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Is egg

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>>16865288 congrats on a good egg

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awful dish

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now eat it over rice

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Dude, good idea

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where's the toast, anon?

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too crispy for me

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Looks like shit. Congrats on failing to make the simplest dish

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not bad anon, did you do the
>cook at 7/10 until a ring starts to form
>turn down to around a 3/10 until the white is fully cooked
trick to make a perfect sunny side up?

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How do you cook eggs like this without burning it? I understand that you use high flashpoint oil, in a very hot pan, it's obviously cooked uncovered but I can never, fucking get it down without turning the underside into rubber.

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Careful anon, it's about to slide off.

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Do Americans really need 0-10 written on their cooking appliances to know how to use them?

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How do you know how close it is to 10 if it's not indicated?

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My stove goes to 11.

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my stove goes to gas 4

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Half way is 5. Half way between that and 10 is 7.5 etc. God I'm actually having to explain this to an adult. I hate americans so much.

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what kind of retard are you that doesn't understand a simple /10 scale and know how to apply it to their own appliance or campfire or whatever you primitives use?
Man, you really worked me with this you pinhead. Good job.

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What? I really can't understand what the fuck you amerimutts are babbling on about.

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yeah because you're an esl victim pretending to be able to grasp any of the nuance of the english language
go wash your hands

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Hitler would say (you) burnt the eggs

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Sorry, we don't use the metric system here. Our stoves don't count in millimeters.

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Nice looking egg anon, I would have basted the yolk with some of the oil or whatever you used in the pan just because I like it runny but also hot

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His egg is burnt to hell. Notice how the egg white has craters from literally being boiled to death? It's just a burnt egg that wasn't flipped and OP is trying to act like he did a good job.

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>le esl
Fuck off redit cunt lmao. You dumb bastard piece of shit americunt. Ive got a doctorate lad, youre fucking nothing. I cant understand you cos youre a dumb cunt. Fucking retard I spit on you. Id kick your head in when you were down and not feel the slightest bit bad about it.

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kill yourself, but wash your hands first

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Funny thing is I don't actually wash my hands. I go to the sink and run the water to trick everyone into thinking I'm washing my hands but actually I don't lmao. Still whiter than you you braindead mutt.

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you're still crying about this?

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If you're trying to use this video to "btfo" me out or something, you failed. He comments on the same thing I comment on and says it's disgusting.

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Fuck off dumb redit cunt lmao you pathetic piece of shit. Bet you work at McDonald's or something lmao go on tell me where you work retard. >>16867708

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I can tell you only watched the first 30 seconds

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I can’t eat runny egg yolk because it makes me want to puke. I don’t know why.

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I work at the london branch of MI6. Just got intel from the paki mator of londanistan that were importing more refugees. Inshallah kardesh for we truly have made england into a muzzlim country. Now we just need to install a caliphate

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take a shower sweaty

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lol That got a lil chuckle

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>crispy edges
>cooked white
>runny yolk
Yep that's perfect.
I just prefer mine to not be crisped so i cook it on a cold pan.

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Burnt over cooked bottom, the trick is to drop heat and go slow, that probs tasted like shit

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Online discussions after more than 10 posts will always namedrop uncle h

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how does he get in?

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not OP but sometimes i practically fry eggs in bacon grease in a cast iron skillet.
they come out crispy like that on the sides, and they're decadent, if excessive. tastes great.

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Incorrect. The yolk is runny, the underside is crispy like a cracker but not burnt. This is how you fry an egg.

Most of you retards do it wrong

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