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What is the proper way to drain ground beef?

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I always rinse it, but I hate greasy shit.

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That's supposed to be ground mince? What the hell do they do to mince in America that's disgusting

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No it's sausage . Maybe it looks weird because it's all natural

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It comes precooked in a big plastic container. You have to drain the fat from it. Also it comes frozen in a roll precooked. You have to heat it up and drain the fat.

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What the fuck is that? That looks like pork mince? I thought American beef and pink sludge memes were just memes,

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Put the ground beef in a strainer over a bowl, when you're done use a funnel to pour the grease from the bowl into a can or empty jar and toss it out.

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tip the pan and let the grease pour out

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>not using the fat for cooking

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So many unnecessary dishes...
Do this >>9665020 directly into the can

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you could just hold the strainer out the window and let the fat drip to the ground, and then you have less clean up. the animal and plants outside eat the fat so its not like its messy

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This. I like a proper drain too, anon.
>So many unnecessary dishes...
Poorfag with no dishwasher.

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touch the newspaper and see how much ink runs off on your finger.
>mfw you call that ground beef

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I live in an apartment building. Don't do this shit.

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What does good ground beef look like? That looks exactly how I would expect it to when it comes out of the grinder. Little worms.
Show me a pic of good cooked mince.

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>only poorfags try to optimize themselves so they aren't wasting time and money
whatever fag.

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it works in an apartment building too, the birds and squirrels eat any fat that splashes on the walls

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You don't, that's flavor faggot.

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What is a flavor faggot?

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I save coffee cans and just drain the excess grease into those and then throw them out when they start to get nasty so I don't even have to worry about another bowl to clean.

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what the fuck is that? that looks like rat shit

>muh america comments

fucking stupid bongs who eat horse, my 100% COW ground beef has never looked anything like this in my life. this must be british horse meat

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You almost managed to compose a coherent sentence there, anon.
Keep up the good work.

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He just broke up the meat too much in the pan, retard.

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if you "Broke it up too much" parts of it would be smushed, every grain of this seperated individually, i think he cooked it from frozen

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Either way, it wouldn't reflect on the quality of the meat. The grind size does look a bit smol tho.

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I fucking hate this place.

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>Draining the flavor
>Rinsing fat down a drain
>T. Braindrains

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Through a sieve.

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>plants eat the fat

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This, exactly.

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nice triple dubs
also this

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a bunch of rats just took a shit on your paper, mate.

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Cook it until the water evaporates.

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>You don't. that's flavor, faggot.

but seriously, he's right

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>You don't; that's flavor, faggot.

>But seriously, he's right.

FTFY, get educated, faggot.

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>You don't; that's flavor, faggot.

>But seriously, he's right.

>FTFY, get educated, faggot!!1 xDDDDD

Get edumicated flurgoat pour the grease in a glass and chug that shit

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Tip the pan and scoop out the grease with a spoon

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In my household growing up we always just tipped the pan and poured it down the drain. Never had any problems or clogs or whatever, I guess we had a garbage disposal with an effective grease trap. In college I lived with people who always insisted on pouring it in a can, including one guy who actually saved the can in the freezer until it got full. He said you could cook with it or something. I think the difference is that he came from a very poor family who probably had bad plumbing and couldn't afford to waste the fat.

Nowadays I'm a little skittish about just pouring it down the drain, because that does seem like it would be bad for the drainage when you think about it, so I like to push the meat over to one side, tilt the pan, and soak up the grease that spills out with a paper towel that I can just throw away (or compost I guess if you're into that).

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I don't drain it, I use leaner beef grind and let it rest for 30 minutes after mixing with baking soda. This let's the beef hold more of the fat and dry out less. Usually only end up with about a tablespoon of fat left and nice chunky bits of ground beef.

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That's cheap walmart beef

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fat doesn't evaporate

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when do you add the baking soda?

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Before cooking, I also use it to glaze turkey and boil broccoli for brococheese soup. I don't remember the science but it's my secret ingredient.

>> No.9667275

you can use baking soda to drastically reduce the time required to caramelize onions, tried and it worked. something about the base soda accelerating the reaction. only a tiny pinch of it was needed, too much makes them mushy.

>> No.9667330

then you are paying for ground fat not meat.

>> No.9667350

where do you buy your 100% lean ground beef?

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am i the only one that cooks my ground beef in water?

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do you wear a scuba outfit?

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>people getting this mad because a picture is blurry

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>Draining fat from food
I bet you're one of the fucks in the candy bar threads

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American here. Never seen anything like that.

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I've cooked cheap walmart beef. It looks nothing like that.

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Looks the same, if you would spread that out then you'd have small bits too. You do know how gravity works right?

>> No.9669643

colander over a bowl

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You're fucking retarded. They look nothing alike. I've cooked all kinds of beef mince and at no stage, no matter how you cook it does it ever look anything like OP's picture. I think all the beef in my country is grass fed though, so maybe that's what dogfood tier beefmince looks like.

This guy is right

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Grass fed tastes like shit.
T. farmer who raised and butchered his own cows.

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Put cooked meat in drainer with bowl underneath
let fat harden and throw away
Is it really that fucking hard to figure out? It's common sense

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I've never tried non grass fed beef but I don't believe you regardless.

>> No.9669765

This shit would look the same if you would have broken it up like Op did.

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Not that I trust the jewington post retards either but https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/21/grass-fed-beef-burger_n_5001673.html

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I like but you do have to cook it differently.

>> No.9669778

yeah, it's way fucking more lean.
>huffington post
Try some grain finished beef first then post. Otherwise you are posting from experience with missing information.

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>drain ground beef
What a homo. I bet you're one of those people who rubs napkins on their pizza.

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Nah its pretty widely accepted that grass fed beef is superior. I'm not going out of my way to eat shit tier food.

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Only by paleo eating crossfit fags and liberal elitist rags. Most farmers around me prefer grain-fed/finished.

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From an actual test kitchen/cooks.

>> No.9669821

So unless it's a dry aged ribeye, you really can't tell?

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That is what the article is saying, yes. But they add that grass fed tastes more "gamey" and *AS* rich and buttery as grain-fed.

So basically grass-fed = gamey. And that is what all the farmers around here say too.

>> No.9669831

Hmm okay I take it all back, that site and a few others with niggers that know seem to think the primary differences are fat/leanness and gamey/soft flavors. Apparently grass fed has more variation in taste. Still its better for you right, or is that a meme too?

>> No.9669842

The fats in grass fed are considered to be on the healthier side of the spectrum, but if you're eating enough meat for it to make a difference, you've got bigger issues than whether it's grass fed or not

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>draining ground beef

Why the fuck would you do that? Do you hate flavor or you're trying to become Zyzz 0.5?

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