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>order pizza
>type in specifications with caps lock "NO TOMATOES ON PIZZA"
>pizza arrives with tomatoes
>$11.69 down the shitter
>throw pizza in bin

>> No.16927914

You mean no sauce?

>> No.16927921

did you know that you can tell them that the pizza you got wasn't the one you ordered and they'll make you a new one? did you know you can act like an adult?

>> No.16927947

ye so i can wait another 1.5 hrs after it

>> No.16927965

do you have a neighbor you can give it to? maybe theyll be happy to jumpstart your car, shoot you a beer or something in the future.

>> No.16927974

i dont know anyone in the building and i wouldnt feel comfortable handing out pizza to random people

>> No.16927992

or maybe now they will say that youre based and redpilled becuz you drive a big V8 and throw food in the trash! no fucks given! dab on the wagies and trigger the libs!

>> No.16927999

>i wouldnt feel comfortable handing out pizza to random people
i wouldnt feel comfortable to make a random stranger happy

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So you didn't want any sauce but didn't say so. It's your own fault. Next time either say what you want, or just say you have a tomato allergy.

>> No.16928050

>ye so i can wait another 1.5 hrs after it
much better to throw it in the bin then
grow a pair

>> No.16928057

I don't think I've ever had tomato (as a topping, obviously the sauce is a thing) appear on a takeaway pizza. Weird. Where are you ordering from that you have to specify what ingredients to NOT have?

>> No.16928073

Tomato is one of my favorite pizza toppings
A good combo is tomato, feta, and chicken
Or most places have a "spring veggie" special that has tomatoes, onion, green peppers, olives and mushrooms, that's one of my go tos

>> No.16928076

not sauce u bozo, literally tomato slices on the pizza

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Why did you order a pizza with tomato slices if you didn't want tomato slices? That's literally not a thing that just randomly shows up.

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Top tier taste in ingredients in pic
Maybe switch the olives out for shrooms or onions

>> No.16928098

what are those grey things? fish?

>> No.16928099

what pizza did you order?

>> No.16928102

>He doesn't eat the chovies

>> No.16928104

>i wouldnt feel comfortable handing out pizza to random people
and you call other people NPCs? this kind of autism borders on inhuman

>> No.16928105

pizza with pizza dough mozarella peperoni onions and sausages (tomato sclices included but i said for no)

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