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Halloween Sunday affogato edition

What;s your fave coffee to order at the cafe/restaurant/shop?

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Black coffee.

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That's a fancy affogato with extra slivers of nuts

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I can't order coffee at coffee shops anymore. They all make it badly and use shitty beans.

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Darkest Roast. Black. No extras.

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If I'm going crazy, and not drinking black coffee, it will be coffee with some hot chocolate mixed in. maybe a bit of mint if we're getting real loco

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Milk coffee. Coconut milk if they offer that

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Flat white. I can't find a cafe that makes espresso that I like better than home

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>>Petty went for 20 minutes, maybe more, talking about what a good cup of coffee should be, how to recognize one, where to find one. It was the level of engagement he reserved for subjects like Fender Telecasters or the Beatles.
>The story he told me went something like this: He’d been out driving with his wife, Dana, north of their Malibu home, when they’d stopped at a diner. The coffee there, he told me, was close to perfect. Generally reserved, even shy, he felt compelled to ask the waitress what kind it was. She didn’t know. She told him she’d ask the manager. The manager, possibly surprised that a rock & roll legend wanted information about the diner’s coffee, gave him the secret, which probably wasn’t a secret at all. It was Maxwell House.
>When Petty heard the words “Maxwell House,” he didn’t turn back. He wasn’t going to deny the truth of his experience. In his view, it was a great cup of coffee. He didn’t bow to any hipster sensibility that went against his own tastes. His response? “Can I see how you make it?” The manager took Petty into the kitchen, where a Bunn Automatic coffeemaker was doing its thing. If you look in most any diner across America, the Bunn Automatic is a pretty standard fixture. For the places that do high-volume work, their units are professional-grade, tied into the plumbing rather than just sitting on the countertop. So, not long after the diner visit, that’s what Petty installed at his home. Two of them, in fact. He didn’t want to find himself waiting for a cup of coffee.

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Macchiato is the perfect coffee.

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I've been ripping through cortados and straight espresso lately, but I've been working 90h weeks on site (sleeping in the trailer) next to a great cafe/bakery with really good espresso.

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I just bought a bag of whole roasted Segfredo Zaneti espresso casa, and I'm a little disappointed.
Maybe it's just a bad bag, but there's no nice fresh coffee smells. Tastes a little burnt but it goes alright with frothed milk.
Made it with a brikka
Still the best one I had so far was Davidoff whole roasted espresso blend. Somehow this German stuff was better than even organic arabica

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Yeah.. It tasted like a weak gas-station coffee.

My got-to to order is to ask them for a double espresso and then fill the rest of the cup with milk. This way I get a less awful cappucino.

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Flat whites, cortados, but I ran out of milk, so espresso tonic for breakfast.

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>espresso tonic
Is that a thing? I've never heard of it

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It's a great summer drink. Just have to get good tonic water, Fever Tree Indian Tonic is good, and some light roasted Arabica.

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Quad shot 12oz americano

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I'll have to give that a shot sometime, then, thanks anon.

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For me it's an Americano in a mug from target

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If you were looking to spend some time hunting for good deals on a grinder off eBay, what models would you watch out for? If the goal was to get something as close to $100-150 as possible but still end up with something decent and you didn't mind having do try your luck bidding on things?

I've heard that breville is usually a good bet because there's a lot of them out there that people tend to sell when they're done with them, would something like the smart grinder pro be a good buy if you could catch one at a steal for like $100? Any other relatively unknown gems to watch out for?

Most common use would be v60 pourover but if it was possible to catch something that could potentially make a halfway decent espresso in the future that would be a bonus.

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That's a low-tier hand grinder range. Try 1zpresso or ideally try to find a used Kinu

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I have a Flair Neo at home and it makes some pretty alright espressos but I don't have a milk frother or steamer so I can't do anything besides pour basic milk into the coffee

Am I missing out by not being able to make other drinks and should I just get a steamer

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cafe au lait and some beignets

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Get a French press and do the poor man's frothed milk, it works alright

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I don't drink brewed coffees anymore so I might as well get a dedicated steamer/frother

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But they all suck

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Lot of people just warm milk in their microwave and froth up with the nanofoamer.

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comfy flat white that isn't so flat
t. dr. 9baranon

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yes you're missing out imho
i love espresso but being able to make milk drinks at home has been a huge revelation
plus, i make a better-tasting cortado/cappuccino/latte than any coffee shop i've been to for way less money


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What's the solution to the dark roast water retention issue? Using more beans?

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To order? Iced Americano. Hard to screw up and I can ask for extra ice if it's bad to water it down.
At home I only really buy Ethiopian anymore. Are there any other regions worth trying? I've had Colombian, some Mexican, a couple others I can't remember, but Ethiopian hasn't been beaten for me

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I don’t mind instant coffee. Is there something wrong with me?

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Bros. I haven't touched FOLGERS in over a decade. Last time I tried it, it was awful. as far as I'm concerned, Folgers and Maxwell House go hand in hand as the shittiest bargain ground coffee.

That said. I went to buy some coffee today and they didn't have the whole-bean columbian coffee I like and decided to go out on a limb and try Folger's Columbian ground coffee.

Worst case scenario, I'm going to be drinking bad coffee for the next month. Wish the best for me

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I'm a big fan of Kenyan coffees. Acidic, sweet, bodied, typically citrusy, with a range of interesting subordinate flavors (various fruits, spice, chocolate, tea). Almost always exceeds expectations because of extremely autistic processing and grading standards. I usually have a couple on hand. You almost can't fuck up roasting them either since they taste nice acros a pretty wide range. They're expensive though. Not meme coffee expensive, but more than most coffees.

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I'll have to keep my eye out. Thanks brah

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I'll sell you my kinu once my key comes in. $150.

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Long black.

All of them?

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Worse than mine. Yes, all of them.

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First impression of my new dry process Ethiopian: Strawberry right up front and milk chocolate in the middle. It is lower acidity than typical, ever so faint spice and bitter chocolate aftertaste. As the cup cools, the fresh strawberry morphs into a remarkably tangy and sweet strawberry jam. No significant dry process funkiness. Wow. This is a lovely coffee.

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Gotta love it.

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Friendly reminder that the robot is a chinked up knockoff.

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I'm an espresso with milk kind of guy but if a cafe has something unusual I'll try it out.

Kind of, although basically everything is inferior to a steam wand, supposedly shaking warm milk in a jar works but I never tried it.

Depends on how you brew it, more beans should work but my first try would be a coarser grind and/or longer extraction time.

I wish I could make such flavour distinctions.
I've had some Indian monsooned which I liked, very savory/spicy.

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why does this art style look so much more human than the modern one

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We gradually dumbed down art for commerce. That box art exists because someone thought it would be funny. It wasn't focus tested.

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well textured milk is really fucking good, large bubbles from mechanical frothers suck and I disfavour it over regular hot milk

How do you heat it now? Microwave sucks because you get the film on top and it never tastes right after separation. The best no nonsense method I found was to pour milk from the cup you want to fill in a small saucepan, then start swirling the milk when it gets warm by moving the pan in swift circles so it won't cook on the bottom. Pan has a little film that can be wiped out after you're done. You'll want a fast digital thermometer for consistent temperature.

The only steamer I can talk about is one of those pressure vessel stovetop steamers. It does work, but the instruction you find online is poor and you have to teach yourself, it can only texture a single serving of milk well, and the kind I got didn't work on induction and it is slow as fuck on electric. If you can find one that works on induction and get a stand alone induction top it would be all right, but you might be in so much money with the cooktop that you can buy something that isn't literally a bomb with relief valves preventing you from dying.

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>guys I usually only drink black coffee

Yeah, we get it.

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>When Petty heard the words “Maxwell House,” he didn’t turn back. He wasn’t going to deny the truth of his experience. In his view, it was a great cup of coffee. He didn’t bow to any hipster sensibility that went against his own tastes. His response? “Can I see how you make it?” The manager took Petty into the kitchen, where a Bunn Automatic coffeemaker was doing its thing. If you look in most any diner across America, the Bunn Automatic is a pretty standard fixture. For the places that do high-volume work, their units are professional-grade, tied into the plumbing rather than just sitting on the countertop. So, not long after the diner visit, that’s what Petty installed at his home. Two of them, in fact. He didn’t want to find himself waiting for a cup of coffee.
˘ He was still looking directly at me, as if to make sure I was getting all of this. I felt as though he didn’t just want to tell me something, he wanted to leave a mark. The Tom Petty who had watched thousands of cowboys move across the TV screen, well, just then he looked like one of them. I couldn’t think of a whole lot else to do but take a sip of that coffee and say, “It’s good. This really is good coffee.” To which Petty said, “You got that right.”

Tom Petty was so fucking based. Never heard this story before but made me chuckle.

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If he can get a used breville smart grinder for ~$150 why should he buy a hand grinder

>> No.16922816

>When Petty heard the words “Maxwell House,” he didn’t turn back. He wasn’t going to deny the truth of his experience. In his view, it was a great cup of coffee. He didn’t bow to any hipster sensibility that went against his own tastes.

what a legend

>> No.16922817

Because that grinder looks like a piece of shit. There is no way that an electric grinder that retails for $200 is of decent quality.

>> No.16922822

globohomo art style removes all character so it's as inoffensive to all audiences as possible, there's nothing to love or hate.

>> No.16922826

Regardless of the quality of the grinder, let the record show you don't know what you're talking about and the advice you give is simple guesswork

>> No.16922833

Excuse me sir, where is the wheelchair minority?

>> No.16922839

Let the record also show that you ignore the numerous red flags present in this "Breville Smart Grinder" and that you disingenuously refer to an educated assumption as "guesswork"

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How do I get into coffee. I fon't normally drink hot drinks since I'm Texan but I recently moved to North Dakota. Its already pretty cold and its just barely November.
What types or brands are best? What are the best ways to prepare it? What additives are good?

>> No.16922870

I never held an opinion on the breville grinder in the first place so I asked for one, and got your empty hand. If you want to pass your opinion for reasoning you should explain what those red flags are and the education in your assumption.

>> No.16922895

I already did. Must suck not being able to read.

>> No.16922901

i like the idea of the coffee sitting in top like that so the ice cream stays cold longer.

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The main barrier is bitterness that you slowly become desensitized to as you drink more coffee. Milk and sugar make coffee palatable to all new drinkers, but some people aren't looking for that. There's also a lot of ways to prepare coffee and buying all the methods for home to try would be silly, so go to a cafe. I guess the first thing to find out is you want go to a drip coffee route or espresso route, or maybe something inbetween if drip coffee isn't strong enough.

>> No.16922919

No one is going to take your post seriously after I dispelled your nonsense. Trying to gaslight won't make any difference.

Let us know if you have any more cute advice that's made up on the spot with no knowledge.

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>drip route or espresso route
Immersion chads reporting in

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I don't drink coffee, but I come to you with a question. A friend told me that when he was in Venice once, he saw a barista prepare an espresso (or something espresso-based, I didn't quite understand) using a shaker.
I've never heard of that. He drinks a lot of coffee and now wishes for such a shaker for his birthday.
What exactly is even accomplished with it? Is any shaker good to go, or is there like a specific kind for this use or with coffee in general? Does anyone know a good brand/model, ideally not made in china?

>> No.16923004

like they used an shaker to make the espresso or just the drink?

espresso is made using high heat and pressure, which a shaker could not do (at least not without hurting the person shaking it). If its just mixing a drink, any cocktail shaker would do.

>> No.16923015

Do you mean caffe shakerato?

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Because the distribution on the sgp is fucking trash?

>> No.16923032


>> No.16923043

>$200 electric meme "smart" grinder is shit
Woah. Who could have possibly predicted this???

>> No.16923058

Whats the source on these so I can compare grinders?

Also do you know what threshold they use to decide if a grain is out of spec and "coarser" or "finer"? That seems arbitrary and you could get way different graphs depending on how high or low the tolerance you picked was.

>> No.16923061

But it comes in 9 colors to match your other shit tier appliances. Thats gotta be worth something.

>> No.16923067

>Grind consistency test results for the Breville Smart Grinder Pro based on laser particle size distribution analysis by Horiba Instruments. Six samples were tested from each grinder representing various grind settings (coarse, medium, fine) and two degrees of roast (light and medium-dark). Like other grinders we tested, the Breville was at its best producing fine grinds. For an explanation of how we determined our optimal range of particle sizes click

>> No.16923104

So they tested 4 grinders and the sgp was the best of the 4. Is that all the products tested with this methodology?

>> No.16923115

What's the cheapest grinder with good distribution?

>> No.16923126

just save up your money and buy a good grinder

as a wise man once said:
>long after the price is forgotten, the quality will remain

>> No.16923138

By cheapest I don't mean "cheap". I just want metrics to know if the value is good

>> No.16923147

>So they tested 4 grinders
and all 4 were bad. You don't want 33-50% of your grinds finer than you want. Thats a random graph I found because you're going to bitch about
>cute advice that's made up on the spot with no knowledge
While coming up with cute counterarguments to a topic you don't understand.
People apparently really like the 1zpresso q2 heptagonal. How do you make your coffee?

>> No.16923152

can I use a hand grinder driven with a power drill

asking for a friend

>> No.16923154

Anyone buy the Reddit df64 meme grinder?

>> No.16923172

"can" you?
"should" you?

it'll work at first, but hand grinders are not engineered for withstanding motors. It will make both a worse grind and might even break it

>> No.16923191

You have no metrics on the grinders you suggest to compare with, other than "people apparently really like them". You're free to believe what a bad output is in the abstract, but you still have no idea what a bad output is for a $150 price point.

You posted an opinion first and found the graph second. Nothing will ever change that. I've never made a value judgement on any grinder, only about you. All you've done is demonstrated your lack of understanding twice.

>> No.16923195

if the drill has a clutch and you are careful, yes

>> No.16923197

drills have torque settings

>> No.16923200

>my coffee is superior to any and all coffee shops
Have you considered opening a coffee shop?

>> No.16923205

>People apparently really like the 1zpresso q2 heptagonal. How do you make your coffee?

Oh yeah forgot so say, espresso

>> No.16923215

Don't say I didn't work you.
Don't shit your bed when your coffee tastes like piss

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File: 3.36 MB, 4032x3024, PXL_20211101_193950912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm staring at $270 in sieves. I don't have a 1zpresso q2 sitting here to test, but people who have a wider range of experience with grinders have recommended it. I'm not even the first guy you were arguing with schizo. I'm just backing him up and affirming you're a bozo who doesn't understand how particle distribution works.

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dry caps are such a pain in the ass, how do i get better at making them

>> No.16923260

So what is your grinder of choice?
And what is its percentage of ground coffee with a > +/- 200micron variance from the mode particle size of a given setting?

>> No.16923268

Just don't even bother replying to ignorant newfags, that only enables them

>> No.16923297

>I'm staring at $270 in sieves.

If you have experience then you should especially take issue with people who offer advice with none, even if they happen to be right.

But if you really want to back him up, you should also provide evidence for your own claims. "Experience" in general isn't justication for specific claims. I've also seen an experienced person recommend a used breville grinder, but I don't pass that off as knowledge.

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Depends on what you're making. Kinus are great, but perform way better on the espresso side. Still makes great pourovers, but the fines are noticeable if you're brewing in an easily clogged filter paper like Cafec lights. I sifted off everything under 700um and the paper still clogged. I ground SIGNIFICANTLY coarser and didn't sift and it clogged even harder. Faster cutting burrs will generate more fines, but require less effort. They also make a specific pourover burr that is way slower cutting.
>what is its percentage of ground coffee with a > +/- 200micron
When I sift espresso at kruve's recommended sizes(200um, 600um), 21g in nets me about equal fines and boulders and leaves me with a ~17-18g dose. The kinu is getting retired hopefully at the end of this month. It'll be interesting to go from 47mm conicals to 83mm conicals.
>you still have no idea what a bad output is for a $150 price
I've got a hell of a lot better idea than you.

>> No.16923334

>you should also provide evidence for your own claim
I'm not buying any grinders to test for you retards. I'm not getting any clickthrough revenue or affiliate %.
Fuck dude I know, but whatever. Needed to pull the sieves down to clean anyway.

>> No.16923335

out of interest, how do you use your brikka?
for me, i grind quite fine, and tamp the coffee, and put 80ml in the bottom

>> No.16923336

>even if they happen to be right
If you looked at the description of that piece of shit grinder and failed to see the numerous glaring red flags indicating that it is likely of poor quality, then you clearly do not know enough about grinders to be arguing about them. You don't even need to be particularly well-versed in grinders to see the problem with a company not dedicated to grinder manufacture selling an electric "smart" grinder for approximately the cost of an entry-level hand grinder. I could go further into the other reasons why it is highly suspect but it would be wasted on a dumbass like you.

>> No.16923348

>47mm conicals to 83mm conicals
Opinions on flats? I have only ever owned conical myself.

>> No.16923356

>I've got a hell of a lot better idea than you.

I'm asking the question, of course I don't know, but do you have a better idea than an audiophile, a crystal ball, or a monkey throwing darts? No, you don't. So stop giving advice about it.

>> No.16923364

>I'm not buying any grinders to test for you retards.

Neither did 38 posters in this thread, but somehow they made it through without posting fake knowledge. Why can't you be like everyone else?

>> No.16923373

You've already made numerous posts with no content, why did you do it again? We all know you have nothing to say

>> No.16923379

I've got no experience brewing with flats myself, only getting drinks served. I figured the key was a better stopping point than getting a 64mm flat burr carrier and buying everything ssp shits out.
>but do you have a better idea than an audiophile
The cable going into my akg k7xxs is more expensive than the breville.
>of course I don't know
No shit. Buy the smart grinder. Stop posting.

>> No.16923381

Go back to r*ddit.

>> No.16923400

>The cable going into my akg k7xxs is more expensive than the breville.

Wait so you actually are a pseud lmao

>> No.16923403

Usually a pour over with the best looking beans they have, sometimes I'll order a latte too I'm feeling it. I'll always get beans to take home because I only go to one shop because it's the best. I get their beans mailed every once in a while to treat myself. I could drink their stuff all the time but I don't want to spoil myself.

>> No.16923413

>Wait so you actually are a pseud lmao
kek. welcome to /ctg/.

>> No.16923430

>I've got a hell of a lot better idea than you.
Anon, I simply asked what grinder you use and how much quantifiable variance it has. I think that bit was meant for someone else.

>> No.16923454

Most psueds will plug in a new cable and pray. I bought an extra foot of the cable and rewired them from the plug directly into the drivers as well. I no longer have the classic airy bass of the k7 series, theres actual presence to it. These headphones did not have sub bass before this mod. Let me guess, you've got some hd6xxs and an o2?

>> No.16923514

imagine being poor

>> No.16923521

We'll get back to shitting on your aeropress soon.

>> No.16923536

Enjoy your expensive placebo, retard. I'm sure your taste in music is garbage too.
t. recording engineer

>> No.16923540

>The Black Dragon falls on the warm end of neutral, lending fullness and body to your headphones without making them sound laid back or lush. UP-OCC copper conductors smooth out the top end without compromising resolution while adding bottom-end weight and making the midrange sound more musical. It's a great cable for vocals and a range of music genres. It is extremely smooth with an enhanced low end and voicing. It adds a detailed warmth to high-end headphones, making it an excellent match for Grado, AKG K700, Sennheiser HD800, and the Focal Utopia. Get ready for a truly immersive listening experience that will make you fall in love with your headphones all over again!
You actually paid money for this nonsense?

>> No.16923566

Give me an album you worked on. I'll download it from redacted right now.
I'll be getting some 1266 completes soon. I think its only an extra ~4k for the upgrade cable. Planning on pairing it with a holo may kte and xiaudio formula s, unless you've got some budget gear that sounds "just as good".

>> No.16923582

Not the anon you replied to, but
>Trying to shit on Sennie
Is there even a term for retardation beyond full-retard?
Double-retard? Maybe supercritical-retard?

>> No.16923588

>dox yourself on 4chan so I can steal your music
You don't seem too bright.

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File: 13 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.3302740728_du8e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

any Aeropress Chads ITT?

>> No.16923602

>paying the price of a used car for no-name Chinese audio equipment
Do people really do this without A/B testing?

>> No.16923606

Look man, I know linus wears them. I owned a pair of 595 back in the day. Went from the old purple ad700s, to hd595, to q701. decided against getting the 600. I like my k7xxs alot more than my friends hd800s with a silver dragon cable.

>> No.16923608

>smooths out..
>while adding..
>making midrange sound more..
>with an enhanced..
>it adds..
I don’t want my cables adding/smoothing/enhancing jack shit. I want them delivering exactly what the fuck the source tells them to deliver, and if I want to adjust anything I’ll do it in EQ.

>> No.16923617

>I know linus wears them
Should I be thankful or ashamed that I don’t know who you’re talking about?

>> No.16923620

hd800s need a golden dragon dildo minimum

>> No.16923624

1266s are made in the us. If I wanted to I could go with a benchmark dac3 and a headamp gsx. All made in the land of the cuck by fat white hands. Not like I can go to rmaf this year.
It would be real easy to prove you're not full of shit, but it won't happen. I'll be listening to last night's phish show at MGM in 24bit while I wait. I don't even like the band, but I'll certainly get some buffer off it while its in the top10.

>> No.16923640

>if I want to adjust anything I’ll do it in EQ.
I bet you add sugar to your coffee too.

>> No.16923645
File: 1.91 MB, 640x358, 1554379797613.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I go with the Aeropress or Clever Dripper for getting into coffee? I want consistent coffee that I can't mess up. Will be pairing it with a Timemore C2 as I hear it's a popular entry meme grinder.

>> No.16923648
File: 42 KB, 850x400, zp7hpu6vj7411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't even like the band

>> No.16923672
File: 156 KB, 1252x1252, 1 ZYpBSAe0dC4_ha-3GhcO9Q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The key to this project is the giant laser, which was invented by the noted Cambridge physicist, Dr. Parsons. So therefore, it is fitting to call it: "The Alan Parsons Project".

>The Alan Parsons Project was a progressive rock band from 1982. Why don't you just name it Operation Wang Chung, ass?

>The Complete Albums Collection [2014] [Anthology] Unconfirmed Release / Arista / 88697890552 / CD FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue

I'll give it a listen.

>> No.16923693
File: 858 KB, 1080x1247, Screenshot_20211101-172346_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Home made pumpkin spice latte with actual pumpkin to flavor it
It's rather unfair that I don't have a way to share this with the world. I want the world to enjoy my creation.

>> No.16923696

How seamlessly coffee gearfaggotry transitions into audiophilia.

>> No.16923701


>> No.16923713

just get some eceleb to steal it then daytime tv will steal from them

>> No.16923730
File: 650 KB, 1079x813, Screenshot_20210929-211621_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That would make me sad. Modern "entertainment" platforms are gay.
Besides, it takes too long to make for normies to ever bother, I would need a shop or a venue to get my product out.

>> No.16923733

There's levels to it. No different than the casual tennis players who buy brand new racquets expecting to improve and the nerds who will pay top dollar for a pt57a or wilson h22 on ebay. HD660s(aka HD6xx) are the timemore c2 of the audio world. Anyone needs high res albums downloaded lmk.

>> No.16923740

No, if I want to adjust my coffee I do so with grind, temp, etc. The EQ of coffee.
What I don’t do is sip it through a flavored straw which “adds/smooths/enhances” anything about the coffee on its way from my cup to my tastebuds.

>> No.16923741

You keep the plastic

>> No.16923764

>Pumkin spice
>Anise and blobs in coffee
Did you make that faggot's coffee?

>> No.16923767

What would happen if you ground roasted cacoa beans and shot them through an espresso machine?

I understand the point of brewing coffee is to avoid the bitter compounds, which grinding and dissolving it doesn't do. Cacoa isn't as bitter, so that's why we don't do that? Or brewing methods make weak chocolate water? So that's why I wondered if the espresso pressure would extract enough to make it worth it

>> No.16923786

>How seamlessly coffee gearfaggotry transitions into audiophilia
>autistic levels of “my setup is objectively the best setup” based on nothing more than one’s own perception combined with a touch of narcissism to make one genuinely believe that any differing opinion is a sign of the other person being laughably less knowledgeable/enlightened on the subject, rather than understanding the simple fact that not everyone likes something the exact same way you do
Coffeephiles and Audiophiles are basically the same.

>> No.16923790
File: 145 KB, 750x500, nestle-nesquik-gettyimages-511160938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too poor to afford the red spiral straw?

>> No.16923793

That's a good question, I'm curious now.

>> No.16923802

You’d basically be making a variant of xocolatl, the main difference being that the Aztecs didn’t filter it, and the crushed/ground cocoa was in the cup.

>> No.16923803

Just for reference sake, I'm running monoprice spdif into a modi3 vali2 with a nos ukranian reflektor tube. Its nothing fantastic. I was going to get an a90 as an incremental upgrade. My k7xxs finally broke a wire to the left cup, so I needed an internal repair anyway. Swapped them over to a 4pin minixlr and made a balanced cable for $14 a foot, then never got around to buying the a90 since I want to buy dumb shit next. I'm very familiar with the k7 series sound signature.
I've never enjoyed these headphones more. Warmer fuller bass without losing a gram of analytical detail. Give it a shot if you ever need to repair a set of cans. I'll probably buy another foot and make a minixlr4pin to 2.5m for the btr5.

>> No.16923821

Do either one of them actually like coffee or music?

>> No.16923847

>forcefully penetrating a modern 1st world democracy amp with a superior cold-war communist tube
Okay, anon, we can be friends even though we prefer different headphone makes.

>> No.16923868


>did you make that faggot's coffee?
That's not coffee, but yea, I sure did. It's pumpkin and spices that you jar for a few days to get the spice into the pumpkin. Coffee comes later. It's so faggoty it has AIDS. If you don't like anise i don't know how to help you. Get some taste, retard.

>> No.16923897

For the record, schiit is junk. Immediately had to send it back because it didn't mute the preamp when the 1/4in was plugged in, and two of my friends magni3s have burnt out. Before toobrollin I was firmly team
>tubes don't make any fucking difference
Turns out schiit just ships bad tubes. I feel like cables are probably the same. Driver and housing r&d, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. After all of that you're not left with that much of a budget for a stock cable, so its the first thing to cheap out on.

>> No.16923997
File: 13 KB, 644x800, 1635612320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>headphone tube amps

>> No.16924024

>literally having a soyjack folder and using it to cry about electronics

>> No.16924025
File: 123 KB, 496x279, 0IbDv0F.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16924044


>> No.16924045

I was thinking as well that the making of the espresso itself can't have happened via shaking. Alright then, time to look for a good regular shaker.
Maybe? I don't know. But from googling the term it does seem like that sort of thing.

>> No.16924064

Wrong. I bet you're that disgusting vitenamese coffee fucker.
>It's so faggoty it has AIDS. If you don't like anise i don't know how to help you. Get some taste, retard.
Lmao it totally is.

>> No.16924068

They change the sound in a beautiful way. Get a darkvoice.

>> No.16924083
File: 852 KB, 2400x2400, 9bc3f031-7cb1-47c1-847e-864fbee0f18f_1.a669c5aebee3ffba252b40b18a1c1d62.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck the light roast circlejerk, this shit fucking slaps with a donut

>> No.16924085

LOL yeah thats what I was thinking too.
The only other amp I'm considering for the stupid stack would be the wa33, but I'm pretty sure replacing that many expensive tubes will piss me off over time. Formula s is supposedly extremely tubey for a solid state amp.

>> No.16924102

>peet's coffee
>roast date
3rd wave bros.................... it's over

>> No.16924112

I don't really make them but I don't few babycinos. You want shitloads of air (obviously) so you're close to 80% foam and 20% milk. Then you roll out the bubbles as much as you can. Stick the jug in the fridge for like 30 seconds (trust me). The foam will set and harden, then use a spoon to scoop it into the cup

>> No.16924113

>incomparable world blend
>low grade from Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela

>> No.16924118
File: 44 KB, 150x179, 1619987782370.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16924123

>only $17/lb!

>> No.16924127

where the fuck are you shopping that charges 17 bucks a pound for fucking peet's

>> No.16924136

Why the hell would you need to replace tubes that frequently? Does the Woo Audio 33 have a problem with it?
>Formula s is supposedly extremely tubey for a solid state amp
Look, that amp is a beast, but I believe that you should go for tube sound with tubes and clean sound with solid state. I'm sure it probably sounds great but they're made made for specific headphones and, even with stax, that annoys me but I understand it there. For planars? Eeeeeh... I'm sure it sounds great and you enjoy yourself, but considering you bought the WA33 over the 11, you seem like the kind of person who just likes buying expensive shit to flex but you're too poor to afford the orpheus or HE-1. Lmao.
>You're the dude with the 20 large coffee machine, aren't you?

>> No.16924143

The grocery stores around me sell 10oz bags (formerly 12) for $8-11 depending whether on sale or regular price. Online directly from Peet's they're something like $17/lb.

>> No.16924145

>literally having a soyjack face

>> No.16924151

Still pretty cheap, 3rd wave coffee is like $25/lb for some boring colombian shit with a fake roast date, and it doesn't have the quality control of based peet's.

>> No.16924155

But does he have an espresso maker? The shaker will be useless to him if not

What about the recipe? If all he knows is a guy shook something he can't make that drink period

>> No.16924165

>They change the sound in a beautiful way.

Then why didn't the mixer do it in EQ?

Say you're right for a particular song, or you just like lower sounds. Why don't you change it with EQ?

>> No.16924169

Oh, I see you want the buy the 33. Yeah, you're just a faggot who likes having expensive shit and you have no concept price/performance. If you haven't heard stax, for 1k, try it and tell me you still want that 8k setup. You can also tube stax although the amps are... Rarer. If you're going to go all out, go all out. Don't be a bitch about it.

>> No.16924177

Can we talk about donuts

I have a really hard time finding plain, unglazed/cake donuts in the supermarket. Americans wont buy them or something

>> No.16924179
File: 937 KB, 900x900, ROWvb8y.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/mu/tards get out reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.16924185

You gotta find a local 3rd wave donut shop senpai.
Even worse, they're /g/ trannies.

>> No.16924189

>Then why didn't the mixer do it in EQ?
Because you can't, retard. The way the driver works is different from both dynamic and planar drivers, making things sound differently. Fuck off with your EQ troll. If you need to EQ equipment to make it sound good; it's shit.

>> No.16924190

>$25/lb for some boring colombian shit with a fake roast date

>> No.16924191

No music has been discussed here lmao, and very little coffee too

Just so you know, audio and coffee are equipment hobbies. It's not about experiencing the result

>> No.16924205

You can parametric EQ any tonal effect, and do any sound effect period with software. You're the one that thinks you need light bulbs to make your equipment sound good. And you'd eat shit if it had tubes on it.

>> No.16924206

>It's not about experiencing the result
No, you're just pretentious.

>> No.16924212

>You can parametric EQ any tonal effect, and do any sound effect period with software.
No, you can't. You're mad that you're too poor to afford a $200 amp. Maybe drink less coffee?
>You're the one that thinks you need light bulbs to make your equipment sound good. And you'd eat shit if it had tubes on it.
Nah 90% of tube amps are shit. They do, however, cause mathematically definable and fluctuating changes in sound that you're not going to get via EQ.

>> No.16924219

Don't make me try to describe coffee flavors again. I let my new Ethiopian get stone cold for the last few sips. It changed once again, but I'm still thinkin on it. I don't quite understand what I tasted yet.

>> No.16924220

Nah I'm the flair+sep+key guy. Fiat rich, crypto wealthy. Waiting till the end of this cycle to "endgame" a few things so I've been thinking and reading for months waiting to retire the k7xxs. I don't like that I've been looking at decents either :/ I live real comfortably, but I'd like to live real c u s h y. I've already talked to the owner of abyss a few months ago when I was going to buy some cheap shit and the tc lite. I'll condense down what he said.
>I personally have enjoyed the SMSL SU-9 and Topping A90 combo with my AB1266TC~$1k
>definitely better stuff out there as you go-up in price
>More enjoyable than the thx stuff
>a90 is pretty transparent
>su-9 has great filters
>want to go the tube-hybrid route there’s the Cavalli Liquid Platinum.

>> No.16924225

This is going on my cringe mixtape

>> No.16924239
File: 3.46 MB, 4032x3024, PXL_20211031_015201799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm listening to Woman by Justice and thinking about sipping some of that ethiopian I posted at the end of last thread. I've inadvertently triggered both EQfags and tubefags by theorycrafting my next big purchase.

>> No.16924249

I've been waiting to hear about that coffee.

>> No.16924271

>Waiting till the end of this cycle to "endgame" a few things so I've been thinking and reading for months waiting to retire the k7xxs
What do you expect as the high? For me I see a lot of evidence for S2FX to play out AT A MINIMUM, and following a fractal of 2017 we could go as high as 400k desu.
>k7xxs, SU-9, Topping A9
Oh, so you actually do have somewhat decent taste for proper spending. For me, it's the K712pros. I've tried a shitload of headphones, and no matter how expensive I go, I simply cannot replace these and stax.
>More enjoyable than the thx stuff
Yeah, I bought the 789 when it came out and it goes in and out of rotation. I can see why you might find it a little dry.
>Cavalli Liquid Platinum
You know I looked at that a while back. I still want to try a hybrid tube amp but I can't really justify it over something more in each direction, you know?

IMHO if you make enough money (You do futures?) you should totally get the really insane sennheiser stuff. THAT is c u s h y, truly magical equipment. Try to listen to one if you ever go to an audio show.

>> No.16924301

I think the k712 pros are probably the closest thing to these k7xxs now, if not identical. They're fucking g r e a t. I've got my shekels in alot of banks. Just made a dickload on spirit over the past few weeks and you'd be an absolute tard to not be holding as much ohm as your pockets can stand. Lets be clear, I'm trying to swim in excess, not drown. Looking for the happy medium, but anything can happen kek. When I talk about kind of wanting a decent, I feel like I'd get way more enjoyment out of having a sauna built in my backyard for about the same price. Tryna be somewhat efficient.
>so you actually do have somewhat decent taste for proper spending.
su-9 and a90 is what doug from abyss rec'd on the budget I gave him. Budget right now is not a problem and quickly not becoming a thought.

>> No.16924430

Is the Niche Zero still the best grinder option in its price range?

>> No.16924514

>I think the k712 pros are probably the closest thing to these k7xxs now, if not identical
They have less bass, and better pads, but they're fairly close yeah. I had the K7xxs a while back and loved them.
(3, 3). A lot of forks coming out soon, pretty good sign.
>I feel like I'd get way more enjoyment out of having a sauna built in my backyard for about the same price
Surely a sauna isn't 50k? Good lord.

>> No.16924518


>> No.16924670

I have a cheap espresso machine and want to pair it with a cheap coffee grinder, manual is fine too. Recs?

>> No.16924698
File: 255 KB, 2000x2000, red-cappuccino_2000x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love sweet coffee. A strong hazelnut latte or salted caramel latte with a ton of foam, or white mocha with whip cream are my go tos, especially around this season. Usually in the summer/spring I'll order a cappuccino with honey and cinnamon instead.

>> No.16924785
File: 1.40 MB, 3024x4032, PXL_20211102_013802320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>decents are like 4k
about the same price as a sauna. I feel like I'd spend more time in the sauna and I'm happy with my flair58 for now
>They have less bass, and better pads
That's what the recable to black dragon was for and I've got dekoni sheepskins on. We'll see. I feel like the 1266s take the "idea" of the k7s to the extreme. Just wildly spacey detail monsters. Like, I don't feel like I'll regret the holo may and formula s in any way. Real good starting point into the real high end shit. That holo may is supposed to be nuts and I listen to a bunch of music so its not like its a few grand that only gets sporadically used.
I told these guys to buy at sub 300 a few months ago. I posted some dumb screenshot thats 3x'd by now kek
It may be a cold and rainy night, but my mug is oozing tropical fruits. Definite herbiness. Almost a bright lemongrassy note? I intentionally brew the first cup shitty so theres nowhere to go but up. Lazy osmotic center pour followed up with the melodrip. Brewed it a little bit too long. Its almost like spiced orange wine.

>> No.16924815

About the same price as a sauna. I feel like I'd spend more time in the sauna and I'm happy with my flair58 for now
An odyssey or HE-1 costs 50k minimum, that's a 10x difference.
>That's what the recable to black dragon was for and I've got dekoni sheepskins on
Eeeh I find dekoni is very close to stock but it's missing something (also holy shit that velour is so soft)
>That's what the recable
>he spent $185 on a cable to change the sound
Are you actually retarded?
>That holo may is supposed to be nuts and I listen to a bunch of music so its not like its a few grand that only gets sporadically used.
Yeah that's always nice, I run my headphones into the ground with use. Gaming on the k7s can't be beat, though. "Oh, yeah, he's on the other side of the map, north by north west, reloading and walking through upper tuns." Just insane detail and soundstage.
>I told these guys to buy at sub 300 a few months ago. I posted some dumb screenshot thats 3x'd by now kek
Nice, some people just don't get it.

>> No.16924894

I'm not talking about buying an he-1 moron.
The bbd is only $14 a foot for diy and I needed wire anyway to repair them internally so I just swapped everything out and turned them balanced. When I posted the call I had 3600ohm at ~299. Some bozo posted his doge was finally up enough to buy a niche lolol.

>> No.16924966

>eating something so sweet to cover up the bad coffee

>> No.16924973

>Talks about buying a sauna
>Says that he'd feel he'd get more use out of it
>Would make sense that he's talking about an HE-1, rather than the cost of the equipment he wants to buy
You conversational invalid, not my problem you can't type

>> No.16925004

>When I talk about kind of wanting a decent, I feel like I'd get way more enjoyment out of having a sauna built in my backyard for about the same price.
>kind of wanting a decent

>> No.16925034

Imagine browsing this thread and you see a bunch of bizzarre numbers, acronyms, and terminology because you have no idea anons are talking about audio

>> No.16925066

>Uses vague word
>Vagueness causes problems
>Gets mad at others

>> No.16925092

>Surely he's talking about a relatively esoteric $50000 pair of headphones
I just don't understand the logic here.

>> No.16925140

>poorfag cope

>> No.16925224

You're the faggot who said money is no object. God you're a little fag.

>> No.16925250

you're such a fucking retard and you don't deserve to pay a reasonable price for a good grinder
enjoy getting ripped off

>> No.16925255
File: 179 KB, 780x1040, kalita tsubame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

brothers is this normal...my copper kalita dripper seems to have the edges chipped off. i thought that copper didn't rust?

>> No.16925259

go back tø reddit
your posts are frankly embarrassing

>> No.16925268

i hate coffee and the idea of relying on it to start your day

>> No.16925278

so the upshot is he had terrible taste and drank shit quality coffee

>> No.16925302

Why does mom let me have two (You)s?

>> No.16925314
File: 328 KB, 2000x1125, Folgers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you still fuck your sister?

>> No.16925340

>i thought that copper didn't rust?
It doesn’t.
So it would appear the outer base part of the Kalita copper dripper is merely copper-plated.

>> No.16925362

>Depends on how you brew it, more beans should work but my first try would be a coarser grind and/or longer extraction time.
I'm doing it with a V60. I know you're apparently not supposed to, but I get a decent tasting cup out of it. I seem to lose about 15-20 ml of water every time, though.

>> No.16925378

>Lets be clear, I'm trying to swim in excess, not drown. Looking for the happy medium, but anything can happen kek.
I'd be mad if I couldn't read too.

>> No.16925389

copper oxidizes tarnishes, it also might be plated and the plating is coming off

>> No.16925429

I throw some ground beans into cold milk and stir. Coffee is shit but this is the only acceptable way to drink it.

>> No.16925437

>I'd be mad if I couldn't read too.
>Swim in excess not drown
And then I brought up the HE-1 again and you responded to that. Context is important, cunt. God, where do you live, fagtown, USA?

>> No.16925607

And then I brought up the 4k price, to which you completely ignored and started spouting off about the he-1 again.

>> No.16925767

>I brought up the 4k price
AFTER I asked about it being 50k incredulously you weasly little fuck.

>> No.16925820

The first time 50k is mentioned is you being a bozo.
>Surely a sauna isn't 50k?
Learn to read. The post you're responding to I shoot down
>you should totally get the really insane sennheiser stuff
By saying
> I'm trying to swim in excess, not drown. Looking for the happy medium, but anything can happen kek.

>Would make sense that he's talking about an HE-1
You're just making up context because you don't know the price to have a shed built. Slow down. Read.

>> No.16925834

>The first time 50k is mentioned is you being a bozo.
Oh, no wonder you're acting like a little prissy faggot; you're THAT dude. Lmao.
>Learn to read. The post you're responding to I shoot down
Again with the vagueness. I explain why I specifically say something and you pull something out of your ass. Cope dumbass.
>I'm trying to swim in excess, not drown. Looking for the happy medium, but anything can happen kek.
Then I bring them up again, and you seemingly shoot it down by talking about a sauna. I know you understand why that would be confusing.
>You're just making up context because you don't know the price to have a shed built.
I specifically acted incredulous about the 50k because a sauna is basically a shed, yes. You're a manipulative dude, when you don't like reality, you just lie. Are you a woman?
>Slow down. Read.
Sneed. Cope.

>> No.16925839

>about the same price as a sauna. I feel like I'd spend more time in the sauna and I'm happy with my flair58 for now
So whats the connection between a ~$600 flair58 and a $50000 pair of memephones? Break down the logic professor.

>> No.16925935

lmao is the audiophool still posting?

>> No.16925939

Just came across this and thought it might help


>> No.16926041


>> No.16926117
File: 498 KB, 1080x811, Screenshot_20211102-035828_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you don't like pumpkin spices you're a nigger

>> No.16926132

Interesting, of course the idea isn't original as it's taking a starbucks idea but making it professional. I'm sure mines better than that faggy bong and I've been making it before this guy's video came out.

>> No.16926148

i see. yeah it just seems to be an outer layer of copper. i'm a bit disappointed but at least no other parts show any wear after a year.

>> No.16926373
File: 306 KB, 1225x1762, b0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes you want some SWEETNESS.

>> No.16926388

Any grown man making that expression should be shot in the face.

>> No.16926399
File: 71 KB, 1078x606, 1635517028823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Walk into Coffee shop
>"Americano please"
>"One Long Black?"

>> No.16926424

Soy Latte

>> No.16926536

You get that glass from NotNeutral?

>> No.16926662

goddammit the hario mini grinder fucking sucks
I knew I shouldn't have cheaped out

>> No.16926780

Try more light roasts. I think those flavors are much more vibrant and easy to pick up

>> No.16926802

Anyway I can up my basic black coffee made with a Bialetti machine (6 cups induction), please ?
I like black coffee but a change however small, would be appreciated

>> No.16926814

It doest rust per se but also oxydates and produces a green/blue crust.
This isn't it however and is probably just the copper plating chipping away, as that other anon said

>> No.16926829

Nigger he asked what the minimum would be, as in "how cheap can I go but still get something good" I swear to God you retards who see any hint of a person trying to budget and just immediately parrot out "save up for something good" are the dumbest mother fuckers. The guy is literally asking how much you think he should save up in order to "buy a good grinder". If you don't have any useful advice then don't bother replying you fucking elitist sack of dildos, let someone who can fucking read do it.

>> No.16926849

A Reddit tier faggot who pretends to know shit about technology professionally while making videos about equipment he doesn't know fuck all about designed for use in industries he has absolutely nothing to do with. Dude has gelled up hair spikes and multiple ear piercings in 2021, he looks like a washed up NSYNC impersonator.

>> No.16926864

Second impression:
After giving it a full 24 hour rest, I'm finding that the fresh strawberry is completely replaced with a much bigger strawberry jamminess, the sweetness much better balanced with an acidic tanginess that hits at the same time. It's not harsh, or what I would consider a highly acidic coffee though. Backend still has chocolate, but it's less disjointed. A really lovely, characteristic semi-fermenty dry process taste permeates throughout, but this time the aftertaste is clearly strawberry. I can pick out that unidentifiable flavor in there now: it's treacle. Again, wow. This is the best coffee I've had in 2021.

>> No.16926867
File: 65 KB, 1068x601, gigachad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, I use a decade-old Mr. Coffee with the cheapest Costco whole bean that I grind every week. Yes, I drink a whole pot daily.

>> No.16926879

Only just recently found a place locally where I can get some different varieties of beans/roast from the standard dark roasted Columbian stuff that every single shop in my area seems to default to for everything. Grabbed a couple bags of relatively light roasted varieties to try out and see how I liked, any recommendations as far as anything you'd do differently for lighter roasts vs darker during the brew? I upped my brew temp to full boiling from my usual ~205F I'd use for darker roasts because hoffmeme seemed to make some pretty good arguments for it extracting better on lighter roasts and that seems to have been an improvement. Any opinions on grind size, would you normally leave that alone or does anyone notice a trend as far as a coarser or finer grind working better for lighter roasts in general? Brew method is v60.

>> No.16926882

What's kind of interesting to me is how the day's rest after roasting made the taste fuller and smoother. That first cup, the same flavors were still all there, but they hit me in stages with every sip. Isn't that funny? Does anyone have an explanation for this?

>> No.16926907

that's the cappuccino glass

>> No.16926921

Degassing would be the most likely culprit, since as CO2 is released it gets easier to more fully extract the coffee. That's part of the reason for blooming your brew, to let the beans preinfuse and release some gas so that the rest of the brew process can better extract.

>> No.16926930

Were you using it same day or right after it was roasted btw? In general it's usually recommended to let the beans rest for a while after roasting so they can degas like >>16926921 mentions. Depends on the roast how long it takes to get the best results but usually at least like a week is pretty good.

>> No.16926937

This makes sense for the overall flavor being bigger in the cup, but do you think it also accounts for the strange disjointedness of the flavors in each sip coming in segments?

>> No.16926947

I roasted early yesterday morning, did a first cup only a few hours later (impatience and curiosity always gets me with a new coffee). This morning it completely came together.

>> No.16926948

>maxwell house, dark roast
>out of a 4-cup coffee pot
>all of it into a 40oz thermos cup
>half and half
I call it "I drink coffee in my own home and don't care"

>> No.16926967

Exceedingly based, my brother

>> No.16926968

Expect the flavor to keep evolving a bit as you get further from the roast date, though the differences will definitely slow down as time goes on.

>> No.16926978

Possibly but to be entirely honest I'm not sure about that. Could be that it was somewhat under-extracted so you missing some of the "middle" flavors that would usually make it feel more tied together but I'm just speculating wildly on that, I have no science to back it up.

>> No.16927030
File: 79 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are your thoughts on ourguy?


>> No.16927230
File: 91 KB, 1080x1080, 4ozPhinFilter-NguyenCoffeeSupply-2_5e1a7cae-403a-422c-9720-30c06c6556d1_1200x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ordered a Phin filter and a package of 'Nam robusta for it from a local roastery. Anyone tried the Vietnamese filter coffee?

>> No.16927263
File: 101 KB, 683x196, you are a cock8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you order in a 3rd wave coffee shop when barista is an insufferable opinionated bastard that can't shut up with trying selling you what you didn't ask for? Yes, it became very personal because coffee is decent there.

>> No.16927264

this just reminds me how much i wish there was more music as good as atomizer and songs about fucking

>> No.16927281

>knocks on the holder with a metal part of a tamper
>misses the group, bumps the holder with tampered grounds on the machine
>doesn't let the water run to chill the group
>doesn't blow the steamer after whipping the milk
fucking youtube gurus, i swear

>> No.16927311

Order the fucking manager to tell him to shut the fuck up if they don't want to lose a customer

>> No.16927734

I use it every day. Though I'm upgrading to a V60.

>> No.16927765

you forgot that he brewed and drank animal shit

>> No.16927825

It's le fermentation

>> No.16927860

fucking legend
>Albini will never make a civet-shat coffee for you with pterodactyl-surfer latte art
why even live?

>> No.16928056

Lighter roasts are harder to extract as you've said. Give it a crack with the hotter water, but be ready to adjust a little finer to slow the drawdown and push your extraction if needed.

>> No.16928151

is that the guy who said for the price of a fast food meal you can buy a whole stick of salami and shove it up your ass

>> No.16928339

I urge you to go to your local fancy coffee shop with their own roastery and whatnot and order a cup of robusta. No blends, no walnut milk. Just a cup of robusta.

>> No.16928363

Then shove it up your ass right there in front of the counter, right?

>> No.16928371

Never change, chan4

>> No.16928874

Anyone taking bets on wbc?


>> No.16928892

you dont shove, you cram.

>> No.16928950

Spoilers, 31 entries and not a single aeropress. Its so weird. You'd think the absolute best brewing method for filter coffee would have some representation.


>> No.16929031

Fuck off I know what I'm doing zoomer

>> No.16929562

>”Sir that’s racist”
Reap confusion

>> No.16929917
File: 45 KB, 427x400, 1632677832143.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>coffee making contest

>> No.16929984

You see plastic metal and ceramic v60s, clever drippers, origamis, kalitas, w60s. But no aeropress. Its just strange.

>> No.16930453
File: 106 KB, 904x1500, 81gRwVAJmPL._AC_SL1500_[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Get french press
>Try different type of coffee beans.
>"Hey, that smells nice, can you prepare one cup for me?"
>Sure! And... tell me your honest opinion, is any good?
>Too sour
>Too strong.
>Too-louse Lautrec.

>Hey, you know what? We have this old coffee machine, haven't used in years, I wonder if it still works?
>Plug it. It works.
>"Ah, now this is a good cup of coffee."
>"Yeah, better than the stuff you prepare in your fancy mug".

I don't know if feel depressed or offended.

>> No.16930504
File: 16 KB, 298x431, 20211114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Caffe del Nonno, a creamy icy-cold coffee invented in Naples.

*loads shotgun*

At least, you know now that person has no taste at all.

>> No.16931181

Most coffee shops don't dabble in robusta.

>> No.16931281

Isn't it weird?! They'd get 10+ arabicas for 5 different types of preparing a brew but no robusta for max caffeine

>> No.16931692
File: 508 KB, 2944x2944, b25c429e1b7d5d6a3ad713e9571fb7f6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have only ever drunk this instant coffee. How does the real shit compare to this?

>> No.16931794

thats like comparing bouillon cubes with homemade stock

>> No.16932973

It's better than cafe du monde.

>> No.16932998

Try shoving both up your ass and let me know

>> No.16933015

so instant has more flavor, is easier, and generally better in every way that matters?

>> No.16933303


>> No.16933365

Good noodle shops make their own broth. Bad ones use premixed powder. Somehow the good ones usually end up being cheaper.

>> No.16933372

That guy made a poor analogy. Coffee has a lot of volatile aromatic compounds that readily degrade in the presence of heat and oxygen. Although the process of freeze drying brewed coffee is very cool and much better than it was decades ago, it's still never very good compared to good fresh coffee. If I were to think of a more apt analogy instant coffee would be freeze dried instant potato flakes and fresh coffee would be fresh potatoes. You just lose some quality and flavor making it shelf stable.

>> No.16933398

>You just lose some quality and flavor making it shelf stable.
Texture too. Instant always has that weird homogeneous mouthfeel. I'd hate to give any money to those cometeer faggots to see if they've mitigated that degradation.

>> No.16933424

>gf makes drip coffee in my $10 machine
>open it up this morning to find 3 week old grounds with mold growing on them
Is the machine safe to use or have the pipes gone moldy too? It had moisture buildup when I opened the top, my guess is that should probably went throughout.. Thoughts?

>> No.16933442

Yeah, there's mold spore all through it. Wash it with hot, soapy water, then run diluted vinegar through it a couple cycles. Wash again.

>> No.16933560

Or I could just buy another 10$ drip coffee machine, and throw the old one at my gf for being a retarded bitch

>> No.16933577

no anon, never leave marks

>> No.16933592

Cortado, only because I don’t have steaming equipment at home. I only step into shops to buy beans anyway.

>> No.16933619

keep making her coffee with the moldy one
enjoy your clean coffee in secrecy

>> No.16933638

That doesn't solve the problem. She should be cleaning your fucking machine.

>> No.16933801

Is there a good resource for learning how to make a better cup of coffee? I run a small soup kitchen and I'd like to upgrade our coffee.

>> No.16933833


Most customers would prefer instant swill with milk and sugar than a better cup of coffee...

Fuck them, serve them Folgers at 3x the price and watch them all go 'oh wow thats nice' as you roll-off some bullshit story about single origin and arid climates really pushing those berry notes.

Keep the good stuff for yorself, if anybody calls you out on it let them have a cup from your private stash.

>> No.16933841

I unironically do this except I don't even hide the fact it's instant.

>> No.16933842

>Fuck them, serve them Folgers at 3x the price
That would still be 0, it's a soup kitchen.

>> No.16933845

Can’t tell if retard or gatekeeping.

>> No.16933846

>soup kitchen

>> No.16933863


How the fuck are you going to get streamers to mention you if you're giving away food and coffee for free? jeez

>> No.16933901

Any nearby roasters you could ask for past sell by beans? If you're just wanting shit to read here's a bunch of books.


>> No.16934248
File: 394 KB, 924x1155, 61E85D33-7D68-41D5-A307-DFA1131D2CBA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do this shit all the time
that first shot that should get dumped out after a good group head cleaning? I’ll gladly hand it off to one of my retard friends who likes to bother me and show up unannounced for free coffee

>> No.16934257

>I’ll gladly hand it off to one of my retard friends who likes to bother me
Anon, there's a higher-than-zero chance you can give that guy food poisoning out of spite

>> No.16934277

super based

>> No.16934305

step 1: v60
step 2: medium grind
step 3: boiling water
step 4: 20g dose
step 4: 60 g bloom
step 5: 300-500g total water over 3-4 minutes

grind finer/drop amount of water used if too dilute
grind coarser/drop temperature if too astringent
If you want to do drip coffee just get a gold cup certified machine and watch a youtube video to make sure you're not doing it wrong

>> No.16934314


A nice dose of citric acid will prevent scurvy.

>> No.16934372

the virgin scientific method for pourover vs. the chad swirling whenever it looks like the bed is going to cave in

>> No.16934437


no need to overthink it its just coffee

>> No.16934451

Yeah, my pourover shockingly got much better when I stopped thinking about it.

>> No.16934484


small circles right in the middle
i do it on a scale so maybe im already overthinking it but my goal is to get the full quantity of water in there as quickly as possible even if the filter is relying on the meniscus to not overflow

>> No.16934537

Can a homie get that one copypasta thats like "Milk and sugar? No thank you..."

>> No.16934770

they're all coping because because they spent 10K+ USD to make coffee, when the best coffee maker is already

>> No.16934855

>the best coffee maker is already
Ah yes, the Melodrip™ of course :^)

>> No.16934898

Even then plastic origami shows up, but no aeropress. I'm starting to think you guys are memeing me into thinking its good.

>> No.16935066
File: 225 KB, 1486x1060, Screenshot-2021-10-23-at-23.02.29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gee I sure wonder who could be behind the WBC.

>> No.16935078

>Competitors may use any manual (unpowered) brewing device and technique of their choosing. In principle, any manual technique as distinct from "espresso" type extraction is permitted, including methods that use pumping or pressurized extraction so long as it is manually powered. Competitors are mandated to bring their own brewing equipment so long as it meets the criteria of being a manual device. Different devices and methods have been employed by competitors at the WBrC, including French press, pour-over, modified AeroPress and other hybrid techniques.
So why doesn't the Aeropress win?

>> No.16935094

Because the judges are being paid by the (((sponsors))) you fucking retard.

>> No.16935141

>World (((aeropress))) championships
At least we can win that. Also I don't see goatstory or origami on that sponsor list and they didn't have an issue winning?

>> No.16935899

rest in peace anon
folgers gets people at their lowest and shows no mercy
truly the shittiest coffee known to man
you have my condolences anon
may you rest in peace

>> No.16936790


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