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>brothers girlfriend is staying over for 2 weeks because of covid isolation bullshit
>i now have to cook for 5 instead of 4, 4 was such a good number for recipes
>she doesnt like onions and tomato

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>Picky eater
She can have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner if she doesn't like what the grown ups are eating
Worked for me when I was 6

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>she doesnt like onions and tomato
And? Let her cook for herself.

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What the fuck is your point you retarded ass whiny faggot ass bitch?
>reee people don’t like things I don’t like
Wow it’s almost as if you need to place being a functional human over being an autistic motherfucking sperg. Sorry that’s such a hard-hitter for you.

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Are you ready for your menu?
>fast food
>plain pasta with butter
>a broccoli

enjoy and bone at the tit!

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spotted the picky eater

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Not a picky eater--I'm a super taster. Get it correct, idiot.

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Make burgers and leave off the top bun ,so she can put whatever crapbshe likes in it.

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Sorry about that, Mommy's Big Boy. I'll get you chocky milky and your hotdog with ketchup right now.

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i dont care what she eats, i care what i have to cook. i cater to picky eaters as it is.
sounds good, i just dont trust others in my kitchen and they never clean up

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You clearly have never had to cook for other people anon, it's a fucking pain having to plan your dinners around picky eaters

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Is she fat

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my condolences. if its any consolation, her life means less than yours because of her retarded choices.

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quite the opposite

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I hate onions too. Although maybe she has indigestion problems with onions like I do. cookbro I literally can eat some onions, then for the next 2-3 days I will be farting up a storm, feeling bloated and making onion scented burps that smell like shit.

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>then for the next 2-3 days I will be farting up a storm
sorry to hear bro, what even causes this? do you need some probiotics?

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Honestly just make boring ass white american food like baked breaded chicken breast, pork chops and apple sauce, meatloaf, sloppy joe, bacon mac and cheese.

Honestly OP you could've just googled "Boring ass food for neglected white children who grew up in a household where they received no education or discipline" and you might've found at least three of those. It's not hard to cook around onion and tomato and most people who're low-tier cooks use them as a crutch. Are they delicious? Yes. Are there lots of recipes that call for them? Absolutely. Would I use them if I could? You better believe it. But being pigeonholed to a point you can't cook anything that doesn't use both just proves that, not only are you not adaptable, but you're letting that picky cunt win. She probably just does it so people treat her differently which means it gets her attention.

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While irritating, sure, it doesn't sound that bad. Part of being a good home cook is being flexible.
I also find that if I can hide certain ingredients someone doesn't like well enough, they'll never notice. For example, you could try cutting onions really small and cooking them down a bit more than you normally would, I bet she won't be able to tell they're there.

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Usually I'll just reserve something before adding the ingredient I think they'll complain about. It usually tastes like shit but I don't care, you asked for a menu without <ingredient> so it's not in your portion. Enjoy how bad it is.

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Go in as a clean up and Eat the Bulls Nectar out of her.

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maybe op likes tomatoes and onions and doesn't want to spend two weeks or whatever not catering to some dumb bitch. being upset you can't use your favorite ingredients isn't necessarily indicative of a low-skill cook.

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>sorry to hear bro, what even causes this? do you need some probiotics?
I think its some type of onion allergy. The thing is I don't have health insurance so i cant get an official diagnosis.

i take probiotics on the daily like yogurt and kefir but noticed it gets me slightly bloated so trying to make my own to see if that makes a difference.

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cook for the other people in the house then whip up some sauages for her or breakfast food

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The answer to catering to picky eaters is to just chop up the things that they find icky so finely that they can't visually detect them. It has never failed me and sometimes when they ask how I made the dish so tasty, I tell them that I used X ingredient in it to hilarious results.

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When you have your own place it becomes better unless you married a picky eating wife but then you deserve it. Your house, your rules, and if guests are being picky little shit then you just don't invite them again.

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checks out

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Alright well I'm in a different situation cause I live with my parents and I have to cook every meal for them and my sister and the day she started talking about reducing meat consumption and then went vegetarian was a nightmare for me

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Make delicious gourmet food for 4. Order her some mcnuggets

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Make sure you tell us when you inevitably kill someone with an allergy

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Have you tried caramelizing onions very (very) long, >25 mins? It changes nearly all the irritants that bloat you into sugars

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Make everything with obnoxious amounts of garlic

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theres this restaurant that does caramelized onions that I can eat. but I have no idea how they do it as whenever I try it it never comes out right.
idk but for hte most part im too scared to try and would rather save the 25+mins in cooking

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OP, just stretch yourself to do something new.
Over the next two weeks pretend you don't like tomato or onions and go to work. Keeping the 4 food groups separate will help. Main meat, 2 veggies, vary the starch and bread, and salad/soup with it, and you've got this.
Pick a theme each night, german, mexican, southern, whatever, and don't do casseroles, soups, and things that have too much combined. They will suddenly remember they don't like mushrooms or somethign else.

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Based. If she's really that picky the brother can cook her meals

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>she doesnt like onions and tomato
These come in a variety of fun flavors and shapes, some with little games. Just avoid the spaghetti I guess.

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OP is a woman who's terrified of confrontation

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>she doesnt like onions and tomato

This is 100% bullshit. Just don't make it obvious that there are onions and tomatoes and you're fine.

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Gotta be real careful with real allergies anon. Some home baker who claimed her croissants were wheat free nearly killed my friend's kids who were allergic to wheat.

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>>Picky eater
>doesn't like 2/200,000 foods
Autismus maximus at work again

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I had a woman tell me that she was allergic to garlic after she had eaten a shitload of my lasagna that had a ton of garlic in it. I had no idea that she possessed that alleged allergy beforehand because she never told me about it. When I told her that I used a bunch of it in my sauce, she said that it only affected her if someone used a very, very large quantity of it. Keep in mind that I chop my garlic very fine when incorporating it into a tomato sauce. She never saw the garlic, by the way. I might be going out on a limb here but I think most allergies are made up by picky eaters.

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They are two of the most commonly, if not the most commonly used ingredients on Earth.
If it was something like Anchovies or cloves you might have a point

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To add to this, she only mentioned her "allergy" when she inquired about how I made it and I listed the ingredients that I used.

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..exactly.. so the gf should start eating onions and tomatoes

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This. Onions and tomatoes are so used they take up over one-sixth of my local grocers space. There's an aisle for onions and tomatoes and they have pretty much every variety of each. A whole aisle for potatoes and squash. Then an aisle for fruit. And an aisle for everything else and herbs. Oh, and then there's free-floating bins of onions and tomatoes in the lanes too.

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How common an ingredient is doesn't matter, if there's something you don't like then you are a picky eater and less than human

>> No.17007503

I think I should've also mentioned how "offensive" something tastes determines how picky of a person you are, which is why I went to chovies and clovies (I like them but they have an extremely strong flavor)
And where I'm going with this is that tomatoes and onions are both ubiquitous and mild tasting (when cooked) so someone who doesn't like them is an even pickier eater than someone who won't eat chovies

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If someone has an actual allergy, I can understand that. However, if someone claims to have an allergy after the fact because they think something tastes icky when they were 12 years old, they deserve being fed that item. In most cases, "allergic eaters" are subject to fads like anti-gluten advertising or are trying to hide their picky eating.

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Stop being picky about what's picky

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As soon as you eat your veggies, sport

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Imagine making a woman food, fucking simp

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>changing your recipes because there's a vagina around
beta as fuck

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I didn't know goats could use a computer

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I used to hate onions as a kid, turns out its not onions i hate, my mom just sucks at cooking.

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Yep. I always thought I was an incredibly picky eater until I started cooking for myself. Turns out my mum was just a bad cook and never added seasoning or spices to stuff really.

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Fuck non-onion eaters. They’re the most widely consumed vegetable by humans on the entire planet. No-onion people shouldn’t be allowed to spread propagate their diseased genes.

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feed her your dick for 2 weeks

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This posts reeks of someone in desperate need of therapy.

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does mommy still cut the crusts off your peanut butter sandwiches?

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>waahhh mommy get rid of the evil onions and tomato they're YUCKY!!!

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So don't. If they don't like what you cook then that sounds like their problem.

>> No.17009938

I would but I'm gay not bi

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why do you have to cook for your brother and his gf, what happens if you tell them to find their own food

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>chicken or pork without onion powder in the seasoning
>meatloaf without onions in it and tomato sauce on top
>sloppy joe without onions

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>covid isolating with 4 other people

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>sister won't eat vegetables (unless corn and potatoes count)
>dad won't eat seafood
>BiL won't eat onions
>nobody can handle spicy
I feel bad for my mother sometimes. I made loaded twice baked potatoes for thanksgiving once and my sister wouldn't eat one because I had the audacity to put parsley in it

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>She probably just does it so people treat her differently which means it gets her attention
redpilled post

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I wouldn't eat them either. Twice baked potatoes aren't a Thanksgiving meal food with perfectly good regular mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes around.

>> No.17010445

I think you may be surprised to find that many people are unaware that flour is made from wheat

>> No.17010453

idk why this made me kek, regardless it's true

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>mom always boils the fuck out of broccoli
>think I hate it
>gf roasts some for me one day
>love it
my kids are lucky i learned to cook vegetables before they were born

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That's not the point, sperg

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Most pretentious assholes would say this.

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I think the serving of mashed potatoes on special occasions is one of the quintessentially weird things about America. To me mashed potatoes are strictly for ordinary home meals.

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I had a roommate that didn't like onions, but she didn't ask me to not use them, she would remove them from her plate. Bless her.

>> No.17010760

did you do anything with her?

>> No.17010777

I agree
t. murican

>> No.17010976

I think it has more to do with us not making roasts as often as our anglo cousins, so we don't have gravy floating around as often, and I'm pretty sure serving mashed potatoes without gravy would give the average American an aneurysm. Hence whenever we do make a roast, we have mashed potatoes too

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Onions are in just about fucking everything. Good luck eating shitty food for 2 weeks OP. Just think of it like a diet.

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>sister wouldn't eat one because I had the audacity to put parsley in it
what the fuck?

>> No.17011033

>doesn't like tomato
Ok onions I can understand, my parents don't like them. But tomato, what the fuck? That bitch can cook for herself, don't be a cuck and cater to this whore and her retardation.

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>dad is happy to try most things once
>mum is very picky
>sister is very picky
>brother is very picky
if i cook I just cook for my dad and myself because the only thing that everyone will eat is basically tomato pasta

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sounds like you didn't beat your parents enough as children

>> No.17011550

Yeah, she's in the freezer now.

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When my mom and I have lunch sometimes she always drags me to some crazy ethnic place or a seafood spot because she can't ever eat the stuff otherwise. I don't mind at all because I like that stuff but it's a reminder that when she's at home she's eating nothing but pasta and burgers

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parsley is green, therefore she won't eat it
Honestly I have no idea how she ended up like that but I didn't. I'll eat anything, even the bugs

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I hope you get the time to take her out for lunch as often as possible.

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>without gravy
I prefer my mashed taters with skin on, made from red potatoes, with garlic and butter, no matter what they're being paired with. Of course, I don't make them unless I'm making something that that would pair well with, like steak or meatloaf.

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