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>Destroys ever other fast food franchise

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The big issue with arbys is that their lines take literally forever to go through. It's insane. Like 4 cars is a 20m wait, regardless of location.

>> No.16868508

Chick-fil-A's buns are trash. They're like the cheap store brand buns

>> No.16870041

Arby’s is awful desu

>> No.16870099

Arby's food is more substantial than your normal fast food, but it only tastes ok. The dine-in atmosphere is great though.

Chik-fil-a tastes great and has great breakfast, but their menu is tiny as fuck and it is a bit expensive. Also, even though they hate fags they are still BLM bootlickers, so I have no loyalty to them culturally. Popeye's sandwiches and fries are better.

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>Like 4 cars is a 20m wait, regardless of location
You've obviously never been to a black staffed whataburger if you think this is bad.

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chick-fil-gay is shit. arby's is slightly less shitty

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Why would you eat at Chic-fil-a or whatever when Popeye's exists? Arby's just tastes weird. Guy I uses to know who was obese loved it though.

>> No.16870288

I know people say Arby's is terrible, but I really want some of their sandwiches.
They always gave more unique stuff like venison or ribs

>> No.16870388

popeye's service is consistently dogshit and food is inconsistently good.

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