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Hey guys today we are going to poach some fish

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We cant make such a fine meal without an appetizer

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I'm curious

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Pan. Oil.

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Pan nice and pan

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Popcorn. Pan nice amd hot

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Cover. Wait

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interesting. please continue.

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We poppin

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Fresh popcorn

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What about the ramen?

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Ok on the the main course

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Pot. Thermometer.

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Fill with poaching liquid. Heat.

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I love you DinoTendies

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If you are like me and dont own any plates here is a tip. Save your old tendie boxes instead of buying paper plates. I like to recycle and help the environment.

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Hello friend welcome back.

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I am watching op, plz continue

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This is taking a while to heat up.

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seek help

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Insert fish

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What about the noodles?

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You can sake this by dumping some worshertearsheer sauce on dat bitch.

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the popocorn will be cold by the time you're done with main dish, but please continue.

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I dont think this is ripe.

No turning back now.

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Are you a meth addict?

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I have been eating it.

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I hope that cat is alright

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OP, I remember you from the last thread you did.

Fucking kek, get a job. for your cats sake.

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Better buy Bufalo or Jalisco

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Is the cat aluve and healthy?

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Chicken strips.

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She is purfect

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>wasting food for (You)s

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Cheese imitation food product. Why the thermometer?

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Nam anf age of qt cat?

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The fish kinda fell apart im plating it now

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Tjat tough gansta look

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our king is back!

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Cute, I must say & I'm a dog faggot.

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Bone apple tea

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woah, you got a table?

moving up in the world

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Lets get a close up of this fine dish.

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>wendy's bag in a frame

I think you should kill yourself DinoTendies

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Jesus fuck
You're an animal

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Qhy minimalist furniture?? I like the idea. Any background?

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You can live with me and my buddy I. Chicago dino tendies, please seek help

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Ignore these faggots. keep doing you.

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Gonna hang yourself with that cord after dinner?

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In Dilbert 3 Dilbert has Doritos bags in frames


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For any of you that missed the last episode.

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Its your place in shitty drug filled ghetto in Detroid?

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Poundcake. And im not sure how old she is i found her outside.

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No fork? Poo in hand¿?

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describe the taste to us friend

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Did you steal the drills?

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Enjoy your expired processed cheese my man

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Well the meal was a hit. Thats going into the dinotendie hall of fame

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I don't know what the fuck I walked into, but im intrigued. Go on OP, describe the taste.

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I take back everything I said. You're a hero. Please keep posting the highest quality content I've seen on 4chan in years.

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Did she lives inside with you?

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dats a cute kitty
i hope you let it out at night

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Eat all your food

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well done, m8y

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Excuse me but is that the same plate from last time but umm molded over?

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Nice delicate creamy aged cheddar with hints of fresh tilapia topped with crunchy popcorn with a smokey finish

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It is in fact the same dog.

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She lives outside. She comes in sometimes when I leave my door open.

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Why nit adopt her?

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you know mold goes in the air and you're breathing that, right?

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Will you wash it?

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OP, are you okay? Do you need some help or something?

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I will try to clean it if not ill leave it outside. someone will take it and i will buy a new one.

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She likes living outside. I put cat food out for her.

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And how is the cat doing?

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Just when I think you can't surprise me.

Op your last thread was like a fucking month ago at least wtf.

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Are you a squatter?

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No water or just lazy?

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I checked and its was may 22 im sorry i havent posted in a while.

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How u do survive?

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Tendies. Should i make dessert?

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Go for it, I'm on the edge of my seat

>> No.9311479

Hell yes keep this disaster moving.

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Ok let me see what i have here.

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Gonna make some dino nugs while i get some stuff together.

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More pop corn

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Bomb pop

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I love the gallery.

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Jesus fucking Christ man

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Add corn

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Me on the top left

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2 scoops

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Form into cake

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your tortilla looks weird

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Good god I'm loving this

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Who is this and how is ck eclipsing b in unexpected horrors?

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im glad you enjoyed this anons, would anyone be interested in instructional cooking videos so you could recreate these tasty dishes at home?

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Do it

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Sweet Jesus

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I like to imagine that you is actually a well-adjusted person, living in a cozy house with you gf, in one of those neighborhoods that has a few nice houses, but also that eyesore that hasn't been lived in for years but still sits around pulling down the neighborhood property values.
Back to the point, I imagine that most of times, you're minding your own business, going to work, playing vidya, watching netflix with the gf, whatever.
But when the Moon is full, you get some crazy idea for cooking. So when you next get a chance, you sneak over to that shitty house, and you put on a show for us here on /ck/. The neighbors have thrown out some furniture and cooking stuff, so you drag it inside, and set up shop. Now you don't know why, but you need an outlet for your Moon Fever, and what better place to do it than on 4chan

>> No.9311703

I mean do you have a job? HS or college?

>> No.9311707

thanks for the support i will make this happen.

any suggestions for future content is welcome.

>> No.9311708

You're pretty green, anon; I've learned a new way to live.

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Hewwo shaps!

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You fucking madman.

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You're a weird dude, Dino tendies, but I like what you do.

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You need to enter the monthly /ck/ contest

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Shitty food post more cat

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This is my first time here to /ck/....

>I am truly home

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Imagine breaking into this guy's house, turning on the lights, and seeing this room, barren, aside from two boxes on their side and two plates of what can only be described as "charred plate of rotting [???]" and "sweet vomit" atop them.

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oh shit nigger

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Are you living in a big city?
If so, then I suggest inviting a couple of hipsters and saying that your apartment is your gallery.
You'll be rich in no time

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Who are they kidding, no one has ever put one of these on the same plate as a piece of fruit.

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Flavour saver

>> No.9312489

Just came to say you're doing great things anon, keep at it and don't die without letting us know first.

>> No.9312513

He is pretty average John Doe

>> No.9312527

>Top Ramen
You couldn't a better brand of ramen...? Just because it's inexpensive doesn't mean you need to use it.

jesus fucking christ

>> No.9312537

Sounds great i like image posting more but a video can be fine too.

>> No.9312581

>vitamin c: 0%

>> No.9312585

nothing wrong with a little meth, also checked.

>> No.9312591

your cat has that ex-streetcat look

>> No.9312597

Why mention if 0? Also why did he buy an expired item?

>> No.9312599

Does the place was rotten before u? What happened to be in that decayed state?

>> No.9312652

Vitamin C is Vitamin COMMUNISM
I only eat foods with 0% vitamin C listed on the pack

>> No.9314968


That is a strong look of contempt, even for a kitter

>> No.9314988


Don't you go invading people's dreams like inception now. I'm sure Dino worked very hard to get this far don't tease him with such impossibility

>> No.9314989

That's the Walgreens generic brand, you're not even buying food at an actual food store, holy moly

>> No.9315009

have you tasted the cat food

>> No.9315072

I'm diggin your glass bowl on top ofa pan setup there.

>> No.9315078


What the fuck am I...

>> No.9315085

Not for popcorn. Mexican is better. I prefer tapatio.

>> No.9315328

I don't know why I find this absolutely hilarious. Must be how pathetic I imagine OP's life is.

>> No.9315332

a lot of walgreens even have produce, just not the ones in flyover land

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>he still has the hotdog

>> No.9315691

What city do you live in? What drugs have you done in the past 30 days?

>> No.9315741

Doesn't that cause galvanic corrosion inside the hotdog?

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>He still has the fucking hotdog

>> No.9315793


>*laughter stops*

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>poaching liquid
never change

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anything you want Mr tendies

as long as i get to see you again

>> No.9316048

I like to think dinotendies bought some shitty house to renovate or something and he just goes there once in a while to cook poverty food in sub-poverty conditions for our amusement

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>when youre the new jizzus christ weve been yerning for
godspeed OP

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god damn it opie i love you

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>> No.9316293

laughed so fucking hard at this, gold
thanks for making my night dinotendies

>> No.9316300

Anzu is so pretty

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I know the exact location where that Trump Ice Cream Factory picture is from

>> No.9316999

fucking lost it

>> No.9317005

i love you

>> No.9317040

When you begin bleeding from your ass and eyes and your teeth fall out you may reconsider.

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>> No.9317144

why are the controls positioned in the most retarded way??

>> No.9317304

God bless you OP

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>> No.9317506

this is your issue with the entire thread?

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>3 month old hot-dog residue

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>he still has the goddamn hotdog

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you guys haven't seen anything

>> No.9318773

I was thinking of fridgebro the other day and contemplating how my apartment, due to laziness and a serious alcohol problem, is beginning to resemble it. I didn't have the pasta saved. Never mind. That's years of crust that I just haven't had time to accumulate.

>> No.9318800

the average /ck/ user everyone
round of applause

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>> No.9318815

Man those fuckin $1.99 Target paper plates tells me this ain't no joke

>> No.9318859

I believe in you

>> No.9318862

well at least you finally taped up that live wire

>> No.9318945
File: 146 KB, 682x1082, when_the_bitch_never_shuts_the_fuck_up_about_her_screw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something unholy happened in this thread.

>> No.9319074
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you need to be institutionalized

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>> No.9319089

DinoTendies is beyond help.

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you are a good person DinoTendies, i would like to see more when you feel like it

follow your dreams

>> No.9319169

why is no one talking about the fucking framed wendys

>> No.9319178

Everyone deserves a waifu.

>> No.9319250


>> No.9319263

The most interesting thread i've seen in a long time, keep posting OP

>> No.9319269

OP you are the shining ray of warmth that brightens up /ck/.

>> No.9319463


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File: 35 KB, 235x208, hi_my_friend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Flavour Sewer*

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File: 1.89 MB, 370x232, 1390870266998.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9320157

next dish will be spam

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>He still has the hot dog
Never change /ck/. Never change.

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I have been waiting all week for this. Thank you my liege.

>> No.9320447

>6.5 lb bag of Cheez Whiz

>> No.9321002

He's fine.

>> No.9321031


>> No.9321036

update us soon

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>on two carboard boxes

ohh OP

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what the fucking fuck

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A quick round up I made

>> No.9322688

Nice. Thanks fag.

>> No.9322749

>not putting shitty reactions everywhere
You are cool

>> No.9322828

great! you gonna post that meme on reddit?
nice meme!

>> No.9322835
File: 1.91 MB, 1500x8115, Cake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And one for desert too

>> No.9322837

>xD if I say reddit that means I win and they're dumb

>> No.9322847

gb2 reddit and never come back

>> No.9322851

Nah, but someones gotta archive great threads like these

>> No.9322855

Sounds like you're from black Twitter. Why don't you go back there?

>> No.9322865
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My favourite

>> No.9322870

nigga are those soylent boxes?

>> No.9322979

i never used twiter in my life but you sure know :)
ok now you can gb2 reddit

>> No.9323029

Good lord man

>> No.9323274
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where is it anon?

>> No.9323679

Thanks anon!

>> No.9323697


>> No.9323702

that's most budget-mid electric ranges, in the US anyway
OP is certainly in the budget range

>> No.9325520

Wtf, did I walk in some worksafe version of fucking /b/?

>> No.9325547

You're right its making me hungry too

>> No.9325726

Yes, very yes.

>> No.9325844

Thank you for the most entertaining thread I've seen on 4chan in years. You're a good man.

>> No.9326458


>> No.9326502

>Wait... is that
>No, it couldn't be

My sides are currently brushing past the international space statio!

>> No.9326652

Jesus christ, man, I've done some gag picture recipes like this before, but this is going above and beyond.

I'm at a loss for words.

>> No.9326667

fridgebro is just a trashy hoarder, though

Dinotendies is an art.

>> No.9327217

reminds me of misao without the hoarding

>> No.9327738
File: 12 KB, 122x102, dokes and qb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cursed thread. Cursed OP. Cursed board.

>> No.9327741

She does Botox. Doesn't change the fact that her skin is very youthful and healthy looking, especially compared to others her age, thanks to taking care of it.

>> No.9328045
File: 826 KB, 4500x4334, 35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9330009

I'm gay

>> No.9330035

This is how screenshots are supposed to be, not the garbage screenbraps with thirty thousand responses to show that it was well-received

>> No.9330917

I feel like it'd be better with dinotendies' commentary.

>> No.9332154

either that or ensure

>> No.9332220

clean your fucking everything

>> No.9332267

This would have been great many years ago. It's fucking tryhard shit now.
OP is a poseur.
Enjoy the praises from the peanut gallery.

>> No.9332315

there is literally only one explanation here.

Dino is def at least worth 3.34 million. Keeps this shitty dungeon of a place cause he can to shoot videos as a vacation because it's what he did before he got rich and it's satisfying for them (them being her and his family) to know that a bunch of random idiots on the internet love this content.

If you are homeless the last thing you are thinking about is posting garbage on 4chan.

I'm guessing it's a property some where that is worthless now but the land is worth quite a lot.

>> No.9333783

This was pretty amazing, thank you OP. I do genuinely wonder if this is where you live or not.

>> No.9335484
File: 24 KB, 600x350, 1483813867280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't been the same since I clicked this thread

>> No.9335635
File: 1.16 MB, 1280x720, 1502852371413.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The government has a responsibility to stop you

>> No.9335766

I'm late to the party, but welcome back OP...weeeee missed you.

>> No.9336082

I'm crying I'm laughing so hard

>> No.9337633


needs more of MY replies.

>> No.9337786

You are the best person on /ck Dino, looking forward to next episode

>> No.9337923


>> No.9337970
File: 59 KB, 640x638, 1441694052811.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Each day we stray further from God.
Jesus fucking christ Dino.

>> No.9338723


Oh my Christ

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