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>grind up pork, add salt, put in casing, boil
>grind up pork, add salt, put in can, boil
Whats with the hate for Spam? I’m not even from Hawaii but I can’t see anything wrong with how it’s made or it’s flavor.

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No one hates SPAM you faggot, it's just too expensive for shit that comes in a can compared to fresh.

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The "cool" kids like to hate on tinned meat. More for me. I'll hear about them on my ham radio being macheted and roasted by the city dwellers while chillin in my SPAM fort.

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Spam is underated. I mostly eat it at breakfast sliced thin then browned in a skillet. The bacon flavor genuinely tastes like bacon. Couldnt ever eat spam without browning it first. But ill eat soam and eggs everyday no problem

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Its just seen as "poor people food". Something about shelf stable meat doesn't sit well with people. These people have never had fried spam.

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Spam is going to be a great inflation hedgable source of protein, since you can buy a large quantity of it before prices go up too much.

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Spam is exquisite. I spent time on Guam growing up, and Shirley's had a fucking excellent Spam fried rice that was super famous on the island.

My only grievance is that regular Spam has a bit too much salt. I like Spam lite, but it, as with every other odd flavor of Spam, doesn't have the plain 6 ingredients - they add chicken and a few other things. Somehow, none of them cook up as well as the original. They somehow don't brown as well. Still good, though. The best as the chorizo flavor, which I haven't seen in years. The bacon flavor is okay, but it's wayyyy too salty.

But, Spam Lite is way better to eat regularly. It's nowhere near as salty and the texture is nearly the same.

People that hate it are just tastelets. They probably just have a preconceived notion that it's gross, poor food (it's not even cheap, though).

As far as processed, canned meat goes, though, it's very simple. Six very plain ingredients. It's very wholesome for a substantially, shelf stable food.

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It’s really not that expensive when you compare it to other meat prices.

The whole aversion to a food being “shelf stable” gives me a laugh. For millennia people were using these techniques because preservation was necessary to survival and now people act like it’s some Frankenstein-tier thing that will kill you. I get that man learning to control nature has produced easily accessible fresh foods, but nothing about preservation is unusual. I’m obviously not vegan yet I agree that the conditions of factory farms are horrendous. Preserved meats are a decent way we can deal with overflow so we’re not just slaughtering animals only to throw away 70% of good, edible meat.

I always stock up on spam and such when I can. I don’t expect an apocalypse, but if a big storm runs through and knocks out the power for a day or two I can heat some up over the fire pit with some eggs for a decent meal.

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why do you post like such a fucking fag?
also what kind of fag doesnt like Spam?

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Reported for spam

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>No one hates SPAM

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My parents after church cooked up spam for breakfast with eggs, toast and hash browns. The secret is to get it thin and crispy!!

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It tastes fine but god damn does spam smell like you're literally frying cat food. Very unappetizing

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That's just part of the draw. It gets all of my cats to come see what I'm doing. :)

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There's a Spam Museum in Austin, MN I went to once. They had every single flavor of spam available, even the discontinued ones. 10/10 best vacation.

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For me, it's Treet.

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>It’s really not that expensive when you compare it to other meat prices.
Yeah, if you compare it to ribeye. If you compare it to similar meat products it's very expensive. Spam is almost $5/lb. If you want it for prepping purposes then I can understand paying extra, but if you're just gonna eat it this weekend then fuck that extra cost.

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>fuck that extra cost
As opposed to what?
If you want spam, it’s not as if you can buy fresh spam from the butcher.

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i haven’t had spam in probably a decade or more. i think ill get some this weekend, what should I make? i was thinking spam and eggs and potatoes

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In what circumstance would you want specifically spam over e.g. good back bacon?

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Ask me how I know you'll die of a stroke, estranged from still-functional society, with a thousand pounds of expired food cluttering up your home.

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I'd take SPAM over bacon any day. I'd take goetta or scrapple over both. Bacon and sausage are both a notch below country ham.

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there's functionally no difference other than the form of the presentation and possibly taste (but then, not all hot dogs taste alike either)

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Sometimes I make pic related but I use spam instead of corned beef

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In the circumstance that I like different things sometimes?
And that I don’t consider spam bad?

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For me it's corned beef.

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Forgot pic of glorious corned beef.

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same function for these daily spam threads, no difference at all

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It’s because of
1) the nitrates, potato starch, and sugar added to spam. The inferior ingredients to lower the quality of SPAM to that of hot dogs (shitty sausage)
2) a texture thing. The ground sausage and casing have a bite and chew that spam doesn’t have.
I actually like SPAM, to. Dice, fry in chunks, add ramen noodles, peanut butter, and diced chili. Amazing dinner.

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Jesus, that's probably your monthly recommended amount of salt, but I bet it tastes fucking great when you want a high explosive blast of protein.

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Why does EVERY SINGLE can of corned beef come from Brazil?

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Cubed spam browned on the skillet, toss it into a box of deluxe macaroni and add some black pepper for a lazy ass dinner

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Spam just doesn't taste good. I don't know what they did to process it different from ham or sausage or whatever, but it just doesn't taste good. I've had it chunked up, thinly sliced, grilled, deep fried, battered, that Hawaiian sushi thing, in Korean food and probably more.I keep trying it because I want to give it a fair shake but it just doesn't taste good

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Because they're the only ones with the machinery left and beef cheap enough to justify it.

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Step aside.

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What happened to Argentina corned beef? I don't trust Brazilians or their food.

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aren't the inside of the spam cans have plastic lining? so when they boil the cans to sterilize it, it inevitably releases all the plastic estrogen mimickers?

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All cans do. You ever see someone set an open can on some coals to heat their beans in the can? Don't do that.

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And yet here are the women.

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I've always loved spam, i rarely eat it because of the sodium content, but its tasty shit with some eggs.

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people love luncheon meat, retard

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are you saying that not wanting to eat plastic makes you a woman? gee

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Argie here. Used to be we'd export the best to the well to do, eat the good shit, and export shit like jerky and corned beef to th poor because nobody here wanted to eat it. Cue 50 years of nearly uncontested Peronism while in democracy, cut mostly by a few relatively short but incredibly disasterous dictatorships that did dumb shit like pick a fight with the bongs as a last ditch effort to gain favor that they're quickly losing.

Now we export the best, export the good too because nobody can afford it, and eat the crap nobody wanted to eat before, just in regular form because potted meat and jerky are still seen as a thing for subhumans. It might still be the same cuts we've always been used to, but from the worst possibly cows. There's currently twice-an-hour ads on national TV for a Knorr product which is literally just wheat flour plus a bunch of artificial flavor, and it's meant to be used to stretch ground beef by an additional 50%. It's a 140g of pack that tells you to add a specific amount of water (basically as much as the flour can possibly hold) and then add your ground beef. I expect it sells tremendously well. We've fallen by the wayside so hard it's unbelievable.

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