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Sometimes I wonder if I just lack talent

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ngnl, those tatoes look proper browned but that pink shit is embarassing

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you probably do but i don't see what that has to do with FOOD

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I this the Irish afterbirth surprise?

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idk how to do hash.
my dad would make fucking excellent hash, with cubed up steak, potatoes, and onions.
really well browned and crispy. god i want to know how to do it.

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Hash browns are so easy. Just get a cheese gratter. Get a potato and just shred. You can form it into a hashbrown but it tastes the same. Now cook it on the. Pan and done.

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i used to make fun of my dad for making simple meals, but little did i know

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hash, anon. not hashbrowns.

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dust steak lightly with flour
oil the pan
cook steak, remove from pan
cook potatos, remove from pan
cook onions, add steak and potato
toss to combine
pour onto plate,

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boil the potatoes whole the day before. let them cool in the fridge overnight. then dice and cook according to these instructions. you can lightly dust the potato in flour and pan fry in oil for a crispy coating

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you should have added the beef first, fried it until all the water evaporated and it developed some color. then you take it out and fry the potatoes in the remaining fat and combine afterward

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No, you just need patience, proper instruction and practice.


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If you have enthusiasm and patience , there is no limit to what you can accomplish,literally, no limit.

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I do it in the oven in a skillet. Sort of like baking bacon. Works for me.

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this OP.flour is the secret ingredient to save your sloppa. when i started using it in my mac it went to a whole other lever.

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you dont need talent to cook
it's literally just following fucking instructions.
dont half ass shit
dont "guesstimate"
dont substitute ingredients for other weird shit.
dont set it and walk away (unless you're using a slow cooker or a rice cooker)

literally just follow the directions and you cant fuck it up.

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>If you have enthusiasm and patience
No, I have hunger and a job.

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that looks good anon

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Talent is overrated. Practice and get yourself some skill if you want to do things well.

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>this OP.flour is the secret ingredient to save your sloppa. when i started using it in my mac it went to a whole other lever.
what does flour do to sloppa?

same thing as instant mashed potatoes?

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fuck recipes, learn methods

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Nope, you're just lazy.

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it has to be corned beef, not raw ground beef, surely

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Not that guy, but I use it for crispy exterior for things pan fried and helps thicken sauces if you decide to make one.

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I think starting out someone should follow a good explained recipe precisely, if nothing about the process intrigues them, then that shit just isn't going to click.

For me it was seeing others enjoy my food, I haven't been working for a couple years and when i'm not busy I feel worthless like i'm wasting my time sitting on my ass. Making tasty food and getting good feedback gives me a sense of worth.

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use chorizo retard

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right here, op. another option is to autistically dice the potatoes into even smaller chunks.

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parboil, or bake them before hand
cut them into small cubes
tons of oil
literally just be patient

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Cooking does not require talent, only patience.
Patience to look up how to do things correctly and patience to then follow those instructions.
Your pan is too cold and too crowded.

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I stopped wondering on /ck/
Amazed: no
Thrilled: no
Intrigued: no
Fooled: yes

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No, you lack basic skills

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Is this the same anon who posted his abhorrent fried (steamed) chicken and vegetable dish the other day, but in the "depressive" phase of his manic depression instead?

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