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Name a more comforting cuisine than Mexico

protip: you can't

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Most others

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I like chinese-american food

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Being covered in sweat and shitting black water is not very comfortable. The food in mexico sucks. They have no concept of hygiene or food safety

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Sounds delicious

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Literally any other cuisine. Fuck Mexican food it's dog shit, and most people in my country agree that's why there's no Mexican restaurants here

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Same as the US I guess.
North American food sucks in general.

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>Name a more comforting cuisine than Mexico

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t. flyover

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Where did the "mexicans are not clean" meme come from? Ive seen chinese people and they dont get near the same treatment despite being 10x more disgusting than mexicans could ever be. Plus i hear constant complaints that indians being the smelliest, while mexicans constantly having good hygiene in comparison to other inmigrants. Mexs dont eat fermented kimchi or some shit either.

It seems like the kind of "lets shove a bunch of slander onto the brown country next door" racism.

Maybe I should know what kind of obvious responses I'll get here.

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Go read about Imperial Beach pollution from Mexican sewers. Also they throw toilet paper in the trash instead of flushing it, and most don't wash their hands properly. 3rd world shit basically.

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You'd think since americans are so fat they'd be able to eat anything lmao nice try gutlet

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>Where did the "mexicans are not clean" meme come from?
racists and people who've never used a passport

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>They have no concept of hygiene or food safety
this video proves you wrong. It won't be like that everywhere just like anywhere else

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I'm from Slovenia, asshole

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indian food is top tier comfy, you cannot refute

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yeah you're def a flyover lmao

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>deep fried butter
I just can't understand even if I try.

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>dip literally anything in batter
>stick in deep fryer
>remove from deep fryer
It's not fucking rocket science. The fucking Scots have been doing it for years.

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I hate americans

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as a tex mex that doesn't looks gross and similar to jail food. I wouldn't eat that unless I was trying to gain weight. looks at least 2k+ calories.

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the butter would have to be frozen, though, which you didn't explain.

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as a tex mexican that looks so gross, and honestly reminds me of jail food. i'd rather eat 4 double cheeseburgers.

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Mexican food is a bit greasy and repetitive.

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>Mexican food is a bit greasy and repetitive.
That's tex mex. You can find tons of non greasy mexican

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>stomach can't handle nonchlorinated nonfluoridated regular water
lil baby bitch stomach lol

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do mexicans really enjoy eating wet sloppy chips as a meal?

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This. Ive been to mexico twice and never got monetezumas revenge

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fasting for 2 days now
id demolish that

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So, what do we even have here? Looks like carnitas and noodles with a few salsas?
Which plant is that on the left, is it just whole basil? Then a cut of cotija?

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Doris Locos. It's pretty good. Though those aren't Doritos so it's probably some other name. It is very much snack/drunk food.

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Lamb Barbacoa, Consomme, cactus salad, queso freso and papalo

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Mexico is unironically unhealthier than America, the leading cause of death in Mexico as of a few years ago was Diabetes 2.

But there is def some good healthy amazing Mexican food out there


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>instead of flushing it
You are not supposed to flush anything that isn’t piss or shit down the toilet. Enjoy your inevitable plumbing bill.

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t. never eaten mexican food

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I can't watch that skinny disingenuous bitch with his fake smile and buzzword obsession for more than 5 seconds.

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>Name a more comforting cuisine than Mexico

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Would eat

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I'd rather eat the girl in reds ass

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you realize they use bidets right?

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BBQ from the US.

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this is one of the most disgusting "foods" ive ever seen

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all that food looks like its served cold

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I love Mexico. One of my favorite travel destinations. It is dirty and dangerous as fuck. In Mexico you need to know where and when you are going places, then plan accordingly. If you are staying in resorts with a little tourista here and there then it's safer in most places than US cities.

Has never been to Mexico.
Hasn't either and naively thinks everyone but them is racist because they're an ignorant faggot. Please kys before you harm more innocents in the name of unearned moral preening. Mexicans can be really fucking racist too you dumb faggot.

Mexico has major sanitation issues and you can get a case of dysentery to enjoy for a few months if you are not careful. Smart travelers will check on water filtration as they go. This is also advertised aggressively and should be easy to access. You will find varying degrees of sanitation and often the places you want to be are not in the areas where the little infrastructure they have for sanitation management or oversight exists. You will need to plan accordingly.

Or at least drink enough tequila to sanitize your gullet. It's science.

That being said most metro areas will have water filtration as a standard. Mexicans know they have poor infrastructure and compensate for it. Almost every restaurant will have filtration if they think they will be serving tourists. They still may have poor sanitation and no food handling regs, etc. Still cleaner than wagie spit.

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This isn't because they are dirty it's because the water flows north, processing sewage costs money, and they get to shit on us. Literally it's because they don't care so they have regular "accidents".

No, they throw their soiled toilet paper in the trash. They do it in the US all the time and people have to clean it out. Anyone who has worked service with restrooms around a migrant population knows this.

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>Hasn't either and naively thinks everyone but them is racist because they're an ignorant faggot
Fuck off I'm from Mexico City I just live in the US, and there is only 2 things I can't stand in this world: people who are intolerant of other peoples cultures and the Dutch!

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Shredded dry meat
Avocado for no reason
Lime, just because they haven't discovered vinegar yet
Store bought tortillas, so they can explode in your face as you're eating your shit sandwich
Chopped tomatoes erm... "s a l s a"
Poorly cooked beans

Mexican cuisine is shit, and the only reason it's popular is because of tex-mex fast food bastardizations. The only thing I can say is nice is their version of carneval corn.

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You are from Mexico city and you think it is racist to point out the sanitation differences between Mexico and the 1st world.

Let me be clear:

Mexicans throw toilet paper in the trash filled with their shit because they don't have plumbing. This is in Mexico City as well Tijuana and the entire Yucatan.

Not everywhere, but many such places.
>t. dutch hater

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>You are from Mexico city and you think it is racist to point out the sanitation differences between Mexico and the 1st world.
When you don't add context and frame it like its our choice yeah, but you did so my jimmies are unrustled.

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>literally describes American style Mexican food
Mexican food isn't loved worldwide because of your michelin experience at el taco bell.

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Context? Here's some context compadre:

US corporations sold Americanos out to China and instead of investing into a nation that should be our greatest ally (Mexico) we've built an industrial menace. So now our southern neighbor, who should be our greatest ally, is stuck in a 3rd world position instead of a 1st while Chyna is building drone fleets. All while Premier Blackface in Canada is running around pitching Davos-style trade globalization as some type of racial equity.

I love Mexico. Am considering working on some civics projects in Cabo. I'd like to model how the US divvies up property and geolocation technology. This way municipalities can build data-driven systems and start fixing the fucking plumbing. Meanwhile we got cargo ships floating off the coast for product that should have been made in the US or Mexico in the first place. It's bullshit.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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/n/ here, I hate dutch people too

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>crying about cilantro

must suck to have nature tell you straight to your face that you're shit, and always will be.

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Soul food

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I used to live there and after a heavy rain you could see turds floating down the tj river. Also a bunch of dead seals and birds would wash up along that stretch of beach too.

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Ahuevo compa hope you make it out to Cabo

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They have some money and a lot of Americans in Cabo. It won't be difficult to attract talent to get this project templated so we can move it to the mainland. Mexico has so many resources there's no reason it cannot move to 1st world status in two generations. I really like the new generation of Mexicans too. They're coming up a lot different and a lot more aware that there is technology not being used to make civics better.

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Borsh (the red soup) and pelmeni (mini pork buns) are served hot.

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Lamb, nice. Consomme I don't know. My autocorrect changed the nopales to noodles in my post, but those are good but sort of a rare one for me. Populi sounds great, but I've never had it.

I'd have to try the tortilla to know if they're good, but otherwise looks solid.

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wow you just posted one aspect of Mexican food

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This is missing Chile en Nogada, arroz a la tumbada, aguachile, tacos de pescado, pozole verde pescado zarandeado, discada etc etc

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Mexicans are comfy ppl

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>the same 5 ingredients assembled slightly differently
Wow, so good. Call me when your food reaches legend status (i.e. Chinese or Japanese)

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>he doesn't shit black water daily anyway
Get the fuck outta here zoomer faggot.

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>Call me when your food reaches legend status (i.e. Chinese or Japanese)

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Go to CDMX and you'll see
>water already has to be conserved in homes
>a million street vendors with no pubic bathrooms or potable water nearby
>vendors must remain near their stands to keep the money coming in/stop joggers from jogging off with their stuff
How are they going to wash their hands after peeing in nearby bushes and/or constantly handling money if there's no clean water nearby?

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t. coping faggot

slovenia bro strong. i would rather swallow slovenian rocks than eat mexishit food

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Finna fly over these posts

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But you'll miss out on my potato and dirt soup lmao

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Japanese uses less ingredients than Mexican you dolt

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>bay leaves
>5 ingredients

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This is decent quality bait, not premium but commercial grade and worthy of display at your nearest costco

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I fucking hate spic food and I hate spics in general. You and your fucking food smell like shit. Kill yourself.

Unironically the only good "mexican" food is taco bell.

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>not the same ingredients assembled slightly differently

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I'd ask if your parents are proud but we both know you came from a broken home

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Russian food is absolutely delicious but the kind of cuisine people only first try to be polite. For me it was borscht cooked by a Belarusian friend in college, I felt too rude to say no to a bowl and am so glad I didn't. Picrel is my favorite, cabbage rolls - beef, rice and spices wrapped in cabbage leaves and cooked in a tomato/carrot/onion sauce. I like to make a huge pot of them and eat the leftovers as a sandwich on rye bread with sour cream and red onions.

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Guatemalan cuisine

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pic related

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Portuguese food is pretty hearty. but I grew up with both and I can't really choose between the two

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Nothing like minty soggy bread

>> No.16837117

you've never sopped up the juices from meat with a thick piece of bread before? portuguese sopas is like that but better.

>> No.16838181

With a fresh piece of bread yeah, that looks more like a savory bread pudding

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Mexican is good because it focuses on every type of meal, unlike Japanese or French breakfast for example

>> No.16840312

you put the meat and juices on top of the bread when it's served, anon

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Absolutely correct on all counts, interesting idea, and well written too. 5/5, would unironically read your blog.

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Oaxaca>baja california>>>>merida,sinaloa,veracruz>>>>puebla,nayarit,jalisco>>>>>michoacan and sonora>>>>>>>everything else

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