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Why do people eat this abomination?

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for some mouthwash, a few scraps of cloth, and a half bag of rice

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Many many centuries ago, a hungy chinaman decided to boil an egg, turned out it had a fetus in it. "Ahh ching chong" said the chinaman, "me so hungry, me not waste good egg, much protein I can obtain from this yes, yess...." And so the hungry Chinaman consumed the embryo, beak, bone and shell.
The Chinaman then wondered, "ah, why this egg have baby chick in but the other eggs do not?"
He asked his buddy, "Ni hao, ching chong shing chong big truck runover baby" and his friend replied, "yes, we shall eat the duck egg babies, consume them, feast upon their flesh."
and that is how balut was first discovered.

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Big if true

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Because it's delicious. It's probably because the organs have formed, but it has a remarkably rich flavor. There's a few preferred ways to eat it, but I like a splash of salt and vinegar.

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Chink here. Shut the fuck up you fucking virtue signaling faggot. No other chink I've ever met gives a shit. We bitch at each other for cooking shit wrong but if some gweilou wants to praise chinese food we're all proud of it because we have a working cultural identity. I don't care if you're eating noodles or scallion pancakes or mapo tofu or fucking orange chicken, if you like it then I feel good because I know my culture's food is good. I'm not even from mainland china, are you going to tell me I don't get to eat paigu rice because I'm from the wrong square of dirt?
Fucking retard. Chinese being a big fucking place with a million local cuisines doesn't mean it isn't all chinese food. I hate you faggots so much.

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Shut up an go back to organ harvesting you disgusting insect.

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just go back to eating mac and cheese if it scares you

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How do you feel knowing that you are replecable theres so many chinks in the world you r like cockroaches

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sorry we don’t understand Ching Chong here can you post in English please

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Doesn't posting stale copypasta get old? I mean, do you giggle yourself to tears every time you do it? It seems like such a waste. Why not do something original, or have you no personality of your own?

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Because it's tasty.
t. Whitey McCracker

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it's they culture you fucking swine. just like how eating whales is part of the japanese culture, or how eating locust is part of the mexican culture, or how eating foreskin is part of jewish culture, or how eating raw meat is part of the inuit culture. it's a cultural thing, it doesn't mean they do it every day, it's just something traditional that reminds you of your ancestors.

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pick one

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>how eating foreskin is part of the Jewish culture
Genuinely kek’d
Good post anon

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The filipinos at school would whip this out and eat it at the lunch table like it was nothing. A Tupperware of about 4. People would give this shit about it and they'd laugh as they take another bite.

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It isn't a copypasta nigger

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Balut isn't even Chinese. This is retarded

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It’s from Wikipedia

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>like eggs
>like chicken
>feel like I should logically like balut
still wouldn't try it tho

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