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anyone have experience going on fasts? I'm gonna try going on a water fast for this week

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i got hungry

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First 3 days are the hardest you experience actual hunger, after that you start psychologically craving shit like nachos because your brain is under stimulated since your denying it the ability to exercise it's sense of taste and to a lesser extent smell
t. guy who did 21 days

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Add fresh lemon juice to your hot water/tea.

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Just do intermittent fasting where you eat for 9 hours out of the day. You get the benefits but don’t have to eat less

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most I've done is 30 hours. the first big hump is 24 but after that you'll feel pretty meta. are you doing it to lose weight? i've had shitty attempts at fasting on/off for about a month and a half, none longer than a day and i lost a few pounds.

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Fucking pleb.
I'll be over here enjoying my WATER

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>anyone have experience going on fasts?

Gotta go fasts.

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I fast 6 to 10 hours every night AMA

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Fast on days you won't do anything at all. I always do fasting on the weekends, i'll only eat one meal during the whole day which is only either salads or cooked/steamed veggies and then wait for 24~hours for the next salad or veggies.

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Fasted for one day recently just to get a feel for the effects
Results were positive, especially when I woke up the next day feeling amazing

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Went for ten days, the hunger subsides but your head feels like someone whacked it while you slept. Energy drinks mitigate the discomfort, for a while at least.

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>energy drinks
How many fucking grams of sugar do you think you dumped into your body? That knocked you out of fasting.

You baited me. nice

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Have you heard of this mystery liquid called sugar free energy drinks?

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i don't share the similar experience to you
I regularly fast 24-48 hours because I'm too lazy to cook/eat and after the initial hunger pangs it all smooths out.

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a lot of energy drinks are sugar/calorie free

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a whole week? wow youre tough if youre experienced or just stupid if youve never done it before. i do it monthly once or twice for one or two days, three tops. i do it dry.

it is something amazing but it hs to be done progressvely. l

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Wtf is water fast?

Like you drink water specifically from fast food restaurants fountains or some shit? Seems inconvenient

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I eat dinner around 6pm and don't eat breakfast until 9am, so apparently I fast every day

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did you die of starvation in the middle of typing this?

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Stop whining, humans have survived over two months with zero caloric intake before succumbing to heart failure. A week is nothing.

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This is the correct place here anon: >>>/fit/43913207

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wtf is a snake juice fast?

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never mind, someone else asked here: >>43915234

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If you are fasting find something to keep you busy, on rest days it's impossible for the weak minded (as me)

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the /fit/wits are talking about doing dry fasts, as in no water. have they gone mad from all that cock?

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I've been fasting for 3 days. It makes you weak and slow and your breath starts to smell bad. It also makes you really dehydrated all the time. Like you have to drink water every hour or your lips start peeling.

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Remember not to drink any water, no matter how thirsty you are. If you are feeling the effects of severe dehydration, it means it is working.

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For me, it's Water

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i bet nobody ever got the water on the left

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Who here /intermittent fast/? Lost 40 pounds with it.

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t. Soyboy that can't handle the intimating WATER because it's in all caps

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PSMFs are significantly more doable over a longer term (1-2 weeks) imo.
For whatever reason liquid PSMFs are a lot easier than solid ones too, idk why.

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it means you only drink water dumbass

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I did a fast last week, it was pretty nice. I only ate one slice of bread for breakfast, one for lunch and one reasonable serving for dinner. I also had set intervals between the meals. I didn't drink anything but water and ate no meat.
It wasn't too hard but it was uncomfortable a lot of the time, it was difficult sleeping when very hungry. If you're going to try fasting for the first time I would not recommend not eating at all, that's just going to be too big of a leap.

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you mean eating fast? Eating competition? Wtf is a water drinking competition that sounds dangerous as heck. Water fast.. maybe you mean a Swimming competition?

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Ive been trying to do this for a while but my fucking job doesn't have vegeterian/vegan options. I can't go outside and buy food neither because 1 its far and 2 my job feeds me for free. I try to eat once but my job is so labor intensive I have to eat a second time. When I do its very small amounts of beef or chicken and rice, tacos, sketti or whatever they have. theres no way I can do it since Im always at work. try on days where your off or not doing anything.

do not attempt if you have a heavy job or if they serve crap foods

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thats not fasting faggot

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Where do you think the term breakfast comes from, retard?

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how come you can't drink water? it doesnt have any calories

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Who /no fast november/ here?

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They're an absolute meme, for idiots and dipshits.

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it means you broke the fast moron. therefore you aren't fasting.

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you're going to want to salt that water, electrolytes aren't just a meme

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Is fasting bad if I have gastritis?

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I break fast every morning.

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good. you're still not fasting

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The general that was originally spammed by a guy who swore that you couldn't lose weight just by counting calories?
That thread is atrocious broscience.

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I have heard fasting can be good for gut conditions as it resets the bacteria in your gut

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i managed a ridiculous gay bar in a previous employment life. one of our bartenders went on some version of master cleanse where he just lived off of lemon juice and water for days. the other guys started getting concerned about his mental state on shifts because he started getting loopy as hell.

i went in to have a talk with him about either ending his fast or giving up his next shifts. he told me that he was still having tiny solid bowel movements, and i was like "those are dead blood cells and your body eating itself, dude." he didn't really seem to understand.

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hes trying to get gullible people to damage themselves. you need to drink a shitton of water when you fast

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should've known little faggots like this come to /ck/

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the least he could've done was eat the fucking lemons. that's what I do

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Funny. I was supposed to start one this week but I got really fucking hungry monday morning and went to costco for a turkey sandwhich.kek.
But anyway, you need water or else the fast isn't going to really work. I used to regularly do 2 or 3 days just out of laziness or anger. I want to do a week long and then eat only salmon and brocolli for a week. Im trying to cut and detox my asshole before new years.

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why wouldn't it work without water?
plus how long have you ever gone with a fast

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Idk like 4 days.
The point of fasting is to soft reset your digestive tract and get your cells to start autophagy which is the waste removal process. I guess it works without water but staying hydrated just makes it easier for your body to flush things out.

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Yeah I do OMAD (one meal a day) when I'm not cutting and omad mixed with 2-5 day waterfasts when I am cutting. Its fucking amazing.

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If you don't have water, you die of dehydration
t. human being

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thats just a myth tho

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i kek'd

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Really great for weightloss and I think it helped kill my junk cravings in general. First one I refed on McDonald's or some shit, but the second all I could think about were whole foods like eggs and potatoes, steak and greens, etc. I also do the same cardio on fasts as unfasted. Just remember if you go longer than a few days you'll need to supplement salt and potassium.

Fake sweeteners also trigger an insulin response, which kills the health benefits of fasting for a few hours. It probably won't affect your weight loss in the long run but you won't get the same metabolic/autophagy benefits. I go with that LaCroix to feel less painfully hungry.

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>it was difficult sleeping when very hungry.
Can confirm. I've gotten around it sometimes by taking Ambien. I have an Rx for it due to sleep issues and it works fantastic on an empty stomach.

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I'm this anon. I'm starting to get some powerful euphoric feelings and a sense of general well-being. My first 7-day fast was much more difficult than this, and I felt a lot more hunger.

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