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Any recipes for these cheap little fuckers?

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boil them to make stock to use as an ingredient to use in a good recipe.

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1 1/2 cup of toss that shit in the trash.
1 lb of stop being poor.

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It's basically free protein tho. 25ct/lbs frozen is a good deal imo

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Why are amerimutts so fucking clueless, bros?

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Will try that thanks!

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Fuck off to a McChicken thread, cooklet.

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>tell me you're black without telling me you're black

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clip off the toenails

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Nah I'm just poor

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Sorry, guys, I think I made a mistake. Where do I find the board regulated by people interested in food and cooking?

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chinks are more known for eating chicken feet

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at least get your stereotypes right, retard.

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Not on 4chan

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Lol if you don't like it just ignore the thread pussy ass nigga

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its more of a chink thing,
you can make chicken broth with it. good for your gut

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make them dim sum style with douchu sauce. Fry, soak, pressure cook and then steam with fermented black bean sauce.

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Just throw them into the trash.
There are some things that just shouldn't be used to cook. The only thing you can make is a chicken stock that will taste like shit.

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most of asia would disagree with you

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I don't have a recipe, timing and quantities are by feel alone, but what I usually do is boil them for about five minutes, then remove and pat dry. Then I heat peanut oil about a quarter of an inch deep with a few splashes of sesame oil. Then some spices, generally a combination of ground star anise and fenugreek seeds. Then the feet go in, flipped when they start to brown, baste a bit of soy sauce mixed with rice vinegar (don't sprinkle, as the oil will splatter when drops hit it), flip when the other side has browned, baste again, flip whenever you feel the other side is ready then remove when you feel it's ready. Toss with some sliced spring onions and chillis before serving.

You can try coating them with the sauce before putting them in the pan, but I feel they don't get as nice a color that way.

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nigger food

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Thank you guys. Made this thread without any real expectations but these recipes sound really good so I'll have to try them now!

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Make sure to post results and let us know how it turned out

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fpbp and /thread
if you actually eat em youre a schmuck

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it's great for stock, shut up

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Thank you for clearing that up, Chang!
.05 Good Citizen points have been added to your social credit score. Please keep these anti-racist posts up and inform about the Glorious CCP! Our dear leader thanks you

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It's a 70's stereotype so it was before your time, zoom zoom.

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Why the hell am I wasting my time on a board full of you morons? This thread is a real wakeup call.

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oh finally ;-)

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So many retards giving opinions without having any hint of knowledge of what they're talking about. Boil them in stock op, they're fucking delicious.

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You’re seriously asking the /ck/ mong-patrol for a chicken feet recipe?

Google up some Chinese style recipes. The best chicken feet I’ve had are at Chinese joints. I don’t buy them to cook at home because there’s so many Asians in my area that the feet cost more per lb than actual chicken.

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Most of Asia has an absolutely disgusting cuisine except a couple of dishes.

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I like to use them in my chicken stock, because of all the collagen.

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What I remember about Chinese food as a young kid growing up in Hong Kong was not really that it was “bad” (which it often was, of course) but that the stuff my parents ordered for us was almost all frozen, and that I would generally throw out whatever that they brought home. This was in the days before a proper kitchen, and there was a tiny freezer unit that could only hold what was on the top shelf, and often that was some random combination of Chinese or Indian takeout. A couple of times a week we’d have what seemed like the best of everything, but the rest of the time it was pretty terrible: a frozen piece of some meat and whatever was frozen with it, a tub of rice, and maybe a can of green peas, and maybe a can of baby corn. There was a few times in my childhood when we were treated to something really good, like fresh fish that one of the waiters brought home in a plastic bag. So for my first couple of decades, I never actually ate a lot

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the entire internet is a cesspool of dumbasses, it kind of reflects real life in that sense, but a veil of anonimity brings out the worst in dumb people. You need to filter them out in your mind or you'll go insane

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Probably because there's less than 4 oz of meat in that pound.

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Deep fry, and coat with hot sauce?

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first off, wash them and cut the nail off. Then dry them and cover them in oil, salt, pepper, whatever seasoning and roast them in the oven at a high heat until browned. Then put them in a slow cooker with the oil and a bullion/broth (and whatever vegetables) and cook on low until the meat is tender and falls off the bone easily. Then you can either discard or do what I do and eat them with the soup.

Alternatively you can learn how to make dim sum chicken feet, but that takes many days and lots of specialty ingredients, but that shit is fucking amazing, don't let nuggeifiend tastelets tell you otherwise

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They serve to flavor the broth. They give it a strong flavor, but it removes all skin and nails, please.
You can fry them, but they are chewy.

I have turkey legs, but I don't know what soup to use it for.
Maybe in this bad boy

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