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Hey /ck/ I just got FDA permit to sell my hot sauce in the US.

Anyone got any ideas about how I go about propmoting it and stuff for USA peeps?

pic related, the chili pepper variety I'm using

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make it taste really good and you won't need a gimmick/novelty factor.

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Bullshit. Nobody would sink the money for FDA approval and not have a plan to bring the product to market.

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FDA approval is free, my friend!

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well, I guess I got that. The peppers are lightly smoky, sort of like chipotle, but not as overpowering and they have a higher heat level.

Do you eat hot sauce? what do you like?

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Make a series of terrible cooking videos on youtube.

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lol, yeah I started on that but not sure if it works. beware of quality and public domain music.


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I suggest talking to this guy who made pic related. Doing a production run is an expensive process and he can tell you all about it.

Dunno if this number is accurate now, but is was last year.
I can't post the phone number but look up Capn Sleepy.

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Kind of sucks that 4chan thinks a phone number is spam. What the fuck ever.

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Thanks anon!

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8x0x0x2x5x0x6x7x7x7x Florida

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fucking above and beyond helpful anon. Once I get into amazon I'm getting you a free coupon.

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OP, whatever you do, don't name it something stupid like "xxx blow your balls off fire hot" sauce. I look at all these stupid bottles in my local stores and never go for them. Come up with a name that implies spicyness, either something with the name of a chili you use your location. Kinda like Louisiana hot sauce is so popular across the country.

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I like hot sauce. Is it acidic at all? does it have a sweet taste like tomatoes or carrots? the smokyness sounds like a nice flavor

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It's mostly peppers, garlic, sugar cane vinegar, some salt. The peppers add sweetness so it has that hint of sweetness found in sriracha type sauces.

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Depends on the sauce, for instance pic related is carrot based but doesn't taste like carrots.

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Leave it "accidentally" at a Chipotle

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>like sriracha

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btw, that Melinda's goes great on dimsum.

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sounds like a good idea!

What type of food does /ck/ like to eat with hot sauce?

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Make sure it tastes good with wings fried chicken and butter.

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Has this become a survey thread?

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come on anon, I meant it like it's not tabasco/crystal's/texas pete style sauces.

It's different from Sriracha, but it has that sweetness in common with it. Recipe's been in my family for some 6 generations...or longer!

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not really, it's because anon suggested that I "accidentally" leave it at Chipotle, So that got me thinking where more could I "accidentally" leave them.

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A pooper on a chair?

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oh, anon! nevah change.

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Firehouse Subs often have a collection of hot sauces for customer is on their counters. You could try there.

You'd only have to leave a couple bottles too, instead of one at each table.

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awesome! you're a true hero anon!

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fuck no, it's not. my aunt sells 'home made' salsa in the midwest (hur dur, inb4 flyover) and it cost close to 50k for all the licensing, inspections, paperwork, etc.....
the fact that she sells it 'interstate' which falls under federal jurisdiction likely has implications

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I'm intrigued.

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Don't underestimate how stupid people can be

I've had friends consider business loans for machinery to make a product that is traditionally made by hand before ever actually making one sample of the product.

People inherit money or somehow get loans to invest in stupid fucking ideas and poorly execute them (see jack scalfani). Most businesses fail, OP is getting into a highly over saturated market, better have some originality to your brand.

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welp, Since my factory comes froma foreign land, it is. I just have to be registered with the FDA.

I just have to be legal here, which I am, and follow proper safety and hygene guidelines and GMP and be open for FDA inspection if required.

AAAAActually, if it wasn't hot sauces but salsa which has a higher PH and falls under a different category, you have to file with FCE (canning) and there's more paperwork to be done I guess that's more expensive though.

You know what anons, since you've been helpful, when I'm set up with amazon, I'll promise to come back and give some coupons for free product if anybody is interested, but I don't know if that courts with community standards of advertising.

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Thanks for the business tip Anon, I've done my research and my brand is doing well enough in my home country so I guess I have that going for me.

I'm sure I'll find my niche, but I'mm getting jitters.

It's been some 4 years of hard work and losing my previous job of HSQ for big pharma. So shit, I am betting my future on this thing, and I appreciate voices like yours telling me where shit can go wrong.

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Dude i love hot sauce. Make that happen..

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I'm guessing mid november. Thanks.

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i'll be here.

i work in a dope restaurant so if it's good maybe we could utilize it in some way.. that would be pretty cool.

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Hot sauce is for military chow

if your restaurant really was dope, you wouldn't have hot sauce

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we don't have hot sauce..

but that doesn't mean that a good hot sauce couldn't be utilized and incorporated into high end food

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You'd just use the chilies fam

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should we be expected to make our own soy sauce? our own vinegar?

we do make our own hot sauce for our oysters, but that doesn't mean we couldn't utilize a tasty sauce made by some anon on /ck/ if it's good

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OP my girl loves hot sauce. Where can I buy a bottle? Amazon me a link nigga i'll buy a bottle right now.

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Fuck off nigger

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Ugh sorry anon, i'm printing labels next week so i'll start selling mid november!

Thank you

It's a really nice sauce anon, it has the seeds in it and its more viscous than Louisiana style hot sauce, but less than salsa. Restaurants are one of my target markets.

I hope you'll try it anon. Give it the benefit of the doubt. It has a great taste.


High end hot sauce, yo. just look at the pic. Natural ingredients minimum processing...

How does $5 sound for 8.5 oz (250 ml.)

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Mil folk get those cute mini tabascos.

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Yo I'm wanting to do the same thing. Growing like 6 different types of chillies.
I'm from Australia though where we don't have many hot sauces, so the market is saturated but I'm not sure if the demand is there.

What makes your sauce different from others, do you use a weird technique that provides a unique taste?

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Ok here's my schtick:

The peppers come from the maya highlands in central america which is where chili peppers were first cultivated by humans.

The variety I'm using is something of a hidden gem, access to this pepper was almost nil, thanks to a 50 year civil war that only ended in the late 90s.

The sauce is a recipe that has been in my family for hundreds of years, a mixture of maya/spanish cuisine, that I've tweaked by adding other pepper varieties to reduce the heat so that more flavors can be perceived into what I think is a distinct flavor profile that enhances any food it touches.

I only use premium ingredients, like pure sugar cane vinegar and sugar, sea salt, heritage peppers, and the pepper which is dried and smoked by the same mayan farmers who cultivate it.

I'm betting people will at least want to try an authentic premium hot sauce and then get hooked on the quality and taste.

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I'd really appreciate it if anons tell me if my english is understandable as this description will more or less go into my webpage.

Thanks /ck/!

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I'd try it out. The hard part seems to be getting it on shelves here in the USA.

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Your English is fine, it's better than most people's English in fact and most certainly better than my Spanish.

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I know! That's why I want it on amazon first and then I think I'll cold call some distributors after sales pick up....hopefully.

Thanks anon!

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This sounds interesting. If you get it on amazon I would definitely try some. What do you think you would charge per bottle?

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Im thinking $5 per 8.5 oz (250ml.) in the US.

What do you think about that price?

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Sounds perfectly reasonable. You might even be able to charge more because your product sounds like it would have major hipster appeal. Especially if it's all organic etc. Let us know when you start selling it.

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Thanks, will do! /ck/ will be the first to know.

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I'd be pretty cool if you put some kind of /ck reference on the label.

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Make sure you have your insurance and "ducks in a row" so to speak. There's always some nigger or islamic here in the USA living to be offended and waiting to sue.

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Before doing a production run you should consider incorporating to limit liability. If something weird happens and hopefully it wont, but one never knows, that limits your liability.

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>Wa La!

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Amazon seems kind of dodgy, I wouldn't trust that my sole distributer.

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I don't think I could take any product that had "Wa la!" on the label seriously.

>> No.7016297

That works

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>Hammy down recipe from muh abuelita

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What country OP? trying to figure out which brand of sauce you have while reasonably aware that you might be hesitant to post the name here

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Wow, is it that bad? I've always thought the lawsuit culture was more of a movie thing.

Could you explain more, anon? Is this some sort of legal figure for business?

At least until I have some sort of clout in the hot sauce market. I'm sort of not drowning in cash, or else I would have gone to some trade/food show first.

Crap! Final artwork is in the printshop! Let's see if I can sneak some /ck/ reference in the next label print. Maybe that bit about checking oil temperature for deep frying with ice cubes...

Hammy down!
Classic.. I'm putting that on my recipe page.

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Guatemala. It's been on store shelves here for one year.

No problem...I've been intentionally vague about brand name and location because I don't want to run a foul of community guidelines for creeping in publicity for my product without actually paying for it.

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1) Get it on youtube via one of those cooking whores that get posted her
2) Make sure you have online distribution
3) Have a contest where people make youtube commercials for your hotsauce. Give out coupons for entrants
4. Make holiday gift baskets around it. Maybe a holiday taco kit or some shit I don't know it's your business
5. Whore it good on 4chan, especially /ck/
6. Kickstart it for no other reason than to kickstart it
7. Get your buddy to bring a gun to a school/university/church/videogame convention picnic. Before he starts shooting up the place, blind him with your hotsauce and whore it good on the news
8. Start a rumour wherein if you snort your hotsauce, you'll trip balls. Then stupid teens will buy your snortsauce.
9. Have hot ladies pose nude while being doused in your hotsauce
10. Yeah, get some product placement in porno movies. LIke the pizza man brings the pizza, and he uses your hotsuace on the pizza and his man sauce on her face. Or maybe she spices up the cumshot by adding your hotsauce to it.

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If this thing ever makes money stateside, you're getting hired as a marketing VP

>> No.7016546

>No other hotsauce has blinded more pornstars than my hotsauce!

Also, you could make it niche by only showing it gay porno, so it becomes the gay hotsauce all the gays use.

>> No.7016558

Hot sauce knows no genders nor sexual orientation, no political inclinations nor religious affiliation.

Also, your mom's gay.

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3 and 6, the public will see right through it. It's not 2012 anymore lads. 6 in particular, 3 may still carry some traction with housewifes facebook groups.
8 is still good for a few years, we are only beginning to become critical of internet advice
9 is going to offend tumblerettes. No longer the 90s and whatnot.
7 and 10 are fucking hilarious.

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some are predictable, some are solid gold.

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In terms of liability if you incorporate then if some fag sues you for whatever reason then damages are limited to what your corporation has, otherwise the damages go personal and they can take your house and everything you own.

It's not just hollywood shit, it's reality so it's best to protect yourself and your company.

For actual production runs, a lot of people think it's fantasy land or something and there a lot of costs involved, just complying with laws and getting licenses and stuff. You can't just make a batch of sauce in your kitchen and sell it nationally, you can to a few neighbors but that's not a real business.

Before doing anything serious I suggest talking to a lawyer, and from what you said, you're sourcing peppers from Guatemala, then you're dealing with international stuff and you'll probably have to payoff their local types to get a consistant source of product to make your sauce.

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I'm not discouraging you, I'm just saying that you should be aware of the costs involved. You can't make a batch of sauce in your kitchen and then magically become a millionaire. You need to make a business plan.

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If you have a really good recipe there are companies that will produce it for you. Just make sure to incorporate first so you can license it to the other company that does the production.

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Awesome! thanks dude, But I'm serious as fuck. I'm legal in Guatemala and have been selling my sauce for one year.

All the business stuff is taken care of according to local legislation, and I guess the distributor would be liable in the USA. I guess I overlooked that so I'll look into that with my lawyers. just to see if I need insurance or whatever. recipes can't really be patented so I'll be counting on my trademark and it's value to generate profits in the longrun.

I just got my FDA permit to export to the US. and I have a business plan, but this is a big step for my company and I'm getting some jitters, I guess I needed some reassurance.

I don't think I'll millionaire myself, but if I do, expect a party to celebrate with my /ck/ bros who've kept me company these past 6 years through thick and thin.

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How is your business doing in Guatemala?
By the way, I just wanted to say that this has been one of the most civil threads I've seen here for quite some time. I wish you luck OP.

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Contact Calvert Retail, it's a family-owned East Coast chain of kitchen stores. I'm the food buyer. Can't post an email here but look me up. We have 9 stores now, big 'uns, and each has a big hot sauce section.

Obviously can't make any promises but we do like to bring new products to market and highlight the small businessman.

can't post contact info here, but look it up.

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