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Does /ck/ like Daves?

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It's OK. A few drops in a bowl of soup/chili is about all it's good for

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i used to have it with everything when i was a teenager

i have a ridiculous tolerance for spiciness now but i don't see the point in stuff this hot for general use.

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IMO there's actually a very nice pepper flavor to the ghost pepper in the brief moment you get before the heat takes over. I like to add a a dash to my bulk meals (Jambalaya, for example) while it cooks. In a full size pot it will retain the pepper flavor but dilute all the heat.

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>Tfw always within arms reach while shitposting /ck/

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Cholula chili garlic sauce is better. Anything else is literally faggots

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Is that your personal lube collection?

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No. I like the heat level but it tastes like rancid feces. I can only put it in strongly-flavored, heavy stews like chili. Never in anything with a light broth or on seafood. I've had the same bottle I got as a gift for over a year.

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This. Great heat, but it just tastes like absolute shit.

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I picked some of that Noh up from Oahu last year and desu its way to sweet for me.

You're a giant fucking faggot. Tapatio is better in every single way. Fucking Valentinos is better than Cholushit.

Also. Since this is Hot Sauce general. Dont fall for the Secret Aardvark hype. Bought a fucking 10 dollar bottle on Amazon and its shit.

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First off, Valantina isn't even comparable to either, because it's a completely different style. Tapiato is a cheap Cholula, but he was talking about garlic chili not the original, so you're off base on that one too.

There is no such thing as an objectively better hot sauce, but the only exception is the one you just mentioned. Tapiato is to Cholula like generic Food Club is to Louisiana. This is coming from a guy who buys every new hot sauce he sees compulsively at grocery stores, so I probably have around 50 or so floating around at a time.

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You can take that wooden cap and shove it and your shit tastes up your ass. Post your sauce collection if you're so bad. And the fuck is a food club. Sounds flyover as fuck.

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>Smoky Chipotle Tabasco

Mah African-American gentleman!

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It's my local grocery stores' generic brand.

Not my fault you don't have enough of a sample size that you still compare different styles of hot sauce apples to oranges.

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I am not familiar with Dave's, but can I just say that cocaine must be an ingredient in Frank's RedHot. There is no other explanation.

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ebin maymay bru

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>not eating Satan's Ghost

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A bit of a pain to find but Marie Sharp's sauces are on point. Especially the green, orange, and grapefuit versions.

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