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I tried poaching an egg

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how do you manage this you colossal retard?

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Try on the stove next time. Tap water doesn't get hot enough.

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cracked yolk

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>not having boiling tap water

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wtf? did you whisk it in the water or something?

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My uncle one time tried to poach an egg in the microwave and it exploded. Blew the door open and everything

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>how would you like your poached egg?

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>only two knives
you fucked up

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You literally just need to drop a raw egg in boiling water. What the fuck were you doing?

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just put a pinch of salt in half a cup of water in a coffee mug, crack the egg in carefully, microwave it for 60-70 seconds or so and you've got a poached egg. Not a photogenic one but not a disaster either.

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Anything less than a super fresh egg just turns into an ugly mess when poached

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I just follow Alton Brown's method, they come out perfect every time.

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Alton brown is my favorite celebrity chef and good eats is peak comfy. Thanks for reading my blog.

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>tried poaching an egg
why would you do that?
poached eggs fucking suck.

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You suck

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>why would you do that?

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>hot water
How do people mess this up

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i do not, for i am not a poached egg.
makes the eggs taste like shit, anon.

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Looking at the egg, the water was either too hot or the egg was too old. To poach an egg, you use water that is barely simmering. That looks like the water was at a rolling boil.

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I basically spilled a yolk in the saucepan kek

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I fucking wish I didn't have boiling tap water, I've burnt my hands with that stuff too many times

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Not bad idea, especially if it’ll be covered in creamed spinach.

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This thread is boring

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