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This any good. What's a God tier hot sauce, I'm tired of tobasco.

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Yes. It's spicier and has less of a vinegar flavor than Tabasco. It's still not very spicy in the grand scheme of things, though.

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Tobasco? Not even tried sriracha? And cholula is good.

>why even asking

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Tabasco is my fave everyday sauce. Try crystal, also good.

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That's the hot sauce for people who don't like hot sauce.

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Whats something i can cook with hot sauce? I don't like the taste of it as a condiment but i like spicy.

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Cholula is fine, but not god tier. I use it on popcorn and some other things I don't want much heat on.

Pic related is god tier. My favorite is the orange one. There is a black one now but I only found it once.

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>not liking hot sauce as a condiment

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>I don't like the taste of it as a condiment but i like spicy.

The fuck? Have you only tried like ONE kind? There is a big variety of flavors in hot sauces out t there.

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Just cook with fresh chiles then

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This for taste

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Those are really good, my favorite is the green. I've had the brown too, I found them at walmart of all places, the brown is nothing to write home about. The green and the red are best and I've never seen the black for sale anywhere either.

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Yucateca green habanero is the best. I love it. Makes my poops extra spicy tho

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Those are all top notch, my favorite's are the brown extra hot and the orange carribean. Green is good but its so coloured it makes foods look weird so I don't use it often.

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I don't find the brown hot at all, the green and red were hotter to me and more flavorful but yeah, food coloring, it would be cool to see those sauces before the coloring is added.

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>the brown is nothing to write home about
Before the orange that was actually my favorite. And...

Weird. Including myself, I know 4 people who agree it is the hottest. It is still their favorite.

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How? Cholula is delicious.

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My brown is much spicier than green or red, I also favor it because its a neutral and natural color.

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Just saw the black, how is it. I have the green it's really good

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This is AMAZING if you like the flavor of cumin and considerable heat. It's got quite the bold flavor and smells great. Hotter than El Yucateco but not unbearable or super concentrated.

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>Just saw the black, how is it

Smoky, and from what I remember it is on the heat level of the green and red.

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Cholula is amazing. I can't really handle really hot sauce so Cholula is perfect. It's the perfect amount of heat while still keeping flavor

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mah nigga

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Make your own hot sauce.

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>tired of tabasco
>can't even spell it yet

Damn nigga.

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Cholula is good.

All the mainstream Mexican hot sauces are good, Cholula, Valentina, and Tapatio all work their way into my kitchen.

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Guam style denanche.

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This shit specifically is delicious - Chilli Garlic Cholula. It tastes better than normal Cholula, very close to Valentina sauce.

Valentina is also very good, as is Tapatio, El Yutanesco whatever and the West Indies something or other is nice on fish.

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it's a very flavorful (tomato and maybe carrots I think) sauce that goes well in soups. Hell I made beef barley the other day and added about ten drops. It was real nice

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Normal Tabasco is "hot vinegar", but Tabascos Habanero Sauce is good. Also the one in the pic.
I love Habanero sauces.

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Fair enough, maybe there's a combination of shit QA on it and differences in our tastes.

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What's fun is you get something neutral like crab rangoon and try out a couple drops of each one on the things. You'll need one without anything to start and end.

Compare and contrast is fun shit.

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why is every fucking "really hot" hot sauce based on either habanero,or some FUCKMYSHITUP hot pepper like jolokia and ghost peppers?

Why not a madame jeanette or adjuma or something similair.

The heat level of most habanero sauces is GOAT but I cant stand that overly zesty,fruity fucking flavour.

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This is pretty standard in SoCal.

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Good stuff.

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> move to new york
> girlfriend still in california for 6 months
> annoyed by shitty mexican food here; ask her to mail me some la vics sauce
> she puts a bottle in a ziplock, boxes it up, ships it out
> gets here three days later on a hot new york day
> open it up
> bottle crushed, ziplock full of sauce
> open ziplock
> sauce smells rancid
> squeeze as much back into the bottle as I can
> clean it, stick it in fridge
> investigate later, still smells rancid; tastes okay once you get past the rancid front flavor
> mfw I've still been using it for a month now because I know how expensive it was to ship out

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there was this hot sauce I cant remember the name of but it was pretty good might have been dans prime although I don't think so. Might have been called texas best or something.

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my nigger

probably the only good thing about san jose
I like angelou's for overall quality though

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the original is really mild though

how is the chipotle flavor?

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This shit right here

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came here to post this

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that's going to wreak havoc on your guts m8

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I like these but I can't find them anywhere.

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This one is good too
I've bought places out in NYC, I think the name of a couple are Garden of Eden and Gourmet Garage.

It's easier to just buy them online now.

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This is pretty awesome, the owner of the company was supposed to send me a bottle but it never arrived. It's cool to talk with people that make these things, you get an understanding of what it takes and how much it costs to make a production run.

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I'm surprised no one ever mentions this stuff. It's one of the few "conventional" sauces that I would describe as "perfect." Apparently, the internet agrees because it gets perfect ratings everywhere you look. Thing is, unless you live in the South you'll have to order it online.

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I think a lot of people think of this as a gimmick sauce because of the brain, but honestly it's the best hot sauce I've ever tasted. Put this sauce in a bowl with some cold shrimp, fucking heaven.

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Is there a point to eating super hot sauces? Other than shitting fire?

Honestly I can't handle most common hot sauces, but, habanero fuck my shit up fam, stuff just kills me.

When you get used to it, does it taste better?

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homemade habanero hot sauce made with carrots. GOAT

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Cholula is good. It's not very hot, but has a nice flavor. Less vinegary than Tobasco. Try it.

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>not having a huge bag of crush red Thai chili from the Asian grocery store
>not having half a pound of habanero powder

Tabasco Habanero is the absolute minimum.

The red habanero tastes like fucking Tabasco ketchup. The black tastes like dirt and smoke.

Habanero is one of the better tasting peppers that you can easily get.

Jalapeno (fresh, fuck that pickled shit) are also good, but have a strong flavor that doesn't mix well with some things. They can range from not-hot to "that's kinda hot." I like jalapeno on my hamburgers (Five Guys for the win).

Serrano peppers are a step up from jalapeno while having a more mild flavor. I like them better for cooking with.

Even better with peaches instead.

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>with peaches instead
man that sounds great. i have had mango habanero but peach would be better

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Mango is a classic, but the peaches are slightly more mild. It's nice.

A co-worker gave me a small jar of some he made. T'was excellent.

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Marie Sharpe's

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Franks red hot sauce is overbearing as fuck imho. Its not very hot and it smells like my dumps after i eat mcdonalds breakfast burritos. I wouldnt put that shit on anything

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Valentina Black is the best overall hot sauce I've ever had. Just enough heat to satisfy that spicy craving but doesn't overpower the food. Tapatio is okay but lacking in the heat. Cholula is like ketchup.

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Tapatio is a good safe hot sauce. It's decent, easy to find, and well-priced.

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Pic related is my current favorite. It's not super hot but it's got a great sweet flavor that makes it great on pizza and subs.

A friend of mine also grabbed me a bunch of habanero stuff on his way back from Texas.

>Yucatan Sunshine.
Babby's first habanero sauce. Great flavor but mild. Good if your cooking something and want the flavor but are serving it to people who don't like super duper on the Scoville scale.

>Mad Dog's revenge.
The opposite. Great flavor but man it's up there. Makes Dave's Insanity taste like ketchup.

>Three Banditos Habanero Salsa.
This brand has got a ton of great stuff. Not super spicy for me but it's got a kick. I love pouring some of this in a bag with some chicken then grilling that shit a day later. Makes for a good smoky queso dip too.

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huy fong BTFO tbh

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If you like favor flavor over heat than this is one of the better hot sauces I've come across and it's only a $1 Walmart for 15oz.

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I love seeing all these Orientals going mental and declaring war on one another's sauces.

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Shit forgot image

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ayy lmao fake sriracha

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Always get the stuff in the can
The bottle stuff is garbo

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dont we have enough spicy condiments with birds on the packaging?

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Melinda is top tier. Favourite is pic related.

Right now Ive got around 1 litre of homemade pineapple hot sauce to use up though.

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An annoying chick at my work loves Valentina so I really fucking hate the taste of it. Odd how mental shit like that can change how you taste things sometimes.

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That sauce is awesome with white chowders when combined with a bit of black pepper. Hot, but not overly and brings a more savory, hearty flavor to it that helps compliment the soup/chowder without drowning out its flavor.

I've come to a point where a chowder isn't "whole" to me without it.

The lazyfag example I can recommend is Progresso chicken corn chowder with a few drops of cholula and a bit of the black pepper of your choice. With a bit of fresh bread, it's amazing on a cold fall/winter day.

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Seriously, has anyone here ever tried this sauce? It's so popular among those who are aware of it that you can't find it in public because everyone hoards it.

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