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I am a brand new hotdog vendor, beginning operations on Monday. This is the menu I plan to run with this week.

>Locally made All Beef Hotdog
>Locally made American-style Bratwurst
>Locally made 6 and 8" steamed buns

>Heinz Simply Ketchup
>Plochman's Yellow Mustard
>Kosciusko Spicy Brown Mustard
>Huy Fong Sriracha
>Texas Pete Hot Sauce
>Housemade Stadium Sauce

>Quick pickled jalapeƱos
>Quick pickled sweet peppers
>Housemade dill shreddies
>Dice onions

>Housemade Mild Cheddar
>Housemade Jalapeno Jack

>Great Lakes Chip Co Regular Chips
>Housemade sour cream ranch dip

>12 oz Pepsi bottle
>12 oz Mtn Dew bottle
>16.9 oz Aquafina bottle


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Good luck.

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Thank you.

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now i could really go for a hot dog

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Good, now tell us what you'll be actually making.

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What kind of preassembled sausages will you have? A lot of people have trouble ad libbing what toppings will go together.

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The sidewalk vending cart is one half of my operation. The other half is a grill/trailer that is licensed by my state the same as a food truck. That particular piece of equipment will be used more for special events and catering. It will definitely feature more house made and fresh accoutrements.

For this week's menu, I personally will be making the stadium sauce, pickled jalapeƱos and sweet peppers, dill shreddies, both cheese sauces, and the potato chip dip.

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>no sauerkraut

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Where ya at senpai? I've always dreamed of being a simple hot dog vendor in the streets of NYC. Best of luck m8

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Swap Texas Pete for Crystal hot sauce, add sauerkraut as a condiment and you're golden.

Best wishes, anon

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Great point. Currently none, but that I will definitely be paying attention to that. Besides just being outgoing and verbal with my customers, I plan to address it if it becomes an issue.

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Sounds great, just make sure you have profit goals and calculate your costs properly so you can be in the green.

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Good luck, OP! I believe in you <3

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There will definitely be sauerkraut, I just forgot to mention it.

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I will primarily (at least this year) be operating in West Michigan.

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Done! Honestly, Crystal is my favorite hot sauce and what I personally use at home. Texas Pete was a last minute change because I have easy access to in by the gallon. Crystal is so inexpensive anyway, there's no reason not to use it. Good call anon.

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Thanks anon. The majority of my 20+ years in the food industry has been in management. I (hope) I have a pretty good grasp on what it will require to turn a decent profit. I am currently my only employee, so I am all in on this new operation. My family doesn't really plan to see me until next fall. =)

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Dont forget mayo.
Also best dog i ever had was in mexico.
It had diced tomatoes on it.

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>meme dew
>no root beer
>not even Dr. Pepper
>no spring water

Other than that, I'll take a brat with kraut and spicy mustard, and a dog with ketchup, yellow mustard, relish, and onion.

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>American-style Bratwurst
is that like gelled corn syrup? sounds gross

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You're not wrong. If I decide to switch to cans (or can source 12 oz bottles) I will have root beer and Vernors.

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I know you don't actually care, but I used that term just to differentiate between the few bratwurst options I have available to me. I basically copy and pasted from a text document I made. I have no intention of marketing it as such.

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Loved by the masses! (especially kids)

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Seems pretty standard for the US. I suggest making some mashed potatoes as a possible topping, it's actually quite good and common in Brazil where I'm from, surprised a lot of people when I went to the US so I reckon it will be something they'll enjoy but they'll find it surprising.

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You should add horseradish into the mix if it's cost effective and readily available.
It's okay with hotdogs but great with bratwurst.

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Great condiments
Great toppings
Locally-made dogs
Much better than any vendor around me that's for sure
I think Pepsi is less popular than Coke, though I prefer Pepsi
Fried Onions are a great topping on hotdogs, you should look into them

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>Heinz Simply Corn Syrup

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>weiners weiners, get your hot firm weiners haaaare
>it's like a party in yer mouth with yer boyfriend ya homos
>get yer weiners haaare
>put it in yer mouth, shove it up yer ass, hey! It's nunna my business where you shove yer weiner! Just buy the goddam things ya homos!

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make sure you get that super thin white paper to serve the dogs in. i love that stuff.

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find some REALLY hot sauce to go along with crystals. i recommend daves. also glare at anybody that puts ketchup on the dog

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As mentioned in the thread already, you absolutely need kraut.

Not my thing personally, and depending on your region, but Sabrett's onion sauce would seem to be missing as well.

And since you're offering diced fresh onions, you might consider a meat sauce that would allow for a coney dog.

And maybe a chili that you could serve as a topping or a side.

I'd suggest having a pork hotdog option, or even nixing the beef one all together and going pork only.

And if you're offering a Brat, I'd suggest possibly offering a white hot. Might not be as popular, but it's what will separate you from the others and maybe make you a "destination".

Other than that, I'd say start removing some of the other extras, to keep it a simpler and cheaper setup. I'd say get rid of the less popular options, but that is going to depend on what's popular in your yet undefined region. If it were here in the northeast, I'd say get rid of (in this order) sweet peppers, jack, sriracha, yellow mustard, jalapenos, dills, ranch.

Good Luck!

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Great suggestion. There is a very large population and influence of Dutch-Americans where I live (and will be operating). One of their favorite dishes is basically mashed potatoes, kale, and sausage (usually kielbasa). I came to know this dish through my wife. I have always planned on working this dish into at least one of my menus, although probably not until Fall.

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Definitely. My larger cart will probably have 9-12 squeezeable condiments. I already worked out simple recipes for horseradish forward Dijon, mayo, sour cream, and coleslaw. I absolutely cannot get enough horseradish.

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I appreciate all the feedback. My area (West Michigan) is definitely still searching for its hotdog identity. This summer is about learning for me. I will remain very engaged with my customers in person and over social media to figure out what's working and what isn't.

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damn you got that nigga!

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>mfw when I thought this was regular hot sauce and put more than 5 dabs

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One more thing, I make a killer meat sauce. Combined with my house-made cheese sauces, it's the absolute best chili cheese dog in town. I'm planning to wait a couple of weeks before I add it to menu. It definitely adds a significant cost to the menu, so I really need to get my pricing and pars right.

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100 years ago I worked at a BD's Mongolian Barbecue. Back then they would have like 30-40 different hot sauces on the grill counter. I've watched more dudes than you can imagine make that same mistake.

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You have completely alienated me as a customer.

No veggie option, and aquafina is fucking awful.

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Where are you setting up shop?

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I love veggie dogs. Unfortunately, of the varieties I've tested for street vending purposes, I still haven't found one I'm completely sold on for either of my operations. Brand suggestions?

By the way, I am aware that your statement was in all likelihood bait.

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Same guy you were replying to here.

Sounds like a good solution for the chili dog / chili side option I was talking abut.

But I should clarify that a meat sauce for a coney dog is a thing unto itself, and is in no way to be confused with a "chili dog" the sauce is usually much thinner in consistency but more dry than a typical chili dog, but the flavor leans far more into the bitter/sour territory. Making the sauce is kinda tedious though and I think you can buy it premade anyway. It was invented in Detroit (there's never ever been a single one ever sold anywhere in Coney Island) and I'm sure you can find a solid supply source near your neck o0f the woods.

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Beer City, USA (Grand Rapids)

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I wasn't sure how specific you were being, but I do know exactly what type of sauce you're referring to. (I am only 2 hours away from Detroit) If I'm not mistaken, another characteristic of Detroit's famous meat sauce is the use of organ meat.

I guess what I make is best described as simply hotdog chili.

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nope, no, all beef or not at all. Not op, but pork hotdogs are an affront to the industry, nay, the art of the hotdog.

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>forgot to mention it.
you haven't even started yet and you're already fucking up... I don't think this little endeavor is gonna work out, bro

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You're absolutely right. Anyone want to buy a brand new hotdog cart at a really good price? It comes with pans, plates, and pre-approval for 2017 by the state of Michigan.

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I hope you succeed. Solid lineup.

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Thanks man.

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