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Post your food allergies.

Pic related, I get upset stomach and the shits if I eat shrimp. I love fish though.

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Found out the hard way I'm allergic to kiwis

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>I get upset stomach and the shits if I eat shrimp

That's not the sign of an allergic reaction, anon. Why do you say that you have an allergy to shrimps when what you describe isn't an allergic reaction?

If you were allergic to (food), then any time you touched (food) you'd get a rash. You'd get that rash inside your mouth and on your tongue if you ate said food. Your mouth/throat would be inflamed and itchy. And if your allergy was bad enough your throat would swell up and you'd have trouble breathing. If your allergy was really bad it would swell so much you couldn't breathe. Those are symptoms of a food allergy. Not "upset stomach".

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eating these would fucking kill me

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To me is this fucker that give me poop

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>tfw /noallergiesmasterrace/
How does it feel to have a defective genes?

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I might be lactose intolerant but I still buy several pounds of cheese to eat and beef stroganoff.
Alcohol fucks my stomach up too.

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See >>9074125
You have lactose intolerance--in other words, your body does not produce the lactase enzyme.

You do not have an allergy.

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>Symptoms of a reaction can include digestive problems, hives, or swollen airways. Severe reactions can be life-threatening.
>People may experience:
>Pain areas: in the abdomen
>Gastrointestinal: diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, passing excessive amounts of gas, vomiting, or flatulence

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As someone with honest-to-god-it-might-kill-me food allergies, I can say with certainty that the hives/itching always happens first. It is the first and most obvious symptom that ALWAYS happens regardless if the others do.

Given that anon mentioned nothing about hives or itching I'm pretty confident in saying that he doesn't actually have an allergy, nor does he know what an allergic reaction is. He has something else but calls it an allergy because he doesn't know any better.

If anon was diagnosed via an allergy test then I'll happily stand correctly.

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Well my blood test results for allergies shows I'm allergic to shrimp. It's not severe for everyone.
And I know severe, my sister has to go to the hospital if she ingests any dairy.

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>implying I would post how to murder me without legal repercussions on 4chan

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Not quite an allergy, but rather a genetic aversion. Nasty stuff.

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I have oral allergy syndrome, so much fruits, vegetables, and nuts burn the fuck out of my mouth if I eat em.
Almonds, kiwis, celery, grapes, avocados, all make my throat itch something fierce.

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Same, but to different fruits.
Raw carrots, stone fruits, figs, hazelnuts, almonds & walnuts. If almonds are well roasted I can have them sometimes.

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Oh, forgot apples & pears.

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I weaned my mum off a shellfish allergy. Followed the advice of studies, eat less than the amount to make you sick. Started with a pinky nail sized piece, every week eat more. Doubles the dose each week. She can eat a handful of prawns without throwing up now, i've seen her throw up from eating bread dipped in a shellfish cataplana sauce before.

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Wouldn't work for some allergies. My friend goes into anaphylactic shock from any cross-contamination, there is no amount she could try that would be safe.

I'm planning on doing allergy shots in November (me >>9074436) because mine are mild. I'm not sure if they'll work though because they get worse every year and I get more allergies every year. I used to be allergic to birch. Now it's birch, oak and alder, and my allergies are much worse.

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ah, this shit tastes like soap

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Tfw Hispanic, so I have a genetic attraction

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Not really an allergy but carbs in meal sized portions give me acid reflux. Thats why i tend to eat paleo like a faggot

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Makes my throat itchy and swollen. Sucks. I always liked honey.

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I used to fuck a chick who was so allergic to gluten that if I kissed her after drinking a beer she'd get hives.

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Who else?

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Gluten, I'm a celiac. Shit sucks senpai

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Celiac isn't an allergy, dumbass. Wrong thread.

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as in sesame seeds and sesame oil can kill me. Which totally fucked up my chances of eating anything vaguely asian at restaurants. Its in fucking everything (breadcrumbs, bread, middle eastern food, asian food, candy corn).

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banana, avocado, walnuts
they all make my tongue swell up and itch now

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I know that fuckhead but its relevant because I still can't est gluten

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> shrimp fritters + hot sauce
> throat gets itchy AF
> eat some more anyway.

worth it, every time.

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Do you die if forced to watch Sesame Street?

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Milk, eggs, and peanuts. All anaphylactic all leathal.

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I suspect I may have an allergy to mint or aloe vera but don't have the time or money to find out because aren't allergy tests expensive or does insurance cover anything.

I heard there are tests where they place a bunch of different things on your back to try to narrow down what you are actually allergic too but problem is that my back has had acne since my teenage years so I don't think a patch test will work due to my back already being full of acne.

Are the allergy blood tests actually accurate?

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Me too senpai. Im going to the middleeast in a few days. 2 epipens isnt enough when everything is made with this shit

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>but don't have the time or money to find out because aren't allergy tests expensive
So you're saying you don't know what it costs, and you don't know if your insurance covers it or not....but you've already concluded you don't have the money?

>>bunch of different things on your back
That can be done anywhere on the body, like your arm or your leg. Also, the results they're looking for appear different than acne so I don't see why that would be a concern.

>>Are the allergy blood tests actually accurate?
Google will tell you all you need to know.

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>when everything is made with this shit

make your own food?

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Tomatoes. It's weird because i can have them cooked but raw insides make me ill

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I became lactose intolerant as I got older

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