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oh wow, that is a juicy gif

>> No.16935250

Remember when this guy got spammed on this board in like every thread?

Good times

>> No.16935464

Yeah I miss that. Ja/ck/ deserves his own sticky

>> No.16935624

And Joey threads as well as threads about that tax evader guy flowed like water from the mountaintops.

>> No.16935639

What kind of troglodyte doesn’t toast their god damn bun?

>> No.16935660

it's a Hawaiian bun and toasting it would be its ruin

>> No.16935713

I would fuck Tammy

>> No.16935714

i would fuck tammy jr

>> No.16935716

>ecelebs threads
he deserves the early grave he gets

>> No.16935717

I would be her toilet for a week with no other sustenance.

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What always pisses me off is the way he sticks his tongue out when he's about to take a bite. I don't know anyone else who does that and isn't a fat ass.

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The way he makes love to that thing with his mouth, it’s like he’s eating ass.

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Imagine her pussy and asshole quivering and pulsating as she has multiple squirting orgasms.

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It's like Jordan dunking.

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Can we have one Jack thread in which y'all don't talk about being Tammy's latrine?
Please? Just one would be killer.

>> No.16935836

kiwifarms holds it down

>> No.16935848

They're the only two people I've ever seen eat that way. It's sickening

>> No.16935859

What is with people and eating with their tongue out?

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Wait so you take a piss with your dick in your drawers then huh?

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