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>ask /ck/ for hot sauce recommendation
>bunch of anons recommended pic related
>tried it
>literally the weakest hot sauce i've tasted
so....let's try this again, recommend me some hot sauce /ck/

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You didn't try this one.

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Cholula just tastes good. I doubt anyone on here ever said it was hot.

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Yeah more of a flavor.
I don't use it but I but siriacha in the class

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Why don't you start by saying what you would consider to be a hot sauce then, you stupid cunt. Fuck i wanna smash the end of that bottle and gouge your fuckig eyes out, see how hot you think it is then

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wow rude

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Try this little guy. Or something else with datil in it.

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texas pete


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Try this little guy. Or something else with datil.

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What are you looking for? Vinegar? salt? pepper flavor? what?

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This but unironically

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He has a point though.
If you don't specify what kind of hot sauce you are looking for you are going to get general responses like Cholula, Tapatia or Tabasco.

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not that spicy, had that as a kid in mexico

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how 'hot' a hot sauce is doesn't matter, unless it's retardedly fucking hot like many are.

cholula is about a perfect amount of 'hotness'.

making it any hotter won't make your dick any longer, you little bitch!

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Benny T's Vesta dry hot sauce is pretty good. I recommend reaper if you can handle spicy food.

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Marie Sharps fiery habanero - excellent flavor, medium heat (get the "fiery" stuff), my go-to sauce

Marie Sharps habanero "comatose hot" - not quite as good flavor, a fair bit hotter medium-hot i'd say

Pepper palace horseradish oyster - not for mexican food really, but pretty good unique flavor, medium-mild.

I use the first for almost everything, and if i want more heat i just add dried carolina reaper. I try to avoid ghost pepper sauces since i find ghost peppers to be unpleasantly bitter.

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you are a major faggot. all too hot. anyone eating stuff that hot is a homosexual with self-harm complexes.

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Use the Asian rooster sauce in the jar

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I started off with Cholula and then decided to meme it up, and bought some Harvest Scotch Bonnet sauce.

Then I went off my rocker and started using Mad Dog Inferno Reserve, then I got Da Bomb: Ground Zero and Mad Dog 357, and I'm trying to acclimatize to those

My next goal is the 500k scoville Mad Dog 357 once I get used to the standard 357

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>the important thing about hot sauce is how hot it is
Are we still in 2014?

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I just like Frank's Red Hot. It's not fancy, but it tastes phenomenal. Simple, nothing gets fucked up, and delicious on chicken especially.

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Tfw snackin on 1 mil mad dog
Better than most other mad dog stuff because most of the heat is from peppers instead of extract
Here is old review of it I did, like it so much I always keep it in stock

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you are faggots and i would run you over with my car car. run you over with my car car.

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Yeah, the standard 357 still bites though, so it might take a while. I usually have a large dot or two on some chicken or meats when I eat, my goal is to be able to enjoy the flavour, like with the Mad Dog Inferno Reserve, which had a REALLY good smoky garlic flavour once you overcame the burn

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The entire Nando family is pretty dece

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>asking a website full of white people which is the best hot sauce
is there a bigger mistake than this?

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Cholula is a great hot sauce. It's one of the best-tasting sauces I've had, it's ubiquitous, and it's mild enough to use with guests. There's nothing wrong with it.

If all you want is piquance, just go for any "XXXX FACE FUCKER DEATH NUKE" bottle and have fun.

Or you could make your own damn sauce. If you want a really good-tasting sauce and don't mind vinegar, you can steep as many different peppers as you want in some vinegar, with some garlic, peppercorns, cilantro, oregano, pineapple rind, and salt. Let it infuse for a couple weeks and you've got great Caribbean flavor AND heat (depending on the peppers you use).

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I'll bet you think this counts as "seasoning"

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>asks white people about hot sauce
>gets mad about ending up with cholula
He's retarded alright

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you could just pour vinegar on your food. it'll taste about the same and you'll spend less

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I like Franks' RedHot for stuff that I want a lot of hot sauce on. I like Texas Pete for less sauce, but more heat. I don't like Cholula either. Mexican hot sauces and traditional food in general has a weird musty taste to it.

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I tried some Nando's XXTRA Hot tonight. It really isn't as hot as I expected, but the flavor is very nice.

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>Implying vinegar on food is bad.

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This stuff tastes pretty good, not that got though. The Chipotle variety is pretty tasty too

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Holy fuck, they have a chipotle one now?

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Depends on your heat tolerance. I love this stuff, but if I stop eating it for a couple of months, I have to get used to it all over again.

There’s a milder, habanero version that is way less heat.

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Yeah my old man got a big bottle of the Chipotle like 4 or 5 years ago. Not sure where though

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> Cajun chef master race reporting in

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My mouth says yes, but my bowels say, "did you just poison me? I'm going to make you feel like you have to shit for every 20 minutes for the next few hours."

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saute 2 garlic cloves till they are smellin nice and good then add a cup of chopped carrots a whole chopped onion and 2 cups of water boil and simmer till carrots are soft transfer to blender with 8-10 habaneros 3 table spoons lime juice 3 tablespoons white vinegar a whole mango and a tea spoon of salt
pulse till ur little hearts content and you got some better sauce than you could have bought in the store

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seconding el yucateco. it's hot enough to not be mild but isn't in the superhot range. it's hotter than sriracha but isn't as hot as novelty sauces like daves.

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their black label sauce is spicy.

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I like the habanero one a lot. Insanity not as much because it's considerably hotter and i can't use as much sauce without overpowering the food.

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>give anon hot sauce that tastes great
>give anon ghost pepper sauce

You don't know what you want. Your preferences are completely arbitrary, stupid, and unreasonable. You're fucking stupid. You have shit taste. Fuck off.

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Damn, you sound mad.

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Seconding. Anything from Marie Sharp's is good.

Also Melinda's.

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This one's hot enough to get you wanting to shit in the street, but it's still got a nice flavor.

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OP, don't be a lazy nigger... Make your own hot sauce. It's not difficult, even for layabout negroids such as yourself. I have a go to roasted serrano chili sauce that has the perfect balance of heat and vinegar tang.

OP is a nigger.

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This shits pretty good. Aint super hot buts its flavorful and puts a nice medium heat

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The only sauce I could recommend is a sauce my grandfather makes that he won't let me in on the recipe. The spice didn't clump up in one place in your mouth and had an amazing flavor.

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It’s definitely hotter than most suggestions in this thread. I recommend adding a drop to your preferred hot sauce, so you can build up to a higher tolerance.

My dad introduced me to Dave’s insanity when I was 9, so I’m used to the intense heat. I like the habanero version, but it seems like even sriracha is hotter than it.

Still a great sauce to have on hand.

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That’s cute, but you will never have consistency making your own, and who knows how many trials and errors you have to go through until you find what’s you’re looking for.

Homemade means nothing if you’re not sure what you need to make.

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Well it depends what you want. Cholula is a great blend of taste and spiciness. Can't speak for everyone but a good Hot sauce to me isn't something that initially burns my mouth on the first bite and I can't taste shit for the rest of my meal.

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Each of these is meant for a different purpose.
t. Black guy.

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Make a batch of your own you lazy piece of shit.

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Did anyone else pre-order the Scorpion sauce from Tabasco? The other day they finally took the money from my account (ordered in August) but I got no emails saying my order is shipped or anything like that.

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>Did anyone else pre-order the Scorpion sauce from Tabasco?
I’m sure some people did, not me though.
Sorry I can’t help.
Congratulations on learning to use the catalog.

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This fucker right here
Also, tabasco is weak and sriracha is only a meme

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Hi, I don't like to look for threads and would rather just make my own.

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i wouldnt put chinese hot oil into mexican dishes though

>> No.9588594

grow some habaneros and ghost peppers and make your own hot sauce, use sparingly

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hot oil is great, i put it on nearly all my chinese food, but doesnt really go well on western style food, or not all western style food anyway

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Is that really all you can taste? ...You've either got less buds or I've got more, but there's more there than just a tang. Although... That's not really a put down because vinegar can be a pretty sweet condiment.

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I know it's irrelevant but i find funny how the guy on the label looks really annoyed.
There are a couple oil based sauces in Mooxico that go really well sith seafood dishes.

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Ashly Burch is a perfect amount of cuteness!

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Maddog 357, one bottle will last you forever

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