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Hey, /ck/, I'm making burgers tomorrow. I've heard good things about doing them in a pan instead of a grill, what would you recommend?

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I would recommend you get a grill.

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I gave a friend a bottle of pic related and he raved about them, him and his family really liked it.

It's not really "hot" but if you mix it into the ground beef it'll be good when the burgers are done.

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Get a Gary Coleman grill.
Those things make burgers SO GOOD.

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I have a grill, and I primarily use the grill. I was wondering if it was worth experimenting with using a pan.

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Main benefit on a pan is going to be that all the juices stay right there and don't drip away, so you're cooking the burger in its own fat, also you're getting an even sear. Grill gives you a delicious grilled flavor.

There's room in the world for both, but since you sound like you've never fried a burger in a pan, I'd say go for that.

Almost all restaurants cook burgers on a flat top by the way.

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Personally I like them much better cooked on a bbq. But pan frying isn't too horrible I guess.

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i used to eat primarily grilled burgers, but now i live in NL with no grill and now eat them pan fried

stick to the grill

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i dont usually get very good burgers out of the pan.. they are juicy but greasy and dont have that slight crust that sets a burger off

this weekend i had to cook them in a flat skillet and it happened to be on very slightly angled table. the fat ran away from the burgers more than usual instead of frying them and they ended up having a perfect sear

didnt expect them to be as good as they were

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if you grill them and the fat drips away, add extra fat into the patties some how. It does work out pretty well. Yes. I do like sea gulls but still. Pretzel sticks do not get soft when you microwave them. So just who cares. It's ground beef. Not prime rib. Eat it.

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are you making the burgers right now?

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