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Have you found your perfect combo of spicy and taste yet, /ck/?

Pic related. One taste was enough for me to go out and buy a jug of it. Makes my scalp tingle and my pours open up, but it doesn't have the traditional burn, plus the flavor is amazing

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Lets just get this shit out of the way.

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I don't think there's any one combination or anything singly that's the best for everything. One that I really liked is pic related and the dude who made it retired... another though in the next post is really good, very different than this one and also very good.

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Hot sauce is a meme

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You're a meme.

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This one is very flavorful and stings a bit in a good way.

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Dave's has some great hot sauces. His whole gourmet line is pretty good for difference occasions.

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Yeah. Just a couple drops of Dave's standard Insanity sauce is great to bring up the heat and flavor of something like ketchup and a lot of other sauces too. I like the standard Dave's Insanity because it's got not only flavor but also heat.

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I made some not overpoweringly strong carrot habenero hot sauce and I've been enjoying it.

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doesn't change the fact that hot sauce is meme food

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Everything is a meme food.

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If you want to try one out that's a good one from Costa Rica try out Melinda's. I used to buy places out when I found it in stores and I had more money in NYC, it goes fast!

That quad X is really good too, hell I'll take all the XXX and X4 I can get.

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(>>6672902) Forgot to mention, that's a carrot based habanero sauce.

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Those are terrible. It's basically paprika powder and water.

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This is my most recent new (for me) hot sauce find.

Very good. Lots of flavor and it is pretty hot. I prefer flavor over heat, I like vinegar strong sauces that are mild but I also like quite hot too. This one is a nice mix of both. Big vinegar kick and also a good deal of heat. If I'm not going for any vinegar flavor, I stick with El Yucateco mostly.

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