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can anyone tell me what dish he's making with the barely cooked eggs?


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You've never heard of the the Egg Sloppa Sans Shell? The Big Esss, The Great Eggino, the Sultan of Slop, the Colossus of Doubt, y'know Scrape Sleuth? You're killing me Stalls.

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He's making barely cooked eggs

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indian sloppa

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Wild, normally pajeets overcook their eggs to shit
And yeah no telling what it could be called

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hindi poppa sloppa making delicious kakma poopma before going to GB road for some desi bobs and vagene. Notice how poppa sloppa only use right hand to handle the food is because left hand is designated for butthole washing but of course not on national poo day then both hand enjoy the warm and sacred aroma of the poo poo

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Egg Ghotala

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Looks like Anda Diksuk

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>uses bread to wipe down the grill

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the heat of the rice...

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looks like he might be about to throw that thing into an oven.

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Why is he throwing the eggs like that

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Okay but how does he leave?

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very carefully I'd reckon

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is he using eggs as a lid weight at the end?

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he can only leave once all the eggs are cooked and evil has been vanquished from the realm

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He doesn't. That's his fort and he has to guard it all the time.

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That shit is egg ghotala. Ghotala is the abomination that Mumbai's street food stalls have come up with to ruin every cuisine. There's egg ghotala, dosa ghotala, even sandwich ghotala. They grab every ingredient their hands can reach, throw them onto the pan, add lots of butter, a whole bunch of spices, mash it into a slurry, and dump it onto something else, like a dosa, paratha, or an omelette, and finish it off with a heap of grated cheese. Ghotala in Hindi/Marathi literally means a scandal. So the name is quite appropriate.

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He doesn't need to, a bed roll and a designating shitting corner is just out of shot

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Why do Indians put so much butter on everything?

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