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>Burnt some popcorn 2 days ago and threw it outside
>Haven't cooked anything today
>Kitchen keeps refilling with smoke even though nothing's on and I've been airing out the house
What's happening?

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You need to run.

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>smoke with no source

Literally a house fire. Get out right fucking now and call the fire department.

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Yeah, a house fire that hasn't grown in 2 days. Genius

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>he hasn't heard of rogue fires

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Get to it, OP

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>It's not a house fire because I don't think a house fire would behave like this

Last thoughts before burning alive

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OP tell us more

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Popcorn's vengeful spirit is haunting your dumb ass. You need to exorcise it. Call up a preist and get 10 McChickens (tbffs), they're needed for the ritual.

Godspeed you, retard

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Isn't it fucking obvious that something is still burning since then you dumb fuck?

Retrace your steps, wherever you threw out the burning stuff, check for smoke, throw some extra water of it
Same with whatever you used to burn the popcorn, check for smoke there

From your post I get this feeling like you've just been sitting around the house for 2 days, and after 48 hours of discomfort your first thought is to post on fucking 4chan
>I'm getting mad from this shit more than I should

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Are you living in a warehouse?

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Maybe you have a squater who's been hiding in your house?

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Slow-burn (smoldering) fires are a thing.

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Maybe the smoke isn't coming from inside the house but rather an open window

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op is you dead

did you call the fire department you dumb fuck

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Check to make sure you electric is properly grounded.

There will be a neutral line to your house, and a grounding rod. If the neutral line gets disconnected, you can get electrical fires similar to what you are describing where you smell smoke and can't figure out why. They don't always set the whole house on fire... but can do so.

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OP is dead

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So aliens are making the smoke?!

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what if OP is the smoke?

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then who was fire?

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I didn't start it

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>put pot roast in oven
>20 minutes later whole house smell like meat

happens every time. I had the landlord come out and he couldn't figure it out either.

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Fucking cancer

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OP here

I left the burner on, but the smoke is still present

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For 2 days?
Jesus Christa maybe you do deserve to burn

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How does it feel being a ghost watching a nigger fuck your wife in the ashes that used to be your house

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pretty much this

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Op, is that you?

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OP here

I'm surrounded by flames and the smoke is making it hard to breathe.
What do?

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Use your pee-pee to put out the flame. Blow really hard to get rid of the smoke.

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Ok, but what do I do about the pee that got in my mouth? There's still lots of smoke

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Real OP here, can't believe this thread is still up.

The smoke is till here but it's not hot. I poured some nestea on the popcorn brick and it released some black mist but it's cold so I threw it away.

No idea where all this smoke is coming from with all my shit turned off, there's no fire, I've just been eating kitkats for two days now.

Where's that?

There's no fire my man, it's just smoke

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Do you have an old radiator in your building?

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I don't get it.

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>There's no fire my man, it's just smoke

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>where there's smoke there's fire

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>There's no fire my man, it's just smoke
What do you think causes smoke?

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Fucking kek

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>what is a non-emergency number

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This, don't be stupid op

If your car started smoking, would you just shrug it off?

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You only ate 5 in two days?
Are you even lift?

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I did that once. Turned out it was my shoe that was being burnt through the floorboard.

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OP is this you?

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OP, what type of fucking hell hole do you live in? I want to say you're shitposting but something deep down tells me that this is genuine and a cry for help. Have you tried contacting your parents? Maybe you should turn off the power and go visit them for a week. Stop, get a hot dish, a bottle of wine or liquor and tell them that you want to hang out. Maybe you'll figure out what went wrong

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