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>not a coffee fan due to it tasting bitter every time no matter what method I use (creamer for example)
>been getting starbucks hot chocolate since I was a kid
>as I get older I realized half the time it's made perfect, delicious chocolate flavor mixed with whipped cream
>half the other time it's mixed like shit so I get no flavor and the whipped cream evaporates in the hot chocolate so fast it doesn't help it
>goes to 7-11
>gets a hot chocolate
>tastes good every time
Any other hot chocolate lovers feel this way?

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it's a candy drink it taste good no matter what.

I think you may not be a true hot chocolate lover.

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I really do love it but I swear a lot of the time brands or coffee chains just doesn't make the chocolate taste good. I never buy hot chocolate mix at the store because no matter what I brand I use or whoever helps me make it, it never tastes good.

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>no matter what I brand I use or whoever helps me make it, it never tastes good.
you hate hot chocolate

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>or whoever helps me make it
Who and why does someone help you make instant hot chocolate?

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I'm not ready to use stoves to warm it up anon. I know it's pretty sad and I'm about to be 21.

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what is all that sugar doing to you, post gut

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im about 170 though and 5'9

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post body

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make it yourself, here's what I've been doing for years

1 1/2 tbs 50/50 dutched cocoa powder and cacao powder

1/4 cup whole milk

combine in mug and stir with a chopstick until its well combined

pour mixture in pot, add 1 cup whole milk and stir until well combined

heat slowly, stirring however much seems appropriate, you really can't stir too much or screw it up too bad

now this part is controversial, I like chocolate pretty bitter but it sounds like you don't, so I'd say add 1tbs turbinado sugar. white or brown cane sugar works, really any sugar works but i like the subtle molasses taste of turbinado, stir and heat

keep a soft steam going for 5 minutes, staying careful not to denature the milk. if its too hot, you'll get a film of denatured milk like cooked eggs over your milk.

Add peppermint extract, almond extract, vanilla extract, whatever extract you want. vanilla is never bad.

hot choco's like soup, there's tons of ways to make it so modify it however sounds good. This is my preferred recipe unless I feel like peppermint. That's a lie, I add a half cup of decaf too but you dont like coffee

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>turbinado sugar
stop being a fucking pretentions faggot just say brown sugar

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the gas station hot chocolate around here is thickened with like corn starch or something. its a wierd constancy.

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