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How many 40s can you drink out straight, before passing out?
I love beer myself, but after one or two regulars, I feel blown up, and switch to booze..

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Le edward 40 hands hip hop culture meme beer

Enjoy your gut

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Never had a 40.

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>meme beer
Kill yourself, shit-stain.

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Days after my girlfriend broke up with me, I hit rock bottom and decided it would be a good idea to get obliterated. I picked up two 40s from the gas station and went home. I put on The Wind Rises and started drinking. I couldn't finish the second 40 because the foul taste was getting to me and I was pretty trashed. Still felt like shit, was still crying, still couldn't stop thinking about her. Gave up and went to sleep.

Fucking hate 40s. Worst way to get drunk, even Bud Lite is better.

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I don't drink until I pass out, so I wouldn't know.

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>oh man I made a terrible thread
>better retaliate with a terrible image and a terrible comment

fall into a ravine

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Not my thread.
Die in a fire, shit-cunt.

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Uh no, it's nigger beer/poverty beer. Meme beer is micro brewery beer with goofy names and hipster tumblr artwork on the label.

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Some 40s are foul but it's because they're high gravity. Just get regular malt liquor and it's just a tad step below Miller High Life, Busch, Budewiser taste. Not offensive, stays cold fairly long, two drunk fast enough and I'm good to go.
King Cobra is my choice, cheapest, 2 for $3.33
olde english 800 is next pick
steel reserve and hurricane are bottom, wouldn't buy, would rather drink MD 20/20 or Mad Dragon

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American beer is awful

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Malt Liquor != Beer

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It is actually.

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St. Ides is probably my favorite. Taste is okay and it's 8%

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drinking up to 6 steel reserve 40's a day now

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They only sell 32s here. I've done 4 in one night and not gotten completely trashed somehow.

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still waiting for the part where shit hit the fan

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a few times a week i see empty 4loko and steel reserve cans on the sidewalk and think about barfing

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I live in St Louis, and not many places sell 40s because niggers throw them around and break them. The first time I ever saw one was in Ames, Iowa.

I normally drink by the 24 oz tallboy, regular cans, or liquor. I've definitely done about 25 drinks in a night once. Granted, I was up until sunrise that night.

-t. nightly drinker

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a lot of 40s come in plastic bottles now. your move bums

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nogs btfo, I guess. I have been seeing big corona bottles that look like 40s recently. I think I saw a 40 at my grocery store this week, but didn't feel arsed to get it.

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I am a fan of 40s. Cheap as shit. To the OP I've drank maybe 3-4 steel reserves in a night easy

But more importantly, how was the wind rises?

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140lbs, about three and I go to bed. Never been annihilated enough to Black out in 40s

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Dude seek help

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I drink 2 40zs of 211 a night if i pushed it i could do 3-4

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doesn't seem humanly possible

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I could probably drink like 3 Olde Englishes

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>240 oz of Steel Reserve

I remember having like 48 ozs of the stuff and screaming about how much I wanted to fuck my boss' wife on Skype.

That shit ripped my stomach apart.

How are you even alive?

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that's disgusting but i think it's less alcohol than a fifth of vodka

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Same guy again. The Wind Rises was a beautiful film, a true work of art that had an emotional impact on me regardless of the alcohol. It's a sad story about people just trying to live in a world that just doesn't always let that happen. Death, war, disease, greed, and poverty plague the lives of the protagonists. They cannot make their truest and most beloved dreams a reality. And yet for all their struggles and hardship, there is yet beauty in their lives.

Would recommend over malt liquor any day.

It never really did. I got drunk, collapsed in my bed after the movie delirious and in tears, and then got up the next morning with a terrible hangover. I learned that day that drinking doesn't solve any of my problems, it only makes them worse when abused.

I'm still mourning the loss of that relationship, the first serious one in my life. I miss her every day and though I can see the flaws that lead to it not working out, I still wish it had. Perhaps our paths will cross again at another time in our lives where things could work better. Perhaps not. But now the wind is rising, and we must try to live.

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You're a faggot but I like you.

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Bong here, what are these? We don't get them here.

What do they taste like? How strong? Cheap?

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strong cheap and make you stink when the alcohol sweats though your pores

i was once an avid fan of these drinks having usually 3 every couple of hours to be buzzed really really buzzed
i have several favorites like st ides, mickeys, crazy horse, and shlitz with some country clubs which got me started at age of 12ish
i moved onto thunderbird by the time i was 16 and ended up much like a wino drinking the stuff daily
malt liquor is pretty shit still one buck chuck is worse
these were absorbed in the late 80's early 90's when the first chronic album was released same with some old ass click shit




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somewhere there is a picture of a friend of mine passed the fuck out playing edward 40-hands on his 21st birthday
me, I'm pretty sure I gained about 30 pounds after I turned 21 because I lived 3 minutes on foot next to a gas station that sold them
never needed more than 2 to get shitty

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holy fuck you have to be fat as shit

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40 oz of 8% steel reserve (rounding down a bit) is roughly 6 servings of alcohol

750ml (a fifth) of 40% is roughly 17 servings of alcohol

so 6 x 6 = 36

basically 1.5L of liquor

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They taste like the shittiest light beer or lager you've ever had in your entire life. It's stronger than most beer at 6-9% ABV. Most of the bottles in OP's pic are less than 3$ a pop.

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I might be a faggot, but at least I'm not gay.

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i remember back in college i could get a case of 12 hurricanes for $18 and change. my roomate and i would throw in 9 bucks a pop and have alcohol for the weekend. that with whatever was getting served at parties always did me good for next to nothing

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used to routinely drink 4 a night because it costed exactly 10 dollars. Probably the most I ever could do in one night was 8.

Since I've been drinking microbrews almost exclusively recently I'm unable to even choke 1 down now.

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I was in St. Louis a few weeks ago
32oz cans of 6.9% Milwaukee's Best Ice, 2 for 2 dollars at the gas station
Made for a fun night, good memories, thank you MO

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Old English and King Cobra actually taste pretty good. I probably prefer them to a lot of beers, actually. There's no foul off-flavors, it's really just a really malty-sweet unhopped beer. Which is enjoyable in its own way.
The high-gravity's, though, are always a mistake. Hurricane is better than Steel Reserve, but I think 6% is the sweet-spot, more worthwhile. The 6.9% ice-beers (Milwaukee's Best, Icehouse, etc. I swear they used to be 5.9 before) are tolerable in a pinch but they're as cheap as I'd go.

One of my favorite ways to get drunk, though. I even shake them up to let all the carbonation out, goes down easier.

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Probably like 2 or 3? But I only ever get Steel Reserve because it's like 8.1% abv or something.

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switched to liquor after the accident

drank beer last week at a party. 12 pack wasnt enough, we went for food, had 3 there, then got a 6 pack for the rest of the night on the way home. i was pretty smashed after that.

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so maybe like 6 im thinking, but in college it was 3 on a night

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A 40 is a drink you try once for the lulz when you first start drinking just so you can say you've had one. They all taste like shit and they're economical and ergonomical clusterfucks.

Even niggers don't drink 40s anymore. Get your shit together.

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okay mr. nigger scientist expert so what do they drink now then?

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King Cobra is basically a slightly-higher-ABV Budweiser which is a lot cheaper. Good for getting drunk on the cheap, and not unpleasant to throw down the ol' gullet.

Never tried any other 40. Never felt the need to. But apparently the others are gross af.

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consdering their alc. content is different depending on the brand, it depends.

nice question retard

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