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Why do white people hate flavourful food?

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They don't.

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this meme is the dumbest one since it doesn't make sense.

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Prison food and public school food are not white people food nigger.

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Black pepper is an advanced spice that requires a high amount of skill to utilize correctly.

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A trade secret of chili contest winners is that you have to bloom the black pepper in hot oil to get the full effect.

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I really don't get it. It's so forced it hurts. There's not a single white person I know that doesn't season their shit.

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A lot of people think seasoning = curry or hot Peppers like cayenne

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i saw a "white people dont season food" thread in youtube comment once, and they were talking about pasta water.
one guy says "of course you season your pasta water, you want a lot of salt in there to season the pasta as it cooks" and the other guy says "just salt, you dont put no onion powder, no garlic or nothin?"
Has anyone here seasoned their pasta water with spices? would it work?

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It’s more like a lot of American black people think seasoning is dumping every fucking flavored salt available plus garlic powder, onion powder, and all kinds of dried herbs. It’s a holdover from slavery when black people had to aggressively season and salt the off cuts and rotting meat they were given to make them palatable. This isn’t even a /pol/ idea, lots of black people have written books and made documentaries about this. This over seasoning is also one of the reasons for the high incidence of diet related illness in the black American community.

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You're right. Now I get it and it's funny.

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>lots of black people have written books and made documentaries about this
do you know any of the names? wouldnt mind checking them out because the whole "spices are to disguise rotting meat in hot humid countries" is generally regarded as a persistent myth

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I think it's just that people accustomed to colorful spices associate "beige" food with tastelessness, no matter how much seasoning is actually in it.

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Nah. I don’t speak AAVE. But you can definitely find these resources with careful searching. And where is your source for this myth idea, if you don’t mind?

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Because their tastebuds become delimited from the reduction of bitter flavor from cigarette smoke then desensitized from overuse of flavorful food type additives in a dish to compensate. Once they can't taste the flavor of parmesan cheese from excessive parmesan cheese adder syndrome they become sick of trying to taste the typical pasta dishes which call for the use of parmesan cheese and begin to hate this flavorful type of food.

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I place a higher value on cooking technique than seasoning. Example: chicken breast

I'd rather eat a juicy chicken breast with the proper sear or grill marks and seasoned with only salt than dry curry chicken.

What about a juicy chicken breast vs. juicy curry chicken? Well, I think something having two positive characteristics is usually better, so I'll go with the curry.

And there you have it. If I'm limited on time and money and choice, I am going to reduce the number of variables and focus on technique.

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>white man invents the most flavourful blend of spices known to man
>his face is slapped onto every product he ever sells
I just don't get it.

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