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Admit it, British food is unjustly hated on. English breakfast, fish and chips, pie & mash, pudding? Yum.

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I do enjoy swamp water with my pie and mash.

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Jesus Christ Lord and Savyor, no wonder they set sail for unknown seas and lands that shit looks vile

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It tastes good though

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British food is hated on, but in the context of 'northen european cuisine' it honestly isn't that bad, it just is often the one that people have the most exposure to. Most indigenous foods from the northern hemisphere are extremely bland, dull, repetitive etc, stuff only gets exciting when you add in the ingredients picked up from the age of sail, trade, the empire etc. France is an exception, but they are basically meridian, Spain doesn't count either, but benefits from north african and moorish influences. Italy was a sad state of affairs before the tomato arrived and greek food is relatively basic and bland too in its traditional form.

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surprisingly accurate

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pretty decent amount of fiber right there

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>British food is unjustly hated
>posts pea wet
Anon, I...

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British food is really good

t. Finn

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>extremely bland, dull, repetitive etc
That Northern cuisine is extremely bland is just not true. Also there's lots of variation even though of course if you were a fisher 100 years ago, yes it could be repetitive as it would be lots of fish. Examples of non-bland foods:
Rakørret (fermented trout)
Pinnekjøtt (cured lamb ribs)
Spekesild (scured herring)
Bergensk fiskesuppe (you use good fish stock of course)
Traditionally lacto-fermented sausages
Smalahove (cured and smoked sheep head)
Gamalost (very pungent cheese)
Fenalår (cured lamb leg)
Bidos (a simple dish but very concentrated flavour from the the reindeer stock)
Mature klippfisk (bacalhau/salt cod that has matured for a long time)
Sylte (head cheese)
Betasuppe (soup made with good stock)
Rye bread
Pork belly with crispy crackling
Meat with sweet sour onion sauce
Duck or goose with brown sauce (with proper stock of course)
Almost anything is good compared to Finish food.

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how is the parsley liquor sauce? is it like sweet and sour or what?

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You know that you've just listed all the culinary staples for every coastal region with shitty (north) farmland not conducive to rearing cows (fish, lamb, pork, cheese) mixed with large amounts of salt right? You include one vegetable (an onion). oUr fOoD iSnT bLaNddddd

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Absolutely retarded take.

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Why do americans cope with the fact that they'll never eat a full english? how can they cope with the fact that black pudding is literally illegal in their country

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>Admit it, British food is unjustly hated on.
Only by shitty continental euros, and Americans who aren’t descended from superior Anglo blood.

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>oUr fOoD iSnT bLaNddddd
Name one of these foods that are bland.

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>black pudding
>illegal in the USA
Only to be sold in restaurants & grocery stores. I buy blood sausage online and get it shipped from the UK.

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Fuck off, you gatekeeping faggot.
It’s easy enough to find black/white pudding in the US if you actually want it. Even if it means ordering from an online source.
You should be encouraging people to try these amazing breakfast items, not engaging in paltry “lol you can’t have it” faggotry.

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The thing is, I just don't think you can enjoy it unless you were raised in Britain or have a weird taste. I think British food is amazing and rich, but I'm British so of course I'd say that. The upside is that hipsters can't gentrify it, you'll never see trendy Beans on Toast bars in San Fransico.

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Why did someone take a steaming shit on that plate and put it on a table?

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>Onions have been variously described as having originated in Iran, western Pakistan and Central Asia.

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>take over slop island
>live on slop food
>get mad with slop living
>build ships to get better ingredients
>by sheer luck of timing
>have biggest, best ships
>take over most of known world
>top dog
>for literally hundreds of years
>world's ingredients at fingertips
>how does cuisine improve?
>spiced slop
I'm gonna need ta see ah loicense for them (You)s.

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Some of it is good.

I like scones with clotted cream and jelly. I like all the little traditional tea sandwiches. I like butter chicken and meat pies. When the weather is ugly I like fish and chips. And while I’ve never had a traditional Sunday roast dinner it sounds good.

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Lets see here
>shitty quality ham
>shitty hothouse tomato
>shitty quality sausage links
>shitty mushrooms
>shitty toast
>no fried potatoes
>beans lmao
>black pudding lmao
>and an egg that looks like it was cooked by Merrill Howard Kalin

lmao fucking straight hot garbage

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I'm one of the people you mass responded to in my mention of pea wet. Do you think Americans even fucking know what pea wet is you larping faggot?

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>English breakfast,
Excessively indulgent, yet sill inferior to the American equivilent.
>fish and chips
Decent enough.
>pie & mash, pudding? Yum.
Holy Mary mother of God, NO.

Come back when you have more.

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why are mutts so afraid of black pudding? it's just blood
mutts would rather eat gmo corn vaccine soy food than animal blood.

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british food has produced maybe 4 edible dishes, and if i had to only eat british food day in and day out I would off myself

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I will admit Fish and chips are a decent meal but it doesn't compare at all to Tuna, Catfish and Tilapia.

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>why are mutts so afraid of black pudding
Oh, fuck no.
>made from pork or beef blood, with pork fat or beef suet, and a cereal,
>usually oatmeal, oat groats or barley groats.
Why in the holy fuck would anybody eat this?
I've never been poor enough to eat actual sawdust, but if I had been, I certainly wouldn't brag about it.
What the fuck is wrong with you people????
You've got lot's to brag about, including vast extent of the once mighty British Empire.
But your bullshit food??? Oh fuck no.

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black pudding is the best part of a full british breakfast, i like it better than bacon

>black pudding is literally illegal in their country

that and unpasteurised milk cheeses

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Black pudding is better than white pudding is better than sausages is better than bacon. Simple fact of life.

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Don't forget bovril, can't import bovril.

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>i like it better than bacon
Send me your name and address, and I'll petition a local court to have you held for psychiatric evaluation.

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>made from pork or beef blood, with pork fat or beef suet, and a cereal,
Who would even put that in their mouth?

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I'm not even British but that's clearly parsley sauce

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This cannot be forgiven.

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>I do enjoy swamp water with my pie and mash.

They can't help it, it's in their DNA.

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>I buy blood sausage online and get it shipped from the UK.


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Why are americans such cowards
The ingreidents in black pudding are no different than the ingredients in a sausage
>posts fake quote
>about britons
>not anglo saxons
seething muttoid

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>unpasteurised milk cheeses

Illegal to import perhaps, but it can be made & sold locally in a slight majority of states, though you may have to buy directly from the farmer/producer in some of those states (i.e. still unavailable in supermarkets). Shitsux, but things do seem to be getting better over time.

t. enjoyer of 100% legal Pennsylvania raw goat's milk cheese

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Pic related is nice, and it's easy to get in USA; you can even buy it at Walmart.

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do britshits really?

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>English breakfast
It's nice, but it's the sort of shit anyone can make. I mean, the beans are straight from a fucking can.

It's literally a bunch of different things shoved together on the same plate. It's the fucking Sampler Platter of Breakfasts. It's Hors D'oeurves in the morning. There's no cooking ability on display besides not burning things, and while cooking technique is honestly not that important, it becomes so when you tout your meal as the best meal ever made.

English food is comfort food literally because any inbred round-headed buffoon can make it.

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Ausfag here. I can buy black pudding. Full English is still Full A'shit.

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>Ausfag here. I can buy black pudding. Full English is still Full A'shit.

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I like some brittish food, but some of the crap you guys like is also fucking vile.

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the same goes for literally any nation on earth

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>"Ausfag here"
>posts American flag pig

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>full english
Pretty good, but nothing amazing. Not a meal you want to be eating every day.
>fish and chips
Again, just ok. Britfags overhype it, but it's not a bad dish. Just meh tier.
>pie and mash
fucking disgusting sloppa

I will say, the breakfast offered at the hotel I stayed in on my trip to London was pretty fucking great. The supposedly good fish n chips place I went to was just alright. The food I had in Rome fucking btfo'd anything I ever had in London though.
This is all to say that food in Britain isn't bad, but British food caps out at B tier.

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This fucking nigga eating beans for breakfast LMAO BEANS MY NIGGA

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for someone who isn't obsessed with England, what is that green slop underlying the pie and mash?

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>that and unpasteurised milk cheeses

Wtf do you dumbass foreigners keep getting this shit from?

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Parsley sauce is nowhere near that green, retard

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I think he meant parsley liquor

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It's probably like when we hear weird rules from other states, like it being illegal to hunt whales in Utah or you can't put ice cream in your pocket in Kentucky.
They are just weird esoteric laws that were on the books 100 years ago but that no one thinks about our gets arrested for and they just believe it wholely because they read it on the internet

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>all slop

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>Italy was a sad state of affairs before the tomato
I prefer a lot of Italian food that uses dairy instead of tomato.

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Why can't brown people eat food that doesn't have a handful of spice trade in each bite?

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>how can they cope with the fact that black pudding is literally illegal in their country
Does it contain lung? I know that's banned here for some reason. I've bought blood sausages in the USA before though.

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parsley sauce is made with cream, parsley liquor is stock thickened with cornstarch

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>unpasteurised milk cheese
This is actually okay as long as the cheese has been aged for at least 60 days. Supposedly by that point any potential pathogens have been destroyed.

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for someone who isn't obsessed with England, what is that green slop underlying the pie and mash?

It goes by many names, most commonly "Green Liquor" or "Fancy Vomit". You see, in Merry Olde England, only princely noblemen were allowed to eat actual food. After dinner, they would vomit a certain portion back up to feed their knights, who in turn would feed the common soldiers with their own vile sick. (Admittedly, by the time the infantry got fed, the barf was pretty diluted and not nearly as nutritious.)

Now originally, the peasantry ate nothing but shit from the gentry's latrines. But as the country became more prosperous and serfdom was abolished in the late 20th century, even the low-born were able to acquire such twice-diluted royal upchuck, which they imaginatively called "Fancy Vomit", "Royal Gravy", or "Green Liquor", believing it to be more "refined" by virtue of the extra digestive cycles. Fancy Vomit has become something of a status symbol for slumdogs putting on airs, and they'll drench just about any dish in this foetid greenish puke. You can buy it by the decaliter at Marks & Spencer, the favourite grocer of the upwardly-mobile undercaste.

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such a wasted effort, damn

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I've honestly have barely had any but it certainly almost always looks disgusting. I think the hate they get is probably justified just from the complete lack of any kind of presentation.

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>Does it contain lung?
The UK version generally does AFAIK. I've still been able to find German and French blood sausages here in the US. Asian too but only as part of a dish at a restaurant. If I ever go back to Britain I'll make a point of trying black pudding but I doubt I'll be blown away.

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people don't hate the food, they hate the country and the people that invaded, raped, and genocided 90% of the world

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>everyone is a socially just decolonizer like me!
no they hate the food, not their modernizers

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>Why are americans such cowards
Cowards? Or just have decent taste, common sense, and something better to eat?
Also, is everyone you disagree with automatically American?
>no different than the ingredients in a sausage
>>made from pork or beef blood, with pork fat or beef suet, and a cereal,
Obviously not.

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had a full English in the UK and it was shit

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>the same goes for literally any nation on earth
Sorry, but no.
Italy, France, even China are known for their cuisine. Hell, even the Spanish are known for Tapas. Mexico, and even India, maybe. My small town has food from all these cultures.
But the Brits are known for fish & chips and shitty dentistry.

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This is good breakfast

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i don't think that is what he means

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because we enjoy food and life, unlike white people and their higher suicide rates lmao

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Picrel is awesome. I would like to try alternatives but this is all I can find in New Zealand.
Fuck yeah anon

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hating on british food is just a low key way to shit on white people.

>le bland and boiled food maymay

>> No.16863293

>le pathogens are le BAD!!!!

>> No.16863297

Just a big pile of poverty rations. It’s fine and all but your pride is massively misplaced.

>> No.16863319

>oUr fOd iSnT bLaNdddd
You can fuck right off to where you came from, if you're gonna use that zoomer lingo around here sonny Jim.
Asian food was bland until chillis arrived from the new world, otherwise it's fried carbs (oriental) or slop (Indian), African food is mostly foo foo and slop, south American food is refried sick, with corn instead of wheat based products. Literally adding chilli to food was the big game changer for a lot of these cuisines.
Look into medieval cooking and you will see loads of recipes from northern/western Europe calling for a wide variety of herbs and spices like mace, cinnamon, saffron, peppers, wild herbs etc and sauces they made at the time.

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Throwing processed cheese and syrup over everything isn't suddenly good cuisine. What you see there isn't toast, it's fried bread, delicious. You also have nice tasty mushrooms, beans are banging stfu, tomatoes for ya vitamins, black pudding is better than bacon (meme food), our sausages are more hearty and tasty than any Euro or American sausage (porky whites are best) and what's wrong with the egg? Fried potato is boring, we eat enough chips, we don't need it with our breakfast.

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>English breakfast
Salt and grease
>fish and chips
Salt and grease
>pie & mash
Salt and grease
Probably slathered in beef and gravy, or sausage. Aka salt and grease

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Because their meats would rot quicker in the heat so the spices disguised it. true fact.
Terrible, read two sentences and got bored.
Snails and frogs, too much garlic.
Smelly cheese.
Fried pigs ears and octopus
Eating dogs, bats, insects and anything that walks.
Not that hard to pull up gross stereotypes of other nations, especially forthe French and Chinese.

>> No.16863353

I'd just like to add that any where in the UK has all of that too, especially being that Indian foods that you get in the states were literally invented in the UK, like tikka masala. Americans have such a tiny concept of the world, no wonder everyone thinks you're all stupid.

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black pudding is not only delicious, but there's practically nothing objectionable about its taste if you can handle a regular pork sausage
t. mutt, albeit high IQ and wealthy

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>especially being that Indian foods that you get in the states were literally invented in the UK, like tikka masala.
Please don't brag about bastardizing other cuisines. You already fucked up tea beyond recognition.

>> No.16863421

No, we made it varied and tastier. You pussies can't handle it and drink green tea or fruit "teas", which says enough.
Plus Indian food for the sake of takeaways was made better in the UK, compared to the dogshit that is American Chinese.
>t.English, Indian grandmother and been to India, spent 3 months there last time.

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File: 1.21 MB, 3744x3744, full-homemade-thanksgiving-dinner-495330128-97edd4c1d82440cbb9cfbb1d4541badd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You american faggots eat English cuisine every thanksgiving and you don't even realise.

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Spraying bergamot oil on low quality indian black tea is not making it varied and tastier. Then to drown it in milk. Jesus. Americans are not proud of orange chicken, we recognize it as shit food. If you're holding any sort of national pride for tikka or greasy munchie boxes you're a fucking plonker. Bet your lucky sheffield united jersey is greasier than this box.

>> No.16863755

The fucking mayans first domesticated turkeys. Again, lazy colonizers trying to retroactively take credit.

>> No.16863758

Don't throw stones in glass houses, you turned tea into a soft drink which is far worse than a bit of milk and sugar.

>> No.16863763

literally what has been invented in America specifically by Americans? only one thing. trannies.

>> No.16863764

Prehistoric middle easterners first domesticated cattle. What is your point? People dont' take credit for a dish because they domesticated a single ingredient, the arrangement and style of a roast meat dinner is definitively English, especially in the historic context of thanks giving.

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I import nice teas and brew them properly. You jam naked wires into the wall to boil an afternoon cuppa of the cheapest bag of dust you can find. We are not the same.

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Brits were the first to cook meat with indirect heat. You fucking heard it here first. This is why you attend school past 16.

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Make sure you pick up some yorkshire next time you head down to the tesco. Mums been proper fierce about it.

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>it's yucky because its British! am i right, r/cooking?
>wait, it's from *insert any country that isn't UK* ? Waow! i'd heckin demolish that!

>> No.16863835

Nigger, the french call us rosbifs because we were so well known for roasting meats and serving it in that style with vegetables and gravy. The mayflower pioneers were English, and thanksgiving dinner is an English dish, its is indisputable, you're just arguing in bad faith about irrelevent technicalities.

>> No.16863874

I can promise you, the french are not thinking of you and have not since the 1700s. Slathering meat in grease, flour, and salt is not peak cuisine. The only people who think so are the Paula dean southerners who you desperately try to disassociate with. Fun fact, those hard core religious nuts who left england ended up in Georgia. Your DNA is indistinguishable from theirs.

>> No.16863916

>this post was written by Norf hands

>> No.16863921

is this what they were making fun of when futurama had Bachelor Chow

>> No.16863938

Plate full of green slop.
Cold meat pie.
Mashed potatoes scraped onto the edge of the plate.

Yupp looks like good eats, britbong.

>> No.16863940

>zoomer lingo
WriTiNg TeXt LIkE tHiS is older than zoomers themselves

>> No.16863941

Beyond a shadow of a doubt THE worst traditional food on the planet lardy, stodgy muck.

>> No.16863947

There is no British cuisine. Just fodder.

>> No.16863950

But we don't roast them. We bake them in ovens.

>> No.16863956

I bet british food tastes fine and just looks questionable sometimes

>> No.16863958

Thats the thing its fine food sometimes even good, its not the greatest national food in the world, most of it is pretty simple and humble, but it gets memed massively out of proportion to be disgusting despite no major dish having anything particularly offensive.

>> No.16863983

It's vile.

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Don't mind me, just posting based English fare to drown out the seething mutts

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Gotta get me some clotted cream and scones.

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Desparate bongs, having exhausted their supply of superior Indian food (tea & curry), are forced to deathmatch for a wheel of cheese:


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british food is delicious

>> No.16864226

The most typical English dinner is roasted meat and roast potatoes. How is that bad? It just depends on how it's cooked and the quality of the meat.

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>you'll never see trendy Beans on Toast bars in San Francisco
Give 'em time.

>> No.16864243

Be that as it may, it looks ugly as fuck.
I wouldn't feed that to a stray dog.

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Because there isn't 2lb of spicerinos dumped on top of it so reddit think it's 'bland'

>> No.16864248

I love seeing colonials seething at their former bong masters.
Wish we’d had an empire just for the butthurt.

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>My fooderino needs to look good or I won't eat it!

>> No.16864265

>plating isn't important
And you feel like you should post on /ck/. Sheesh.

>> No.16864269
File: 7 KB, 299x168, 4574541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16864272

That's just british people, a nasty bunch of dirty retards

>> No.16864277

Don’t be a turbofag.
You’re being one. Stop.

>> No.16864278

>roast potatoes

Potatoes are as English as tea or curry. Return to the turnip, perfidious anglo.

>> No.16864289

Eating a disgusting sloppy shitty meal doesn't make you manly

>> No.16864290


>> No.16864293

look at the thin skinned britboi being offended :)

>> No.16864295

It’s not bad, except for how they prepare their vegetables, that is bad. The reason they get made fun of is it’s just roast meat and potatoes but they constantly shout about how it’s amazing. Look at the guy just a bit above posting totally average roast meats and slop he claims is “based” and “drowning out seething mutts.” Fish and chips is the best example I think, it’s literal kid’s menu basic food but they will talk all day about how amazing it is. Their food isn’t awful (for the most part) it’s their weird misplaced sense of superiority that makes it so intriguing and cringe.

>> No.16864317

>french are not thinking of you
have you read the news in recent months

>> No.16864318

Oof, that's a seethe

>> No.16864322

But crying like a faggot about it absolutely makes you a faggot.
You should try to be less of a faggot.

>> No.16864343
File: 76 KB, 555x631, 1609944501884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no you're the one seeethiiiiiiiiiing

>> No.16864350

Well, we did kind of invent Isreal...
sorry about that.

>> No.16864352

Imagine getting that mad because some guys talks shit about your national food on the internet
not only that proves that britboys are incredibly insecure about their "food" but also that they're complete pussies

>> No.16864356

This whole thread is a huge british cope.
You food is trash, just deal with it.

>> No.16864358

ironically enough the only part that you could call british, the mint sauce, isn't even a sauce, they just cut a bunch of mint from the garden.
fair enough, but this could come from any country in the world

>> No.16864362

mint and lamb is terrible combination only a britard can come up with that shit

>> No.16864364

>heh, tomatoes originate from the new world therefore Italian cuisine doesn't exist

>> No.16864370

Im not that anon but saying that someone can only eat food that looks good on a plate is retarded

>> No.16864376

But no one said that you fucking retard

>> No.16864383


>> No.16864385


You gotta understand, England is a special-needs country, condescendingly stewarded by various European powers for millennia (mostly Germans in recent history). It was amazing that they could even harness fire to cook a meal. So yeah, if they want to brag about sausage rolls, fish fingers, mushy peas, and cucumber sandwiches--more power to them. Most Englishmen eat takeaway doner kebab and curry these days anyway.

>> No.16864392
File: 60 KB, 600x800, SEETHEsoy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16864397

Has anyone here read George Orwell's short IN DEFENCE OF ENGLISH COOKING? He wrote it with capslock like that because he was really pissed by people who shitted on Brit slop.
His line of reasoning is basically:
>Where else are you going to find swamp food if not in our great British swamp?
>You can't find our glorious mud pie and fish head pudding in the pompous streets of Paris!
>The actual reason why people think our swamp food is bad is because they only see French and Chinese restaurants in rhe United Swampdom. They don't realize how good our food is when a homely cook makes it for its family.

>> No.16864398

You're pathetic.

>> No.16864400
File: 154 KB, 1024x768, great-british-meal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is some grim shit.


>> No.16864402
File: 52 KB, 593x656, 1587832503177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

British food is bad.
British people are retarded.
I do hate them.

>> No.16864405

why do they seethe so much about the french lmao

>> No.16864410

>implying I’m British
Holy shit you’re really grasping at straws to deflect from your being a faggot.
Just try to be less of a faggot, anon.

>> No.16864413

because french are proud of their achievments and dry ironic english niggers are unable to cope with it

>> No.16864414

Don't forget their bakerys, especially in the north of England. God tier biscuits and cakes.

>> No.16864416

>implying I’m British
You are.
Imagine pretending not to be british to defend british food, that's how desperately insecure you retards are.

>> No.16864420
File: 209 KB, 714x866, seethesoy2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>chad spends hours seething at british food

>> No.16864423

nigger biscuits are the easiest shit ever. i can make anything good too if i justm ix fat and sugar to obscene degree

>> No.16864426

>britard spends hours defending british food and coping about it
Yup. Miserable people I say.

>> No.16864433


>> No.16864436
File: 94 KB, 601x508, 1609775151179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16864446

This is not British or English, it's cockney shite that no one eats outside of one tiny area of London eat. It's like saying American cruisine is all shit and basing it on one shithole flyover.

>> No.16864454

You're talking about a people that invites their neighbors over for a "bbq" and tosses frozen Tesco patties on a sheet pan in the oven.

>> No.16864463

Coping, lying and deflecting are the 3 weapons of the insecure british retard.

>> No.16864467
File: 111 KB, 1200x675, p07jb0mz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This is not British or English, it's cockney shite

Say that again, boy, and I'll feed your tongue to the eels.


>> No.16864474

Explain what you want me to address without using buzzwords like a 13 year old trying to fit in.

>> No.16864485

I don't want you to adress anything, I'm just pointing out the classic british pattern of coping, lying and deflecting everytime they're facing embarassment.
Right now you're deflecting.

>> No.16864491
File: 293 KB, 381x364, 1616234676769.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pawn cocktail (prawns with marie rose sauce)
>steak and chips
>chocolate cake
in what universe is any of this bad

>> No.16864492

I’m not defending British, faggot. I’m simply calling you a faggot.
Your being a faggot has nothing to do with British food, and everything to do with being a prissy little faggot.

>> No.16864493

What % of your population lives in or directly outside greater London? Methinks your family hails from Copeland.

>> No.16864500

I'm not facing embarassment and I'm not deflecting, I explained the equivalent of pie and liquor to people who rightfully think it looks like shit. Well done on once again using your buzz words like a brainless puppet though.

>> No.16864502

>spiced sloppa from india, china or japan that looks like sewage
>stewed meat and veg with herbs and spices from england

>> No.16864503

we get it, you're a britboy obsessed with the idea of sucking cocks

>> No.16864504

London is a 9million populated city, England is a 56million country. You see the problem with saying London is England? It's like saying Wisconsin is America.

>> No.16864510

so 1/5th of england is london? seems pretty fair. especialy if you discount the celts

>> No.16864512

>and I'm not deflecting
Man, british people are fucking dense lmao

>> No.16864518

Wisconsin doesn't represent 1/7th of the US population and Wisconsin isn't the political, economical and cultural capital of the USA.
Shitty comparison

>> No.16864527

Someone doesn't understand how metropolitan areas work. Hillingdon and Bromley are still greater London. The swamp donkeys outside of there long for the traditional British cuisine of greasy munchie boxes and dirty carveries.

>> No.16864534

It's more like 1/3rd. 15mil live in the greater London area. It's not some tiny irrelevant square. You're listening to a British country fuck bitch about the big city and spout off about a state he had to look up the spelling for.

>> No.16864538

he prollyy just looked up states by population kek. why are brits so pathetic bros?

>> No.16864540

44% of greater london is white british. of those only the older ones would be more likely to eat it. i think it mainly comes from east london mainly

>> No.16864544

Not your bro, you underage faggot. I bet you say “kek” in actual conversation.

>> No.16864548
File: 9 KB, 336x188, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trust me. You've got Muslims and refugees eating the same greasy slop in the same secondhand store jerseys.

>> No.16864549

lel why do you think that, ya whiny bitch?

>> No.16864553

seethe more nigger. bros is a rhetorical question you dumb faggot

>> No.16864558

nice cat food

>> No.16864562

lmao brits really do be seething

>> No.16864597

Wisconsin has the Limburger Sandwich, Green Bay chili, and fried cheese curds. New Glarus also makes a decent Belgian red. Then there's all the German, Scandinavian, and Russian foods available. I'm willing to keep an open mind, but from what I can tell, Wisconsin holds it own with England. Convince me otherwise.

>> No.16864610

...who asked?..

>> No.16864620

i did

>> No.16864624

...who cares?..

>> No.16864627

Wisconsin was brought up itt. I merely thought I'd contribute my opinion on their food, vis-à-vis that of England. Knowing this opinion might be controversial among some, I assured them that my mind was open, and that thry were indeed welcome to argue their case.

>> No.16864633

i do, i know almost nothing about most of USA states and find anons post insightful, well written and helpful. /ck/ was made for posters like him

>> No.16864634

he does

>> No.16864635

You really think that can compete with a can of beans and asda white bread?

>> No.16864636

.......make a blogpost about it???

>> No.16864640

This thread is about British Cuisine, now shut the fuck you amerifat idiot.

>> No.16864646

you can hardly call that post a blogpost.
yes and anon was explaining why is wisconsin cuisine better than british. totaly valid and not offtopic at all

>> No.16864651


>> No.16864657

americans are british

>> No.16864759

Unemployed bogans in the Outback regularly feast upon Confit of Tasmanian Ocean Trout and Crab in Macadamia Cream. Meanwhile, the Queen of England and top executives in London subsist on toast sandwiches and beans from a can (produced by Heinz, which is an American company).

>> No.16864771

Wtf are you talking about. Pretty much every traditional cuisine is from the period after they could import things like potatoes, tomatoes etc. I don't know enough about Asia but I assume it's similar there.

>> No.16864778
File: 36 KB, 302x404, 1634676286317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's bland

>> No.16864783

Based and troutpilled.

>> No.16864809

Let us compile a list of good English foods. So far, we have:
>Battered fried fish served in newspaper (doubt picked up off the ground and leaching ink into the food)
>stale white bread
>dis nigga eatin' beans, LMAOOOOO!!!
>sausage roll from a megacorp shopping mall
>kebabs, made by foreigners and only count as English food because the meat consists of last night's 15yo English rape victim
>cheeses that are admittedly good, but have been known to induce nightmares, as if being watched by Sadiq Khan on a CCTV 24/7 wasn't nightmarish enough

>> No.16864821

Roast beef or any good beef cut with potatoes is one of the most popular dishes in the world but I don't know if it can be called exclusively English.

>> No.16864881

seething 56% mutt

>> No.16864906

trout is the nigger amongst fish along with carp and that spiky motherfucker from the bottom of river. for fish to be good it sould better have trait from different animal group. like salmons can "fly" as birds, muscles can "walk" like terestrials and whales give milk like cows.

>> No.16864917

>think this looks disgusting
>go to a British restaurant and actually try it
Liquor sauce is fucking delicious and really 'lifts' up the potatoes.

>> No.16864942

normal cuisines can make good potatoes without drowning them in butter. what a fucking italian does with bit of olive oil, vinegar and couple of tatoes would rape your gay experience in british pub up the ass

>> No.16864969

Did you ever even try it? It isn't butter but a really green tasting fish like sauce.

>> No.16864990

and i bet half of it was butter, half flour and splash of worcester

>> No.16865053

>>Did you ever even try it?
Never but let me tell all about it inbetween gasps for air and cock

>> No.16865172

The septics are especially salty today, I wonder what's rattled their cage.

>> No.16865282
File: 542 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20211020-120309_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16865290

nigga why not use the proper part of parsley? are you fucking bun? use the root and color with the leaves you numb fuck

>> No.16865577

Niggerfish prepared correctly is infinitely better than low quality haddock in tainted fryer oil and salt.

>> No.16865727

true, as hadock has no nonfish feature he too is a niggerfish and therefore unfit for proper man. desu i though most people use those as dog and cat fodder

>> No.16866226

>the beans are making the bread soggy
Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.16866264

Isn't tikka masala just chicken in curry sauce? How did the British manage to do that before the Indians? Are chickens against their culture or something?

>> No.16866323
File: 349 KB, 968x1296, general tso pizza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well it took Americans to create the best chinese dishes, so went the same for the British and Indian dishes.

>> No.16866330

They didn't. British tikka is indian butter chicken but sweeter since they use trash tier Müller yogurt. Whereas India has specific sauces for proteins, britain took their ideas, bastardized them, and use the sauce for all meats.

>> No.16866337

>britain took their ideas, bastardized them

seethe and cope

>> No.16866385
File: 42 KB, 850x600, austin-powers-850x600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah a 5000 year old dish from india was invented by pasty brits in the 60s.

>> No.16866510

What is black pudding and why are people saying we can’t get it in the US? That looks pretty tasty

>> No.16866552

Coagulated blood held together by oats, heavily salted.

>> No.16866575

They actually believe this. It’s unbelievable how up their own asses they are.

>> No.16866650

>English cuisine

Turkey, potatoes, cranberries, green beans, tomatoes, and corn are all from North and South America. Ham? Sure, we imported that shit, but the majority of our Thanksgiving feast derived from here.

Nice try, though.

>> No.16866667

>What is black pudding and why are people saying we can’t get it in the US?
You can get all the ingredients here just fine, there just isnt enough demand to have it already made anywhere her

>> No.16867400

not even close

>> No.16868541

the food available in London is better than anything you can find in france and only a very few italian restaurants might be able to compete. tell me you have no money and didnt eat anywhere good without tell me lol

>> No.16868564

who the fuck would have milk with earl grey? retard

>> No.16868735

This looks just sad, everything on that plate, the plate itself, and the cutlery.

>> No.16868837

>5000 year old culture gets a pasty dick rammed up their ass by 20,000 soldiers and a train
might makes right

>> No.16869426

>African food is mostly foo foo and slop
You are an idiot and a pedophile.

>> No.16869432

>It's easy to make therefore it's bad

>> No.16869448
File: 413 KB, 800x782, bri'ish ''cuisine''.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idk man

>> No.16869514

kind of crazy how little has changed.

>> No.16869525
File: 676 KB, 3024x3024, jellied eels only 6 lbs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bad example please show some high quality dishes from UK like this masterpiece

>> No.16869636

As a Norwegian, I quite enjoy British food. It's reminiscent of Norwegian cuisine, so it feels familiar, but also something different and foreign.

British dishes I am grateful for:
>sunday roast
>fish a chips
>bangers and mash
>all their savory pies
>cottage/sheperds pie
>english breakfast
>english muffins, crumpets, scones and lots of great jams to go with it
>clotted cream
>the british indian dishes like tikka masala and butter chicken
>beef wellington
>guinnes stew

Lots of comfy dishes. In fact, I am getting more and more satisfied with northern european/germanic food in general.

>> No.16869813 [DELETED] 


>> No.16869817
File: 377 KB, 567x612, Screenshot_2021-10-21_20-40-34.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16869880

The knife and fork are on wrong sides...

>> No.16870235

t. eats lutefisk

>> No.16870347
File: 143 KB, 900x750, doubanjiang.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Because their meats would rot quicker in the heat so the spices disguised it. true fact.
That's a myth. Spices are used because they taste good, simple as.

>> No.16870790
File: 1.69 MB, 1000x651, 1632267866375.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So it's like using Great Value canned tomatoes and low moisture brick mozzarella and taking credit for inventing picrel because you substituted local ingredients into an old dish?

>> No.16871160

>the absolute seething replies
Every time. Have a good one mate. This poor sods just wipe when they hear I can walk to my campus dining hall or any cafe in town and getting a filling delicious full English. My mum also makes it almost every Sunday. That’s how you start a day

>> No.16871175

>I can promise you, the french are n
Pffffft ahahaah. You could’ve fooled me. I’d be surprised if krauts and frogs didn’t spend 90% of their day seething about England. You guys are obsessed

>> No.16872564

you are not English

>> No.16872570

>*makes endless british food hate threads on /ck/*
>heh, we don't even think about you
Okay, dear

>> No.16872572
File: 89 KB, 680x663, 1634890640034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pass on the kidneys an just whack some extra lamb in. but that does look delicious.

>> No.16872606

>all this anglo seethe and cope itt
your food will always be garbage and your people hideous

>> No.16872611

I like it but traditional Dutch food isn't really known for being popular abroad either so I might be biased.

>> No.16872642

The funny thing about this thread is all you jerks would probably rage just as hard about French cuisine. Only that it is too pompous and pretentious, it's all just butter, way too much cream, all stolen from Italy, blah blah blah and blah. Fucking thirdworlders.

t. not even English.

>> No.16872660

Going to the chippy later lads

>> No.16872665

pic should be a culinary crime

>> No.16872677

Everything on that plate originated in the new world except the stuffing

>> No.16873104

>anon discovers what a sauce is

>> No.16873109

The main difference is that French cuisine is good and British cuisine is trash.

>> No.16873123

I cannot emphasise enough how wrong you are. You're just a fucking idiot, you know that? A dense little bastard. British food is genuinely good on its own, and of course you don't have to be British to like it. What a stupid thing to say. When I was in China I'd take people to a British restaurant and they'd like it so much they refused to believe it was British, because ofc they expect our food to taste bad.

Secondly, British food HAS been hipsterised you ignorant zoomer. You stupid working class imbecile, what do you think the whole nose to tale movement is? Who do you think it is that pushed the whole marrow on toast thing? Fergus Henderson is a tremendous ponce who spread gentrified traditional British cooking around the globe.

I will drag your soul down to hell with me when you die.

>> No.16873136

>When I was in China I'd take people to a British restaurant
I don't think there is a single british restaurant in China. In fact, I don't think there is a single british restaurant outside of the UK and when I visited London I couldn't find a single restaurant serving british food outside of greasy, disgusting pubs.

>> No.16873145
File: 475 KB, 940x1332, pie-society-2016-menu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16873154

Incredible, you found this one expat restaurant right in the middle of shanghai, british cuisine is truly the greatest thing around

>> No.16873159

This post is exactly why British cuisine is undervalued.
You admit fish and chips is a decent meal? I don't. It sucks. It tastes of papier mache and vinegar. But...why is it that people like you think our cuisine boils down to fish and chips? That's one fast food dish brought over by Jewish immigrants 150 years ago. It's not even that traditional.
Look, I don't much like macaroni cheese, apple pie, or spaghetti bolognese, but a lot of people seem to eat that shit outside of the UK so clearly they don't mind it. I love our pies and our stews, but those "don't count" because...other countries have pies and stews? I love our alcohol, but nobody thinks about stuff like whisky or stout when they're talking about cuisine even though it's so important. I'm not even a British food fanboy -- I think that on the whole it's only average, and French and Chinese stuff is a lot better, but it's definitely not BAD. And it's definitely not fish and chips and fry ups either.
I reckon you're just a bit embarrassed because you got caught out but I'll remind you the point was just that I'd take foreign friends there and they'd love it. I also found a Ukrainian restaurant in Shanghai, it's not like some statement of quality or famousness to find a restaurant.

>> No.16873161
File: 2.46 MB, 320x320, 1502654813979.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that fucking cope

>> No.16873164

The problem isn't the type of meals that British people eat. The problem is their lack of standards. For example, fish and chips (which is as close to being a national dish as anything) is easy to make into a delicious meal. Fresh ingredients and hot oil. Is that simple. Yet the majority of chippies use old, wet potatoes for chips, old fish that has been frozen and defrosted several times and cheap old, lukewarm oil to cook in. Regardless of this the great british public will keep buying and consuming it.

>> No.16873166

>i brought 2 guys to a pie restaurant who politely told me they liked it

what's the name of that mental illness?

>> No.16873172

>For example, fish and chips (which is as close to being a national dish as anything)

The British national dish is the most traditional chicken tikka masala

>> No.16873177

Don't you think it's a bit weird to get so tilted about someone else's experience that you need to pretend it went down differently to how I told you? They liked it and refused to believe it was British, it's not that crazy.
Another fucking fish and chips NIGGER
It's absolutely true that the main problem with British food is the British person cooking it, though. Our cuisine is fine but our food skills are not.

>> No.16873183

I'm just amused by the fact that you consider that your "experience" has any kind of value and yet you use it like a formal argument. I think that this is weird.

>> No.16873185

bump limit soon fellow shitposters

>> No.16873192

*pushes glasses up nose*

>> No.16873197

Another great argument, I see.

>> No.16873198
File: 835 KB, 2134x2753, hehehehe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh? Would you prefer I bring out the academic papers? I can do that for you, anon. Anything for you, anon. Behold, British food is considered absolutely average, neither good nor bad. It's more popular than Taiwanese cuisine, even! God knows why, Taiwanese cuisine is great.
God I love bringing this out. It's like an instant argument winner.
Now I feel bad about acting as smug as him.

>> No.16873216

This is actually interesting because the only countries rating british food highly are those where people never ever had british food and the ones rating it the lowest are the ones next to the UK.

Remove all those (philippines, UAE, Singapore, India since they're irrelevant) and the UK barely reaches 40% approval.

TLDR: that graph actually shows that British food is bad according to those who are the most likely to have tried it. KEK

>> No.16873220

You’re cool and you raise valid points. I’m not a Brit but have lived around them in Asia for well over a decade. For me its the British attitude. Brit food is fine but I get really tired of being lectured at about how a pile of cheap breakfast food or fried fish are culinary masterpieces that all the world is allegedly jealous of. Polite “oh cool man yeah I see what you mean” has after a decade and countless lectures given way to “mate it’s just fucking eggs and beans anyone can make this and no one cares.” I get a laugh when I see the exact same righteousness here and start to wonder wtf seemingly all Brits are compensating for. I wish there were more people like you around here. Thanks for reading my blog.

>> No.16873225
File: 11 KB, 215x235, images (7).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does England aspire to become some kind of cultural equivalent of a flyover state?

>> No.16873226
File: 18 KB, 337x350, 314.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Another fucking fish and chips NIGGER
Did you not understand "for example"

>> No.16873232

Oh, well that's explained by expats being by and large dull cunts.

>> No.16873239

Now this, this is cope.
Yeah it's honestly weird. You do see it even in threads like these. Bong anons will be like
>look at all these foreigners not able to appreciate the majesty of a good fry up
and like...fry ups are nice, I guess, but people make them because they're cheap and fast and easy, not because they're full of complex flavour. It's actually why I get so mad about it. My granny made gorgeous cullen skinks and venison pies but that's never what gets talked about.
It's worth remembering the 50% of all meals in the UK are ready meals bought from a supermarket. We really don't have a cooking culture at all, which is a damn shame.
This is true too, in Asia, anyway.

>> No.16873274
File: 12 KB, 300x168, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus Christ, do Brits really eat lizards?

>> No.16873278

>Fresh ingredients and hot oil
this is actually incredibly simple to do when 90% of your sales are fish and chips and your kitchen is purpose built for frying
i wouldnt trust inner city chip shops to have fresh fish or pubs to not crowd their fryers though

>> No.16873283

I wish, sounds interesting. Then again I've eaten snakes and they just tasted like chicken (like legitimately).
>b-but skinks are closer to chickens than to snakes!
then they'll probably taste even more like the fuckers

>> No.16873286

>i wouldnt trust inner city chip shops to have fresh fish
Would they not be more likely to have fresh fish than anywhere else inland? All the fresh fish gets delivered to cities first, then delivered from there to the last mile hell of whatever small towns or villages surround the city. I think.

>> No.16873400

That's also where there is the most competition, highest rent and the place where restaurants are most likely to cut corners to stay afloat.

>> No.16873440

When you say "inner city", do you mean "city centre"?

>> No.16873445

>All the fresh fish gets delivered to cities first
no, they got to either a local fishmonger or a processing plant, then probably to a market, then possibly to a buyer/distributor, then on to restaurants, or in the case of supermarkets, to a packing plant then to supermarkets.
where i grew up the fishmonger would buy off the boat and then deliver to some of the local chippies. not too common these days.

>> No.16873461

Inland, anon. Most places aren't on the coast, so there's no reason to suspect your random inland village or town has fresher fish than a city.

>> No.16873586

you are right, everywhere inland has fresher fish than the coast because it makes sense to ship fish for miles inland and then ship them back a few days later and local businesses would never establish supply chains with local suppliers to get around this

>> No.16873591
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My God you're incapable of reading, huh? I'm saying that coastal places obviously have the freshest fish, but if you live inland, as most people do, the freshest fish around is going to be in an inland city, rather than in an inland town or village.

>> No.16873679


>> No.16873682

>All the fresh fish gets delivered to cities first, then delivered from there to the last mile hell of whatever small towns or villages surround the city

>> No.16873689

Proud British American here. I made pasties this week.

>> No.16873822
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>Would they not be more likely to have fresh fish than anywhere else inland?

>> No.16875283

We're not so bad these days, but there was a time not long ago when all the infamy was earned. I knew plenty of kids who ate chip butties and beans every dinner. But that's gone now

>> No.16876002

that was germany uneducated dumbfuck

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