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Which one is better?

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Cholula is a little too sweet for me

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I grew up with tabasco as my go too besides Louisiana Hot sauce.

I never really fancied Cholula.

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the correct answer is

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lousiana senpai

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The 'sco beats the 'la
>fucking disgracive picture of tabasco
now THIS is an image of Tabasco

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>soap vs hot sauce
Wow real tough decision there.

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chipotle tabasco

alternatively habanero tabasco

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Tabasco is literally the shittest hot sauce ever created
Tapatio tho....

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Cholula is better than tapatio imo

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This shit is king. It's at your local Dollar Tree. It smokes Tobasco and is fucking god tier.

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Choulala is king of mexican hot sauces.

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Is franks red for plebs? It's the only hot sauce I've had at home. It's pretty good

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between these two, cholula every time.

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Back the fuck up, GOAT coming through.

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It's right up there with Sriracha as a kind of Reddit: The Hot Sauce. You should branch out and just try some other brands.

I think Tabasco deserves some respect. The reason that hot sauce is even a staple condiment is almost entirely due to Tabasco. That alone deserves thanks and respect.

Surprisingly good. It's like 49 cents at Publix and shit, always on sale. A little less salt would be perfect, but I do like how it's basically a mildly hot vinegar. Sometimes that's what I need.

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Cholula but only if it's the chili garlic kind

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Which brands would you recommend?

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this shit right here

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This thread has been pretty solid, surprisingly, all have been good recommendations. You said you like Frank's, so maybe a more mild sauce? I like Crystal, mainly for its pricepoint and heavy use of vinegar; you could seriously just use it on a salad it's that tart.

Valentina's I like too, mainly because of how you can buy it. It comes in a massive bottle, easy to store. And as others have noted Colula is a bit too sweet for me, but that's preference.

I will say, avoid any temptation to go fancy or buy those overpriced kits. Hot Sauce purists are the worst fucking people out there, they'd call you a pleb for not spending $30 on a 2 oz bottle.

What's more important is finding a flavor, and that can be hard. The Chipotle Tabasco, for example, I've never found in the grocery store. I can rarely find their Habanero sauce anymore. So you just got to go hunting a little bit, and you'll find something.

And if not, then Frank's might be your thing. And while I was being cheeky with the Reddit comment, what you like is what you like

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this delicious mother fucker right here or green el yukateco

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seriously though, not a fan of it

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Thanks for the info, friend! I haven't experimented much with hot sauces because it gives me the worst shits. I've just recently started eating it again and fucking loving it.

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>says goat
>uploads yellow label instead of black label
Here's your (You)

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Is that really necessary? Go to the store and buy a few different bottles of hot sauce. Do you really need to have strangers on the internet give you advice before you take the huge step of spending a couple bucks on condiments?

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This shit's better than Tapatio and half the price. Neither compare to Tobasco or Cholula, which are vinegar as fuck. Whole different class. Cholula is better.

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>ugh why are you discussing food and cooking on a board dedicated to food and cooking

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Tastes like really watered down Tapatio to me

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i buy so much hot sauce.. being a hot sauce loyalist is for plebs

there's something wrong with you if you eat the same flavor everyday and not get bored

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I only like valentina more on tacos, cholula is better on other foods.

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I wish they sold these in liter bottles. For the amounts I'm using the small bottles are too expensive for continued use.

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Maybe you plebs should start making your own hot sauces and salsas instead of buying them.

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I use mostly Tabasco and Crystal these days. I went through a phase where I had and extensive collection of meme sauces but don't do that anymore. If hot sauces are that important to what you eat then your probably a shit cook or constantly eat shit. I'll add a little Tabasco to zip up soups or French fries, crystal mixes well into sauces and is good for chicken.

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making them is good.. but variety is good too

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This has been my dilemma...the hot sauce battle. So many out there, so many price points...one little bottle marked "XXX-TRAA Hot" for 6 bucks, then you come to find that salt and vinegar are the two leading tastes...

Me personally...I take Sambal Oelek as a base, mix it with crushed red peppers, diced ginger, some cayenne powder, and a squirt or two of Sriracha...if you want to tone it down, add some ketchup...the end result is a thick hot sauce without all the overpowering salt and vinegar that all these more watery, small bottles seem to champion...

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Crystal is godly in any kind of rice and beans sort of thing.

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This. Got it for Christmas and it gives me the worst farts I've ever had in my entire life for a full day or two after eating a small amount. I literally cleared out a hospital maternity ward waiting room and a liquor store in the same day on a single dose.

Can't wait till I get jury duty, I'm gonna pregame this stuff the night before.

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Neither. Blis all day er'r'day.

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Crystal is my favorite by far.

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Saw someone mention it. This is my favorite hot sauce.

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I sure love me some pb poisoning

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Cholua by a mile but Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce is the best there is.

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Yeah lemme me just store these peppers for 3 years in oak barrels and filter out the seeds and skins and stir for 3-4 weeks with vinegar


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Most hot sauces aren't made with aged peppers, anon.

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And FINALLY the correct answer is posted.

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cholula fo sho

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Are you retarded get of this board now and end yourself

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I wouldnt call it goat but it's good

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But the best one is
>normie get of my board ree:)

Fucking dumbass

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May not be available nation wide but pic related is my go to.

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Agreed i have 10 different sauces for diiferent foods.

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This is the correct answer

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The correct answer.

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ITT People only list hot sauces you can find at Wal-Mart. Pic related is best hot sauce, really subtle, light heat but packed with great flavor.

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>baitin' this hard

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oh sorry i meant to post another generic supermarket salty vinegar water with no actual ingredients my bad, i thought i was on /ck/

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tabasco better

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Adding cilantro into your sauce does not necessarily make it better.

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Cholula, but it needs to be the garlic flavor.

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Thanks mate I'm in Australia and just used up next month's bandwidth opening that picture

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Back the fuck up you fucking mongoloids and glimpse the true face of hot sauce perfection

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There are people that actually like Tabasco?

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Cholula 'cause you didn't offer the true superior sauce

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Tabasco for hot sauce
Cholula for flavor sauce

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It's hot sauce for women. That's why there's one on the bottle.

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Tabasco is my go to simple hot sauce. I think the flavor blends well with a lot of other foods.

Sort of, yeah. Frank's is basically just a shittier Tobasco.

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Mah niggah.
Chipotle Tabasco is incredible. That smokiness.
Haven't tried the latter yet.

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Pretty much the right choice. It's pretty much made the original irrelevant to me. This and the Buffalo.

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Got a bottle of Franks RedHot and Cholula. They're both pretty good, but RedHot just goes with a lot more foods than Cholula. Probably because it's more of a neutral heat with that Buffalo undertone.

Cholula's pretty much only there when I make tacos or anything with beans.

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This ones in it's own lane

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Way too mild. However, the black label (I think it's called Hotter?) is pretty solid.

>> No.7521604

I can only get medium at my store and it's pretty lame

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Oh, I'm so sorry my sauce isn't organic and grown by hippies living in a commune using fertilizer made from their own shit.

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Children eat that. I think this is a thread about hot sauces

Source: Arriba arriba ajua

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This is the best hot sauce I've ever had.

Eh, a lot of people claim it's the traditional buffalo wing sauce. I really associate it with that "buffalo" flavor, but the piquance is pretty disappointing.

That stuff tastes like rotten ass. I like the heat but holy shit, it ruins everything it touches.

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Depends on the dish. Cholula for burritos or tacos. Tabasco for scrambled eggs and pizza.

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its not in a bottle so it doesnt count?

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Love how nervous that duck looks.

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Mah nigga.


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I mix the two together to give the Cholula a much-needed bit of spice.
Sometimes I mix Peri-Peri sauce with Cholula.

Also, I prefer Cholula Garlic.

>> No.7524176

That duck looks like he belongs on a can of pipian sauce.

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GOAT sauce, don't eat it too much though because has a ton of lead apparently.

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this is the god tier tabasco, habanero

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>super thick hot sauce
> taste like watered down blah blah


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i think it is just a meme

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What? Valentina tastes like Tapatio with water added to it. I said nothing of it's consistency. You could also try making a point, so people don't think you're an absolute retard.

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Can anyone suggest some good sauces that have a solid amount of heat without being "lmao ghost peppers, I'm so hardcore". Pic related, just finished a bottle of the middle stuff, their XXXtra hot. It's about the hottest I'd want, any more and I wouldn't taste any flavor. For reference, it's 11,600 scoville units

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Anyone try this? I don't want the insanity stuff

>> No.7526491

lav it

>> No.7526659

There is no better or worse, just better suited to what you're eating. I probably have about 60 kinds of hot sauces, and no one is best.

On a side note, if you want to test out your hot sauces, get those cheap chicken taquitos from the freezer section. Not real tacos mind you, but those are so bland that they're the perfect canvas to try out and compare hot sauces on.

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the green is so good with carnitas

>> No.7526763


I don't.

hated that vinegar taste in my hot sauce.

>> No.7526767

>all this plebeian grocery store taste in hot sauce

stay pleb, /ck/

>> No.7527277

Deliberately poisoning your food with tasteless pain.

You hotfags are total morons

>> No.7527294


why does this anon think we don't know what Tapatio is

>> No.7527339

The best sauce of all time for me.

>> No.7527364

Omfg in buying this right now. Fuck yes!

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i love hot sauce. there's at least 6 different bottles in house at all times.

this shit, i like to melt my face off, this shit did it better than any hot sauce ever. i saw a grown man reduced to sweaty tears of agony by this. tried to warn him, but he was far too macho to heed my advice.

>> No.7527443

>not extra hot

>> No.7527470

It is way overblown the highest they found was 0.23 ppm which is double the FDA limit, which sounds bad but it is about half the 0.5 ppm limit for candy.
>It really isn't anything to worry about, you more likely to hurt yourself eating at chipotle

>> No.7527483

Get fucked with that weak ass sauce. Tabasco is the nectar of the gods not only in this universe but in other universes as well

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Valentina Extra Hot is my hot sauce of choice because I'm too poor to afford Cholula.

>> No.7527758

>cholula - $3.50 a bottle
>valentina - $1 a bottle
The difference in quality is negligible anyhow, so fuck it

>> No.7527783

I prefer the chalupa sauce

>> No.7527797

Cholula is basically valentinas with less spice and more vinegar. You aren't missing much.

>> No.7527806

All of the flavors are great that I've tried

>> No.7528695


wew lad

>> No.7528705

No love for Texas Pete?

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I've been getting down with this fucker at work. Purdy fucking good

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Just ordered a bottle of this stuff, never had any Dave's sauces before

>> No.7529286

>'Hot' sauce
It literally tastes like watery ketchup

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I just came back from a trip to Food Depot and saw this floating in the Hispanic aisle. It's actually Jamaican, but from the quick dash I've tasted it's pretty damn good. It's got the vinegary flavor I like in my sauces but has some surprising bite. It also lists cane vinegar, and it does taste somewhat different. I'm making Jambalaya tomorrow so I'll give it a proper test in that.

Anyone try it before?

>> No.7529559

more like lava it.

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>> No.7529852

this to be quite honest

>> No.7529853

Smoked Tabasco. Occasionally plain old Valentina.

>> No.7531363

Tabasco for worldwide availability.

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>Tabasco "hot sauce"
It's just peppery vinegar.

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File: 250 KB, 2000x2000, 1442914039-8712566366439-tabasco-sauce-fume-chipotle-57ml-fop-jpg-hd[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Again with the shit quality tabasco pics

>> No.7532789

So how do you make yours?

>> No.7533385

this shit is soo fucking good cant even explain it

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Different sauces for different uses.

But my go to is LA hit sauce. Best all around sauce because of its simplicity.

>> No.7533437

I had some really good hot sauce that was green but I can't remember what brand it was. Post pics of green ones until I recognize it.

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How's it taste?

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File: 94 KB, 600x600, el-yucateco-salsa-kutbil-ik-exxxtra-hot-mayan-habanero-sauce-120ml-10001-p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>El Yucateco

This stuff right here. It's not "the" green sauce but it's kinda green and hot as hell. The red habanero is awesome as well. Habanero pepper is the first or second ingredient listed on both of them, no pussy pepper

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The real winner. I really wish this was more available

>> No.7534338

Mein nigga.

>> No.7534346

the one true hot sauce

lousianna is no. 2 for me, then maybe franks, then cholula, then tobasco

sriracha is great, but, like, a totally different thing

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Only real choice. Perfect on ice cream.

>> No.7534355

Just tried this stuff recently, it's great. Good flavor and heat.

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From left to right

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File: 70 KB, 1024x929, 1457924591782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 103 KB, 1000x1000, habanero-hot-sauce-secre-22144-16z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7538121

You know how I know you're an insufferable california faggot?

>> No.7538125


>tfw only an inch left in your last bottle and going to need to pay those shipping fees to obtain more

>> No.7538282


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