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are there actually people who eat hummus cold?

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I eat pease pudding cold if that's any help

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Piss drinking hardcore

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everyone I know

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just try it. pop it in the microwave for like 30 seconds so it's warm.
it'll change your life, anon.

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I only eat the best humus and that is Sabra, and they recommend serving it cold. I'm not one to question the humus experts.

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no no no

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why are you eating memes?

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what the fuck

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everyone except for you

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i come with good tidings.
try this simple trick that muslims HATE.
put your hummus in the microwave, just to knock the chill off, don't cook it until it's hot. truly you will learn the error of your ways, and will never look back!

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Yeah I do.
It doesn't.

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I eat baked beans cold out of the can.

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