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American hates it when __________

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I drop my cupcake

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The steak is overcooked

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Ketchup on the glizzy

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What is the glizzy?

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This is such a stupid thing to hear. I and completely understand it. I Just want out...i'm done.

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...you create an efficient and global supply chain and employ thousands of people and generate billions of dollars while feeding people.

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When you put fries inside the wrap/burger
When you don't put food items separately on your plate

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it's some strange slang for hotdogs

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Employ thousands and pay jack

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Jack sounds like a lucky guy

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corn on pizza

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I like corn on pizza.

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I agree fries as a filling is just vile

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When people made fun of American cheese

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I actually love it. Those California burritos look great, and I always order spicy kebab with fries inside the lavash to mild out the spice.

I just hear it very often that Americans dislike carbs inside carbs and mixing their food into a sloppa

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I have had hash brown in a burger, not as bad as I thought

It also has beacon and fried egg

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Yeah that looks pretty alright

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*blocks you're path*

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>American hates it when __________
you get a diet soda

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When there isn't enough cheese product

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Pay attention to the first 4. #5 and #6 are just gross in general.

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Americans tend to sperg out when they see people dipping fries in mayo, even though it honestly works better than ketchup

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We put mayo on everything, shut the fuck up.

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what is it?

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these are the correct answers

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you put the beans in the chili

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>I just hear it very often that Americans dislike carbs inside carbs and mixing their food into a sloppa
yeah, i dont like that

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water is worse. some Americans don't drink it because they think it is boring and tasteless

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That's texans
most of us aren't retarded about it like they are.

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Foreigners, I'm not against memes but if you actually think you're learning about America by what you see on 4chan then you're as stupid as we are. Possibly worse.

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Only the fattest of whales actually are like that. The vast majority of people here aren't. You have to keep in mind in American restaurants you often get a glass of water and refills for free. Obviously that wouldn't be the case if we hated water.

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when you don't tip
in most countries tipping is considered an extra thing that you usually do out of convenience ("keep the change" etc.) or if the service was particularly great
in the US though it's your holy duty

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when you don't get "your moneys worth" aka the plate isn''t overladen with grease, salt, and corn syrup. Americans should be fed exclusively on trough like the disusting pigs they are.

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you don't prep the bull.

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>completely off-topic to the thread with no context as to why you're posting it
We really do have bots spamming korea shill propaganda on every board, don't we. Why is that so creepy?

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you democratically elect a goverment they don't like.

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always hilarious to see you fat fucks going ballistic over this film like you are on mcdonald's payroll

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>Koreans using forks + knives to cut hamburgers and gloves to eat fried chicken isn't relevant to the topic of what would trigger Americans
Kill yourself.

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You add anything to the grilled cheese.

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Nobody asked about the fucking Koreans. Stop being an attention whore, gook

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meanwhile europeans are like "my money is worth nothing tax me 50% in the lowest income bracket and make all food more expensive while i die waiting in line for my free health care"

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What if we live in Michigan, hmm?

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When you sell food consisting of empty calories that is purposefully designed to keep someone hungry, you aren't feeding anybody.

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americans hate it when you dont tip.

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make meatloaf burger patties

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My two slimmest friends do not drink water. Pretty much ever. Soda or tea or alcohol only. Both had kidney stones before they were 25 though and they learned nothing from it.

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Damn that thing is ate up

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>Chinese hates it when you mix different rice together
I fucking hate it but my mom fucking loves doing it. My dad only puts up with it because he doesn't want to cook. I was so glad when I moved out that I can cook rice however uniformly I want

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The nip delicacy

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He presented it as a scientific experiment and yet refused to release his eating logs, to the point where his "sequel" had him recant 90% of the point of the original movie

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You put ketchup on spaghetti

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What the fuck? Do people really put fries inside of a wrap or burger? That sounds retarded they would get all soggy.

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when you forget the corn syrup

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you're below 300lbs

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you use utensils to eat something you can rub all over your hands

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Beans in chili, knife and fork on pizza, any kind of vegetable not on a burger.

>> No.16822714

wrong condiments on burger

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>Chinese hates it when you mix different rice together
Literally who the fuck would do that?

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Why do Americans keep saying "fries will go soggy" whenever allowed to touch a little moisture? What are you doing to make your chips have such rapid absorption rates?

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you criticize Israel

>> No.16822832

It's probably because they live so spread out, and when they order McDonalds and it takes 45m to arrive it gets soggy from being in a container

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you call a chicken sandwich a chicken burger even when it is

>> No.16822865

You call a melt a grilled cheese

>> No.16822873

fuck you unless you use ground chicken it's not a fucking chicken burger asshole

>> No.16822895

mmm premium sushi so fresh that it's still kicking

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>American hates it when __________
you put spices in their food.

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>your brain on bein a low iq amerishart everboby
yes goi your health care system is so much better. it is every other developed country that has it wrong. surely

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>American hates it when
When they are reminded that the hamburger is a danish invention.

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>American hates it when
you make fun of their cooking

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I wanted to post this webm, but it turned out I've never downloaded it. Thanks breh.

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>oh no why would you WASTE TIME and MONEY to cook when you could just eat out?
>oh no no is that steak well done? are you kidding me?
>hold on did you just put KETCHUP on a hot dog?

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I'm an Amerishart, and we fucking deserve the heat we get on that shit.

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Sie ist Deutsche

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I live in Japan and people here genuinely think that corn on pizza is delicious and some sort of hidden italian delicacy. People here are really fucking nuts about italian food but can never remotely cook anything like it. There are loads upon loads of "italian" restaurants here but when you go in it's always some weird fucking japanese ripoff where they fuck up all of the dishes by adding jap shit like raw squid and eel and shit to it and then they try to fucking play it off as "real italian food". It doesn't help that people here don't know what normal bread or cheese is. It's all fucking gross. I have not had any normal-tasting cheese in all the time I've lived here, and good bread is about as rare as a properly paid salaryman. These people are born on this island, they will live their whole lives on this island, and they will die on this island without ever tasting real bread or cheese in their life and that's just sort of sad. The worst part is that because no japanese person actually knows what real italian food is like, nobody can call restaurants out on this bullshit, everyone eats it all up and calls it "honto ni umaiiiii uwuwuwu" and everyone thinks this is what real italian food is like. It's just sad. "Oh rettsu addu fishu eggu andu seaweedu to pasta carbonara don't u kno this is how rearu itarian peeporu eat!". The worst part for me is that japan doesn't just massacre classic italian food like this, but they also do it with every other country's cuisine imaginable. French, spanish, mexican, turkish, you name it. They botch everything they come across as "wow foreign so cool" but it's never apparently fucking good enough unless they douse it in soy sauce and raw octopus to make it "authentic european" food. Don't get me wrong I love me some japanese food but fuck this country for ruining foreign food culture and fuck the people for being too retarded to not know what real food is like, even though they kind of can't help it, fuck em it's gross

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Haha we hate it

Cant wait to get home and watch commercials

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Breakfast burgers are King

>> No.16823963

For home cooking, Americans hate it when you put ketchup on steak. Even if you’re only putting ketchup on your own steak, the act itself will anger pretty much any American.
Then you have regional things, like putting beans in chili is a way to anger Texans.

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These are from a German trash reality tv show - very entertaining but sadly entirely staged

>> No.16823988

You are told "You are not allowed to eat X because you are X preparing and eating anything on the X list is appropriation. Because X belongs solely to X."

Bro, we got people being shot full of holes by trigger happy cops "Because I didn't say Simon Says!" if some lonely shut in wants to make an empanada on his YouTube channel leave him alone. :[

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>mix different rice together
Why bother ever doing this?

>> No.16824759

rocket, courgettes, aubergines and coriander

>> No.16824777

McDonalds is our culture. You wouldn't call a Fenchman a shill if he got upset that someone pissed on the Eiffel Tower.

>> No.16824962

shut the fuck up fat fuck

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His cheese is not Mozarella, Comté, Gruyere, Emmental, Brie, Camembert, Gouda, Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Cantal, Feta, Haloumi

His salami is not salumi, Mortadella, Prosciutto di Parma, San Daniele, Pata Negra, Bressaola, Finocchiata, capocollo, hoofdkaas

His factory level Heinz ketchup, Lays chips, "French" fries and "Hamburgers" are being ridiculed.

His attempts at decent cooking are ignored.

He's being laughed at for suggesting Julia Child and Jacques Pepin are credible sources.

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Nothing, they will eat cement if the package has shiny colors

>> No.16825528

You described america anon

>> No.16825562

You don't pray to George Floyd before eating

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I think the majority of americans hate Vegans and vegetarianism.

>> No.16825608

You mention them at all, prompting loads of replies of "obsessed"

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We're just laughing at how fake the film is
Like many anons say, he gets black out drunk every night and alcohol puts the pounds on faster than McDildos ever could

>> No.16825654

What a compelling argument

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Unironically just don't be retarded with your money and it's the best healthcare on Earth
I only make like 30k a year and I pay less in insurance than you do for healthcare taxes

Full coverage for like 90 dollars a month

>> No.16825669

>at all
More like all the time lol

>> No.16825690

you eat healthy food

>> No.16826282

The moment you really need it most the insurance company will weasel its way out of paying a dime. It's part of their business model.

>> No.16826289

you call a chicken sandwich a burger

>> No.16826339

Walked right into that one, hey?

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>he gets black out drunk every night
I dont remember that part of the movie

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>you don't follow whatever autistic diet/nutrition cult they've been shilled into
>a restaurant prioritizes quality over quantity
>a main dish isn't focused on meat
>a dish is from a cuisine that hasn't been memed into the public consciousness by youtubers and seriouseats
>you insult crock pots
>you insult dishes that use canned soup as an ingredient
>you suggest they learn knife/prep skills
>you suggest they learn cooking skills in general instead of subsisting off of frozen tendies, fast food, grilled burgers, and mediocre interpretations of something they saw a celebrity chef create

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My Chinese wife mixes rice together all of the time, and learned to from her mother

>> No.16827541

remember, this is currently living inside your gut

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blocks you are path

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i doubt anything is living in my stomache after 5 years of alcoholism

>> No.16827753

a molluscian backend typed this post

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Do third-worlders really think about America as much as you do?

>> No.16829023

It's incomprehensible to me that you fell for such low effort propaganda.

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don't forget the bottomless glass of some disgusting chemical beverage where if the waiter adds ice the burgetstani has a tantrum because "muh munny's worth"

>> No.16829052

It's also a way to not have chili since by definition chili does not contain beans.

>> No.16829059

American hates it when Americans make Hot Dogs, Pizza Or sandwiches differently then they do.

Especially Hot Dogs and pizza. Oh and BBQ.

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>> No.16829065

It's not even close to how buttmad Italians get if you tried to make some pasta dish but it wasn't done on a specific mountain in Italy, with cheese from one specific sheep, on a rainy Tuesday, at some exact temperature. Peas and cream belong in carbonara. Go fuck yourself

>> No.16829074

>fast food
>empty calories
What's the URL for you mommy blog?

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>> No.16829089

Meanwhile your socialist utopia has literal death panels that will ban you from receiving health care and fine anyone who treats you if you're deemed a waste of resources.

>> No.16829106

America is the lynchpin of communication. If America ceased to exist, the rest of the world would gradually forget how to speak and how to write, because they would have nothing to talk about.

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Who gives a shit what ICS (wtf even is that?) thinks?
Chili needs beans, otherwise it's just sloppa

>> No.16829184

Do you think terminally ill old people need to soak up tons and tons of resources to live a little longer in a hospital bed? They don't

>> No.16829189

Yet ICS has a separate category for "homestyle" chili that MUST contain beans. I don't know what these nimrods are babbling about when they're getting BTFO by the very authority they are appealing towards.

>> No.16829191

>b-but muh spicy bean and meat s-soup...

>> No.16829196

he didnt think it was relevant.

>> No.16829197

People will call out this guy for memeing but take a look who Germans voluntarily voted into power recently.

>> No.16829206

Where the fuck do you get your info from? lmao ass off, my nigger

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>Americans should be fed exclusively on trough like the disus
Damn did you get your heart broken by an American or something? Did an American kick your dog? Perhaps fuck your spouse? You seem upset.

>> No.16829213

>Government please kill me please Please PLEASE!!!

>> No.16829218

North Korea doesnt count as a socialist utopia.

>> No.16829224

I bet you support the death penalty kek

>> No.16829231

OAN of course, the most neutral network in America and therefore the world

>> No.16829239

You’ve never been to Italy, American oompa loompas in Michael Kors aren’t Italian

>> No.16829241

The International Chilli Society disagrees.

>> No.16829292

I can understand putting cream but PEAS?!?

>> No.16829298

Definitely. Italians are such whiny bitches when it comes to food. Absolutely insufferable. Not sure why Americans are getting the heat..oh wait yes I do.


>> No.16829310

You say it's not good.

>> No.16829331

Well I do own 1000 shares of McD stock, so there’s that…

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File: 1.33 MB, 890x1542, peace.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a thing, largely a bong thing. Wait 'til you see what the Pinoys do.

>> No.16829367

McDonald's is not American culture, it is an anti-American parasite company

>> No.16829613

My honest no kap answer is when other countries equate barbecue to the roasting or grilling of meat. Barbecue is a method that relies on indirect heat and air flow manipulation of smoke which yields a completely different product. A year ago there was a weekly copypasta shit post on the subject that made me seethe everytime.

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