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What is your favorite hot sauce. pic very related

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Texas pete hot sauce

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Nutella covered Bacon

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That's awesome:d

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>Not making your own

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El Yucateco's green habanero sauce

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I like making mine out of a combination of poblano and habanero peppers, white vinegar, lime juice, liquid smoke and my own fermented feces.

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i just bought some chipotle habanero ketchup.

i dont even buy ketchup ever but it sounded so good

this tbh

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Ah... European style.

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Is there a major difference between the chicken and the goose?

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Infused franks

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Consistency, there's also one with a lady

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Never seen that one.

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I've been enjoying both Crystals original and Habanero Louisiana sauces lately.

I've actually decided not to have a favourite anymore, and will enjoy all hot sauces democratically.

But El Yucateco and Valentina are two of the best.

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Medium-sized bottle is only $1 at 99¢ stores and Mexican-themed grocery stores.

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Really digging this stuff lately. Its pretty hot, a little too much for my breakfast, but lunch/afternoon fuck yeah. It tastes different than other habanero salsas I've had, which aren't soo many but it is unique.

Other favorites: >>6783185 green, red, brown (especailly), orange, and many people don't seem to know that there is a black one as well.

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Pic related. Look at this bad boy. Its really good, and smokey.

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My favorite. Not too hot, great taste.

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king taco's hot sauce. wish i could buy these suckers in a store.

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isn't that Saddam?

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It's Jose-Luis Saavedra.

Sand niggers don't make anything.

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Frank's Red Hot has been my favorite for awhile now.

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Babbys first hat sace.

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i hear good things

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I like this stuff but I've never had tapatio so I can't decide what my go to wall building hot sauce should be

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It's shit. The military pushes that shit at all the BX and PXs. It's the most generic hot sauce one could come up with.

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nice meme sauce

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I prefer Tapatio but they are very similar. I'd say Cholula is a little sweeter.

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creepy taylor swift role playing guy, you're back on the wagon eh? what happened? rough weekend?

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Except cars run, faggot.

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and mexicans do? pretty sure middle eastern people have contributed more than mexicans

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Post disregarded.


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what about all those delicious narcotics?

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Pic related. It's got flavor and heat, that's a hard combination to come by these days when indian faggots are trying to pawn off their "ghost chilies" which taste of chemicals, just like india where they come from.

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I discovered sriracha recently and I'm putting this shit everywhere. What are some other good similar sauces?

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I make my own.

>shitload of habenaro's
>shitload of thai dragon chili peppers
>touch of salt
>olive oil
>2 red onions

Cook that shit to a simmer, poke holes in the peppers if they are still full to juice em out, cool it down and put it in the fridge.

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i prefer the salsa kutbil-ik (the brown one), but these yucateca sauces are boss as fuck

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One thing I miss about the East Coast despite it neither being Texan or Hot.

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Race cockolds pls go.

I've had this. It's tart and vinegary like ur moms anus, but its Saudi Arabian.

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Tapatillo. If I wanted vinegar I'd have asked for it.

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As a eurofag, is this really a thing in murica?

I mean do people there really like mixing sugar related stuff with bacon or is it just a memefood ?

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good choice

This though, is by far the best "hot sauce" I've had in recent years. It not that hot but fuck me is it tasty.

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What's it like parroting stale maymays all day?

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WTF do you care? You're not American. We sure as hell don't get curious if people in your country eat dog shit tacos.

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Looks like hes just wondering. No need to get angry about it tubby.

Anyone tried this bad boy either? Ain't had it in years but it was the fucking tits.

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Race cockolds pls go.

I've had this. It's tart and vinegary like ur moms anus.


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No, nobody eats that shit, at least nobody I've ever talked to

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Im an Aussie, i like this stuff, it's not really all that hot, it's very tangy and full of flavour though.
Goes well with sage chicken.

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not bad



not bad

not bad

loved it at first, but meh



better than texas petes and Louisiana

fuck no

this >>6783185 is the winner so far

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fuck no as in because its not really a hot sauce or because you dislike the taste, because if its the taste you are a massive faggot

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because it is a marinade and the taste isnt good enough to be given a pass

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It's a sauce/marinade, says on the bottle myart.

What did you try it on? You're the first person I've seen that isn't a fan. Especially when you seem like a hot sauce man.

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where the fuck do i get this? i have never ever seen it in any store. my favorite is the kutbil-ik and that is enough of a pain in the ass to find as it is.

i know dave's is mainly known for insanity and other silly-hot sauces but i think their more medium sauces all have some great flavor. hell even the regular cayenne sauce is way better than any of the major brands.

also, srirachafags, is flying goose brand available anywhere in the states?

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I haven't enjoyed any of the tobasco saucy marinades as of yet. they all have that mass produced/ artificial quality to them.

the habanero didnt impress me, especially when you compare it to something like >>6783185

im not a massive fan of the standard tobasco habanero either. too much burn, not enough taste.

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Fair enough.

Whats that Yucateco sauce like? I always see sauces of that tier in shops but the many I've bought have always been pretty average, or they've been tasty but there's so much spice that you can't have a good amount on your plate without shitting out flames the next day.

Encona I used to eat a lot of.

Also, you tried >>6786946

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havent tried that

the Yucateco Chile Habenero is very good for stor bought. Easy to put it on anything. Heat, but not offensive, and a good taste. The vibrant green makes me uneasy, but I can live with it.

the standard Yucateco Habanero is also very good, but it has a lot more heat to it. Too much to enjoy it on everything for me.

Worst I've had that is mentioned frequently is Louisiana Hot Sauce. Tastes like something that is flavoured to taste like hot sauce.

I've been enjoying Piri piri sauces as of late, but they disintegrate my insides.

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el yucateco averages like 9k scovilles so it's several times hotter than louisiana style sauces but far from brutal

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I have been spooped.

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That's cool, I'll grab a bottle next time I'm out.

Piri piri is a good sauce usually, can't think of a time I've had it and it was bad.

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honest? tp or crystal. it;s cheap, i''m famililiar and sometimes cook not cuck for others. I like hot sauce, but if it makes my inner ear burn. probably to hot. not a race. I just like this, not a race. eat what you wnnt.UI like J &S cafeteria/ vops and robbers, saints and siners.. and a loong linn ebety time they open,.

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One of these days I'm going to make my own. I've never tried this one but looks like a similar one that I get at the local butcher shop. Jalapeño sauce. Good stuff.

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God fucking damn it. Why does this gif make me so mad?

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That's just sriracha, if you want the good stuff get some Shark Brand. Straight from Thailand, that's seriously good. Get strong, pic related. It's available in the states, there are specific places in NYC Chinatown that have it and also places that'll ship with online orders.

That applies to Shark Brand, I've never seen Flying Goose Brand but then I've never looked for it.

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The yucatecos are pretty good. Especially the red and the green. Given that they're only a couple bucks a bottle try it out. I've tried out the black bottle one but it's pretty lame. Go for red and green.

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I really like this one but the guy making it retired and doesn't make it anymore. I even called him ask asked him about it and he gave me a dissertation on how it's very expensive to make a batch for production. It's interesting to hear it from one who makes it.

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That's probably stress m8, not the hot sauce.

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Absolutely agreed.

Fine choice.

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Aw yeh. I love mixing it with a bit of lime and some chopped garlic. Their chipotle and red sauce are great too.

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objectively the best, unfortunately very people people have tried it.

Orange Habanero Peppers, Celery Seed, Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Bay Leaf, Clove, Allspice, Ginger, Mace, Cardamom, and Cinnamon.

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looks like some drippy hippy hipster stuff. If they're specific enough to write "habanero peppers" then what's "red pepper?"

No thanks.

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An authentic, non-bland version of sriracha.

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dont be silly

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Sriracha and Tabasco are my two favorites
I like Chalula. But I'm hesitant on calling it hot sauce since it cools down the food you put it in.

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Kinda off topic
But if I got a one gallon jug of hot sauce.
What would I put it in for use day to day?
Do they make special hot sauce bottles that you can refill?

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just buy plain empty sauce bottles, pal

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This stuff has the best viscosity. You can dip and pour easily and you eat more of the stuff every time.

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They don't sell it where you are? I thought Texas Pete was like Franks and sold everywhere

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I got one of those for 90 cents at Shoprite last week. Definitely a favorite along with Frank's

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My nigga, love that shit.

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I remember this sauce being a lot more spicy a long time ago, or maybe i killed all of my tongue cells for eating it so many times.

>> No.6790927

Spicy foods don't kill taste buds, that's a myth.

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Really? still i don't feel this sauce as spicy as before, specially the black variation.
I still love it anyways.

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this pretty much

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This beats all.

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>see jar of this at local Mexican place
>side reads: "Es salsa... Es muy salsa!"
>literally translated means "It's sauce... it's very sauce!"
Cholula: It's Very Sauce™

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Salsa in Mexico can also mean "cool" or "Reckless" in a very folkloric way.

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This except the red habanero variant.

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