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When was the last time you ate shawarma, anon?

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Lose weight, fatty

>> No.9690343

Clean your desk, fatty.

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Stop biting your fingers fatty.

>> No.9690352

meh some day maybe. When the last shawarma kiosk in my city closes, that is
nah, fuck it. Don't want shawarma to get cold

>> No.9690357

me and my friends got into some trouble in NY
i knew a place nearby so we went there afterwards

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it's not me, it's this little shit.
I have bites and scratches all over my hands

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very recently

very tasty shwarma all over ontario

it is very delicious i like to eat it often

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>mfw watchin meat being sliced and diced and my shawarma being wrapped

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in isolation this pic is pretty good, she's cute
there are other pics, and they are total tryhard cringefest shit that will make you want to cave in her face with a sledgehammer

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Okay I'll give your cute cat a pass.

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Probably never, I don't even know what it is.

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>he never had a shawarma
what the fuck dude

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Doner > Shawarma

>> No.9690396

same shit really.

>> No.9690402

It's exactly the same shit as far as I can tell. Same with gyros. It just usually gets lots of angry replies when you say one is better than the other for some reason.

>> No.9690403

what tasty things do you like to put on your shwarma to eat

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Last time i had one i tried to fed it to a street cat who woudn't eat it

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do you try to feed everything to animals?
Candies? Spicy food?
Because animals don't eat that cuz they dumb animals lmao
picrelated, dumb cat eating grass or some shit

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I hate it. Cheap cuts of shitty, fatty meat drowned in spices.

Falafel is superior by far.

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>I don't even know what it is.
It is the Middle Eastern version of burgers. You have to try it some time.

>> No.9690443

>dumb cat eating grass or some shit
It is not dumb, cats (and occasionaly tigers and lions) eat grass to induce vomiting which cleanses them.

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>It is the Middle Eastern version of burgers.
gunna disagree with you there bud. more like tangy Arab tacos

>> No.9690456

that just makes them bulimic assholes

>> No.9690458

I think the point behind the "burger" comparison wasn't meant to be a detailed description of the food, but more of the concept of a "cheap widely popular meal"

>>more like tangy Arab tacos
Same thing, really.

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I wonder if I can make shawarma with blin.
Babushka will probably kill me for that

>> No.9690473

will not taste good. stick to tuna and mayonnaise, cyka.

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>a "cheap widely popular meal"
shwarmas from restaurants are like burgers, for sure.
some people here in bahrain have a shwarma guy who takes phone in orders. he makes them at home and delivers, putting shwarma guy on par with the always sanitary tijuana street taco guy for both quality and convenience.

>> No.9690911

It's just a gyro with a different sauce

>> No.9691895

No its not you fucking amerilards. Wouldnt surprise me if you only know it through that capeshit avengers movie.

>> No.9692010

Mfw schwara is to pricey for what i get around here. I got a chinese take out place that delivers for free and is cheap as fuck so they win.

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>Firefox, Chrome and Opera
>fucking Opera in current year
>being a fat ass
>all this clutter

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M8 it's just another gyro

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>more than one browser

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