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What's the point of these things when you can heat up some water on the stove just the same?

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I'm already using my stove to make something or I want to make tea in my office.

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Much faster than my stove

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This is arguably like asking why people own a toaster or a coffee maker.

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You can use them in other rooms like the garage or den.

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The same could be asked of most small appliances, the answer is usually ‘convenience, I use it every day’

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Also easier to pour

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what do you mean how?

have you ever tried to pour boiling water out of a pot into a mug?

fucking americans really are the stupidest cunts

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Set it and forget it and you can have it anywhere in the house.

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Because heat transferred to water through a submerged heating element is more efficient than heat transferred to water through a pan on the stove, it takes like 3 minutes to boil a litre of cold water in a kettle, a stove is not that quick unless you use one of those stoves in chinese / indian restaurants with the high btu’s.

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use a stovetop kettle, not a pot

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Toasters, coffee makers, and electric kettles only make sense in a business environment. No reason for a home to have any of these appliances.

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those are like triple the price and look like shit after a couple months

they also take longer

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theyre triple the price because everyone has an electric kettle now and only the most retarded people still buy stovetop kettles

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Pot noodle without leaving bed.

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There is this irrational hate for 'unitaskers' which I used to have, really it is kind of ridiculous. Yes gross consumption for the sake of it is gross, sandwich press, george forman grill, kettle, stand mixer, blender, food processor, stick blender, hand beater, coffee maker, bread maker, toaster, microwave, toaster oven, electric can opener etc etc there is a long list of stuff that they'd love you to buy and having all the gear does not mean you have any idea. I hate a kitchen draw stuffed and unable to open with balloon whisks, skewers, lime presses, garlic presses, potato ricers etc.

An electric kettle is a quick and efficient way to heat up a small amount of water for hot drinks mainly, but also other cooking related stuff. Like having boiling water available is useful for a myriad of reasons when cooking, the most dull of which to cut the time required to get a quantity of water to a rapid boil for shit like pasta etc.

Why is it more efficient? In all cases your stove heats a pan and this heats the water and there is a loss of heat energy to the surrounding areas.

Also I'm a bong so typically people drink 5 or more hot drinks a day. Toaster, kettle, microwave, these are like .. everybody has these. America never understands the electric kettle, yet has integrated fridge freezers with ice makers and even crushers.

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When the Wuhan hit and our office moved to wfh I took the Nintendo and the kettle.
The kettle pops a boiling faster than the stove and stays hot longer.

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>Also I'm a bong so typically people drink 5 or more hot drinks a day.
Just put some hot water, enough for a few days, in the freezer. No need to heat it up every time.

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I use it to pre-boil water for my stove.

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My water cooler has a hot water faucet on it, so tgere's literally no reason for me, or anyone else in the world to own a hot water kettle.

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Try pouring a stove and get back to me

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you water cooler gets water to boiling point?

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>What's the point of these things when you can heat up some water on the stove just the same?
Ask me how I know you are on 110v

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200F which is what you should be brewing your coffee and tea at anyways according to the autists I talk to

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Not quite boiling, but hot enough for tea.

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>What's the point of these things when you can heat up some water on the stove just the same?
Outside the US, they have different electricity and they are ultra fast for foreigners. In the US, people are more coffee focused, not tea. If it's only ever used for water, it really doesn't have much cleaning or cleanup. They regulate a shut-off when they hit temperature. You'd have to physically monitor a hot water kettle to get it off the burner or else fire hazard unattended. So, popping this on allows people to go take a shower or leave the room indefinitly.

That particular model comes off it's charging stand and can be moved outside to a patio table or to a dining room table, and as people trickle in to breakfast, oatmeal, tea, and other water uses are flexible for everyone. No need for an outlet elsewhere.

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Some models heat to a specific temperature. Tea drinkers go different temperatures for green, black, white and herbal teas.

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>If it's only ever used for water, it really doesn't have much cleaning or cleanup.
You shouldn't use it for anything BUT water. Not "if".

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I saw some guy advocate using it as a hotdog cooker and I've been losing sleep since.

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how will i boil my eggs

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Another neat device.

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pressure cooker, you can also cook other shit in it

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You ever tried pouring boiling water from a pan into a cup?
Fucking Americans...

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what if i want toast

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I have a milk pan with a pouring lip that I use for all liquids, and so should everybody. Water isn't the only liquid you want to heat.

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>You ever tried [thing that every teenager has done]?
It's amazing how much mileage I get out of this image.

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>t. mongoloid clod with parkinsons

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it's faster

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Toasters are retarded though. Just use your pan your cooking shit in anyway. Unless you eat just toast sometimes like a retard.

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I recently watched my drug addict brother make instant mash potatoes using the coffee maker. Honestly kinda genius.

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What do people have against microwaving water anyway? If you're making a single cup it's faster than any other method. Microwaves are literally made to heat up water molecules.

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How fucking inept do you have to be to struggle to pour liquid from a pot to a mug?

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>What do people have against microwaving
It causes cancer

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microwaves will boil water just as fast but for some reason e*rotards are afraid of this technology

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microwawes is shit at heat water tho, it heats water unevenly unless you put back and forth in the microwaves and stir the water a couple of time

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so i don't have to renew my stove licence

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>this confuses and frightens the briton

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I'm using an older all metal stovetop one
Are there any inexpensive all metal electric ones with no plastic anywhere near water/heat and temperature button?

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Fast, auto shutoff, doesn't heat kitchen, gas more expensive now.

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Maybe he has Parkinsons from eating too many jaffacakes

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>have you ever tried to pour boiling water out of a pot into a mug?
I do it every day you fucking cretin

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>what's the point of a device designed to do one specific thing and do it well
Beats me anon.

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Try pouring it into a hot water bottle

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