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Is buying coffee online a good idea? canada btw

>> No.16868109

Coffee beans? Sure

>> No.16868111

don't they like open it to check for drugs or anything like that?

>> No.16868114

won't it be cold when it gets to you

>> No.16868240

based retard

>> No.16868255

:( I am literally born this way but you chose to be rude

>> No.16868260

if you think that's rude, maybe 4chan isn't for you

>> No.16868265

yeah of course, I'm partial to Phil and Sebastian, Pilot, etc.

>> No.16868268

support your local businesses

>> No.16868421

were you not socialised, how is calling someone a retard not rude

>> No.16869048

go to /pol/ and ask, i'm sure they'll help you understand

>> No.16869444

Yeah, you'll get way more options than the grocery stores that are usually just filled with tim hortons and starbucks shit lmao.

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