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onions and paprika (red instead of green as in the video)

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I don't know what kind of oil he used so I'm using avocado oil

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How do you plan to get out?

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>failed in the first post
You are now condemned to the egg zone, where you must eat all the eggs.

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Won't turn out the same unless you're cooking over a rocket exhaust like the egg fort king was

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One scrambled egg, then the paprika and onion, then the bread on top

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Flip. Get the other side of the bread crispy. In the video he pours some stuff over it, like spices, because he is Indian I assume it's curry so I added some of that

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What kind of hippie bread is that?

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Where's the Eggstrance? Hahahahaha I don't see any eggsdoors? Hahahaha

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No amount of joking will redeem this thread or OP.

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done. Now half it like him, I had to do it outside the pan though

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Holy shit, this turned garbage fast. 0/10 literally stop posting.

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That bread. You should have used a panattone instead.

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Way too many things mixed in for a single egg.
At least you are trying something new.

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added some tabasco, lemon and voilá.

It didn't taste amazing at all. quite bland

I guess people like it because it's cheap and easy
maybe I need to figure out what other indian spices he uses..

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kys OP

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Pretty sure he just took a generous pinch of salt and added it to the pan anon.

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Fuck you

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literally what

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Salt and pepper probably. How could you fuck this up

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OP, if you can't understand why you need to either delete this thread or commit suicide, then I genuinely hope the two of us never meet in real life. What you've committed here today is an abomination.

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>no salt
>no seasoning at all

The memes are real. White people dont season their food

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>this guy
>more than 2% white
He's waaaaay to fucking stupid.

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the stuff he poured on wasnt white it had like a brownish color

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How you see that?

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he used way too much, therefore cant be salt


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Skin color has nothing to do in a food discussion, north-american scum.

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>Uses the wrong pepper and bread
>Huge chunks instead of cut fine

This recipe sucks.

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ok lets try this. you need toast because the liquids of the undone eggs needs to stick to the bread. super grainy bread isnt spongy enough. paprika and onion needs to sliced super fine bc it wont stick for the same reason. proof: your sorry ass plate. seasoning actually is salt and pepper and it wouldnt be too much for the amount of egg + bland toast. if you insist its brown you can either say its cayenne pepper or if you wanna go the curry route at least go for garam masala and not just use a pinch of it.

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>"im going to make this"
>fucks it up before even starting
>fucks up every step of the way
Christ, OP, you can't do anything right, can you?

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>changes the ingredients, cooking method, posts that it didn't taste right
this isn't allrecipes jackass

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it anything what i did was better

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What a terrible fucking thread. Even your plate looks retarded.

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>substitutes for weird ingredients
>claims it was better
Nah. It was bland.

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>Doesn't understand browning
>Takes photos while frying an egg
>Random condiments

First you were jealous of his egg fort, now you're jealous of his egg skills. Just eat your gross sandwich.

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>he pours some stuff over it, like spices
>I assume it's curry

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where do you buy your shit the idiot store

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Holy shit that looks fucking awful. And what kind of retarded bread is that?

>> No.17065760

Seriously what kind of bread is that? Some kind of nut loaf?

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No it really wasn't. Take the L. I'm actually laughing out loud (in real life) at how ridiculously bad your shit turned out.

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brown person here
he may have used either chaat or garam masala

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What country is this from?

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I didn't even notice at first, but you're right. What the fuck is that plate.

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>Avocado oil
>That bread
>Red bellpepper
>Shit cut into chunks and most of it escaped the sandwich
>Curry instead of salt/pepper
>Retarded plate

Holy fucking shit how can you fuck up a simple omlette between toast?

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this is a troll thread

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Honestly this was a decent troll thread. You made half the board angry. I feel like the chink mod should come by and ban you.

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Most likely fell for the "muh organic ingredients meme" without realizing white bread likely has the same amount of calories as that ancient grains chimera bread he used.

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I don't think it was bell pepper in the video, always thought it was some herb like coriander

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How does the camera man get out?

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I always thought it's spring onion and red onion, both go well with eggs.

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how does your own dick taste in your mouth OP

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that bread is way too dense, I bet it was cold in the middle. Dumb twat. The Egg King laughs at you.

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>leaving the eggzone
There's no eggscape.

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you may have well just poured a bunch of seeds on it you dummy

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>food is all about calories
Holy fuck you’re dumb

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You were a fool to challenge the Surly King of the Egg Fort. The mockery you are receiving was spawned by your own hubris.

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are you sure that's bread anon?

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OP is pic related

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you should probably use the cheapest possible bread.

Also, i don't think he actually put any of the greenery in there. he reached just for the onion.

>my attempt
>inb4 cringe toss

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I think you did good OP but like >>17067103 says use cheap bread
But this goes for you too >>17067103, cook on very low heat, get every side of the bread covered in eggs.
Basically put it in the egg and then flip it right so both sides are egged.

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Pan's too hot, your eggs finished cooking before you even put the bread in, let alone got warm or toasted. But still good, would eat.

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that defeated hand flip was pretty based

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This is disgusting. I've no idea how you managed to make an egg sandwich unappetizing but you did it

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Holy shit you cannot be this retarded, it's fucking impossible

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I'm still trying to figure out if they're Mexican or Indian

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And that's not racist or anything btw, I am legitimately wondering and hoping someone can eventually feed me.

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Hard to say. The dead eyes make me think Brazil.... The efficiency makes me think India.

>> No.17067314

ok, now, somebody who isn't a faggot should do it next

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absolutely condemned to the egg zone

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the customer looks indian to me

>> No.17067346

Indian, been subbed to his channel for awhile. Guy has some really good other videos such as 'Horse race on road", "20110926232722", and "Hammering nail"


>> No.17067347

Coconut water man is good, too. Cliff hanger at first, but there's a surprise at the end.


>> No.17067349

man reminds me of when /k/ found some guys personal youtube channel, of some gunsmith making american firearm bootlegs to tell to insurgents. he made some rad shit.

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ayy, thanks anon!
have some oc

>> No.17067363

That looks like meatloaf

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sweet fuck. its a Manson.

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>not white
>too much
Both of these statements are factually false.
It was salt.

>> No.17067733

How did you fuck this up so badly

>> No.17067880

I feel better now. Thank you.

>> No.17067905

>thinks he is the first to challenge the Surly King
>won't be the last
Your food fucking sucks.

>> No.17068094

Saved the thread.

>> No.17068222

fuck you.

>> No.17068267

Redeemed, somewhat. You've been spared from the horrors of the egg zone.

>> No.17068284

The whole egg chad video is even shorter. His heat must have been even higher. Perhaps that is a mistake though..

>> No.17068294

>not salting your eggs
10 years in the egg mines, no parole

>> No.17068306

Literally dog food

>> No.17068313


>> No.17068320

all the replys to this lmao americans actually shocked by what good bread looks like... and this is the cooking forum no less lmao

>> No.17068327

Fuck off, OP. You lost.

>> No.17068347

>HURR DURR let's change everything but the eggs about this recipe and then complain it's not good

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>> No.17068411

A faithful reproduction. Bravo. But next time use butter and salt the egg instead of the bread you mong.

>> No.17068487

since he is the indian

>> No.17068516

are they a duo or is that a competing egg fortress

>> No.17068538

in my headcannon it's probably his son that only sees use when shit hit's the fan but otherwise gets yelled at all day how useless he is.

>> No.17068571

The Egg Prince isn't to blame for his failings. The King's prominence meant that the Prince simply never had the same chance hone and develop his egg skills. People would flock to the fort and demand the King's service, while the Prince sat alone and unwanted. He never had the chance to properly take on the King's mantle, and grew bitter over his lot in life.

>> No.17068661

I did salt the eggs too.

>> No.17068674

This board is a dumpster fire and it's because of people like you.

>> No.17068709

It's India, so some cheap cooking oil or ghee if he's very traditional.

>> No.17068868

Never step foot in a kitchen again

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>> No.17068891

>red instead of green
well you done fucked up.

Also I think those are scallions/green onions and bean sprouts.

>> No.17068894

okay I get it now

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>> No.17068910

Better but where are the fillers? Looks like nothing but egg and bread.

>> No.17069129

I put some green onion. You can see it if you watch carefully. Peeling a whole onion for this would be waste

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i swear on my fucking mother if this faggot isn't trolling

>> No.17069382

what do u call it, the poop meal?

>> No.17069917


OP here, stfu. at least i tried


>> No.17070040

It would take less effort to learn how to cook. And agree to disagree.

>> No.17070125

Bean sprouts, interesting that might be it. I always thougt it was green chili not scallions. The use alot of green chili in india

>> No.17070405

why you so angry homes?

>> No.17070419

Make more chinese food faggot.

>> No.17070485

this has an archeological feel, like filming amazon tribes or something

>> No.17070597

>i tried
No, you didn't. Fuck you.

>> No.17070626

legendary bait

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>dogs eating that

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>at least i tried
No. What you did is made a completely different dish but tried to tie it to the egglord as if you were making the same thing. Your dish looks fine as its own thing, but it's not the omelet sandwich from the vid.

>> No.17070784

no point in trying if you don't learn from your mistakes. What'd you learn?

>> No.17070788

13 million views thanks to an underwater basket weaving forum

>> No.17070797

You are a gigantic faggot, that other anon tried and succeeded where you didn't, if my hangover isn't to big tomorrow I will stomp your ass.

>> No.17070815

no, the heat in the video was perfect. >>17067188
is just a faggot. The goal is definitely to get the eggs in and out of the pan as fast as possible, and the only place that the video went wrong was that he was actually too slow on flipping the sandwich

>> No.17070822

Fucking idiot

>> No.17070839

Yeah it probably is that bad on purpose but he still is a titanic faggot with Avocado oil, faggot plates and meme bread.

>> No.17070874

Nigga's handing out (you)'s like we're on fucking Oprah.

>> No.17071164

Never post again

>> No.17071183

Never cook again if you can't take criticism

>> No.17071875

you're honestly a 40 iq retard who should kill himself if your first reaction to this is anger rather than laughter

>> No.17072577

would eat

>> No.17072784

Projecting much? I usually don't use this but I guess it's still an actual word, cope.

>> No.17072984


>> No.17072994

How do you fail so spectacularly at a fucking egg sandwich? You've never owned a pair of non velcro shoes have you?

>> No.17072995



>> No.17074396

As Eggspert on the matter of Omelette on Toast I have finally made a breakthrough, the green shit is actually Jalapeño slices or whatever sort of green chili pepper Indians use.

>> No.17074406

>green chili pepper
Back to the drawing board.

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>> No.17074434

I'm still sure it's just his son, the back of the booth seems connected.

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File: 2.63 MB, 2976x3968, IMG_20211202_221901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My try, fuck OP

>> No.17074741

Masterful troll

Nice bread op
Good try. Can i have the leftovers?

>> No.17074755

>egg mines
That's a little harsh for a relatively minor begginers accident. Eggxile is enough.

>> No.17074823

I think he put shallots in the eggs not peppers, although there are green peppers taking up the other half of the same bowl.

>> No.17075693

Agreed. OP this is your punishment. After you return to us come prepared with proper peppers and small dice.

>> No.17076298

It was shit retard

>> No.17076313

You've somehow made a simple egg sandwich inauthentic and hipster at the same time.
Congrats, OP.

>> No.17076321

>Masterful troll
why does it have to be a troll? why can't it just be people having a bit of silly food related fun?

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>it was bland, meh
>nah, everything I changed made it better

>> No.17076782

Looks good, well done

>> No.17076862

Wtf is that, bird seed bread? Jesus Christ you're a fucking failure, OP. Stop cooking immediately.

>> No.17076948


>> No.17076955

this is so offensive, this is why the egg man in the video gave the camera man a dirty look

>> No.17077030

How many chickens had to die for this shit?

>> No.17077528

we did it reddit!

>> No.17077874

>this is why the egg man in the video gave the camera man a dirty look
tfw you realize OP was the camera man from the original video

>> No.17078138

without breaking all the eggs, of course.

>> No.17078152

Fuck you.

>> No.17078783

bumping so more people can laugh at OP

>> No.17078839

Best so far...9/10 would eat

>> No.17078893

This is why you don't have friends

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This is the hardest I've laughed in months, holy shit

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