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whats your favorite candy?

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your mom's pussy

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I did not realise the world was so big.

London was breathtaking in its busyness, and for the sheer weight of people numbers it is really quite staggering. As many of you are aware, my fishing program on television goes to109 countries, including Europe and the United Kingdom. Now I already knew that we had a few followers abroad, but to physically experience the response in Britain was quite amazing.

Right from the startthe people at the Heathrow airport, were on to us. Oxford Street, the main drag will never be the same with the yibbida yibbida cry going down near #s; and what about the guy in the Cambridge coffee shop he got on to me, and was a tourist from the Netherlands.

I feel I want to share these experiences with you people, who have been with me for so long. You’ve seen me rise above being a local reporter for trying to get fishing on radio and television, into what I am today – an internationally recognised angler, representing this country and singing its praises.

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Cherry sours

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Recently i have a thing for milk chocolate coated peanuts

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Peach rings

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You posted it. I love sour stuff, its underrated.

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I now present, the best sour candy ever

I also love Airheads Xtremes, Warheads (which aren't even sour to me anymore I can suck the sour off of 2 of them in 5 seconds with no problem), Sour Patch Kids (overrated though), Sour Punch Straws...

I also love chocolate, Dove is great, Cadbury is good, Hershey's is only good if you buy different variants (kisses, miniatures, their now defunct Spreads Snacksters that were really good), the regular bars taste like shit. M&M's and Twix are good too, Andes chocolate mints are great.

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sir, you have an exceptionally exquisite palette for candy. mine is a carbon copy.

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Pic related they have so much flavour and the texture on the candy and jelly is perfect

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