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I have this white, insipid, fibrous fish fillets.

How do i cook them?

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Lightly floured, pan fried, topped with lemon and salt

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does this work for hard meat?

its meat gets pretty hard

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If you want to soften the meat then you’re going to want to cure it with salt. So sprinkle some salt on it and let it sit in the freej

>> No.16868596

If we're talking about fish meat, then salt firms up the fish meat.

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its a small type of shark with very firm and lean white meat.

I tried to just pan it adding a little lemon and the result was a dense, firm and tasteless peace of meat

I really have no idea how to cook it

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Fish soup with lots of potatoes, root vegetables and onion/leek.

>> No.16868684

Not Brazilian but they have a dish called moqueca that would fit that kind of fish

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This for sure, make a fish stew. Shrimp, chunks of shark, potatoes, cilantro, spicy tomato and red pepper broth, little neck clams.

Make the broth super flavorful, then the shark is just there for protein and texture.

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dude yes, literally just had that. shit is great

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Eating shark is gross because if you didn’t remove the bladder fast enough they piss inside their own skin

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ok i just read a about that

and if it doesnt smell like ammonia it means it have been prepped well and its good to eat

thanks, i will go for the moqueca, sounds simple and looks nice. Also im courious about the cocount milk

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I'd simmer or poach it

>> No.16869593

pan fry it with dill, lemon, salt and pepper.

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