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What's a good non meme hot sauce

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Crystal or Louisiana

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Marie Sharps

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Tiger Sauce

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that one with the rooster on it is bretty good!

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The one you make at home yourself.

That is until you start making it often. Then it becomes a meme.

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What's a meme hot sauce?

I'm not a big hot sauce fan, but the three I use are Franks, Sriracha, and Tabasco.

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Hot sauce is just spicey vinegar.

Konriko's is god tier condiment.

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those are all memesauces my friend

i bet you wear memeclothes too

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just bite into a habanero you fucking pussy

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I dont even know what this is :(

I kinda figured a memsauce was gonna be one of those neckbeard-only xxxtra hot ghost pepper sauces.

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green habanero

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What is memeclothes? I'm actually curious if /ck/ can agree that our fashion is better than /effay/

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I did that once; it gives you a minute to be a smug asshole about it then obliterates you.

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I'll see you that and raise you a Captain Sleepy's!

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I don't understand this whole idea about calling something a "meme x". It's like you're trying to replace mainstream with meme, you're acting like a bunch of hipsters and it's kinda annoying. Can we not just enjoy things we like?

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This is 4chan and you're not allowed to enjoy anything!

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I must ask why though, this is an anonymous image board can we not say we have our own likes? Who cares about what other people on the internet think of you. If you like something, then that's okay. Although, I'm open to try new things here.

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Lots of fat people here so no

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/ck/ is the Islam of 4chan
>no fun allowed

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I don't use reddit or 9gag or whatever place you go to so i can use sriracha without getting reminded of them.
The only reason i know that It's a meme sauce is because ck whines about it all day every day.

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Why what? Say what you will that's the point of anon. A few people will rib you, harden the fuck up!

Chopper goes around Sydney telling people to "Harden the Fuck up"

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They shut the fuck up when I bring up Shark brand, try it out. Nobody is whining about anything, it's 4chan you faggot, not some faggot site like chowhound.

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No heat but ideal consistency.

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Pic related is really good.
It has not only heat but flavor too.

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literally taste the same as cholula/tapatio but for a fraction of the cost and a much larger bottle.

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