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I’m watching Seinfeld and I’ve noticed everytime they are eating Chinese food in restaurants they are using chopsticks.

Is it “normal” or the “right thing to do” to eat Chinese or other oriental foods with chopsticks? Will people get mad if you use a fork?

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its normal to use chopstick but they usually have forks too

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chinese restaurants will be on suicide watch if they found out I need to put butter on white rice to give it flavor

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How easy are chopsticks to master

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Eating Chinese with chopsticks is fun. It kind of adds to the experience. If I make Asian food at home I'll eat it with chopsticks. Rice is a pain in the ass, you literally just have to shovel it in your mouth. As for the other anons, chopsticks aren't hard to master. Little bit of practice, I could use them before I was a teenager. I just started watching Seinfeld again too.

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i'm a retard and even I could figure it out

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Refusing chopsticks is big dick flex. If forks is your culture, use a fork. You don't have to change to prove something to others.

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speaking of seinfeld, kramer is my absolute favorite (guess why)

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i taught myself how to do it
and i taught myself wrong
and i've been doing it so long i refuse to learn how to do it the right way

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because you're a redditor who likes unfunny clown shit?
it's a well known fact that
george > elaine >>>>>>>>>>>>>> jerry >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> kramer

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november 17, 2006

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takes 10 seconds. just dont try to teach yourself as it was counter intuitive for me. pull up a youtube video next time you are near chopsticks.
they are like stick tongs. really cool utensils.

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it shows elegance/style/mannerisms/politeness/handle complex things/human being not an animal
thats the point of it
but if im hungry im getting a god damn fork and shovel the food into my mouth

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fuck where does the time go

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>Is it “normal” or the “right thing to do” to eat Chinese or other oriental foods with chopsticks?

If you're eating straight out of the carton chopsticks make sense. Sure you can stick a fork down to the bottom, but shit will fall off if you pick it up vertically. Chopsticks make sense.

I don't think people will get mad, they'll just eventually realize how fucking stupid it is to eat chinese food out of a carton with a fork.

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Society is collapsing. Nobody cares.

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Frank > George > Peterman > Jerry = Kramer > Newman >>>>>>> Elaine

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i just stab my food with chop sticks

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You don't need to say you're a retard, frogposter, we figured that out.

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The 'right way' hurts the fuck out of my hands after 2 minutes.

Then again I am a fatass with fat hands.

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>watching Seinfeld
first mistake.
>Chinese food in restaurants
not after covid hit.
>using chopsticks
they're available for people who are bored with life, like teenagers.

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I have strength and coordination prob Leer, my handwriting is illegible, but I've successfully used chopsticks for years in Japan.
The only thing I'm not great at is eating rice from donburi, but I also don't want to just shovel it into my fucking face like you are supposed so that's more on me.

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My girlfriend is Chinese.
Not Chinese American, actual Chinese. I live with her in China.
My chopsticks skill are whatever. I told her some people have criticized them.
Her words: "As long as it works for you, it doesn't matter. Everyone has their own style."

Fuck all the haters /thread

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makes sense. I have two coworkers who still hold forks like 5 year olds.

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George likes his kung pao spicy

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Try not to be a complete faggot your entire life. Thanks.

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I can guarantee the immigrants serving you sugary Americanized Chinese junk food do not give a single shit whether you use a fork or chopsticks, they just want you to eat and fuck off.

I have noticed in recent years all the local places in my area default to giving forks and only provide chopsticks on request, used to be way more common for them to ask up front which you wanted.

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A kid in my class in 3rd grade was from a family that owned a Chinese restaurant and they catered lunch for our class on his birthday and taught everyone to use them, even the really fucking stupid kids mostly figured it out in like 10 minutes.

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Seinfeld is overhyped trash...now zoomers have latched onto it like the parasites they are, so when can we expect an even shittier reboot?

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How dare people like a thing! Fuck them!!

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Seinfeld was funny as fuck, but I even know it was of its time. Watching it live was great.

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Most Chinese food is prepared with chopsticks in mind.

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Chopsticks are the manual transmission to forks automatic. The automatic is easier, and honestly more efficient in most situations, but the manual is just more fun.
Whats the wrong way?

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how does that impede fork use?
What am I missing here?

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Seinfeld is a product of its time and being unable to appreciate it is a sign that you were not alive at the time it was airing.

Reboot would be an awful idea, a show like that wouldn't work I'm modern television. The closest current day equivalent that's successful would probably be something like it's always sunny.

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You're not supposed to eat rice on its own, you should already be eating it with something flavourful
Like mapo doufu or a stir fry
Very easy. People only find it hard if they've never been shown how to do it (makes sense) and they're embarrassed so they don't give it a proper go AND they rarely ever have reason to use them. Chopsticks are as easy to use as a knife and fork.
There is no wrong way to use chopsticks.
Exactly this. There is no "right way" to use chopsticks in Chinese culture. It's only Japan which has autism about how you're supposed to do it, and that's because Japan is an autism singularity zone.

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Also wait how the fuck did you get into China? Fuck you FUCK YOU fuck you FUCK YOUUUUUU

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tell ur slant eyed gf that a retard on 4chan appreciates the advice, and i'll just keep using chopsticks how i use them.

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Just apply to work for Chinese companies and start posting lots of praise for Chinese products and culture and CCP response to the coronavirus crisis on social media and you'll be kidn-- invited to visit in no time.

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Federal code 31726.4a requires that all chinese food be eaten with chopsticks. sub paragraph b requires chopsticks to be clicked 3 times.

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I use forks because I don't have anything to prove. Especially not to bug demons, aka chinks.

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Probably teaching English, dude.
It really isn't hard, I went to Japan that way on a government program, and even though that's harder to get into than many others it still really isn't hard.

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>My girlfriend is Chinese.
is the pussy really horizontal?

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If she's fucking some piggu American than of course she doesn't care if people are doing Chinese shit right.

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Stick a fork in your mouth for a few seconds, savor the metallic flavor. Now try wooden chopsticks.

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Is Seinfeld worth watching? Sometimes I just want to sit on the couch while my soup simmers away after work and I'm not always in the mood to browse /ck/.

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Don't know I never watched a full episode.

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Incredibly. I learned from a chopstick wrapper when I was probably a pre-teen.

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I've thought about it (my ex could get me a job) but honestly even then it seemed hard to get a visa right now.
Until recently, at least (and I thought still), it was not possible to get a visa into China by teaching English because of covid.
Chopsticks are just easier to clean desu

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Using chopsticks is cultural appropriation

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you cannot "appropriate" a culture, and sertenly not by using one item or eating or making food from wherever.

a "culture" is not a single item, a food, or a way of dressing. stop saying stupid shit.

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That's not what my university thinks.

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>stop saying stupid shit
Fuck off dumbass

>> No.16869033

Do you think someone who spells "certainly" as "sertenly" is university-educated?

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I am happy to have started this shit storm so easily

>> No.16869039

I give that shit a pass on /ck/. There are way to many ESL's here.

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>I was just pretending

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Nobody gives a fuck about your bait, faggot.

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I wasn't pretending shit. It's called irony. Cultural appropriation is low hanging fruit for said ironic humor

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>Only a fool would believe anything posted here

>> No.16869095

I'm gonna go ahead and pretend I understand how that's relevant

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are you too stupid to use chopsticks?

>> No.16869136

holy shit was it really that long ago?
Richards was ahead of his time.

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your post is 100% backwards, anon.

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>I live with her in China
please take over the government of china so we can finally have a real world.

>> No.16869288

>elaine not last
oh c'mon. at least pretend you have taste.

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is it because he said the gamer word that one time?

>> No.16869293

you respond to the university with, "the appropriation of other cultures is my right as outlined in the us. constitution under the part where it mentions "liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. do not make an attempt to infringe upon my inalienable rights again. thanks, mgmt."

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I’m sure they’ll be just shocked to find out that one of their customers is an idiot.

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What does this mean? I normally just Google all you're Zoomer slang but that only brings up some pop band

>> No.16869407

>short for management since the 90's
>zoomer slang
How long have you been on disability?

>> No.16869420

If that were true Google would have told me. Don't double down on your stupidity it's not a good look

>> No.16869434

I wasn't the guy who wrote it, just a guy thats been in the workforce.
So how long have you been on disability? Also you're a zoomer since you think everything has to be on the web for it to be a fact.

>> No.16869436

He's right bro. That abbreviation was on a bathroom door my first day of work, and I'm most definitely not a boomer.

>> No.16869442

>Also you're a zoomer since you think everything has to be on the web for it to be a fact.
Wrong. I think all facts are on the web because that's true.

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>> No.16869446

based then and based now

>> No.16869449

well then: https://writingexplained.org/english-abbreviations/management

Now answer the question: How long have you been out of the workforce?

>> No.16869451

from: reddit

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i hope isis kills you for being genetic waste

>> No.16869463

So you admit it then, all facts are on the internet. I appreciate your concession

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btfo by

racemixers will be killed first

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>human being not an animal
so many animals are more elegant than human beings

>> No.16869476

Answer the question.

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>implying u can into sex

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This anon is truly our generation's Andy Cartman.

>> No.16869485

>being in the workforce

>> No.16869490

i don’t need to answer the question. You have to find the proof

>> No.16869497

Fact: you mom loves slurping my cock. Now go search for it on the internet.

>> No.16869499

I already have the proof, you don't know a very common abbreviation used in business settings. That is all the proof I need you haven't been in the workforce. I'm just curious as to why?

>> No.16869533

>source my ass
I appreciate the concession

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Thank God we had you to beat the SJWs on /ck/ with facts and logic.

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Nothing weird about using a fork and spoon at your average greasy American Chinese joint, but any remotely authentic Asian place and it's more of a faux pas

>> No.16869613

Honestly just depends how the rice is prepared, chopsticks are easy. When I was travelling in china and japan the rice always clumped together and was very sticky, so you could easily eat a bowl of it with the chopsticks.

In a lot of American chinese restaraunts I find that the rice is often prepared the way I, an American, would prepare rice and that's fine for me because I'd eat it with a fork but it would be impossible to use chopsticks

>> No.16869662

where do you think the band got the name?

>> No.16869667

Wait until this guy hears about "gov't".

>> No.16869689

Probably some zoom zoom shit

>> No.16869794

>band formed in 2002
>zoomer shit
I guess when you're dumb, everyone else seems dumb too.

>> No.16869867


Chop sticks are easier in a lot of ways with Chinese food. Besides I hate the scrapping sound forks make when I'm trying to bring rice together.

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That's... Exactly boomer guy

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You never see a Chinese person in olive garden eating spaghetti with chopsticks, they use forks, as Italian culture dictates. It would be weird and rude if they used chopsticks.

As such, when white people are in Chinese restaurants it's rude and uncultured to use a fork. Use the chopsticks as the culture dictates or don't eat Chinese food. This is a perfect example of the micro-colonizations that are manifested out of the inherent need to colonize in white peoples heads.

>> No.16870181

This is a perfect example of retarded racists on /ck/.

I eat noodles/ramen/spaghetti with chopsticks.
I eat fries/chips/bread with chopsticks.

>> No.16870185

>how do you say you're a weeb without actually saying you're a weeb.

>> No.16870196

if olive garden gave me chopsticks, i'd use them. but tbqh, i never go there.

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Was their music for babies?

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File: 2.24 MB, 330x166, triple-h-disgusted (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What sort of uncultured swine doesn't know how to use chopsticks by the time they're an adult? My parents taught me when I was five - first with the "baby" chopsticks.

>> No.16870213

>imagine seethe this hard, for people use chopsticks to eat their food
retarded racist

>> No.16870215

>or other oriental foods with chopsticks
my filipina gf prides herself on not knowing how to use chopsticks bc real islanders eat with their hands

>> No.16870216

Were they hippies or were they yuppies?

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>> No.16870222

>first with the "baby" chopsticks
look at this baby, finally grows up as a boy

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I'm a 30 year old boomer weeb that learned how to properly use chopsticks thanks to Azumanga.

>> No.16870247

What was it like watching it when it aired?

>> No.16870262

Good. It wasn't a hit because it was hyped. It was hyped because it was a hit. Friends had the opposite situation.

>> No.16870341

>go out to eat at Chinese restaurant
>about to impress the China men with my chop stick skills
>halfway through my general zaos only fumbled a few times
>notice one of the Chinese kids they always bring to work eating his dinner
>looks like a mooshu gai pa
>he's looking at me funny
>he's eating with a fork

>> No.16870386

the show was written to be about 4 jews living in new york btw, they only had one be jewish so people could relate to it easier, the characters make more sense when you realize this

>> No.16870599

Michael Richards is the only one in real life that isn't a Jew.

>> No.16870614

I always use chopsticks because I find it funny how mindblown they get when they see someone other than themselves using chopsticks.
Like somehow eating food with two sticks like an animal is difficult in any way, shape, or form.
I love Chinese food, and I don't mind Chinese people for the most part, but their weird idea that eating with chopsticks is somehow difficult in any way is really funny.

>> No.16870618

>How easy are chopsticks to master
it's two sticks anon...

>> No.16870624

you'd be surprised at what kind of students universities in the USA accept. or maybe not, idk

>> No.16870695

>Will people get mad if you use a fork?
You're acting like that's a real thing. Are you an alien or something? Chopsticks are best for long noodles

>> No.16870730

Colleges in the rest of the world admit literally anyone and everyone because the tuition comes out of your taxes, you dumb, obsessed latinyurostalian faggot.

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File: 3.00 MB, 1920x1080, 1609136726267.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Her words: "As long as it works for you, it doesn't matter. Everyone has their own style."

that sounds passive-aggressive as fuck, like when you ask your gf if everything is alright and she says it's fine but her facial expression and tone doesn't match her words so you have to rape the problem out of her

>> No.16871096

Thank you for posting this so i didn't have to

>> No.16871101

absolute moronic take...anyone that grew up in the 90s knows that king of queens was the best show

>> No.16871109

Nah I’ll still use a fork. I only use chopsticks for kbbq

>> No.16871111

It's actually not that common, there was just this weird time in the mid 90s where pretty much everyone ate everything with chopsticks and then we all just stopped...fucking trends man

>> No.16871120

I don't know anyone who watched that because I don't associate with plebs. Might as well be watching Mad About You or The Nanny that point.

>> No.16871136

The Nanny was smoking hot tho

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>> No.16871183

Have sex, incel.

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>> No.16871198

If I do , it wont be consensual

>> No.16871204

Saw someone do it. I do it. Now I can pick up grains and rice and catch them midair. it’s a fucking eating utensil, not an instrument

>> No.16871206

acting like you're above slapstick humor is as midwit redditor as it gets

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I got you a present anon

>> No.16871225

Thanks. Life entire your faggot complete a be to not try.

>> No.16871226

Seinfeld is, was, and forever shall be fucking fantastic.
King of Queers is shit. So is Friends.
Fraser is based.

>> No.16871443

you just have to pick up the correct principle and it's all practice and muscle memory from there.

the bottom stick is fixated and does not move and the top stick is grabbed with three fingers similar to how you'd normally hold a pencil. it's all about delicately maneuvering the top stick to pinch with the fixed stick. don't learn the chopstick skills from people who cross their sticks when pinching, even if they're asians.

>> No.16871462

I cannot do it and I am 30

>> No.16872395


>> No.16872583

who cares, the fork is a better too, chopsticks are trash

>> No.16872659

Accountants taking their date to the cheapest sushi place in town will look all smug on you if you don't use chop sticks.

>> No.16872697

just learn how to hold them properly and use Jap chopsticks.
Korean chopsticks are too heavy and slippery (being metal) and Chinese chopsticks are too fat and clumsy.

>> No.16872702

>what's the DEAAAL with AIRLINE FOOOD!?!?!?!
>80's hair bitch makes some snide comment
>fat guy complains about something
>when shit's getting slow, have the crazy hair guy barge in randomly xD
awful fucking show
literally no-one liked it in my country but they insisted on airing it 6pm daily just to fucking spite us.
Seinfeld was never good.

>> No.16872706

What happened

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>grew up eating loads of mostly Thai food and some Japanese because Chinese isn't as popular here for some reason
>always used chopsticks since I was a kid can't even remember having to learn them
>gf befriends a group of Thais and go over to their place for dinner
>Thai people don't use chopsticks they use forks and spoons
My entire life, a lie.b

>> No.16873106

story goes that the king of thailand saw the western world using knife and fork and decided it was silly, because thai food has nothing to cut, so popularised the fork and spoon cause its far more convenient than chopsticks
i thought this happened in like the 16th century but apparently it was the 19th so there was little point in me posting this

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It's a common New Yorker trait to believe in the following hierarchy:

1) New York
2) The entire rest of the world that isn't USA

397) California
398) The rest of the USA

So, basically, anything that will embrace the culture of another place (the more they openly hate USA, the better) the more a New Yorker will embrace that culture.

>> No.16873138

I usually see flatware in Chinese places, chopstick-only is more of a Japanese thing in my experience
go back

>> No.16873146

switch California with the rest of the USA and you're spot on
t. new yorker

>> No.16874205

>>grew up eating loads of mostly Thai food and some Japanese because Chinese isn't as popular here for some reason
sounds like you're a zoomer.
Thai food and Jap food wasnt a thing until the 2010's in Australia.
In the 80s and 90s, your ONLY option for take-away that wasnt pizza or fish-n-chips was Chinese food

Chinese food's just fallen out of favour in Aus recently cuz well, we fukken hate Chinks for trying to start WW3.

>> No.16874590

You didn't get it. Most of the world did. The smarter people in your country will have, but retards only tend to find company with other retards.

>> No.16874667

if you're going to rely on the internet to do your thinking for you then at least learn how to form your search queries. out of context you know it's probably nothing to do with a band so include that in your search.
"mgmt -band" voila

>> No.16874681

People who don’t know how to use chopsticks are as children

>> No.16874965

FUCK you, piss of shit

>> No.16875012

What the hell is wrong with you, idiot bitch

>> No.16875023

that's why I only eat with korean chopsticks

>> No.16875094

Not really. There a bunch of southern Chinese and Thai dishes that rely on a peanut sauce that uses peanut butter as an ingredient, alongside toasted peanuts.

>> No.16875152

>Thai food and Jap food wasnt a thing until the 2010's in Australia.
Bull-fucking-shit, maybe in your backwater town but in Sydney Thai has long been THE takeaway. The period I'm thinking about is mid-late 90s.
I'll concede that I probably have a unusually high exposure to Jap food since I grew up in Neutral Bay which is where all the Japs live(d) so half my primary school friends were Japs and we'd go out to Jap restaurants.

>> No.16875238


>> No.16875379

i mean, we were on dial-up internet until the mid-00s and Netflix only came out in like 2015.

Australia's always a few years behind the West cuz of our geographic isolation and shitty boomer attitude of "poofters fuck off with your newfag shit" whenever anything new or cool comes out.

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File: 81 KB, 680x680, 1624342754315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but in Sydney
no-one cares about fucking Sydney, fuck off faggot

>> No.16875549

I was out with my friends (around 12yo or so) eating at the Asian neighbourhood and I used the chopsticks the wrong way. Food would always escape the chopsticks' grip. A buddhist monk came out of nowhere and taught me the right way to use them, which I learnt in literally under a minute

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File: 49 KB, 328x202, 2FC67DE1-4F35-4498-9011-8791F6DEDDE1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you will be killed first along with racemixers

>> No.16877256

Why do Australian regions compete to be the most out of touch with the rest of the world? I don't see other nations do this.

>> No.16878168

Not him but phone poster here. Uncle always told me to do my best to wash the world white, and my dad always told me I ain't lived till I split the black oak so you better believe I racemix. Starting a whole generation of halfricans that don't know their white daddy on my own.

>> No.16878215

I'm in my mid 30s and it's still funny to me. Fuck off.

>> No.16878869
File: 82 KB, 175x175, 1628855717887.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>retards using sticks & forks to pick up grains of rice

>> No.16879183

nah problem with living in Australia is Sydneyfaggots, where all the TV and news is made, only ever talk about Sydney. Everything's fucking Sydney this, Sydney that, and if they mention an "outback region" or the "country" half the time they're still just talking about outer suburbs of Sydney.

So naturally, the rest of Australia fucking hates those faggots.
Melbourne used to be based but the last 10 years it's gone the same way as well, except populated with hipsters and blacks so we all want to nuke Melbourne now too.

Also blah blah old rivalry between colonies because technically Australia is 6 independent countries that share a military and a budget.

>> No.16880243

Sour grapes.
Also Australia has states just like the US. That's why it's funny hearing Americans talk about the oppression of Australia because of shit that happens in a state you don't even live in. It's like being in Texas and having people online bemoan to you about the shit happening in California.

>> No.16880840

Melody Marks

>> No.16880996

Anon thinks this is funny. Anon likes funny things.

>> No.16883031

because it reminds you of kraming stuff up your ass.

>> No.16883365
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>, like when you ask your gf if everything is alright and she says it's fine but her facial expression and tone doesn't match her words so you have to rape the problem out of her
Based as hell and melody marks is perfect

>> No.16883399
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>> No.16883441

That and Everybody Loves Raymond are like the only 90s sitcoms I actually enjoy

>> No.16884017

butter rice is a common home choice in asia though

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