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I seriously hope you guys don't do this

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Do you buy spices every time you buy meat?

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lived with niggers for a decade. they don't know what spices are. they just pile on premade seasonings like 3 different types of mrs dash and lawrys

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i usually dont take pictures of spice racks, no.

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i dont know why all the food is gone but i wouldnt prioritize spices in that situation

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Spices are an expensive luxury. We are living in the Biden economy with Bidenflation

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spices last forever, especially the ones you don't put in everything and only use small pinches of. my mom has a couple in her pantry still where the plastic top has gone yellow and the package design hasn't been used this millenium

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>wippo who anticipate food shortages and plan ahead also already have fully stocked spice racks
Is this really so difficult for n'eggers to comprehend?

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Just go to the Mexican section of the store and buy spices cheaper

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ok /ck/
>show up at supermarket
>people are going crazy grabbing all the food
>you are not sure whats going on but shit has hit the fan
what do you do?

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Grab the cash register cause I aint no bitch ass whitey

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>you are not sure whats going on
That will never happen to me.

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>you are not sure whats going on
that will always be happening to me

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Sorry I'm not into eating spiced cellulose, Jose.

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Go get some LEGO.

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I've bought whole spices that way and I grind them myself, stuff like nutmeg, allspice, and black pepper.

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needing spices to make your food flavorful is pure cope

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>buy meat/vege every week
>buy spices when I'm about to run out of one which is more likely monthly for shit like garlic or cumin but far longer wait for stuff like curry powder or cinnamon
The fuck is the point in this tweet?

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I simply do not think about it and go about my business as normal

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I don't buy a new bottle of lemon pepper everytime I buy a chicken

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Buy meat and veg multiple times a week. Spices and herbs when I run out every few months to a couple years depending on the item.
If you have to use a whole jar of cumin or anything in your dish, then you're using really poor ingredients or have no sense of taste or culinary balance. When you slow-roast some beef with nutmeg and oregano you should taste flavor enhanced beef, not just loads of nutmeg and oregano.
Fucking sucks that stuff like a 2.oz of cardamom is $15.
Also, grind pepper and many other spices just before you use them.

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Pre-cooked shrimp.
No anise or cumin for nacho groundbeef?
Heavily salted the groundbeef.
Added heavily salted "seasoning" mix.
Velveeta brand anything...
Using salty flavored chips in nachos...
Looks mildly flavored and heart-attack levels of sodium.
Tastelet ghetto vomit.

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like the waffles?

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> slow roast some beef
> with nutmeg and oregano


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This happens in my (UK) supermarket, but its because I shop at the same time they put all the reduced food out, and all the muslims act like bum fights and step over each other to load their cart full of 75% off lettuce. I don't fuckin get it, why do you need 14 heads of lettuce just cos they're cheap.

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Buy all my spices at an Indian grocery, they're all so incredibly cheap there

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Enjoy the shit particles

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Can't wait to feed my family and guests 40 bay leaves each this year.

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Buy all the spices and use them to trade and barter with all the black people, who always spice their food. I'll be selling little baggies of cayenne and paprika, little baggies of rock salt, buy 2 baggies of rock salt get a baggie of pepper half price.

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They use them in their restaurants, idiot. I'm it's cheaper than cash and carry.

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Yo yt pipo really be like dat

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>>show up at supermarket
Why? No point in leaving the house in the age of uber eats. Covid proved that

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Panic buying.

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I would be annoyed by the inconvenience of not being able to get specific perishable things, but I have months-long supplies of shit at home
>canned and sealed food of all kinds of varieties
>large sealed containers of rice
>lots of purified water
>toiletries and convenience amenities
>gas with chemical stabilizer
>generator to use gas with to power fridge, freezer, backup inductive heating element, AC, lights
>enough to survive for months with weapons to keep people from taking it
In this context, I feel superior enough to the short-sighted retards around me that it overrides the minor annoyance of not being able to buy fresh meat, since I can just thaw some out of the freezer

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>lemon extract
Americans don't know how to zest a lemon

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>Claims all that shit
>Anime image posted
Nigger, you know you can't survive a single month in your apartment with 3 shelves at best and dirty laundry everywhere.
Go clean off the cheeto dust from your fat belly and take a walk outside and actually cook something maybe instead of being a little faggot on the mongolian meat and cream dieting forum

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I posted the NEET anime image specifically to make someone reply with this. I am better than you, too. You're no different than the insects scrambling for the last crumbs at the grocery store in the hypothetical I replied to.
Better hurry over to that store anon, you might run out of toilet paper in a week! If only you kept a rotating stockpile of essentials like this anime poster does.

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You don't even use toilet paper, admit it. You're LARPing as some sort of STFH Stalker survivor motherfucker when in reality you've never had to fend for yourself. Enjoy shitting your pants when your uber eats is delayed tonight.

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I use baby wipes infused with moisturizer, anon. Only the best for my bum.
I was just trying to relate to your buying habits.

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>All the food...

Just the boxed shit and premade desserts that ham planets and kitchenlets want.

Perishables and produce are okay.

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Yup, it's a single mama's boy

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This. Badia allspice is pretty good

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White people....

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>people prioritize needs over luxuries
>also you don't need to buy spices every time you go to the grocery store, because even commonly used spices and herbs can last months
But muh White people amirite?

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Why are leftists like this?

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>All these mad milk skinned chuds

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You only need salt, non jew one

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You can sustain only on food, but you can't sustain only on spices.

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it's funny to me how they think that spices automatically make food good or tasty, yes they are necessary but they don't make the whole meal

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>bro just suck down five pounds of nightshades a day for the rest of your life

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>That tiny little bottle smaller than my dick lasts him months
White people indeed.

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>Anime makes people furious to this degree
I have a deer in the deep freeze, plenty of sausage, I have a shitload of sauerkraut fermenting, hard cider fermenting, tomato paste from the tomatos I didn't eat, herbs dried and frozen, something like fifty pounds of rice, I don't even know how much corn, around fourty gallons of diesel, a generator. No water because I have a well, solar panels, and the aformentioned generator. I have twenty thousand rounds in storage, guns, and some extra coated in cosmoline in the woods. I've bought paper towels and TP in bulk my whole life because it's cheaper and I can just put the extra in the pantry.

Every single person who has a job and lives in a rural community lives like this. It's hilarious that you people think this could be considered bragging. It isn't bragging, it's the absolute bare minimum you can do. It's like being able to get out of bed, put on pants yourself, and tie your own shoes. The fact that you think that anon is larping is pathetic, I can't imagine thinking that having a month or so of food and basic dry goods is something anyone would doubt. If I told you I had a driver's license would you start screeching and ask me to post proof? The city air has poisoned your mind. Learn how to do things for yourself again, learn how to rely on yourself. It isn't too late.

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extracting lemon through alcohol or vinegar concentrates d-limonene, enhancing the citric flavorrbdwv

>> No.17036433

nutmeg can go on meat anon, just a tiny bit will enhance the flavor of certain dishes

>> No.17036524

what a nice post, you inspire me.

>> No.17036541

its almost like 8 lbs of meat doesnt need even a 1lb of spice

>> No.17036542

Based and prepper NEET pilled

>> No.17036551

>Tastelet ghetto vomit.
well a black person is cooking it.....

>> No.17036568

wypipo be like: "is mayo a seasoning?"

>> No.17036575

yo where my spice snorters at?

>> No.17036579

What a stupid post. You didn't understand a single thing.

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Is this the best your poor, smog-addled brain could come up with?

>> No.17036661

Anon, what is the essential anime that a prepper needs to watch?

>> No.17036680

Yes. You totally missed the point. What more is there to say?

>> No.17036703

This makes me laugh every time I see it. Basketball Americans are really eating hog slops 7 days a week.

>> No.17036708

gakkou gurashi

>> No.17036745

Arcadia of My Youth

I agree, there isn't anything left to be said.

If you live in the city, and want something to do in the meantime, buy larger and cheaper cuts of meat, learn how to break them down, and make stock with the bones. Meat high collative tissue is cheap, delicious, and good for you, simply because people don't know how to cook it. Spices are delicious and expensive, but you can grow them even in the winter just on a windowsill. Fresh thyme, rosemary, and sage can all be frozen, or dried depending on what you want to use it for. The quality of meat in the store is absolutely plummeting. Find a brand of whole chicken that you like, "woody" chicken is an affront to god, if you see it sold, never buy anything from that company again. Fat is good for you, skin is delicious, meat should generally be cooked with the bone in if possible, it will make it taste better. If you are worried about calories, you are either eating too much or doing too little. Chop the ends off of onions and throw them in tupperware in the fridge or freezer, you can use them for stock. Same with carrots. Learn how to braise properly, it isn't the same as stewing. Broccoli is absolutely delicious, but it should be broiled and at least have some texture, never steamed or boiled. Save your money, don't eat out, cook cheap, delicious, healthy food. Eating is essentially a solved problem, people have spent thousands of years perfecting ways do just this. Read old recipes and learn from traditional cooking techniques, they were all done for a reason.

>> No.17036747

This is a serious case of being a picky bitch with food. However, if you had to eat only one foodstuff and wanted to not die, potatoes would be a good candidate (proven by Irishmen and scientists), other best bet would be seal meat (proven by early polar explorers).

>> No.17036941

shut the fuck up nerd

>> No.17038055

Head to WalMart and buy more bait & tackle, gonna be spending the afternoon on the river

>> No.17038063

Anti-white racism, imagine if you went to the hispanic aisle and took a photo to say “yo y tha FUK ain’t the Pacos and Juanitas buying tortillas and salsa?”

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twitter is where brain cells go to die, shit bait kill yourself.

>> No.17038076

Tacitly admitting they want to reduce humanity to a global slave/plantation society where everyone lives in communal hovels, waiting for goyslop comprised of just enough empty calories to get them through the 14 hour work day in the lithium mines

>> No.17038080

took me a long time to figure out "obey" meant Old Bay.

fucking niggers I swear to god

>> No.17038082

Spice rack in my shop was empty when I passed it the other day.

>> No.17038083

>milk skin
Better than shit skin, nigger

>> No.17038101

Go to the landscaping stores and get a ton of soil and fertilizer

>> No.17038106

How big are those bags of cheese? Like 500g? Bigger?

>> No.17038115

>Looks mildly flavored and heart-attack levels of sodium
This is why black people are so much more likely to die of heart disease, no joke. Just about every spice they use has to be mixed with salt.

>> No.17038126

Cause I'm already stockpiled on spices,

>> No.17038138

8oz, or 225g.

>> No.17038141

Doesnt look terrible
>3 packets of cheese
Ok what the fuck

>> No.17038148

Gonna try this

>> No.17038149

i bought some round thing with like 10-12 spices over 10 years ago

i havent even used any of it
i guess since i dont drink booze/coffee or smoke my taste bud arent fucked like all of yours

>> No.17038156

How did you get out of the containment thread?

>> No.17038159

Not as bad as I thought but still insane

>> No.17038169

Because they never use pure spices, only "spice mixes" that are mostly salt, sugar, and artificial flavoring.

>> No.17038172

do what, read shit posts on twatter and then post threads about them here?

>> No.17038182

Why would something as simple as posting an anime image invalidate a claim?

>> No.17038196

It's the easiest way to ad hominem someone, 'only manchildren watch anime and therefore have no other skills"

>> No.17038527

This would make a good dip for parties. Low cost, salty, not meant to be eaten in huge quantities

>> No.17038540

Someone's mad

>> No.17038548

Yes, I throw all of my spices in the trash before I go to the grocery store.

>> No.17038567

>all ruralites do this
Hard and fast cope. The store runs out, the ones who don't prep will be on you like white on rice, and they've been spending their extra money on gun food.

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He understood that seeing anime turned your brain off. It made a post about basic preparing seem crazy to you, because chinese cartoons trigger you or because you were one of the retards scrambling for toilet paper back in 2020

>> No.17039253

Someone needs to have sex, incel (you)

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>> No.17039260

Give the computer back to the asian woman you stole it from, Jamal.

>> No.17039267

The government will just gas or bomb every city. All this bullshit civil war speak is insane.

>> No.17039283

>Buying shitty bottled spices instead of whole spices you mill or grate yourself on demand
You don't do this, do you, /ck/?

>> No.17039313

How? You think a significant portion of the military would obediently bomb their own mothers?

>> No.17039336

80% of the US military is Mexicans, with their family back in Mexico, and black people whos mothers have already passed away from diabetes, they never knew their fathers. They would gladly bomb any city except a ~6 block radius of whatever ghetto they grew up in.

>> No.17039347

people who only cook for instagram pictures, do.

>> No.17039360

Maybe in like 20-40 years you could argue that over half of the military are not white, but you'll long be dead from your brain worms before white people in the military only make up around 20%, so you have no need to worry, anon.

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forgot pic related

>> No.17039375

What is the supermarket for the American man who hates the military, hates the soldiers, doesn't celebrate Veterans Day, doesn't celebrate Memorial Day, and is anti-military and anti-war?

>> No.17039381

Perhaps Trader Joe's.

>> No.17039387

Find local mom and pop stores and get to know the owners to tease out their political beliefs, and only shop at the ones owned by people who don't like the military. You will never find a large chain(or even small local store) that openly advertises they hate the military or veterans, because that would torpedo their customer base.

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this is the sort of trash you make when you're 14 and your parents are away for the weekend

>> No.17039479

clean out all the medical stuff, popular seasonings like salt, pepper, etc. and jars of coffee along with bags sugar
Maybe a bunch of toothpaste and tooth brushes, those little sewing kits, and packets of seeds if they have them

>> No.17039483

Based, animetrannies seething
Look at the cute essays they wrote that nobody will read

>> No.17039485

Go back home as I've been stocked up on plenty of canned and frozen foods for years.

>> No.17039489

I've gotten a bunch of sample spices, after a few years I haven't used them all,
Also, decent meat only requires salt.

>> No.17039515

Nice larp.

>> No.17039527

When this happened to me during coronascare, all the frozen food aisles were cleaned out except the kosher stuff in a completely separate aisle. Solution: just steal from the jews

>> No.17039537

>Every single person who has a job and lives in a rural community lives like this.
Honestly you don't even need the rest of that paragraph. It's kind of amazing to me that some people think everyone in the world lives like themselves. He has probably never considered that some people need to drive an hour to costco or an equivalent so they load up at least two months of shit in their van because they dont feel like wasting gas.

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File: 723 KB, 478x868, kneel, normalfag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not the other weebs but here's proof, insect. I'm going to go to Costco tomorrow for gas and grab another one of these for twelve dollars. Enjoy fighting other normalfags for your groceries because you think anyone with foresight is a larp.
A quick google search says 2 ply, 250 sheet roll lasts four days. 420 sheets is a week. Thirty rolls is thirty weeks, so I can go 90 weeks without needing to buy more toilet paper. That is almost two years of toilet paper simply by using a corner of my apartment. It will be over two years worth when I buy another one tomorrow. I'll be jacking off to loli while you lose your mind trying to figure out how my post must be faked.

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File: 969 KB, 500x450, 1429122423880.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe it's different in other areas but in the region where I live, having a separate power source and the supplies to live comfortably without external power for at least a few days is the bare minimum for anyone who's not poor or stupid.
It's about making sure that whatever your situation, you can meet your basic needs of survival even if the local grocery stores get fucked by supply chain issues/panic buying. After the last 2 years, people have no excuse not to do this and I have no sympathy when they're not prepared for the slightest hiccup in their lives. If that's larping to you then you're probably just one of those retards.
Adding anime pics just guarantees angry replies from election tourists who don't belong here, everyone should do it.

>> No.17039583

Based broccolichad. Everyone should be forced to eat broccoli. Delivery should have an extra 10% tax to fuck over retards that can't cook or drive.

>> No.17039603

Yeah it's because infrastructure or weather or both suck there so you need to be able to survive when things cut off temporarily. Retards don't realize this is a thing. I've lived in Los Angeles half an hour from gcm all my life in cheap apartments all my life and I understand this, other cityniggers don't have an excuse.
>Adding anime pics just guarantees angry replies from election tourists who don't belong here, everyone should do it.
Reminder /pol/ doesn't hate anime.

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I am happy to have lived in this place and to have been taught not to take such things for granted. I'd have an independent power source and food/water/toiletries/protection for a few months no matter where I went. Everyone should work towards the same since being shown over the last two years just how fragile supply chains can be.
I agree that not all of pol is election tourists who hate anime.

>> No.17039638

>only three packs

>> No.17039640

>separate power sourc
Unless you live somewhere it snows regularly this is not needed

>> No.17039650

What if there's blackouts and you simply want to avoid inconvenience. The record for me in Colorado suburbs is fourteen hours one summer. A lot of food spoiled from that.

>> No.17039652

>using garbage preground spices
your life will get significantly better if you buy dried whole spices instead
you can get what you need instead of a huge bottle that will go bad, PLUS it stays fresher for significantly longer since you grind it before you use it

>> No.17039655

>mfw I bought a bidet for $50 when rona hit and my TP consumption has dropped to nearly zero

>> No.17039667
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Gulf coast US, so the opposite. High heat and humidity with the yearly possibility of flooding/hurricanes. Sure you can be without power for 3 days to a week, but why would you be if you could take steps to prevent that? Having power means keeping the fridge/freezer running as well, and power to electric heating elements for boil water notices so that your bottled water supply isn't the only source of water you have. Then the availability of electrical devices etc.
You could technically get by without, but it is hellacious living without AC in wet heat man, man. For weak fuckers who have certain medical conditions it is a necessity

>> No.17040127

Just eat tofu

Even during the panic and when there's no meat, nobody thinks to eat tofu
People in this country are ridiculous. Absolute peanut butter mentality.

Garauntee the tofu section is untouched

>> No.17040137 [DELETED] 


>> No.17040160

then you starve to death a week later

>> No.17040187


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File: 1.01 MB, 640x640, 1613503802507.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>seasoning the ground beef before its cooked

>> No.17040530

Seething so hard you went out and bought surplus TP to "prove" you already had it. Anime posters really are mentally ill.

>> No.17041218
File: 5 KB, 98x101, ALL SMILES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sorry for the mess LOL
I kek'd

>> No.17041455

Yeah and the fat fuck Vaush for sure eats only potatoes.

>> No.17041836

I've got bugout shit, go about getting the things I came for originally if they have it, maybe pick up extra coffee, tea, and unironically spices

>> No.17041891

>A quick google search says 2 ply, 250 sheet roll lasts four days
That's something you could estimate from personal experience. You don't need to google everything

>> No.17041918

I wish sakura was my little sister

>> No.17041986

Nope. There was never a question of whether a normal functioning adult has supplies. The doubt is that cartoon watching child fetishists can be normal functioning adults (they can't).

>> No.17042420

Maybe I should make a schizo food bunker

>> No.17042434

imagine being this fucking retarded, goddamn conservatives are fucking stupid

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>> No.17043010

for me it's the text realigning itself constantly

>> No.17043095

I already have spices
Rent free

>> No.17043106

I have a feeling you either don't live somewhere rural or completely larping.

>> No.17043109
File: 125 KB, 1148x1440, 1620959495746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>his shitty country has logistics issues, food and fuel shortages

>> No.17043110

It's called shiggy and it's not gay

>> No.17043113

lol everyone stocked TP

>> No.17043164

you dont need to be a conservative to realize that inflating the currency by haphazardly printing a bunch of money is not a good thing

>> No.17043178

this is at a randalls, who also sells spices in bulk that you can scoop into little ziplock bags that cost 1/5 of the price because you aren't paying for the packaging

>> No.17043188

>Rent free
this meme doesnt work when the guy is literally still making decisions that impact the price of goods and services. the left cant meme

>> No.17043583

No, you see this time is gonna work because we have a new name for it.

>> No.17043604

We learned this last year with TP shortages. TP is a bulky item that is not worth storing a lot of under normal conditions. If people start hoarding it or supply chains get disrupted, it runs out quickly. Spices are not bulky. Replacements for that whole shelf of spices could be stored on a single pallet in the back and it will never go bad.

>> No.17043605

Are you supposed to wait until after it's cooked?
good times

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>instant replay

>> No.17044161
File: 69 KB, 220x248, 1540450678458.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah, you got utterly btfo and can't even figure out which direction to move the goalposts

>> No.17044302

It took you this long to wonder how your reading comprehension failed you? Typical animefag. It would be interesting to learn what you have in your skulls instead of brains. Anyway, your question has been answered already if you have enough of an attention span to find out.

>> No.17044381

ya, i dont know dude. just dont stir it with a fucking fork. also their hand looks a bit dirty almost like their skin is really dark

>> No.17044390

it's cheaper in the ethnic food isle

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