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It's time to post your fridge, as is.

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>Compartment for food
>Compartment for clothes
>Compartment for books
Jesus buddy, choose one

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fridge is a good place to store sweaters because it keeps them safe from moths. i always have too much leftover indian food in my fridge, so they gotta go in the freezer or else they get smelly.

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Here's mine

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where food

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Serious question: why do people refrigerate chocolate bars? It makes them hard as shit and they taste like nothing until they've returned to room temperature.

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as an ausfag it is basically neccesary to avoid them turning into chocolate sauce inside the wrapper

also makes them 10/10 when the temp is pushing 45*C

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I like putting my t-shirts in the freezer.

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Fair enough, I live in Canadaland where cold is the only thing we know.

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You have some cool clothes

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im sorry

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why not...

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It's ok

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Clean fridge is clean.

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my freezer looked the same as yours when i ad a xanax problem, right down to the white castles

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I just have an alcohol problem luckily

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good, i had an alcohol problem at the same time. My liver is dust probably

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29/M/NYC/live with my fiancé

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You eat a lot of fuckin eggs holy shit

Here's mine; for some reason my kitchen kot is obsessed with investigating the contents of my fridge every time I open it.

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holy fuck its real.....

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It's like art.

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Who's blood is that?

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Pizza blood

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I don't believe you

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>got new glass tupperware bowls
>making sausage bowls with taters, peppers and onion for my next few meals
>got more fairlife chocolate milk and also some big red because I haven't had that in years

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Britbong here, chocolate is by far the best cold, out of the fridge.

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whats in this jar?

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It's everclear. I clean my marijuana grinder in it when it gets too sticky to work

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and then what do you do with the everclear? how long has this been collecting?

just curious as ive heard of people doing some kind of tincture like this before.

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I refill the jar about once a year because it evaporates so fast, Other then that I don't use it for anything.

I don't like the taste of it, But sometimes I'll filter off all the kief and make cookies

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It's my husband, he eats nothing but scrambled eggs for breakfast and I use them quite a bit when baking & making custards.

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Why not just regular 99% rubbing alcohol? It evaporates fully, doesn't it?

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Just easier to buy when I buy vodka I guess.

I also probably wouldn't make edibles the the kief if I used 99% rubbing alcohol, That has methanol in it, An I don't want to eat anything that has been in that no matter how dry it is

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dude what the fuck is this?

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You saving that slice for laater

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Maybe, its still there and so it the tomato paste.

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What synagogue are you going to be married in?

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Nothing special really.

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I know who posted this.

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Freezers unite

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Are you from Belarus?

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I need to get some booze

I feel like the village loser because I don't have anything in my freezer

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Thanks, he is very cute and also well-behaved except for the whole climbing in the fucking fridge thing.

That makes sense. I'm a baker by trade so I go through eggs by the hundreds at work. Never really eat them at home, probably for that reason.

Pic unrelated, fucking captcha

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bro i used to have the same fridge and this picture freaked me the fuck out for a second.
I know it wasnt my house because you have no chilled saltines, though.

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When I get around to busting into that freezer with my steam cleaner, I have steaks in there. Beef and lamb.

Top shelf: fish sauce, lemon juice, mint, English mustard, apple sauce, tupperware thing of coffee.
Middle: yoghurt, eggs, milk.
Bottom: bacon and bag of salad. Onions in salad drawer.

Middle door shelf (left): 3 berry jam and 3 fruit marmalade.
Middle door shelf (right): hot sauces (jalapeno, habanero), pickle relish and jalapeno relish.
Bottom door compartment: garlic paste, chili pesto, peri-peri, olives, green chili sauce, yellow mustard.

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theres a snickers right there

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why does your fridge open to the left? Is this a european thing?

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No, most fridges in this thread open to the left. This leaves the dominant right hand free to grab things.

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You know, a lot of that shit doesn't need to be refrigerated despite what the bottle may tell you... just in case you ever need room after thawing out the steaks entombed in that ice block.

This is literally what my fridge looked like about 6-7 years ago, minus the reddi-whip.

Only 4 of the fridges in this thread open to the left. The other 10 I counted open to the right. So far, nobody has one of those shitty vertical freezer fridges that open on both sides.

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>three bottles of mustard

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My house looks like his just 75% less mess and no dead bugs or old rotten food.

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I do like saltines though

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So you live on condiments?

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