendo Switch and it has those classic, deep screwdriver slip scratches.

How do I fill them up? Is there some kind of black filler material that could fill them?

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Is the only option for op to pay someone to repair this?

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something something walnuts

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Buy a donor switch

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There is a way, you will need to pour some liquid silicone on a good undamaged area of the plastic and let it set. Peel it off and mix epoxy to pour into the damaged areas, then set the silicone on top and add light pressure, not too much where it causes the silicone to force epoxy out of the area, but just enough for it to remain flush and let the epoxy cure. Once that's done you have original texture.

>> No.2009005

Just google "plastic screen scratch remover" or something like that

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Recommendations on a good power washer? I'd like to start a business and have some money to kick around. I just want it to be reliable and not overpriced crap.

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Hoping to move into commercial jobs after trying out residential but a lawnmower might be a good idea for later, too.

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Always the right answer.

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there will never be another andrew

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diesel creek has entered the chat.

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DO NOT buy consumer grade pressure washers from lowes. get a good commercial one 3000psi or more. they are like 600 bucks but you will make that back after a few jobs. well worth the expense. consumer shit is cheap made garbage thats alot of plastic

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I think it would be fun to build a hut/shed/workspace kind of building from these type of concrete lego blocks. Should be possible to leave gaps for the windows. Biggest question right now is how to make a roof? Preferrably with some kind of prefab components since I have no building experience at all.
Also, the blocks I found for sale locally are 80x80x160 cm and cost 80 eurodollars. That means I can stack 3 to get to a reasonable height of 2.4m. It would imply you can build, say, a (almost) 5m long and 2.4m high wall for 720 euros. Would you say that is a good price for a load-bearing wall of that size, or is this retardedly expensive?
Lastly, anyone ever seen these used for something other than open-air storage units for sand and shit?

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nice support ribs on this one

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thanks, that's about what I expected desu

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lots of cool stuff here

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>how to make a roof

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With the whole zombie fad that went on for a long time I'm surprised nobody made a story where a group of people built a fortress with this and used the heavy equipment as killdozers to dominate the world

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This was made for /k/ but I hope its helping here at some points.
Added some Nano Dry Lube to machine oil, goal is reducing wear but I lubed all my locks and friction parts inside my house. 10/10, everything is smooth af and runs without noise. Price is 25$ for 25g and its more than I need for many years. Possible enouth to "improve" a few Liter machine oil, grease and gun oils.

How does it work? Polishing via Mendel Effect. This means high surface gets weared off while lower surface gets protected. This means normal wear for short time will reduce friction and than the wear rate will drop by 30-50%. Next reason is a Tribofilm. The Nanoparticles will stick to the metall parts and prevent contact, its just sliding over the oil. Thats why the fucking noise on my oven (friction lock) is gone. In other words
>no noise
>longer life time
>better to operate
>protects even when the oil is gone

Stay safe /diy/

BTW, yes it works like graphite. Its just fine AF and penetrated like penetrating oil and wont make a mess because invisible and stable up to 1200°C

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Last information, do what you want. Just wonder what 1 drop will do while drilling steel

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looool 4 drops of vegetable oil would do the same thing?
what brand are you here to shill? Whats your magic nano lube?

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Hi /diy/,
I want to design mlitary drone for school competition project

Main idea is to strap some rotors to the rpg/law style rocket launcher (prob need to be guided to match milspec) ruskies did sth like that and i want sth similiar
payload to carry is about 20 kgs

Any good radings about designing sth like that?
Need to be custom made, frame should be rocket launcher itself and quite big battery to power stuff

Any good readings about similiar projects?
If i win i could get some money and they might build prototype and test it:)

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Chemist here, this regulator valve was making at his at the little bleeder valve immediately visible in the pic. I tightened this clockwise and it made a loud pop and started bleeding gas even louder. What do? I'm scared to tighten anymore fittings

This a CGA regulator for nitrogen btw

Any help appreciated

>> No.2008410

Chembro here o/
That looks like an old type of gas regulators. So if I get this right you tighten up too much one of those side ports and then it started bleeding out? I'm guessing you fucked the screw line, best thing you can do is filling it up with something or add a cap with a good amount of PTFE tape also... probably it's time to get a new one

>> No.2008412

Call the person who supplies you with the gas chief. Send em a pic and they will come fix it.

>> No.2008418

>I tightened this clockwise and it made a loud pop and started bleeding gas even louder.
You most likely ruined the thread, congratulations. You will need a new one.

>> No.2008636

turn grey knob on top of tank clockwise
buy new regulator
don't fuck with this shit even if its nitrogen just get a new one

>> No.2008661

this plus find competent technician that understands and maintains gas lines
ask him what is what and how to everything
it will be either one of boiler suit guys wandering around or a bloke that delivers gas bottles
it might save your life in future

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Who has this thread? Post it plox

>> No.2008340

Thread what? What thread?

I propose a thread about threads. Wool threads, screw threads, threads threads threads!

Better thread than dead

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Just couldn't control the gay on a /diy/ board? Bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

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So reddit

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Kek I remeber being in this thread

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Any idea what I can do to added something like pic related to a double bed for added privacy?

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Shit, I'm cover the head faggot.

>> No.2008546

>in hospital
>jerk off
You got it wrong.

>> No.2008558


dont worry its just one paper and they didn't even link the actual paper (makes it impossible to actually critique). Current research has this at not being a problem. Maybe if your blankets are hellishly tight and allow no airflow and you manage to seal yourself in, then sure maybe covering your head is a problem.

Also swimmers subject themselves to low oxygen fucking constantly, and so far there is no correlation to Alzheimer's with them.

>> No.2008702

Hows it going buddy
What did you end up doing for appliances for cooking food?

>> No.2008758

Why would a doctor (objectively the most chad profession) need to jerk off at work? Nurses are disgusting bestial sluts and they'll sleep with any MD just for the remote chance that they can get money (with or without locking him down with a baby)

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I live in an apartment in eastern europe. What are some permanent solutions?
The walls are pretty wet. My hunch is that the windows (new) that were put in weren't put there properly. Please help this noob.
Looks just like pic.

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I have mold and feel like I am slowly getting sick.

>> No.2008799

Work harder, get a nicer place. Good luck bro.

>> No.2008994

Okay, temp 21c with humidity 40% gives you dewpoint of 7c. So when you walls are 7c water will condense on them. If your humidity is above 40 % you can lower it some and that will reduce the problem - with 30% humidity dewpoint is only 2.7c. Its not exactly healthy, but probably healthier than mold. In winter lowering humidity is really easy, you just increase ventilation.

>> No.2008996 [DELETED] 

F***, I paid a lot of money for my place, now I'm getting sick in this mold trap.
I'm contemplating putting up a makeshift bed in my kitchen or asking if I can live in my parents vacation house.

>> No.2009011

I am a poor European.
Today I have to sleep in the kitchen because the bedroom and living-room has mold and I am already sick.

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Where can i buy cotton candy grape saplings in the EU?

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I don't have an answer anon, but i have a simar question so I'm partially hijacking this thread.

I'm in the US, got into gardening last year and really enjoyed it. I grew a lot of standard varieties of fruits last year, so this year I want to branch out to varieties that don't suit themselves well to commercialization, but taste really good.

I do see the cotton candy grapes at stores sometimes, but something like that i might be interested in. I also did moonglow and bartlett pears, fuji and red delicious apples, belle of georgia and elberta peaches, and a nectarine I can't remember the name of.

Anyway, a lot of those are well known commercial varieties, which means they're made to ship and stay good in grocery stores. So I was hoping to get fruit suggestions on varieties that are more flavorful, but not good for shipping so you don't see them commercialy.

>> No.2008439

>So I was hoping to get fruit suggestions on varieties that are more flavorful, but not good for shipping so you don't see them commercialy.

plant a fig tree. in 20 years you will be glad you did. nothing like a fresh fig.

>> No.2008448

Maybe Cherimoya and paw paw

>> No.2008464

I did pick up a fig sappling last year but didn't get too much growth. I should mention I'm doing all of this in pots for now as I'm renting a house. Got debt free this year though so the goal is to buy next winter and get all these trees in the ground.

>> No.2008466

dont waste your time here

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