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Food related words and phrases you fucking hate

>super food
>chili and sea bass

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More on pronunciation side, but


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I hate weeaboo faggots.
Does that count?

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>molecular gastronomy

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>molecular gastronomy

you got a problem with carrot air bro?

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>fusion dish
>BPA free

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>raging cajun
>poke bowl

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gumball is an american cartoon senpai baka

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>'go 'za

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Every food that has undergone a process can be considered processed. This is almost as bad as "chemicals".

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>gluten free
>all natural
>"with aus jus"
>double/triple/quadruple hopped
>anything misspelled like "wyngs"

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>well done

the correct term is "burnt"

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And you're still a weeaboo faggot.

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B-but BPA doesn't really have anything to do with food, it's just a plastic desu

Nothing really bugs me because I don't end up in circles where cancer like this is spoken, same with the food that I get, I've barely seen anything with overly-marketed words on them, but maybe that's an American thing

Only one that's somewhat annoying is the "foodie" term, and how some can only think of food in terms of "healthy" and food that's "not healthy"
They're probably the only ones who know what that means anyway

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Misspelled wings are done that way because they aren't actually wings.

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blackened refers to the seasonings you absolute retard

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Chill, Ian. See Bass. Aye, Owen, an oil lamp off the Costa Costa Rica. I've got a jet standing by, a chopper.

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then they should be fucking chicken nuggets

stupid fucking edgy advertising




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>anything misspelled like "with aus jus"

I hate the word "fooding" in French. (Literally "fooding", it's not translated.)
We have a perfectly coherent language with Latin and Greek roots, why take an English word and fuck it's grammar in the arse? Is that what hipsters do?

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While specific seasonings are involved, a specific technique, namely high heat sauteing, is also involved.

Also, relax. He didn't quite reach retard level compared to many posters.

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I hate the way my fellow yanks think that "Aw Jew" is the name of the sauce.
"Can I get some more aw jew sauce?" when just "some more jus" would be more correct and take less time to say.

>Bleu Cheese
>Can be made a virtually identical version for +$3
>Pick your spice level which we will then ignore

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Not necessarily. Blackened fish sandwiches in the south and FL just mean they're burnt on the outside (which is delicious) and some places do chicken the same way (which is not.)

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end yourself

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>Al fresco

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I'm sorry man that's just how we say milk

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I would eat the fuck out of Lyzangnya

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This is descriptive.

>>BPA free
This is a lame alternative to glass, metals, and ceramics, but still relevant information.

My turn:
>low fat ("Low fat butter! Low fat lard! Low fat potatoes! Low fat water!")
>"with only the finest ingredients" (AKA with only industrial slop)
>high quality

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rustic = we can't dice produce very well
free range = a local farm gave us a big discount on eggs and/or meat
tapas = we have mozzarella sticks and cocktail weenies
super food = nuts and or berries
umami = we just discovered yeast extract
artisan = there are chunks of oats in it
all natural = artificially flavored
gastropub = a couple dudes made some beer in their shed and want to serve it with pretzels
well done = we fucked up the oven settings
al fresco = it's got pico de gallo on it
premium = it costs about 4 dollars more
bites/bytes = designed to be eaten in one sitting
foodie = yuppie
fusion = we had excess tortillas and/or noodles
cajun = we discovered paprika
sugar free = 50% of product is vegetable oil
fat free = 50% of product is sugar
zero calories = cancerous to lab mice
limited time only = we botched the recipe
probiotic = makes you shit
whole grain = costs more and tastes worse
antioxidants = it's got acia berry or pomegranate in it
pescitarian = I can't afford a steak
paleo = i want to lose weight but also get drunk a lot
vegan = faggot (duh)

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>pescitarian = I can't afford a steak
Isn't fish more expensive than meat?

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>pescitarian = I want to go vegetarian but I can't commit

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The word literally means, "an added charge." It says literally nothing about the food, other than that it costs more.

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dry brine
reverse sear
using the word roast when you mean "bake in an oven" instead of using a rotisserie.

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>Eggs Benny
>Local, free range, organic, etc

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In America our foods are often promoted utilizing the BPA-free slogan as a positive benefit of the food.

a description of when no artificial sugar is added
i.e. "sugar-free" fruit juice

again, a marketing term used for a american food and drink, enough to the point where the BPA term is most important when lent to food related matters.

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>a description of when no artificial sugar is added

No, that's when there's no sugar at all. Those juices simply say no sugar added

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I'm American, I've never seen BPA free labeling on any food. Just on the Nalgene bottles I buy. What foods use this label?

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>"the best fast food sandwich"

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Okay, how about overly processed?

In general, you wouldn't call broccoli processed. But you would call a twinkie processed.

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>blackened chicken

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This deep in the thread and no one has mentioned
>'chili and sea bass'

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>reverse sear

what is this supposed to mean

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plenty of mispronunciations in the thread anon. Op clearly means Chilean Seabass.

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I think it has to do with sous vide

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eggs benny = we want to sell eggs benedict but always mess up the hollandaise

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Probably something to do with Sous Vide

On that topic

Sous Vide
Over Easy

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pic related


You may not eat Amy's very often, but I see this shit all the time.

I'll agree with you that is generally not on food containers outright, but I see it in plentiful amounts on bottled water and especially canned goods.

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read the OP

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Almost sounds Welsh.

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>boneless wings

they're just chicken nuggets

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yeah but if they call them boneless wings you wont feel like an autistic child when eating/ordering them

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Bake or sous vide your steak, then put it on a hot skillet for a sear after the inside is already cooked to your liking. That's all it is.

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>mouth feel

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Unless you literally want to stick your dick in it, shut the fuck up.

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"fresh" is seriously starting to irk me as well as "beautiful" because people use it for literally anything without putting any thought into it whatsoever

>nasty looking porridge
>black pepper that's at least several months old

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ITT: Porn artists pen names. Search them on sadpanda.

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"melk" is Afrikaans for milk. Are people mispronouncing "milk" so badly they're accidentally speaking another language?

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>means it's thrown together and served on a slab of wood

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If you are cracking it with a grinder, it IS fresh(ly) ground and not incorrectly referred to as such.

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It's actually Irish.

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comfort food

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Melk might come from germanic since several european languages use it

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I'm not a fucking toddler m8

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someone post the foodie kid greentext

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I'm ok with this

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Apparently so. When native English speakers who pronounce milk as melk, they also tend to pronounce the hard K as a soft k– a phlegmy, guttural "ch" as in challah. As far as I know, the people who do this have no Jewish roots. It's as though they have a speech impediment from excessive phlegm production.

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It's sad how many phrases started out as useful before being shilled into oblivion. The food industry is so fucking shady and I know because I work in it. Like 90% of products are co packed in a handful of the same factories to create the illusion of variety. George carlin said it best America's #1 industry is the buying, selling, and packaging of bullshit.

>> No.8290611

Or its because both afrikaans and the American dairy industry were heavily influenced by Dutch immigrants.

>> No.8290636

It's French

>> No.8290662

Except I do not hear it being viral like regional dialects. It seems more like a personal choice, or the physiological inability to pronounce the word like most people.

It may very well be a choice though. Some adults choose to say "sammie" or "sammich" when you know very well that they can say the words sand and which/witch because they think it's cute. It really isn't.

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>sport candy

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>fusion = we had excess tortillas and/or noodles


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Comfort food = A meal of junk food. Hope you don't mind shitting a brick and gaining weight.

Rustic = We used a few ingredients because we're lazy.

Super food = Overpriced vegetable or grain because white people like it.

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Accurate as fuck.

>> No.8290851

>reduced fat
>any misspellings (things like "froot", "kidz", anything with an I replaced with Y or S replaced with Z)
>"only the finest ingredients"
>comfort food
>extreme (ie. when referring to spicyness or to appeal to kids)

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fuck i laughed at this

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>Southerners use "Coke" as a generic term

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i think you messed up your stereotypes

>> No.8290907

How does that even make sense? Do they call all kinds of fish "salmon"?

>> No.8290915

Yeah when I'm in Mexico I'll be sure to stop by Juan's backwoods shack for some authentic charred goat anus tacos, it's hole in the wall so it must be some undiscovered great thing

>> No.8290916

It doesn't and they are stupid due to century of arrested development and poor education

>> No.8291037

>what kind of Coke do you want?
>Pepsi'll do

>> No.8291139

man, I am CRAVING this new guac chili and sea bass super food

>> No.8291154

It's used as a generic term for "soda" in that you would say
>Want a coke?
>Sure, got any pepsi/sprite/dr pepper/whatever

>> No.8291166

Yeah, only retarded rednecks do that

>> No.8291174

This doesn't 100% apply to the topic but I'm tired of hearing people ask for a "glass" of water, Coke, etc. When the place obviously only has and has ever provided paper CUPS. I heard someone ask for a "glass of water" at Sonic the other day. Glass is not styrofoam or paper, its fucking glass. What you need is a cup, because they don't give away glasses there.

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i do love

>> No.8291221

Branch out u judgemental pussy

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Not everything is meant to be taken literally, calm ur tisms buddy

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Nah I live in Wisconsin and I agree with him

>> No.8291849

there's nothing wrong with this you wouldn't say champagne has texture it has mouth feel

>> No.8291876

Can be translated as "pleasant savory taste". AS OPPOSED TO UNPLEASANT SAVORY TASTE? Then what the fuck is normal savory taste?
It's called a fucking shake or a mix you morons.

>> No.8291909

also any portmanteaus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_portmanteaus#Cuisine

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As a kid I thought chili and sea bass sounded disgusting,

>> No.8291917

>getting autistic about the word cheeseburger

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>> No.8292278

completely agree with this one

>> No.8292293

>counting calories

>> No.8292307

>pescitarian = I can't afford a steak

pescitarian = I am literally retarded and don't understand how meat works, and also fucking pretentious

>> No.8292317

You must be one of those fucking retards I was talking about. That is absolutely the ONLY way you would even begin to defend it. Fuck you, illiterate and WRONG nigger fucktard.

>> No.8292335


Do you refer to potato as 'THE CARBOHYDRATE'? Do you refer to milk as 'THE CALCIUM'? Do you refer to the salt as 'THE SODIUM CHLORIDE'? No?

Then stop fucking calling meat/fish 'THE PROTEIN'.

>> No.8292354

>nourishments, provisions, viands, or any such hipster substitution for the word "food" on their menu
>staff asking if the food is "for to-go"
>corny bullshit made-up names for dishes that are clearly inside jokes amongst the owners/staff ("blanched flarney garney" for example)... this goes for coffee bean names too

I could name a million of these from wading through shitty hipster cafes.

I also hate the new convention of having a "bowl" on the menu. Like, we know you little freaks don't even want a composed dish, you just want some shit you pick off a list thrown in a bowl. And to think that there are people growing up on bowls. "What's a dish that really brings you back to your childhood?" "It's gotta be the bowl. You get chicken, rice, broccoli... yup." I guess I blame Chipotle

>> No.8292358

forgot to add, people saying something "tastes well" instead of "tastes good"

>> No.8292374

i hate it when restaurants describe their own food as "awesome" and whatnot. just say whats in it, dont tell me its the epic new awesome taste

>> No.8292375


I'm laughing at you, not with you.

>> No.8292377

bowls are something you make at home. pots of slop made out of retooled leftovers are the best

>> No.8292400

We're laughing at you, not with you.

Please provide more comedy, nigger.

>> No.8292413

Why isn't obsession with food a mental disorder.

Not necessarily eating it, though.

>> No.8292433

Well, maybe if you're being fucking pedantic about it. I bet you use the word "problematic" unironically too.

>> No.8292438

It's Japanese you weeb

>> No.8292448

you mean like the way a passionate chef is obsessed with food? that kind of thing?

>> No.8292453

obsession has negative connotations

>> No.8292456

Lots of things taken literally sound stupid, that's why you don't take them literally. Do you get mad at people who say they're going to fly on over to your place, when in actuality they won't be taking a plane or helicopter? The answer to that is "no," because nobody visits your place to begin with.

>> No.8292474

nobody has ever said that the are going to "fly over" to your place

>> No.8292484

google it m8, people do. just like they pop by somewhere even though they aren't balloons, or make their way over even though they aren't paving the road in the process of arriving.

>> No.8292492

a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.
"he touts broccoli sprouts and salmon as two of the most perfect superfoods"

>> No.8292501

>starts quote with "he touts broccoli sprouts"
>doesn't finish with a second rhyme
he touts broccoli sprouts and especially salmon. they are not crude, in fact they are superfoods, and he assures you that they are jammin"

>> No.8292522

He's right and you're wrong

>> No.8292536

>chili and sea bass

for the last time, it's CHILEAN SEA BASS

go back to your containment board >>>/tv/

>> No.8292581

noice one

>> No.8292591

>original term is sodapop
>northerners call it pop and there is nothing wrong with this
>west coast calls it soda and there is nothing wrong with this

on the other hand, southerners calling it coke is absolutely disgusting

>> No.8292594

Pumpkin spice = There really isn't any Pumpkin in this, but fuck you, it's Fall, give us your money as this will not last.

>> No.8292619

Right about what? He just said he's tired of people saying one thing and meaning another. That's just a shit opinion. He's right that speaking literally, there will be no glasses at Sonic, no shit. Nobody who asks for a "glass of water" at sonic actually expects one.

>> No.8292694

To be fair, the name only implies it uses the spices associated with pumpkin. It's not "spiced pumpkin latte".

>> No.8292698


>> No.8292701

Still kinda angers me how it's always limited to Fall, as if they can't hide the fact that it's essentially a "Give us money" scheme

But then again, same can be said for any Limited run thing

>> No.8292705

Shit's dumb but it works.
That's the consumer economy in general.

>> No.8292755

>al fresco
In jail?
... I guess it makes sense with the Pico

>> No.8292759

Definitely guac for me. It sounds fucking retarded.

>> No.8292765

what about "sammich"?

>> No.8292851

How is this not just being lazy?

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>nom nom nom

>> No.8292856

I just googled that. Is that really a thing?

>> No.8292865

Just today I had an episode of some baking contest show on and the challenge was to make filled cookies.
One of them didn't finish and served the judges the filling on top of the cookie, calling it "deconstructed."
The judges at least laid into her for it.

>> No.8292927

>Counting calories

Get out, d.y.e.l.

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>> No.8293189

Cutesy, diminutive, or "baby talk" versions of words are also disgusting. It's like watching old people make out or someone who dresses up their dog like a child.

>> No.8293771


>locally sourced

>> No.8293782

At certain hipstery/artisanal hamburger joints in my hometown, they refer the actual burger as a "meat puck"

It triggers me to no end.

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File: 1.10 MB, 1280x720, hello_games_studio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 74 KB, 851x363, 1478375059949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mah nigga

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>> No.8293908

>Food related words and phrases you fucking hate

>mahi mahi
I grew up in a time we just called it "dolphin" and no idiots were confused whatsoever about porpoises or anything else. People who ate dolphin actually lived on the coast and fished, and knew they were the #1 game catch for flavor, outside of sailfish for fight.

>> No.8293914


Yeah nah fucking kill yourself

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>alcopop, from alcohol and pop
That one is useful to designate the shitty pre-mixed drinks aimed at teenagers along sweetened "beers".
I've seen it in French (when they wanted to tax them and not traditional booze) but hadn't understood they meant soda by pop (I assumed it was for popular, like pop music.)

>chork, from chopsticks and fork
>knork, from knife and fork
>spife, from spoon and knife
>sporf, from spoon, fork and knife
>spork, from spoon and fork
Eat with your fingers already.
>trongs, from tri- and tongs (pic related)
Oh fuck you.

Like bulimia and anorexia?
They recently added "being so obsessed with eating "good" (raw vegan paleo organic fair trade non-GMO and whatever, at the same time) you end up with deficiency". Can't remember the name, started with ortho- I think.

>> No.8295117

>(I assumed it was for popular, like pop music.)
This mistake MUST END. "POP" does NOT refer to "popular". "Popular" is not a style or genre. Also fuck you and your mother.

>> No.8295174

Depends on the fish and the meat, as well as location.

>> No.8295187

The glass thing doesn't bother but similarly pedantic people calling all flatware silverware. Like your plastic fucking spork is not silverware. You cheap stamped discount store flatware is not silverware.

Fucking plebs.

>> No.8295200


I fucking hate that word. I don't give a shit if it's common in Britain or wherever it sounds fucking retarded. God damn brits can't even speak their own fucking language correctly.

>> No.8295254

>They recently added "being so obsessed with eating "good" (raw vegan paleo organic fair trade non-GMO and whatever, at the same time) you end up with deficiency". Can't remember the name, started with ortho- I think.

>> No.8295288

Heh. Based on the criteria, freaky health diet nuts and most vegans finally have a diagnosable mental disorder.

>> No.8295472

I actually do take it to that extent, but jokingly.

It's because I was used to my mother asking my siblings and I "what we want for the carb and vegetables." This would cause a series of petty arguments resulting in a victor. This makes the rest of the kids shut up about preferences because they have been wrestled and bribed into submission. It's a helpful tactic that provides an illusion of choice.

I do the same thing, now. Feels good.

>> No.8295498

Is it weird that I have a strong preference for anything flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg all of the time? Fall commercialism is the best.

>> No.8295509

Dogs dressed as children are wonderful.

I got to hold a terrier dressed like a Victorian doll yesterday. I'm still excited that this happened to me. It was so happy.

>> No.8295538

I am very happy that you had such a wonderful experience. I congratulate you on being such a warm, special person.

>> No.8295548

or carcinigenetc

>> No.8295584

There is nothing special about feeling joy in that situation. I'm pretty sure that's just how people feel when they encounter situations like that.

Granted, I am pretty sure that the dog's owner was 110% crazy.

>> No.8295602


>> No.8295619

It is great, I just hate how it's mostly limited to fall and just waves around the whole "It's only for a limited time" thing.

>> No.8295628



>> No.8295655


it's actually mexicans

>> No.8295737

enjoy your soggy bacon, autist

>> No.8295893

>super food
I also hate this one. It makes healthy food sound like medicine or magic potions or some shit.

There are at least ten competing definitions for this and they're all fucking different.

>> No.8295900

Thought of another

Food makers can put this label on absolutely anything.

>> No.8296544

So what's pop music?

>> No.8296556

people who count calories are retarded

>1..2..3...4... huh, I guess Coca-Cola DOES have more calories than unsweetened ice tea. Good thing I counted!

>1...2...3...4... lasagna has more calories than a turkey sandwich? Someone call the FDA!

>1...2...3...4... processed food has a lot of calories! I can either count calories every time I eat a frozen dinner or go to McDonalds, or I can try to cut it out of my diet entierly... I think I'll go back to counting calories rather than using common fucking sense.

>1...2...3...4... a jumbo popcorn with extra butter has more calories than a small popcorn with no butter?! I better crunch those numbers again!

>> No.8296590

At least comfort food is a real thing, the term has just been shilled to death by a lot of companies.

I hate how I know where that's from

>> No.8296598

>adult anything
ex. adult mac and cheese

>> No.8296607

What's wrong with sliders?
Would you rather they be called "small burgers"?

>> No.8296610
File: 43 KB, 108x139, oh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Soul Food = Hope you love gristle and random pockets of grease
>Flambé = Only pretentious cunts use the word
>Fine Dining = Come on in, and pay an extra 20 dollars for us to use the dimmer switch

>> No.8296627

are you actually retarded or just really bad at making jokes?

>> No.8296638

Auight laikh meh sum feesh melk desu.

>> No.8296654

Rustic is definitely the worst for me.

Poor jeb :( I keep telling /pol/ not to count their chickens before they hatch, I think he has something up his sleeve

>> No.8296671

/tv/ pls stop mocking Rick, you're beating a dead horse at this point.

>> No.8296680


>> No.8296697
File: 55 KB, 480x480, 13736989_168169673601681_887828883_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe i'm just childish, but i enjoy the goofy misspellings of things and plays on words

>> No.8296704
File: 20 KB, 306x306, 1451365378250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8296719
File: 149 KB, 600x665, a face qt sip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just making a joke about fish malk?

>> No.8296720


>> No.8296735

The term "pop song" was first recorded as being used in 1926, in the sense of a piece of music "having popular appeal"

Sorry faggot!

>> No.8296774

It's primarily Dutch, tho

>> No.8296790

chia seeds before the superfood hype was just bird food sold for less than 1€/kg
Now a small container sets you back 4€
fuck hipsters man

>> No.8296798

super food
gluten free
"food porn"
I call my soda drinks what they are, i.e., "can I have a Dr. Pepper/Coke/Sprite/etc?"

I never call it just pop or soda

>> No.8296801

this is autismal thinking m8, get yourself checked out

>> No.8296805

No, it's not.

A shake is short for MILKshake. It includes milk. A smoothie is typically just fruit with only juice used.

>a mix
nigger what the fuck

>> No.8296817

>Natural = good, chemical and processed = bad
Nigga it doens't matter if someone chemically distilled antioxidants and put them in the food later on
It's all the same shit to your body
And then some
Fucking snake venom is 100% natural but I'll pass on that
This has to be the most idiotic shit around
Oil pulling is even beyond retardation
It's stagnation
It's reversal of progress back towards magic and hocus pocus

>> No.8296818

It refers to a specific flavour present in savoury foods, distinct from saltiness and bitterness, which are also present.

>> No.8296834
File: 6 KB, 314x160, mjspiderlikeman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>At least comfort food is a real thing,

no it's not
all food is comfort food because it means you're not going to starve to death

>> No.8296849

Some people find additional comfort in particular foods, due to a combination of nostalgia and hedonistic indulgence. You're literally claiming this doesn't happen, which is false.

>> No.8297306
File: 66 KB, 528x792, A44FFF04-BFF8-402A-A9AA-CB7FBFB1BE48-4292-000004E466586ABC_tmp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From what I understand, you guys do that with a lot of words these days in order to not clutter up the French language with new words all the time. Pretty dumb imo, especially for forms words like "food" that already exist. I guess it's because it's an activity, but still.
>with aus jus
Pic related.

>> No.8297399
File: 36 KB, 400x462, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not fizzy drink

>> No.8297404

Most of the people who claim to actually don't. It's more that it and its variants are the only sodas people actually drink down here. "Soft drinks" is also acceptable. Pop sounds like you're fucking leave it to beaver or some shit. Like you're gonna order a pop at the diner and then go neck with your sweetheart at the drive in.

>> No.8297418

Also what
said. People just say what they mean.

>> No.8297419
File: 14 KB, 288x415, received_1145462788863087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuuuckin hate it
>comfort food
>treating yourself

Feeling the need to treating yourself and recogizing it as subject to talk about.

>> No.8297442

>Poor Starving Kids in Africa
>Low fat

>> No.8297447

But gamey is an actual term used to describe the flavor of, you know, wild game.

>> No.8297448

>Adult food
>It is just the same recipe with alcohol
Lol, Im so wasted xddddd

>> No.8297454

>"with aus jus"
>not aus jus sauce

>> No.8297490

Blame mexicans for that, we too have our diferent ways of callin it (Soda, refresco) but the therm "coka" is used everywhere

>> No.8297497

Equally disgusting.

>> No.8297503

Fish don't scream when you kill them
I am not a vegetarian, but if you are going to be one at least have some commitment

>> No.8297529
File: 1.32 MB, 1816x816, fish_PNG10538[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pescitarian = I can't afford a steak

It's really more "I'm an animal rights activitist but I only care about cute animals"

>> No.8297560

>not more expensive
moron detected

>> No.8298282

>Seeing food as part of physical well being instead of for pleasure
>Saying food can help with diseases (guess I'll keep pumping my body full of sugar then, and go back to prediabetes)
>Disgust/aversion over unhealthy food
>Weight loss

So, if I change the way I eat to be more health conscious, focused on nutrient dense foods (putting that as the focus instead of just "tastes good"), put down the doughnuts and eat some vegetables instead, and get disgusted by shit I know will lead me down the path of having a heart attack at 40, this means I have an eating disorder?

Granted there are extremes (vegans, compulsive dieters, etc) but according to this I have an eating disorder just because I eat healthy food.
Is this a fucking joke?

>> No.8298331

u do realize people count calories as to not go over their daily limit and keep their intake at a proper level right?
or are you just pretending to be retarded

>> No.8298430

efukt? Or did you watch the original?

>> No.8298442

>happy hour lasts from 3-5

Seriously, who the fuck is that for.

>> No.8298548

You're cherry-picking from a long list of criteria of which all or most of need to be present in order to qualify for this diagnosis. Usually, a lot of very specific conditions must be met to be clinically diagnosed with a mental disorder. Also note that it is not (yet) a widely accepted eating disorder amongst psychologists.

>> No.8298573

>ctrl + f
>no "kale"

>> No.8298581

Blackened is definitly how the food is seasoned.

>> No.8298614
File: 3.95 MB, 280x229, 1464650064038.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bet you're the kinda guy that gets pissed at the term "steak seasoning"

>but there's no steak!

...Or cheesecake

>but it's not cake!

...or Fruit Punch.

>but theres no actual fruit, nor is there any hint of violence!

Wew lad. You must be a thrill at parties.

>> No.8298615

>Pick your spice level which we will then ignore
Triggered. They see my white ass at the thai restaurant and suddenly the 5 pepper curry becomes a 0 pepper curry.

>> No.8298649

Molc gastro is actually a rather cool topic, but it has been memed into ruining.

The advantage of molc is a much higher level of control over flavor and so on, it really refers to new approaches for preparing food, or utikitizing a food item. Sadly most people use it as a shit trick to seem advanced. When I was in culinary school, we had a molc and competition class, shit was incredibly fun. The chef was insanely knowledgeable, and the class was really about developing new techniques over anything. Though most people just make some agar spheres or a foam and call it a day, and it's such a destructive relationship. Also it's very impractical in a normal service styled establishment. More of a cool hobby

>> No.8298725

Diabetic flyover detected.

>> No.8299047
File: 3.26 MB, 640x266, 1462970663373.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8299068

I don't know much about the rest of the south, but the only place I've seen call all sodas "coke" in Georgia is Cookout, and that's only on receipts, which makes sense because they only sell coke products.

>> No.8299092

you mean texture, motherfucker?
you mean savory, motherfucker?
you mean ethnic, motherfucker? you're saying its authentic because a nip made the pho and a beaner made the tacos and not the other way around
>super food.
you mean food that was heavily marketed to fat bitches who'll do anything but exercise and count calories, motherfucker?

>> No.8299126

fucking this

>> No.8299351
File: 76 KB, 831x515, [HorribleSubs] YuruYuri S3 - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_08.26_[2015.10.06_21.42.48].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you didn't think about the food's feelings

>> No.8299405
File: 595 KB, 1536x2304, french stereotype likes his bread.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: Autism

>> No.8299429


>> No.8299431
File: 95 KB, 1119x1200, serveimage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You fucking faggot at least follow your own rules

>> No.8299434

>our famous fries
>in-house BBQ sauce
>Hubby's favorite
>Fish of the day
>Managers special
>A la carte

>> No.8299436

I say delish ironically

>> No.8299447

>Organic, gluten free, natural etc
>Stupid long names of dishes in restaurants for something totally conventional

>> No.8299452

I don't see the problem with calling something rustic. I mean rustic food is meant to have some sort of feel to it but I see why people don't agree.

>> No.8299495

>the best fast food sandwich
That's the McChicken, right? Plus it's at a price point that can't be beat!
I have never had one, the shilling is inside my brain now. Good work McD shill

>> No.8299520

I hate when I watch cooking shows and the faggot making the meal all of a sudden gets ethnic tongue when pronouncing an ingredient.

>> No.8299689

>Brits don't use their language in the way that I, a retarded Yank, deem to be correct
>That means they're doing it wrong!
Take thine own life

>> No.8299696

The answer should be obvious: those hours are slow so they're a way to drum up extra business during those times

>> No.8299977


>> No.8300122

Now with chickenesque Fla-Vor nodes

>> No.8301475


>> No.8301494

how much of a faggot do you have to be to get triggered by food related words?

what? Baby will thrown a tantrum if I say I got the munchies? Are you gonna cry?

I swear to god that If i noticed somebody suddenly going all passive aggressive on my after I said something like craving I will put his face on the fucking hot barbie m8

>> No.8301539

>open sandwich - on toast
>artisanal - this pizza is unsymmetrical, that'll be $45
>foodie - I ate at a local burger joint once and I wrote a blog post about it
>food blogger - single mom who doesn't cook for her kids and instead takes them out to fast food places

>> No.8301562

"fly" can refer to the speed at which you arrive somewhere, as in very fast. "glass" never refers to paper.

>> No.8301570

What exactly are you trying to say? That because a cup of liquid is a measurement, we should be able to refer to a paper cup as a glass?

If so, you're wrong and no debate can help you.

>> No.8301734

>implying your face wouldn't get pushed onto the barbie first for saying "craving"

>> No.8301768

The word you want is asymmetrical.

>> No.8301804

No, everyone is aware of that old Jurassic Park/tv meme about Chilean seabass.

>> No.8301815

Generally I don't like this either. This comes from people not really thinking about what they're saying. This is a heuristic association but its one of the shortcomings of heuristic.

>> No.8302782

Memes I'm fucking sick of hearing on amaracan tv:

> sloppy joe
> mac'n'cheese
> carbs (so fucking retarded they need to degenerate every word to 3 or 4 fucking letters with "s" in the end)
> fats
> protein
> veggies (another fucking retarded bimbo level tendency JESUS FUCKING H., DIE ALREADY!)
> bacon (literal meme)
> scrambled eggs (what are you, fucking brainwashed dickheads?)
> using brands instead of the actual names (nutella instead of chocolate paste with trace nuts)
> burgers (actually the least annoying cause a lot of the time it's used ironically)

>> No.8302894

Is that fuccin Bubsy?

>> No.8302900
File: 41 KB, 720x565, 1479593039685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This triggers my 'tism every time

>> No.8302915

>nutella instead of chocolate paste with trace nuts

>> No.8302940

>chili and sea bass
You dumb fucker

>> No.8303239

>using brands instead of the actual names (nutella instead of chocolate paste with trace nuts)
When is the average person going to use or reference a chocolate paste with trace nuts that ISN'T Nutella?

Isn't it safe to assume that when a person says "Nutella" they are in fact referring to the actual product with that name?

>> No.8303302
File: 215 KB, 500x371, 321354681845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ancient grains

>> No.8303314

I hate this word in general.

>> No.8303326

>4chan sticker on the dishwasher

>> No.8303382


>> No.8303610

Just like a tissue is called a "Kleenex", you have "Jello" shots no matter what brand of gelatin you used, and cotton swabs are called "Q-tips".

>> No.8303659

That's what it's meant to mean but it's a marketing term. Pretty much any grain can call itself a superfood as well as any weird fruit. Avocado is marketed as a superfood and it's like 150 calories per fruit with next to no actual nutrition to show for it.

>> No.8303671


>> No.8303703

Nigga you are fucking dumb, and I'm not even American.

>> No.8303880

>being this angry
Anger Over 9000!!!!

>> No.8304444

I think texture works in this case, because of fucking course you'd be feeling the texture within your mouth.

>> No.8304476


>> No.8304479

Fuck that

also in that same category when people call cucumbers "cukes"

>> No.8304480

The fuck else do you call it?

>> No.8304507

>this whole thread
>not one activate

wow /ck/ just wow

>> No.8304513

I live in fucking Texas, the only people calling all soda "coke" are Hispanics, everyone else just asks for the soda by name. What shitholes do you consider "southern"?

>> No.8304527

I think he's saying that unless Sonic serves water in 8oz portions, it's not a cup.

>> No.8304545

Ladies (kek) and gentlemen, I present to you:
Literal Autism!
(or German "humour")

>> No.8304549

>you need to stop
>You are going to get diabetes
And my favorite
>Do you want to live past 40?

>> No.8304557

Was soll das heißen?

>> No.8304571

Not really, although I suppose it depends on what you use cinnamon and nutmeg in/with.

>> No.8304575

Ma'am, you might want to leave...

>> No.8304582

You wouldn't happen to have a link to that, would you?

>> No.8304587

He does have something up his sleeve... it's just more turtles.

>> No.8304618

>you didn't think about the food's feelings
... what? Where did you hear that? Was it a business?
If so, please include name of business and state (if chain city and zip code will be needed).
Please and Thank You.

>> No.8304634

It's times like this that I wish I had a "Bait" folder...

>> No.8304639

German humour is regarded by some to be spectacularly shit.
>It's a meme, you dip.

>> No.8304769

where's the proof

>> No.8305711

poo poo platter

>> No.8305977

Stop making up new special snowflake labels pls

>> No.8305989


>> No.8306171

Chilean Seabass retard

>> No.8306187

what else do you call the savory flavor of glutamic acid you fucking faggot?

>> No.8306244

referring to certain ingridients as umami, umami booster, or bombs like Kenji does, is fine
but the foody fags have the talent to call every fucking savory dish they eat umami, they use it as an adjective equally used and equally cringy as "delish"

>> No.8306369

wait does milk and melk not sound the same should i pronounce it Mylk like mild but with a K?

also smangwitch

>> No.8306428

Do you pronounce dick and deck the same? Pig and peg? They're two different vowels, represented by /J/ and /ɛ/ in the IPA. Maybe your language doesn't have one of them.

>> No.8306436

That J should look like a small capital i.

>> No.8306851
File: 724 KB, 2448x3264, 1413107875862.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

baited for this EXACT response

>> No.8307614

I hate that term too, what does it mean?

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